Dragan Glavasic: The One and Only Issue If the mega wealthy remain in power: our destruction will be assured. There isn’t any more pertinent problem or important priority or more urgent task than to save, by far, the smartest beings, White Men from castration and White Race from the imminent GENOCIDE! However, no major politician and no media whore or celebrity, no intelligent agency, no institution, nothing and no one in the position of power or influence is sounding the alarm or doing anything to prevent our approaching demise… Some considerate people might try to save the elephants or other endangered species but no one wants to save us, our race. Because, everyone working for the current system is taking part in our extermination, because, the crazy or psychotic plutocrats are spending huge sums of money spreading the disinformation and utter lies thus enabling our GENOCIDE! People are paid to confuse the population (to muddy the water) or to look the other way or to collaborate in our destruction, to contribute to our execution, they are bribed to induce us or to fool us as to willingly self-destruct. The rich psychopaths are the main problem; if we deal with them: we can easily defeat all others (traitors, perverts and subhumans [Negroes, Mongoloids and mongrels])! There is no other issue but this one and until it is adequately resolved, once and for all: we need to speak out (tell everybody what is really happening) and/or sabotage, undermine, sound the alarm, destroy, riot and make hell, start the revolution: intellectual revolution… UNITE and ORGANIZE! No organism or society has ever thrived because it had a large, growing class of parasites (the rich and the subhumans) living off those who produce and innovate (White Men). Nothing is as important as the salvation of White Race. For more go to www.glavasic.com
Dragan Glavasic: Mongoloids are Trying to Eradicate White Race Subhumans are a Deadly Pathogen [or Idiots Should NOT Play with Fire] China is weekly shipping, with malice, so much illegal drug Fentanyl to USA, it could kill the country’s entire population and are actually causing tens of thousands of deaths every year. China is massively killing Americans but the corrupt American politicians are ignoring it (because, they are paid by China and plutocrats); letting China get away with it. China is constantly rapping USA and USA is doing nothing to stop it. Just like a filthy China’s dirty bitch, Americans are just spreading their legs to take it. What’s more, America is helping China to eradicate White People worldwide by giving them or letting them steal our wealth, economy, knowledge and technology. Providing them with means and weapons for our destruction. Psychotic plutocrats want to extinct Caucasians and to replace us with subhumans. So their immoral minions constantly promote the notion how cheating Mongoloids have the best grades and the highest IQ (are supposedly the smartest race) even though White Men were first in space (Yuri Gagarin) and on the Moon (Neil Armstrong) and in fact we have discovered or invented everything of any significance including entire science (physics, mathematics, philosophy) and all of genuine art. We have discovered all real knowledge, everything significant and invented entire technology but still they are somehow “the smartest”. However, the harsh truth is: bizarre nastiness, lying, cheating, stealing might be all that Mongoloids seem to excel in. Crazy plutocrats have transferred all our factories, wealth, knowledge and technology to South-East Asia: have made China incredibly rich, a superpower… So Chinese decided to make a genetically specific bioweapon against White People (especially to kill all Americans and Russians). Their generals stated the goal publically… However, there was one problem: Mongoloids are just too dumb to do it so they paid scientists at North Carolina University [Bio Safety Level 3 facility] to make them a deadly virus and also some from Australia to help them along the way. Then they took it to China, to their research lab at Wuhan, where it escaped the containment [such mishaps are rather common at that lab for it has happened at least twice before] thus started a worldwide pandemic: but somehow killing mostly Chinese and Japanese [As it turned out, the coronavirus was deadliest to Mongoloids [Japanese and Chinese] then mostly to those closest to them: Indians and Arabs then to Negroes. The Whites were by far the least susceptible.]… Simpletons or rather stupid nimoids were playing with fire and got burned: they shot themselves in the foot. Those subhumans are so evil and feebleminded: they have planned to extinct us but devastated themselves instead while endangering the entire planet in the process. Mongoloids are incredibly dumb thus every single technology which they have was either stolen from us or was given to them by the psychotic plutocrats and/or our corrupt politicians… But with our advanced technology and our nuclear weapons, at their disposal, they will destroy everything; those slant eyed simpletons will devastate this planet: OMNICIDE [total destruction of all life] will unfold! Chinese are desperately trying to genocide White People. They are too stupid to do it but if we let them try over and over again, they might accidentally succeed: even a blind hen might sometimes incidentally peck a kernel. Beside they have the terribly deranged plutocrats with all those immoral minions on their side. And our corrupt politicians are ignoring it. Our “public servants” are quislings! Mongoloids are robbing us blind, exploiting us, trying to kill us, INDUCING OUR GENOCIDE while our politicians are letting them. Trump included. All politicians and celebrities are minions and traitors working for the suicidal mega-wealthy scum. Turning America and brainwashed Americans into Mongoloids’ ghastly bitches that are enabling those creepy monsters to destroy our planet. Just because something has two arms and two legs: does NOT imply it is a human being. Wake up! Either we defeat the plutocrats and eradicated the subhumans or they will devastate everything. UNITE and ORGANIZE! It is White Men against all others. It is our moral obligation to eradicate those slime deposits. For more go to www.glavasic.com
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