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Yvette Fintland, thank you for this interview. Ms. Fintland, my reader or readers depending on the day most likely will not know you. Actress, Director, Producer. Please tell my readers about yourself.


Yvette, stories make up people. The stories we tell about ourselves are personal. What story do you wish everyone knew about you? 

 The story about me I wish everyone knew is how passionate I am about helping others in need and telling stories via films. 




Can you tell my readers what your latest project was or is? Who you are working with and where it will be released?  

The current project I am directing “I Used To Be Your Neighbor” a homeless documentary filming in several states in the United States. I am currently working with Producer Chuck Maye from North Carolina and homeless advocate and documentary host Paul Read from Los Angeles, California plus other crew members and volunteers. Release dates for “I Used To Be Your Neighbor” feature film documentary will be decided in 2021 for distribution since project is still in production and due to the Pandemic Virus which has slowed down production and on location filming. However, we do continue to help and feed those in need and our next film production date will be on Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2020 at a Reno, Nevada shelter followed by a Christmas feeding at a Los Angeles shelter (pandemic permitting) when we feed and document how people in need are surviving and what help is available. Making It Happen Inc. a non-profit organization based in Sunland, Los Angeles leads by example in feeding and helping people in need every weekend. You can visit our project website at www.iusedtobeyourneighbor.com


Yvette, director and producer of Northern Summit Productions, what films or genre of movies are you looking for or providing that you are willing to share about?  

The genre of movies I like to work with are comedy, suspense, drama and true stories. Currently writing my first horror feature film also based on a true story “Billy The Shadow” once known as a tough Cowboy that used to go around robbing people’s gold and fortune. Shot to death at a victim’s home while robbing them of their gold and his spirit remains haunting those he chooses. The current animation project in pre-production “Chico and Paco Adventures” TV show about two Chihuahua brothers that go on adventures and often find themselves in trouble and make light of every situation through comedy.

Care to talk about yourself as a professional life. Which part was or is the funnest?  

The best part of being a producer or director for film is the traveling, working on different locations and working with so many talented people. I think to me it is very fun when a team and the goal of the project comes together as a finished product.

Yvette, the classic question: what charity you work with and can you provide a link to it so others can see too please.  

The non-profit charity organization closest to my heart is Making It Happen, Inc and you can visit the organizations website at www.makingithappeninc.org and donate, get help or volunteer to help others.

Dreams: what projects, movies, dancing, or other would be your dream role or movie production or project in the future with what actors or directors or what you dream about? 

 I have worked with so many great talented actors and directors, but if I were to have a wish list of top talent to work with, I would choose Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and Jake Gyllenhaal for the actors. For directors and producers, I would love to work with Tom Hanks as producer and Steven Spielberg as director would be a dream come true. 

During this time of lockdown, what are you reading, watching movie wise? If you have links to the books or movies, please provide.  

I am always reading scripts for film projects, and now reading “Elsewhere” by Dean Koontz, the best suspense writer and story teller and you can buy it on Amazon. For movies I am currently binge watching “Reign” TV Series based on a story about the Queen of Scotland, Mary Stewart and the King of France, Francis based on romance and you can watch it on Netflix.

A final question. What question do you wish I had asked? And what would the answer be?  

How are you handling auditions and filming for projects with the pandemic and what precautions are you taking to keep yourself and everyone safe? Auditions for projects are currently being handled via internet and video submissions. When filming onset, we do follow government regulations regarding the pandemic in order to keep myself and everyone else safe as much as possible.