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Saw this and my first response was, "2016: Dems can't accept the winner of the election. Forever: Obama's birth certificate." GET OVER THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE! For God's sake, he hasn't been the president for three fucking years! There were PLENTY of reasons why Obama was a horrible president and doesn't deserve the love and adoration he gets. There were PLENTY of reasons to dislike him and be against him. Why hang perpetually on a conspiracy theory?! This. THIS is exactly why I walk away from people who start talking conspiracy theory. Among other reasons, of course. There is plenty of real, provable crap to fight against. Get out of fantasy land. #politics
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I don't know what's going on, but over the last four or five days YT has been emailing me constantly. They are manually reviewing my entire channel for whatever reason, and they're sending me updates. I didn't ask them to do this. Many of the videos aren't even public. And, as we all know, I haven't been uploading because I'm doing school 24/7. Sooo... no idea.
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