Dragan Glavasic: The One and Only Issue If the mega wealthy remain in power: our destruction will be assured. There isn’t any more pertinent problem or important priority or more urgent task than to save, by far, the smartest beings, White Men from castration and White Race from the imminent GENOCIDE! However, no major politician and no media whore or celebrity, no intelligent agency, no institution, nothing and no one in the position of power or influence is sounding the alarm or doing anything to prevent our approaching demise… Some considerate people might try to save the elephants or other endangered species but no one wants to save us, our race. Because, everyone working for the current system is taking part in our extermination, because, the crazy or psychotic plutocrats are spending huge sums of money spreading the disinformation and utter lies thus enabling our GENOCIDE! People are paid to confuse the population (to muddy the water) or to look the other way or to collaborate in our destruction, to contribute to our execution, they are bribed to induce us or to fool us as to willingly self-destruct. The rich psychopaths are the main problem; if we deal with them: we can easily defeat all others (traitors, perverts and subhumans [Negroes, Mongoloids and mongrels])! There is no other issue but this one and until it is adequately resolved, once and for all: we need to speak out (tell everybody what is really happening) and/or sabotage, undermine, sound the alarm, destroy, riot and make hell, start the revolution: intellectual revolution… UNITE and ORGANIZE! No organism or society has ever thrived because it had a large, growing class of parasites (the rich and the subhumans) living off those who produce and innovate (White Men). Nothing is as important as the salvation of White Race. For more go to www.glavasic.com
Dragan Glavasic: Chinese (Mongoloid) War Against White Race Mongoloids hate Glorians more than anything else and they are waging a race war against White People while our corrupt politicians and power structures [ultra-rich, corporations, government, congress, intelligence agencies, mass media, institutions] are going along with it. Not only that our treacherous governments and lying mass media are NOT fighting the Chinese (NOT protecting our citizens) but they are also assisting the slant eyed subhumans to destroy us and take over the planet. Wake up: we are being attacked by traitors and soulless Mongoloids! Chinese operatives have been sabotaging us as well as intentionally spreading the coronavirus in Europe, Australia and North America [by spitting on or contaminating anything they can] while our politicians and mass media are promoting disinformation [that the virus is extremely dangerous, lethal], hysteria, panic and lockdown of our countries. [In addition, China has been sending malfunctioning and/or infected testing kits and used or contaminated facial masks.] White People (every man, woman and child) are under house arrest while our economies are being ruined! This is a war with psychotic plutocrats, politicians, mass media and China on one side against White Race on the other. Their final goal is the total annihilation of Mankind! Such could be easily prevented if only Putin and Trump joined forces thus arrest all plutocrats (and their servants) before wiping out China! All those perpetrating White GENOCIDE or who are collaborating in it: must be punished beyond description! For other texts go to www.glavasic.com
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