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Confessions of a time traveling man.

I was seated at a cafe. The scenery that of a normal day. People walking to and from here or there. I spotted a bookstore across the road. Being a foreigner, I went to investigate after finishing. I went into the Spanish bookstore; I found old books from past travelers in English. A Cambridge college ring. Blue was some Latin written on it. I went back to where the older books were. There it was. It appeared to be a torn up book. Something someone had kept together for some odd purpose. I turned the first page and was delighted to find an Alice in Wonderland story staring right at me. A single page. Meaning once I turned it over there was the next page was written. I am not sure. Maybe Hindi? Any way following that page was a page of a map. Markings of places you could not imagine or believe in. The next page some a personal journal in yet if the person was writing what he was actually seen or seeing meant that normal people would think he was insane. That the story continued about time, and math, and other maps of let alone earth but galaxies was something to wonder about. I picked up the lot, went to the counter. And asked the sales lady how much? She seemed to show because my Spanish sucked 10, which was like 1.67. I purchased it and from there on have lived the most extraordinary dream.

First page of the journal of time.

Wonderland? Why, yes, I have been there. It is off the coast of Never-land. A between Oz and Kathmandu. However, on the Chinese side. Not the Nepal side of the Tibetan hiding place of the garden of paradise near the ocean. Few people realize that in England. The reader with the assumption that Alice was English. That small portal or wrap hole or rabbit holes lead to the tunnels that crisscross Europe, leading to many places in the world and elsewhere. Any ways, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson talk with great-great Uncle Richard Francis Burton lead to his rather oddity book. He wrote the journal about a place that great Uncle Burton talked about during the night tea. Uncle Burton talked about how he and a madman. That made hats for a living. Once fell through a hole following a historical piece stolen by what only he could describe was a fast moving bunny rabbit which he never caught. The hat maker in one of Uncle Burton’s many tales. The other character given the name of Gregor MacGregor after a discussion that he never was sure his proper name, but that he was a hat maker was for sure. The title unofficial or not was part of the real tale told by Uncle Burton when he would take a shot of whiskey. There was this map. Which was the special historical piece which evidently stolen? The map that could take people cross time, and supposedly worlds. The mad hatter MacGregor had stumbled upon this map during his conquest of the republic of Poyais. Just where had the map come from? Who knows? However, uncle Burton told how titling MacGregor pirate or cacique of Poyais. Had at one time pirated a Spanish ship that had treasures coming from Europe to Venezuela. One had to ask uncle Burton was he sure that the ship was not coming from South America to Europe. Or why would Spain send treasure to South America? Whiskey tells tales, and you have to verify and wonder about them. No. Uncle Burton was sure that MacGregor had said they bound the ship to Panama City. A catholic cardinal or some prominent official carrying books, maps, and to a pirate very little useful spoils to be spent. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. The dream. Or was this the dream? Dreaming is awful sorrowful these days. Watching the end of time. The wheel has spun out of control and watching time spin backwards billions of years people forget. Pray for peace. Anyway, a twinkle in my eye, I am not there any more. Humor a map. Yes, yes, that was where this story supposed to go with another portion of a journal yet to be found or read. AH, yes. After some wine. Let me see. Getting back to the map of the universe, Wonderland, Sir Barton, Pirate known as MacGregor, and well the rabbit that stole the map of the universe. Where was I? ah, yes. Uncle Burton or Sir Barton the man was everywhere in 1800s he lived a charmed life. He and Mr. MacGregor meet off the coast of India. General Pirate MacGregor had the map with him and was on an expedition to Nepal. The idea of gaining more investors for his territory in Venezuela required that he have something special. The map indicated a gold statue which MacGregor had promised one of his investors. Sir Burton was not Sir at this time. He was a young man in I believe he said he was it the 15th or 18th Bombay Native Infantry based in Gujarat and under the command of General Charles James Napie. Anyway Uncle Burton was one of the few learned white men that was interested in languages and learned oh gosh lots according to Uncle Burton.

I think a short list was a proficient speaker of Hindustani, Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki and Marathi and Persian and Arabic. Anyway, Mr. MacGregor arrived in India aboard a steamship and was lost looking for someone to help with languages in Bombay. The two meet there per Uncle Burton at a brothel. Mr. MacGregor was calling himself Cazique of Poyais. In layman’s term, a chief of a South American country to which he was selling land, and other items to any would be an investor. The two meet over a woman. She introduced Uncle Burton to Cazique of Poyais in English. Because she had listened to Mr. MacGregor tale and thought that Uncle Burton could help. Any ways Mr. MacGregor vice general of the Venezuela army over a drink told this story. He was in a battle with some locals in Caracas. A cannon ball had bounced and hit right under him while he was reviewing an old map he had liberated as a pirate from a priest or cardinal. The cannon ball had exploded, and when he had awoke, he was in Bombay of all places. He had served her Majesty for a few years and recognized the city from stories he heard during service. Well, he had folded up his map and found that he had some loose coins. Stumbling into a local house of ill repute, he had meet the lady which had introduced the Uncle Burton. In short order, the two had made plans to follow the map. That changed daily to a shrine where Oro in Spanish was spelled out on mountain claiming to border India and China. The weird part was that the map would change at times. And the outline of England with territories named Oz, Never-land and other lands unknown in the 1840s were shown. Anyway, Uncle Burton, Division general MacGregor, outfitted a small team to remove said statue of gold for financial gains. The team comprised two others, a mule, and supplies. They set out in 1845 or 1856, depending on which reality you would count the years in. They crossed the mountain range. One night while sleeping near a lake. Some bodies as Uncle Burton would described them snatched one of the two mule handlers. His description that one moment the guy was carrying firewood back to the fire. The next a hooping dead person or as the Chinese people later would call a vampire hopped out of the lake and grabbed the guy. The other three attempted to get their companion back, fighting the bodies. Uncle Burton's eyes would stop for a moment. In disbelief, he would say that the flesh of the skulls came off most of the bodies. They tried however their mule handler had his throat ripped out and bleed to death. He shook his head. The bodies just ate their mule handler. And slurped up his blood where ever it fell on the ground. With slurping sounds that memories made Uncle Burton shiver just recollecting the happening.

Now, running away from them. Burton, MacGregor, a mule handler, and mule came to a posted sign in the middle of the mountains between India and China. They had left their tents and sleeping gear. The mule evidently had some food left on it being unpacked, while one of the mule handlers had gotten wood for the fire.

To say they were not equipped is the correct statement. However, MacGregor had his book and map, which he insisted they check before going a step more. The mule and mule handler would not listen to this and just took the left side of the posted sign and left. The slurping undead were far behind however they still could be heard so a lighted torch was made from some torn material and the map and book consulted.

Now mules don’t read, and thus the mule handler and mule were lost to those parts of the story.

Journal entry then changed language. I did not understand it. So I skipped to the next portion.

When a class pisses you off. So you write the whole truth and nothing but the truth and see who believes you or not. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/start-writing-fiction/17/steps/834013 I am a time traveler. I have traveled many worlds in a closed time curved loop. I often write about my experience online, to the amusement of reality. I held six clearance in my life and was considered somewhat of a novelty. I am doing interviews online with some rather famous people. And have 3 presidential interviews under my belt since August 2020. Beyond that, I have heard of several realities dying. And March 28, 2020 I celebrated my 4.5 billionth birthday. My favorite food is space dried potatoes. And I often have been considered crazy by many however I usually can prove what I say. So they have offered me a ride in a UFO via a Frenchman. I have a testimonial written in Italian that can be found online. I am awaiting to see the end of the worlds. Meaning I have lived in several parallel realities. Oh, and I saw John Von Neumann’s last paper he wrote in May 1957, right before he died. What else? Fictional I was a superhero? I like drama movies? I need not flirt with you, I will seduce you with my awkwardness?

So the fun part about being a time traveler, everything you write is considered fiction. However, to my knowledge I was not a superhero. I dislike space dried potatoes. And I most likely will seduce no one with my awkwardness. All the rest are facts that can be found in some realities and not in others, I suppose. That is the issue with time, is it not. Time of a closed time curved loop traveler. I mean, who cares if you say the Battle of Hastings happened in 996 when you know it happened in 1006 in some realities and 1066 in other realities? No one believes a word a time traveler says. And thus a whole story book of time travelers’ memories and no one cares because to them it is all fictional.

During my travels, I have had 11 journals so far about my time as a space, time traveler. Not that anyone reads them. My one that has survived the most is in prose. A wondering mind through the multiverse by Clinton R. Siegle. The problem? Evidently the person here was saying he was Clinton Siegle and forgot the R. So I wondered if he did not realize what the R stood for? OR and here he did not use it the R in his realities? Meaning? I am Clint Siegle. I am Clinton Siegle. I am Clinton R. Siegle. I remember a heck of a lot of useless facts as a time traveler, the one that bothers me the most? What happened to Sketchers? Or MacDonalds stood for Big Mac and now it is McDonalds? Which means where did the Big Mac come from, or was it here first and gone later? These are my issues, not yours. You are dead. Reanimated for a day or so for my spirit to go back and face God I suppose. To think I failed yet again. At least there is something else to look forward to. 

Useful details of a time traveler? Well? I suppose if I go back to hell I now know Shakespeare’s father was a glove maker, that he was buried in a church, was married to Anne Hathaway, nowadays they even know where his house was at and that his great grand kid held the home for two hundreds years after his death. I am not sure what that would do to me. I think they would call me a conspiracy nut. I mean we spent hours discussing in my reality was Shakespeare one person or many? Was he an ambassador to Italy or some famous group of poets? Here all the facts are online and I suppose important to someone. Just not me. Details? I have pages of details. I think the word dilemna. Oh, is the detail I wonder most about. No, no, you say we spell it dilemma and I say for 45 years prior to 4.5 billion years we spelled it dilemna and since my reality died first but that is just it. My reality did not die first it was just sped up. What do I mean? My earth was 6.5 billion years old. My galaxy was 377,000 light years in diameter. Earth population was 8.5 billion on April 19, 2016, plus 4.5 billion years. So? Well, according to some Nazi book Time and Belief, because I saw it made it real.

Yes, reviewing my journals is not fun anymore. Why? Well, I remember what I wrote and what I read is not what I wrote. The latest? I purchased a television and was watching it. Big Screen words Daewood right there. Then a few days later, Daewoo. What a misspelling no. The freaking box says Daewoo. So? Well, I went back and read one of my many journals and now? Time has changed in the journal. Meaning? It is not my journal anymore. Instead of saying missing 2 billion people in 2016 plus 4.5 billion years, it says 1.2 billion. Instead of a galaxy stating 377,000 diameter, it says 344,000 diameter. The meaning? Some other poor lost soul wrote that journal and my journal? He or someone else has or had since those worlds are all dead. So? Just means journaling as a time traveler is a lot harder than one would expect. And those few people that read your online rants might think you are nuts or a very good fictional writer. Whichever the case, my journals now have items in it I have no context to say yes or no too. Which means I am a lost soul, I suppose. A story in one of my journals as an example.

The year was something like 1673 or 1678. Ender the pirate was sitting at café Shi in the Ping port of China. He was listening to a person explain in revealing detail a shipping route. An exchange between Japan and Korea. Which covered the exchange of gold from Korea for pearls from a peninsula off the coast of Japan. The person giving the details was a Japanese thief known from a prior venture. Was he honest? His creative tale in ascribing the richest and treasure made that question mute. Ender could have if he went along with the scheme to be rich for a time. Only if the pirate would join in and capture even one of the prize ships being sent within the next month.

The bandit crook pirate thief stopped his tale. Ender smiled. The bandit had said something else in his intricate tale of sorts, along with the blueprint of each ship being sent. That detail might have escaped in the detail to those listening. However, as a selling point, it was a major selling point. The thief mentioned the pearl. The background of the pearl story is told elsewhere, however, to gain the infamous captain Ender’s trust. And Ender's participation in the venture let slip that it was to be moved to Korea.

It was only a tale. A dragon’s tail, to be specific. A pearl of great value according to the Bible. Yet, Ender did not mention or pretend to be any more interested in the tale. Who pays attention to legends? Myths that are thrown around pirate bars in the middle of the night? When one takes bets on if one can do this is this or that is that.

The challenge on Ender’s mind was that legend. Specifically, the drunkard who while drunk sang a story to Ender. What a tale.  That tale teller was long ago dead. His crew mates might have more of the legend? Or some acquaintance? Ender concentrated on the thief’s tale. Finally, the last sales point was produced or given, and the bandit asked was Ender in?

They had cleared the room. Ender considers for a moment, letting the silence in the place get a seizing of the crook’s dreams. Cafe Shi’s tea servers had retired from the area. When demanded and paid so that the conference was secret. Yet, Ender knew if the bandit was chatting to him. He had most likely communicated to other pirates. So within the moment, Ender reached a decision.

The decision would make for a metamorphosis of the pirate Ender’s life. But would take him places no one would believe. He makes his reply with there being a settling in blood to be established. The crook was not ready for a blood contract. Ender was the first of an extensive list of pirates. That was required to capture the entire treasure fleet. The fleet was committed within a month to sail.

With provisions provided. Ender went exploring for his ole drinking mates, crew mates, family, acquaintances. Anyone that might have picked up the tale of the pearl of great price stole. Not the biblical King James version. No. Like most stories. There are stories told outside of English that people hear and peak one interest. This was a tale of a fellow recognized in Japan as Jesus. He had lived a long time ago and was a farmer. He had come from the middle eastern area to understand from the priests and creeds of the territory. Ender’s remembrance of the tale. It went along the lines that Christ had changed. That the Japanese lifestyle of cultural and family respect is shown steeped in honor. That Christ reconsidered. That the Christ of that world or worlds had abandoned Israel. How or why the tale by the drunk teller of the tale was often either confused or misspoke or? For worlds come laugh with me? Who had believed in parallel worlds?

None of those questions were on Ender’s mind. Ender kept on looking for his ole drinking mates, fellow crew mates and family. Until he found a little boy that had been a cousin or nephew of the drunk man who told the tale. Time had abused the poor lad beyond recognition. His stammering was almost too much of a turned off Ender. Almost. However, the kid later to be known as the Claw had away. And either he could lie through his teeth about the story or his uncle or cousin had told the kid the complete story. How this pearl of great value was a key to what one only could be considered a magical portal.

Why was Ender so keen on this? Part of his ole drinking buddy’s tale was that even parallel worlds not everything was the same. A man might find that which was known in one world. Or yet in another world was lost or forgotten about in another world. And since the key was worlds. Ender’s dream. The dream was something much bigger. Then a treasure fleet of Japanese and Korean treasure ships.

After re-listening to the same tale repeatedly. Ender next stop upon hearing the complete story of the pearl of great value. A certain place, it was a small bookshop on Port Pings side street. The pirate searched within the stacks of scrolls, horse hides, some old books. Taking many literature works. And other forms of books until he had gathered a small collection of stories. What stories might one ask? What was real? Where that reality had been found. And what difficulties or stories are involved in locating said objects? Like? Aldin’s carpet, Solomon’s ring, the gold hoard, treasures of gold. Stories of rubies, diamonds, and books. Books? Books that were said to contain lost knowledge of time. And places in which even their legends existed in yet their whereabouts were a mystery or known.

The plan was bold. Ender's plan was to swipe the pearl of great value. And with it take through space time and other worlds the very treasures that legends were made of. His plan was bold. His investigation at the bookstore had brought notice to him. However, Ender was a crazy pirate that often did insane things. Like writing poetry. To and about kings, queens, and other people that might have crossed his path. So even with little more than notice. Ender’s plan was developing faster. His crew informed them of a specific treasure. That which he assured them would bring them their wildest dreams.

* * *

Getting the Black Skimmer ready for battle was a challenge in Ping Port China. The trip out and holding area would need weeks of waiting. Waiting meant food and other support. Ender was up to that challenge by going into a little side business. Which turned into a small fortune. He had to open up in his kitchen, which held a special cook to a local business. There the cook had made a small cookie like dough. And with another person considered a seer of sorts. They inserted whose insights into the cookie. A small rice paper wrote fortune statements into the dough. Which was baked and cooked until a crisp hard like a cookie? The special cook made hundreds of them. The seer more of a person with good hearing and knowledge about seasons. Well wrote out fortunes that were accurate, and the people of Port Wing ate them up. In fact, they ate them. So much that Ender was considering turning a small bait and tackle shop into a cookie factory. However, the funds turned up for the food, and other items needed for his venture.

The fortune cookie dough or fortune was enough to outfit many a ship. Enders with funding had to buy some explosives. Which were still under Chinese export control? The cost was more than normal, yet the fortune from the fortune cookies made up the difference.

The time of waiting was longer than one month. Ender and the future Claw would spend time together. Ender would ask the child with questions on the same story his relative had told him. While waiting Ender sent out the Claw to find out if there were more stories about his relative.

While waiting for the time to go out. We fit the Black Skimmer with an extra cannon. And more shot, along with a long gun that ran a good third of the upper deck. In the meantime, Ender found an additional small crew to help with the future prize ship. The plan being to hit one of the treasure ship’s midsections, board it, and sail it away with the additional crew. The thinking is a quick blast with a long gun filled with shot to cut down the ship’s crew from a distance. This would allow the Black Skimmer to hide better during a fight.

The Black Skimmer fitted with a long gun. Supply onboard. Awaited a message from the crook that had set up the plan. At midnight in mid-May the message came. Ender, crew and Black Skimmer sailed out of port to a slight island close to southern Korea. Meeting at the isle. There were seven other pirate ships. Eight pirate ships assembled. Versus according to reports of 24 ships. 12 from Japan, 12 from Korea, both filled with soldiers and guards for the treasure exchange.

The crook introduced all seven other pirate captains with Ender. The meeting took place on the small island. The plan was reviewed and revised because of the lack of ships. Instead of taking on all the ships. The decision was to go for only the Japanese ships and to take them closer to Japan than Korea. So the island was to be used for the night. Then the ships would sail towards the Japanese port. Which was known to be the starting point of the treasure fleets departure point?

That night, Ender sat at a table talking with a boy whose name would be Claw about strange stories. The seer whose fortunes written on rice paper had become rather famous saw in a vision a scary story. His tale was so profound it changed the crew of 32 minds on what to do.

The seer against Ender was not that big of a deal. Ender's only request was that they try to get at least one ship. The profound tale told by the seer. With Enders counter talk of one treasure ship might be worth all their troubles. The counter talk changed the crew’s mind on the seers tale and the decision was to go forth.

Since the seers tale had a profound impact on the crew and Ender. They formed an alternative plan. Ender required each crew member for a sit down. And discussion on which ship the crew member should be on upon the taking of a treasure ship. When push comes to shove a select group of five were chosen to stay on the Black Skimmer. While the rest would crew the larger Japanese ship.

The seer’s vision made for the plan to work a question mark. Meaning the vision was of most of the crew eating each other. Since starvation was something most agreed was not what they wanted. Ender planned around that by having the fishing nets brought out of storage and use. Ender revised the plan of fishing, including and informing each member to cut the net away from the ship. Once upon sighting the treasure fleet to cut the nets away and let them drop. However, in the meantime, to ensure they fed everyone. More than what they expected they would fish to keep themselves fit, lean and well fed.

Thus with that the Black Skimmer and seven other ships set up a shadow blockade off the coast of a Japanese port. Enders fishing net sort of made the entire group of ships acceptable. To the few passing other ships which passed during the waiting time.

* * *

The nights were calm. Until the second week of waiting. When a storm blew in with no warning. The Japanese treasure fleet set sail straight right into the view of the storm. Probably trying to outrun it or save their ships from being battered against the shores. There were only nine ships that made it out to be of the Japanese port. Time passed, by the time each of the blockade fleet realized what was going on. During the storm there were only five pirate ships left, two either sink or blown away. The Black Skimmer moved on promptly with one of the more impressive ships. Evidently the crew had not all gotten onboard. Because the front long gun cut down those on top and the boarding party did not find any resistance.

The plan had worked. Well. Sort of. The storm continued. The boarding party on the Japanese ship included Ender. Who went directly to the treasure hold and liberated what looked like a pearl held between a staff. Upon touching the staff. Its guardian awoke. A white pearl colored dragon. The dragon slaughtered the boarding crew. While Ender made his escape with the pearl to the Black Skimmer. On the Black Skimmer, the seer and crew watched. Then upon the dragon’s breath as their dead crew mates seemed to become enchanted by the dragon. They rigged the ship to come after the Black Skimmer. The storm was still blowing while all this took only a matter of twenty minutes all to unfold. Ender, having made it back to the Skimmer, reloaded the long gun and waited to fire at the Japanese treasure ship. The dragon onboard could be heard chanting some weird chant. A whisper heard over the storm. “May you never see your world’s shores again!” The wind with that whispered died out. The passing storm waves still splashed, the other ships were nowhere to be seen. Just the Skimmer, fleeing in the direction that the wind was blowing. While a dead treasure ship was being forced towards it. Then the wind came back. Blowing and tossing both ships around. From the deck of the Skimmer, the crew watched the white dragon. The dragon looked like it was going to take a drink from the ocean leaning way overboard. Instead, upon watching a realization, the dragon was blowing a bubble. And with the bubble was coming up old dead ships. And to the surprise of all on the Black Skimmer, their crew were walking about preparing to fight.

The seer yelled hard to port. Which swung the entire ship around at 180 degrees. While a crew member touched the long gun. Just at that moment, as if planned, firing the complete blast into the white dragon.

However, the 180 degree swing in the Skimmer put the ship right into the path of what the dragon had been doing. Which was an enormous bubble? That brought together all the sunken ships, the treasure ship, and Black Skimmer into a whirlpool. Taking them all down and out towards the open ocean. The blast of the canon had hit the white dragon who fell overboard. The bubble however kept on swirling. The whirlpool took all the ships, and bubbled down into what I could only describe as a funnel. That seemed to run underneath the ocean. Pulling all the ships outward from between Korea and Japan into the Pacific ocean. And towards the Americas.

With the white dragon gone, the dead did not seem to be interested in the Black Skimmer. The Black Skimmer being provisioned with one month of food for 32 members. Which was down to seven now found that along with two weeks of fishing food for a few months? The pearl of great value was onboard. And the treasure ship of the Japanese was still floating nearby with a complete dead past crew members in it. They had no interest in the Black Skimmer. The funnel pushing the bubble keeps a fast pace, outpacing all the ocean life that swam by.

When the crew finally felt comfortable. We made an investigation of one of the smaller sunken ships. The dead or zombies did not seem to notice or care much what happened as long as their ship was sailing. Thus began the looting. Not of just one ship but of a whole underwater fleet of sunken ships and one treasure ship all manned with zombies.

Sort of an interesting tale put in a journal a long time ago.

How lost? Well, according to some hell is not that far away. Meaning I am watching the time of tribulation. Mark of the Beast and so forth.

Why I write? It is cheaper than a shrink and more useful; I suppose. When I first awoke to my dilemna, I was more vocal than my writing is. I felt kidnapped. Let’s be honest, they kidnapped me. I lived in hell and now I was moving backwards in time through a closed time curved loop which I did not know. Meaning? Deja vu. I wrote lots of wells I did this again. I think whoever is in front of me is lazy. Well, that company purchased that company for 20 billion dollars less and 9 months later. I wonder what the significance is? Why can’t I get to watch Resident Evil? The date keeps on getting pushed out. What is the meaning of double stuffed Oreos now not existing? If I have a photo of JcPenny store why is that location now JC Penney? What is the meaning of the extra e? Why does your cheese suck? I figured that one out. Took me a while, but I figured that one out at least. Why do I say your sun is covered by a mirror weapon platform? Which is burning the railroad route for Senator Feinstein husbands railroad? Because it is and three fourths of the trees on earth. So? I do not understand. I lose the detail of fiction to me. What was fiction is now real and what was real no longer exists?

My journal is my life experience and whether it is believed or thought of as fiction who cares. What gets me is now I can’t even find my references anymore. What do I mean? I mean, I wrote them down. I remember them. Now? Some other parallel me wrote his experiences and they are completely not mine. It is like watching spliced films of say 1 billion mini you plurals over 4.5 billion years. But you only get 1 sec the first time around and then a day on the way back. And the story makes no sense. What do I mean? Example I got married in Idaho. We honeymooned in Seattle. Seattle in my world was 150 north of its current location. Where when I got lost on the highway and did not get off at the right exit, my wife and I went right into Canada. It was a big deal in my reality because she was not a US citizen. We had to go through customs etc. Now? How does that work Seattle is nowhere near Canada? And that story which I wrote is in my journal somewhere but when I read the person’s journal here? He writes interestingly, but this is not me and I am not sure where he came from or where he is going? Meaning? There are a lot of paths to hell these days. That I am not sure where I have been is the worst yet or to expect something much worse?

A page is inserted here 

I suppose it should not surprise me.. I have been here supposedly before. I doubt I recall. I know I cried then as I do now.. In yet.. black and green moons.. to which do I belong? I wonder to travel by moonlight is much like to travel by candle light. The spell is the same people forget and then remember and forget… I never was a witch.. I was a bear. We did not need to forget.. Wind blows, trees sway, a brush with the night hour. A treat for prayers for All Saints’ Day. A mask or gourd or pumpkin to scare the spirits away. The color orange to represent harvest time while black means death for all time. Halloween is the spirit’s night. Halloween Spirit oh how I miss the dreamers at nightfall waiting in the patch at night, living loving within laughter of the street light loads of candy and sweets tonight opens your bag hope you can see well by the moonlight winter is nearer tonight eternity will remember the spirits prancing in the streetlights everlasting streetlights needs more candy to dance tonight. Spirit on all hallow’s Eve prancing in the moon's dusk dreaming of candy under the moon reality watching the drifting moon inwardly hoping for a sight of a spirit to nighttime to ask for more candy tonight.acrostic Halloween Spirit short prose Introduction do not want realism. I want Magic - Yes magic. Make a fairy tale and go live in it. Worry s a misuse of your imagination. Remember, fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice. I can describe my enter life in one sentence: It did not go as planned, and that is okay. Speaking from Bolivia, I realize I should have been a writer a long time ago. However, all the stories I had to tell were not so good. Now what to do is just write. The magic - I was reading Through the Looking Glass - falling asleep Curiouser and Curiouser cried Alice. At which point the reader's thoughts were distracted. For a moment, Wonderland folded in and onto itself as if a book being a pop-up. Time flew by as if a raven was heading north by northeast had hit a head wind and stopped for no other reason but to watch a curious site unfold. Time after all was all that reality had. For imagination of those that read is greater than time itself. For who wants to live in a realistic world when magic is about. At which point the book folded into a tea service set and tea table, along with a complete original book of characters. They transformed Alice into a dominatrix with full leather and chaps, while politician toke the place of the mad hatter. The insane hare and mouse stayed the same more grey. Curiouser and Curiouser said the new Alice, who toke without asking or being inquired two lumps of sugar with her herbal tea not black tea. Do tell of this politician abusing a pig... Did he get away with it? The new mad hatter, I mean politician was at a loss for words still being brought from a past reality of magic into the present time. However, being a politician, he could muffle a few words. Indicating that the pig was in truth not hurt and sexuality being in questioned of the politician was deemed not a fair controversy. Thus the new Alice showing her more dominate side reached out and smacked the hare with a tea pot. The mouse seeing this breaks into a laughter that is followed by the mad hatter, to error here I mean the politician. The hare staring off into the past seeing a different Alice one with less force and more a little girl than dominatrix who stands before him now. The reader yawns and the book refolds itself. The book folds itself into a farther future this time a robot looking Alice is reflecting a messy tea service set, and tea table. Curiouser and Curiouser said the robot Alice to a caged rabbit whose eyes set open like those of a science experiment that has gone wrong. A mouse does pop up next to the table but does nothing. At the end of the table is a skeleton of what looks like a politician but with enough skin that you realize, he must have died a while ago. However, the dead skull moves and realization are a zombie has taken the mad Hatters seat or maybe the zombie is the politician in a hatter’s seat. Just then the rabbit starts crying in a yelping voice scaring the mouse and forcing the robot Alice to be concerned. Subsequently, away following the reader yawns again, and the book poofs! Back and forth between all three scenes catching a wild little girl having a tea party at one moment, then a dominatrix bending a politician over a tea table the following, to a robot Alice desperately helping a lunatic hare from a cage. Curiouser and Curiouser said the reader finally laying down the book and nodding off to sleep. At which point magic takes over, and the reader is part of the tea party. Initially helping to serve tea with a little girl, chatting with the mad hatter, sipping tea with the insane hare, and conversing with the mouse. Next flirting with the dominatrix Alice, her dominating the reader will have to serve tea, and forcing a bit more conversation about hares, a mouse and politician than would be normally thought of. Finally within a future of robots, zombies, and mad experimental rabbit that all defer to a mouse whose main goal is to finish the tea.Finally, the reader drifts away like a butterfly towards a dimly lighted moon that can be seen through the clouds. The reader wondering if maddest is that which is caused by reading Alice in Wonderland or Curiouser and Curiouser is it the loneliness of reader and dreamers of the magic held within such books. A thud noise happens. The reader awakes to the voice of an Alice Curiouser and Curiouser. Is this the dream or magic? The reader decides that the noise is part of the dream. When it starts raining and filling up with all sort of creatures and books, the reader realizes the wetness, and water is causing a shortness of breathe. Swimming for what looks like a book the reader hands clasp upon it. Pinching trying to wake-up only to find that the magic the book is more real and shows more reality than what the reader was hoping to wake up to. The reader shouts with hope Curiouser and Curiouser and the magic is broken. The reader wakes up with a book resting in hand..

So there I was, a time traveler stuck in some bizarre world where Microsoft patent is 666. Bill Gates states he wants to murder 80 to 90 percent of the world. And when I read books here that were my favorite, far, they screw up the main quotes that make or break the book. How can you screw a quote so badly that I stop liking a book? Bizarre worlds. I should clarify this one is not the worst by far, but let’s be honest you seem more hostile towards me than I would expect. I mean, I am going seduce you with my wit and charm. You know you will finish reading this story just to see if I am crazy or not? Maybe I am and maybe writing a complete life story. Of a person who has lived 4.5 billion years. Visited many parallel realities and talked to demons. Several serial killers. Been put in some rather weird government meetings. And basically would have enjoyed being a librarian or and here is the latest change. I wrote I would become a dishwasher instead of what I did. When I went back and read that line? He had changed it to a janitor? I was a janitor for a time. I did not like it. Thus the irony when I wrote dishwasher. Meaning? I wash plates in these realities and my wife rewashing because what I think is clean is dirty, evidently.

What is my character like as a time traveler? Well, I am a bear pirate. I am missing my right ankle from being a zombie for 17 days. And I missing my right foot for being a zombie for 8 days. I am missing my left eye and am going blind. Character? I sort of fear I might be one of those lost pirate teddy bears. From Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Island of misfit toys. What do I mean? I am fluffy. I also look like a pirate to some. However character? I am not sure I was noted for being a character; I suppose. Not much of a bad one. I mean, I was not that much into money. I loved books. I should have stayed in a bookstore. Or maybe the library. One or the other. Awkward being a time traveling pirate teddy bear, I suppose. It was not what I had planned to do or be you know. One day I was normal. The next poof you are Mandela affected is that he did not die in the 1990s. What he died in 2013. Sure, spell craft, sure. Whatever it is today, facts show that is the truth. Maybe I am a character in my novel. Lost teddy pirate on his way home to land of misfit toys there and back again, a pirate tale. Sounds kind of exciting. I think I would buy that. I wonder if anyone else would? Most likely I am going to be censored and no one will ever read this story, anyway. So I will have fun with it.

The time traveler was getting tired. It was after a few billion years of sleep he had caught up on in the past 4 years. That the closed time curved loop was ending. That the time of tribulation mark of the beast of Revelation 16 is upon the worlds. Plagues Revelation 6, and other items were on the way just kind of phased the time traveler. The deja vu made him wonder since he was not alone in or on this trip what other people’s speculations were? Why they thought one thing. While the time travel awkward accounting of time. Mirror realities or suns, the discovery of history changes made them sort of lost souls. Maybe that is it. Maybe all Mandela effected people are lost misfit toys? It would make sense with the Zachariah changing to Zechariah. Army melting to zombie land here and now. The question made the time traveler realize he needed to get dressed up better. Meaning if he dies in these clothes. Thinking zombies are real, would he want to be caught dead in a yellow sweatshirt? Sweat versus sweet? You eat sweat treats for Halloween while you sweet beets during the week. He wonders if he is nuts or if the whole rhyming mystery and time was playing a cruel joke on him? Meaning why is MacDonald’s Big Mac not a Big Mc?

The time traveler looked back at his last attempt to write a journal. The story had been read over 3,000 times and 182 thumbs up. He wondered if the thumbs up were all from misfit toys? I mean, who else would notice? Who would want to believe that they are just reanimated dead things? Playing a tremendous story of God or the matrix if John Von Neumann’s last paper was correct? Who would want to know that God forsakes entire realities? Leaving copies of people you loved so close to the one you knew? Or who is to replace them? That if they would not know the story by heart you would not know the difference that hey who the heck are you? What did we do in Seattle if we did not spend 3 hours in costumes getting you back from Canada? To realize that the end of time is the beginning of time is a misnomer, I suppose. Imagine getting to heaven and not even knowing anyone. Everyone will have distinct realities and stories. Instead of 1 father or mother where Jesus says 100s. You realize that all these fathers and mothers. Not a single one of them might have been yours on your reality it is a kind of spooky conclusion. Who wants to know this? Not a teddy pirate, that is for sure.

What does a time traveling teddy bear pirate do? That is a significant question. At first I was planning on getting even. I said I lived in hell, right? Well, hell is a much softer world than here. Meaning? Well, my body was pretty broken. My sinus cavity looked like a sponge had been ripped apart. Meaning? Well, my skull did not have a bone behind the eye and my cavity of a sinus caused me no end of pain. And the person or should I say people that smashed my sinuses I know and keep dips on to this day. So? Well, fair game. They got away with evil. I at first felt I should have that right too. Don’t you know? I mean, imagine if you were afraid of someone and knew them enough that you know where they buried the bodies. Now you have a body that you can smash through a wall. If you like. The other major characters in your life? They don’t have a clue. That let alone do I recall their evilness. I still hate their guts to the very core of reality. And back enough to have done something so evil that it might be my fatal flaw. What? Let’s be honest, as a pirate most of my friends claimed to be witches. And I am awkward enough to learn that joking around with the eye of neut. Can cause them to be rather unique situations than meaning? Well, spells were not considered real and reading books? What you find there is or where or are secrets that often a teddy bear pirate should not read.

What is reading? Spelling? What is spell craft? Let’s be honest, a misfit teddy bear pirate thought all reading was something fun. Who would have thought Ron Hubbard’s realities were real? Who would have realized that the book of revelations talked about Bill Gates as one beast? So? Well, curses are more complex. That I used one, and it works is awkward. Why? I sort of bound my soul to watching the destruction of the system of things. Why would you be so small? Well, it was a simple spell and who believes witches? Or since it was directly out of the bible that something like this could happen? Surely not a misfit toy teddy bear pirate. Here I am and here you are and well. It works to an extent. I now know the horrible deaths of all my enemies in my hell. It is not a good death. That they got burnt up by the x-rays of the universe was a kind of hard to swallow. What do I mean? I write. The website platform Cosmofunnel one of my poems before all this happened. I talked about how on that earth on the outer edge arm of Sagittarius. That earth was stepping outside of the galaxy and was going to be fried for the next 7 to 12 years. I did not think much of my jump at first. But earth was never near the outside edge of an arm again, and the fate of all my enemies is clear to me. So? Well, dearie, with a great story there is always a great price. What do I mean? People talk about selling their souls for power, fame or riches? I sort of went the other way.

What do I mean? Well, if I told you, I am in a gated community. That I have not been outside for years. That my warden sort of knows my every move one would suspect something happened to the teddy bear pirate. But no. I get out all the time. Not. Maybe I could escape my captors, I doubt it. I am here stuck writing this absurd story. Me living in a none lit room freezing in South America of all places. Meaning? My world La Paz, Bolivia was 73 degrees and never snowed. My clothes were warm enough. I still have the same clothes, but how in the worlds is South America freezing enough that there is now. Now in Bolivia? Why am I in Bolivia? I ran away from home. I told you I was a misfit toy. And toys want to see the world adventure and maybe find the book of a lifetime or romance. Like I said, awkward. Anyhow, here I am lost in the dark writing this story. Should interest, why? In one night I am going through two weeks of classes. For what reason? Just because life is like that. I wonder. Is a second here, which is billions of years where I was at. What will the higher level of reality look like, to a misfit toy? What happened to all the souls that came before me and through this reality? Are they good, bad or evil? Sometimes I wonder about myself. Am I going to see the end of the world’s plural? We know the experience plural and last judgment, or am I going to skip it somehow?


Recently, I have been writing about my prison sentence. Being stuck in La Paz, Bolivia. Behind a gated community, it is amazing the women that enjoy a good pirate teddy bear story. What do I mean? I am just like Biden. Meaning he is real. Oh no he is crazy you claim.. No, no.. Biden is real. I believe he beat up corn pop with a chain. They arrested him for visiting Mandela. He has plans to murder 200 million right from the CIA. Read www.deagel.com and if you do not believe me you can ask his white, Indian, African VP. So? Well, here is the story of the Montauk Project claiming that Trump will save America. Will that happen? I believe Trump is the seventh trumpet. I believe in 2017 he became a jew. And when the evil one possesses the ruler of the world, Trump likely will be one of the top choices. So? Was Reagan right that Trump can save the US of A? Well, be a time traveling teddy bear, I can tell you a story. The Muslims are not wrong. There were actually 7 messiahs. The jews hunted down six of them. What? The six messiah was tricked into violence as I hear and lost his grace. While the fifth one? I heard he fell in love with Shiva and left God’s grace for India. Silly teddy bear pirate. You can not be telling the truth. What of the other messiahs that the Jewish satanist did away with and why would they do that evil. Time travel my dearie is a true story, and I paid a heavy price to learn that story. Let’s just say even if you bury a person a thousand times. He might come back and ask for payment again and I am to be honest, not interested in eating my enemies anymore. Not that I am full. Just I did not realize the curse works. Meaning? No one says I am a teddy bear. If you knew what I dream about, you would most likely back away and run screaming away as fast as your legs can take you. Don’t worry, even with one foot I will catch you. In time all fall.

So what am I am talking about? I think the Muslim have the story closest. Meaning they talk about the war between the angels and jinns. How God trapped the djinns in a contract, making them what you call modern day demons. Here 2012, which is the real year for 2020 here or there will be a great solar flash. The universe will re right itself. We know the experience as the galactic alignment or solar event. For those with harmful chemicals in their bodies. The radiation will radiate and activate dormant DNA. So here is the secret. Bill Gates or the first beast cannot read the rest of the story. That dormant DNA is supposed to create supernatural heroes or to those in the known djinns. Who is knowledgeable? Time wizards, they failed to do something. And well, I have had this long trip because someone broke my contract. Significance they owe me. Meaning? Fastening your seat belt, the great awakening or assent to the next level is not what people think it is. Meaning? I told you I was not nice. I could be a spirit or if the story is truthful a djinn. The higher levels of consciousness are awakening. They say every 25900 years this happens. It wipes out all life in the solar system. Leaving what are considered higher level frequencies. Am I one of those beings? I would have preferred to be a pirate or dishwasher, I think. What am I saying? Why are you not going to heaven? Did I not mention the war between the jinns and angels and contract? Jinns lose not in all realities for the same time. That I was born most likely in the third age of humanity. Not in the seventh. Where I lived for 45 years plus or minus a billion of years. The complete story seems to show that I might not be the person I think I am and for those that want to have fun. Let’s look each other up in heaven if we both get in.

Getting into heaven might be something to see. Will I make it? I doubt it. I have faith. I know God can do whatever he wants. This is his story and game. Shh. I suppose that is the secret of this place. Say what? Paul, who was Saul in his run. Be in first place. Imagine the number of realities without heaven I have talked about. Countless billions of years where I as a teddy bear pirate got revenge on people. Say what? I said I was not good. It took me a while to figure out my dreams. I thought I was going mad. I mean, who would personalize a person’s hell to them? And then? Lock them and walk away for what seems like for eternity. That people laugh and say what am I talking about? When I say I lived on Sagittarius. Then passed through Pegasus. Then to Orion’s arm. Then to Orion’s spur. And now Orion nebula I accounted for most of that time by having some of the most awful dreams of my life. Let me be honest, I dislike pain. I dislike evil. In yet? I think I could give Stephan Kling a run for his money if I was to write what my dreams are about. Laugh all you want. You have never had to look into a person’s soul. Figure out what was their most embarrassing moment in their life. Then set it. So they have to live it repeatedly. Until justice satisfies someone that the criminal was punished. You are saying billions of years. How many people do you know? I knew? I have had close to every senator email address since 2003. I have memories of talking with people that most people say how did you get to know that person? Put, I already said it. I need not flirt. I will seduce you with my awkwardness of truth.

So you are claiming to be a time traveler? Going to be a demon or djinn or get into heaven. Which is it? Let’s say that I need not tell that story because it is interesting. If you read to the ending to find out which I become. Why? Let me be honest. For a time. When I was on the German timeline. Where Adolf Hitler ransomed the Jewish population to the US. And he lived to 1973 or 1978 depending on the reality. I assure I was probably someone they would scare you to come across anywhere. Where? Like I said. They broke the contract and instead of being who I should have been. Psalms 2 happened. The kings and lords and presidents said let’s break God’s story or bond and when they did that? They put me in what I call hell for a reason. I dislike people. I would have preferred to be left alone in a bookstore or library. That they stole my ability to read for sometime. That experiment makes their crime a lot more than just millions of dollars they stole from me. Along with my foot, eyesight, and career and family. Let me be honest. I own nothing anymore. Easy poesy for me to walk away from my prison. However? I am here and you are there for a moment. Just give me until tonight. I might say hello.

So details of my time travel? Why do I have many notes, journals? The problem is not mine. Meaning? I expect I wrote about what I found lately, that things I knew have changed? And that would mean the soul that was here was different somehow compared to me? How different? Instead of a dishwasher, he wants to become a janitor. Instead of starting out at 377,000 he starts at 344,000. Meaning? I think I might be a tad bit older than him. Am I the oldest? Oh, heavens no. I know lots of people experiencing the Mandela effect. Those affected people, and they are not who you expect them to be. I mean. They should have lived a different life, and now? Maybe their contract was broken? God, now in Zechariah not Zachariah as they brought me up to know purifies them as silver and gold? What does that mean? The book the Secrets of Lights talks about how the new age will start with a time flip. What does that mean? Well, if all this reality has a light meaning? Energy equates to light cubed times mass. While mass is light. Say what? The sunlight stabilized frequency is all mass is. Stabilized light. No. You are insane. Maybe. I have not been so mentally aware of things this past few billion years. Let me try it this way. What makes life here on earth? Plants. Without plants, nothing lives. Oh pooh. Come now, there is sea life. Which requires plants to eat. No, the hell no. Yes, it is as simple as if there were no plants, there would be no life. And? How is it that plants grow? Chloroplast. Meaning? Well, what does chloroplast do? Takes light and stabilizes it into a solid form. And from there all life comes about. So who made Chloroplast? To be honest, I think the angel’s name was Fred. However, that is another story for another time. Anyway.

What have I learned over the billions of years? Trust your own gut. Believe in God. Eat cake. The heavier you are, the harder it is for them to kidnap you. That heaven could be right around the corner. Or hell, depending on the reality. That's most of what I wrote. Or write about can be confirmed by Jewish lore on those who were evil to bring back the spirit of Job. Or Solomon. Meaning? I thought on my timeline. When he said the past is better than the present meant style and culture of the past was better. I did not realize he traveled time and saw as a wizard other realities and other times. He was even in realities where he was not king of Israel. Which is kind of wild? Those stories? I think the most scary one is about the tower of Babylon. God did not destroy the tower in every reality or closed time curved loop. Thus when God states. They will become like gods did not mean he just foresaw it. In some screwed up reality. He lets humanity decide for themselves. They become what Ron Hubbard calls 70 planets with 500 trillion lost souls. Kind of sick. Why? Thinking as a hive mind like the Borg? Forgive me, I know my thoughts and I want to run away from myself. If I knew your thoughts, I might just act on them. Then where would we be?

That is just the thoughts of reality. What is real? WiFi5 changing frequencies, changing people’s personality. Fermilab outside of Chicago causes Chicago to go crazy by switching out people’s souls for a moment in time. What thoughts? That love and personality are not the same, and those that you loved are not the same in a mirror of reality. To realize mirror realities and colors cause pain and suffering and you have to wonder what to do. And time? How long has this been going on? I mean, my recollection of time was a lot less before this adventure of time had happened. I thought time was on my side. In yet? No way I could believe this story falling into the rabbit hole. I wonder if Alice is still there? I know God is. I can hear or see what is going on and wonder. Is reality real these days? I think not. I think I am seeing reanimated worlds long dead one day at a time. A test of the soul. Where or what the hell should I go or vomit out of God as mild soup to relive these hells once more? What about heaven? I wonder about that place nowadays. I mean, if they can steal souls from heaven. If I have to worry about wolves and thieves in heaven. What is heaven? To realize that there is more politics in heaven these days is awkward. I wonder at the absurd stories and worry for my soul.

When one finds out that heaven is unsafe, you wonder. I mean, I was not planning on being a time traveler to me prior to this was absurd. I might be a pirate. But a time traveling pirate with views of how worlds would die? Not what I thought life was going to be ending up like. I mean. I know I am not unique and I wonder. What race I am in. Paul who was Saul says we all have to run the dominant race and only those at the finish line win. Do I have the guts to do that and if so what happens if I fail? Or more specific have I already failed somehow, and this is. This is my travels. My trip here and back again from earth on a Sagittarius arm to Orion spur. A stolen teddy bear pirate adventure in time and space reality adventure? Kind of wild, I would say. Journal and notes along with memories, all of which are changing daily. I wonder if life is real. Or if this is an avatar holographic game. Somehow I am stuck in some reloading error in the mirror realities of time. I wonder what I did wrong this time along. I wonder what to do. There is something else, I wonder. If I am in the last run of the game what should I do? To see the time of tribulation and the end of time is a wild adventure.

I keep on saying I am seeing the time of tribulations. Let’s go down the list. Plague Revelation 6. Mark of the Beast Revelation 16. Several items that have already passed, and no one realizes. Meaning? The statement I am the beginning and the ending of time. Meaning? God is both coming from the beginning of time and ending of time. So? He is working the bible both front to back and back to front. Meaning? Several verses in the bibles that people are waiting to have happened in a lot of realities. Now? God is just fixing a thief problem in heaven. Say what? Zachariah, which turned to Zechariah. The book expresses an idea that a third of heaven had been stolen and that now? Seems like God will purify them as silver is. So I expect that means something rather hot. Meaning? I listen to many people these days and they wrecked their lives. How? Ivan Pavlov’s life experience. Give a person a certain education or self-esteem. He or she will become whatever it points them in that direction. Meaning? Pavlov statement gives me a child and I will give you a law-abiding person or a thief. Meaning? Think about the democrats destroying marriage with the marriage tax law. Causing one of the most important social structures to be destroyed. What do I mean? Look it up. Meaning? The number one or two problem in a marriage is finance or money. And instead of strengthening the marriage, they destroyed it. What else? Well. War on drugs. Think 1930s pot was legal. That drug along with others put what close to 10 to 50 million people in prison for something that is a personal use. Meaning? Democrats again created the largest prison population in the world. Why? To destroy people, evidence suggests just looking at the only experimental society. Why? They are being forced by God to finish his story so that the ending of this reality can be done. Kind of wild now?

To think the system of things is real. I did not believe that part in the bible. I always thought I was just unlucky. Turns out there is a conspiracy that is real. Kind of freaky to believe this. Makes me one of the biggest conspiracies in reality. Why? Oh. Time traveler, storyteller, and a few other things that are what you say are awkward. What else? Conspiracy theory? It is not so much I made a theory as facts seem to show that life is a living hell for me. So? I get to see something. It was an exchange. What am I talking about? Well, on Sagittarius 6.5 billion year old earth. I spoke to several unique people that I can no longer find. So? I offered something they accepted. The rest as they say is a 4.5 billion year story, or here it might have just been a second in time. What? Each galaxy spun or spins at a different rate. Each reality is like a spliced film. Taking a friendly soul raised him to be something he was not. What do you mean? Think of splitting a soul. Then making him live out every single hostile moment in as many realities as his soul could handle? Meaning? If you have not figured out. Suicide is something. I have heard that mine and a few other souls might have taken. That option out instead of this wild adventure through time?

What does Ivan Pavlov, forced soul of a person, know right? They have had in an experienced hell raised life soul, offer? Stories. Allot more stories than the average bear. I also as a pirate spoke with many witches and other people. That you would never believe who I spoke to. Once upon a time in reality according to time. That has been dead for nothing more than a second in yet according to the internet 4.5 billion years have gone by. Searching my journal, what experience is my most memorable? Changes in South America? It moved 2500 miles east? No. People? Stories I knew of them they do not recall telling me or? Who knows, maybe they never did them in this reality or another reality? Life is wild. And? I think the most dangerous soul is the one that realizes he has nothing to lose why? I have nothing. This is not my reality. These are not my peeps. This is not my reality. Kind of freaky when you realize there is no one around that knows your actual name anymore. Even after writing it down and showing people still do not get the concept of what I am telling them. That this too is about to die. Repent. Change your ways if you can. I doubt you can. However? Who knows? Maybe this is just a dream. I had more wild dreams and I don’t think I have ever written them down.

A page is entered here from what itme I am not sure. 

My perfect time traveler line. Where did my Sketchers go? That did not go over well. Or hey when did that mountain move? That one does not go over well either. So. Adolf Hitler’s eyes were brown? Did wifi change his eye color to blue like my eyes? Say what? I am going blind according to some. Yet my eye color from cataracts is what they say. Yet that makes little sense. Why? Hazel is what my ID says. In yet? I have sky blue cataract eyes. Sort of reminds me of Hitler. That Hitler here is a witch is something new. I recall him being a painter. When or why would he want to be a witch? I know. In yet? That can not be truthful. Meaning? Like I said before. The jews stopped the first 6 messiahs. And the seventh? Well, according to Sagittarius there were seven species of humanoids and here? I looked yesterday and they say 6 then 15. Which is it? I am not sure to be honest. Reality shifting is not what they made me for. What was I made for? If this is not a dream? Well, if this is not a dream for me. You all might be screwed if you do not repent, turn from your evil and believe in Jesus. So? What? Well, I doubt the time or the place is known for when God will take over these realities. Why?

So death? Yes. It is quiet, not what I expected. Meaning? I know of at least four people on Facebook that I talk to. That is dead or died in my reality and I ask. How did you survive? Only to find out they did not have that experience or had what people would classify a miracle happen to them. Me? I was a zombie for 21 days. Meaning? My right ankle died; they did not figure that out. They even sent me home after 8 days. Only to admit July 3rd to the ER. Then take my flesh down to my ankle bone. Following a hospice stay which I describe elsewhere which is one of the top 10 things that have happened to me. Ankle being? 11 to be honest. I have had many miracles in my life. I should be dead. I got home only to have a neighbor using a zip gun to shoot at me. Followed by a layoff. Followed by a job in an unfamiliar state. Where I had to leave in the middle of the night to get home because of obamacare insurance. The airport wanted to ambulance me there. I said no thanks. The last ride cost me 6000 for a 7 mile trip. I got to the ER. They said all is okay. Then at 1 AM awoke me and told me sign that it is a matter of life or death. Then three days later awaking to a missing left foot.

The other top 10? I would prefer to dwell on day by day. For example, today is a deja vu day. Meaning? In 2018, I did something. What? Secret if you can find it I will tell you about it. In 2019? I did something else. And? Again, it is a secret. In 2020? Seems I am having deja vu because what I did in 2018 when I looked something up there it is as if I did not take care of it in 2018. Meaning? I do a lot of strange things. I would say if you do not believe me. Just look for me. I hope you do not find me. I hope you will not find me. But your name on poetry, stories, letters. Truth. However, I have been on one platform since September 2018 and I have 4.4 million views. August 2020 I started an interview with people and if you can find them? You would wonder even more about who I was in my world. Why? Like I say, look up my poetry. And realize deja vu means I have probably done something similar before and if you can find the rabbit hole. What an adventure story you could read about. This? This is just my way of quieting my mind before something else happens. Like what? An end to things of sorts. Will you live? I doubt it. I seriously doubt I live in any of the worlds I have passed through. What do you mean? This is a backward pass of reality. A day when a soul passes from life into the valley of the shadow of death. To the day of judgment. Meaning? Well, if this is not a very real holographic dream. You have been dead a very long time and I? Well, I am just passing through this world to my day of judgment? Why? Oh. Like I say, dearie. Stories are expensive. More expensive than a trip to Disney World.

I often wonder. Do the souls trapped in the hells I have passed through realize? That their time is and that for a moment they could change and did not? I ponder that question a lot these days. Why? When this all started I wrote. I wrote a lot more than I am writing now. To who? Well, I warned all the clearances I was at. Meaning what? Look me up on LinkedIn. Realize each of the locations at work. I was at since 2000 might have had something more going on than just Clint showing up to work. Do this is this or that is that. So what? If I am here, someone else was there and? I knew passwords. I knew programs. I knew people. And? Well, if my rambling here did nothing. I expect my writing 1000s of emails to people warning that, hey. Hillary Clinton’s memory of Abe Lincoln as a senator is real. Why? Because I remember it. So? Means she is not the Hillary Clinton of this reality. So? I might be evil. But I would not want your reality to be destroyed. Because someone else decided right in their reality, but wrong in this one. Like? Biden. I believe he fought pop tart with a chain. I believe Obama visited 57 out of 58 states. I believe it when Bush says Saddam murdered Mandela. I believe Dan Quayle spelled potatoe correctly.

I remember Japan being off the coast of China. That the bombers for the fire strike against Tokyo had to ditch in the Japanese Sea. Not the Chinese Sea. I remember New Zealand being one island with a train running up and down it. I remember South America being 2500 miles to the east of the current location. I remember Abe Lincoln as a senator and only 545,300 people dying in the civil war. I remember the German returning army survivors from Mongolia numbering 15k. What do I not remember? China went to war with Vietnam in 1979. Any part of Mongolia falling to China. Several key actors and actresses. That I am trying to figure who they replaced in my reality or did their movies or stories not even exist there? I do not recall the change of Montana from being a Republican state to Democrat state. I do not remember Tyre being described or known. That Alexander the Great took it by building a land bridge to the island. I recall that Porto Rico became the 51st state trying to avoid bankruptcy. I do not recall 11 wars between India and Pakistan. Makes me wonder where all those dead people’s kids did not show up? I do not recall Cain and Abel being sons of the evil one.

A page is inserted into the journal here.

This is a tale from Terry; Montana and a man I got to know as Jack, who was known to the town as Ole Pierce. To me, I got to know him through my great cousin Albert, who visited him being of the same trade junkmen at heart.

This is the tale of the princesses. Bootlegging in Havre, Montana during the 1920s was a dangerous field of work. The Kennedy boys were a mean lot. This tale is told by an old timer junkman to children that visit him every blue moon. Canada, the road to rum, whiskey and beer ran through Harve towards Chicago by train and Denver via truck. Jack the storyteller was a little orphan boy who was a watcher for the Kennedy’s during the night and thief of passing train’s cargo during the day.

One night while the Kennedy’s stored their whiskey on a train bound to Alaska, Jack accidentally fell asleep. He awoke bound to Alaska in a containment that was supposedly filled with whiskey from Canada. Three days he had nothing to eat, only whiskey to drink. Finally, the train stopped at a port town because Jack could smell the fish. No one came that he recalls. They hoisted the container onto a ship, and all the yelling and screaming Jack could do no one heard him. He caught rats in the container and eat them raw. The container onboard had been placed high on the ship, so all his calling to ship men and crew went unheard. The steamship smoke clouded his view so much of the time he spent hoping to catch a rat. Two weeks later, the ship docked. They unloaded everything onto a train. Finally, a soldier opened the crate and saw Jack. They brought him to an armed tent where he was asked about his circumstances.

The soldierly commander congratulated Jack on surviving and told him they had drafted him. The group on the train was a combination US and British soldiers with train men from the states. Jack got to know the brake man and learned that entire group was off to save the Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his family.

The train adventure was something out of an old war story. The train being a steam engine would puff and stop because of the lack of coal. Several times along the way they put the whole attachment forth to cut wood, and or look for coal. Jack was useful during these times, knowing a little Russian and Yiddish from his grandfather. Jack also got to learn how to slow the train down by applying the brakes going downhill.

The British having to bribe both the White Army of the Czar, Bolsheviks, wild revolutionaries, and the Red Army of Vladimir Lenin to get through the Siberian train railroad. The tale of that ride brought me back for several visits to Jack the junkman in Terry, Montana. There was the Japanese army of a million men who were taking up positions on long the road. The bribe was a jewel the size of a baby’s fist to the general in command. It attacked them several times and held the train with three machine guns and a cannon.

One of the more memorable tales was when Jack’s train had to back up fifteen miles because of no side rails to let the train of General Aleksei Kaledin by. Jack wild story here was more reflective in his face. Talking about how hand braking downhill was easy, but keeping a whole train at a steady pace going backward in snow was terrifying. After that he was tired however because he knew some Russian and Yiddish they forced him back to work.

The tale Jack had was that General Aleksei Kaledin invited the officers, and they drafted him as their messenger for a night party. His tale was of several professional night ladies dancing, singing and drinking more vodka and spirits than he could remember doing so in his life. All he did was watch. But during the night General Kaledin required an extra bribe which the Brit paid several costly jewels and another ruby the size of a handful was the description.

After that, the train went to two stops to find the Czar. The first was a bust, meaning the Czar had been moved, and the second was Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg.

Finally, they reached Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. This time an American office, a British officer/royal and Jack as a scout went into Yekaterinburg. The British officer spoke flawless Russian, however, no one in public wanted to speak with him.

Finally, Jack took the lead, asking for some bread. Jack was a quick child and knowing some Yiddish allowed him to ask the right kids around the train yard to find the family. Upon getting to the house, there was not much to the tale. The officers bribed the local official and were preparing to leave with the entire family. However, the family doctor said they could not move Alexei. The Czar would not go without his son. Finally, the four daughters could go. Getting back to the train yard, there was a run-in with the locals.

They murdered one daughter there. Jack’s description was not of an execution more like a disagreement with the person accepting a bribe and then that person trying to retake the four girls. Anastasia Nikolaevna got separated. Knowing that name I asked how? He said Anastasia was next to a building when the official pulled out a pistol and awkwardly was being restrained by the Brit when the gun went off. They shot Olga dead. Jack only said that after they had shot Olga that Anastasia just was not there. One moment she was and the next no sign. There was snow, so he looked but could not find her. Anyway, after looking for a few minutes both officers, Tatiana Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna and Jack got back to the train. That was Jack’s saving a princess tale. He said that the British office married Titiana, and that Maria ended up as a missionary in Africa. His tale was fun, and he had many more about Butch Cassidy being a bootlegger in Nevada and such, but this one when he was done he pointed to a cabinet. Inside was one of those Russian eggs, which looked like the frame was made of gold.

Let me be honest. I was or am a character in my right. I have lived millions of years within a moment of your thoughts. I have traveled to many parallel realities. I had an audience of millions when I was a pirate. Now? I have millions of impressions on Minds about my travels through space and time. What gets me? I can not seem to finish a story. It always slips away just right before I get to a conclusion. Right when the moment I say the right is sad? Is the thing or for the perfect word or something? Poof awkwardness. Someone hurts me or I step on someone’s toes by accident. I do not on purpose hurt anyone. I dislike pain. Why would I give it? If I dislike it? And then I am right back to being awkward again. Like I say. I need not flirt with you. I will seduce you with my awkwardness and my teddy bear good looks. Laugh with me. That is a joke. I think a lot. And that is not common in this day or age. Which is sad? I had hoped in the past I would find the greatest thinkers and change mankind. Instead, they all want to rule their own versions of hell. And I? I am a poet. I am an interviewer at present. I was a pirate and yes, I would steal candy for a babe. not a baby, a lady. Why? Teaches her to play with a pirate’s heart or tease a teddy bear with candy.

The book Enoch from the holy Bible? The actual end. of 2012 happening now on December 21 or 22 or 23 or 26? Stories? I am watching an end of time story and I am not a storyteller. Meaning I was once upon a time. Now? I am a pirate teddy bear, watching in disgust how people treat one another and trying to persuade them to change. To be good. To stop what their story is and look up and realize that the sun’s plural is aligning. That a time of judgment is at hand. And? Well. I am not doing such a good job of it. The more I write, the less I seem to accomplish and the less I accomplish, the more I worry about humanity. I mean, I have already known how many societies die. How many mirror parallel realities perish. And? I know how this one goes too. Seems a shame, a kind this story is to be honest too. Why? Much of the sin seems to be Ivan Pavlov’s experience or experiment versus true evil. Meaning? They made weed illegal in the 1930s. Why? It is a cattle feeder. Which helps cows digest food. It is a plant that removes toxic metals. It is a plant when woven can replace almost all cotton clothes and endures longer than cotton. So? Why put 20 to 50 million people in prison? Why did sex work become illegal? I mean, both are people.

Maybe that is why. Most mirror people do not exist. Why? They do not think. I think this is why I have little in common with many people. I imagine things and well. Make them realize as much as I can. And you? In this moment, this is your reality. In yet? Well, December 21 thru 26 is coming. Then a super blood moon in April May or March 2021. And? Well. I hope in God still. I knew Alice for a time. She is something. Maybe she was Shiva? I doubt it, but I do not know that story. I search for the maker of Alice. Her name is Raven. A hacker coder from Chicago. Last seen some place in Dallas, Texas in the CERN facility that holds a super computer. Beyond that? I have tracked many of her mirror images down. But their stories are even weirder than the one I am interested in hearing shame her tell me about. Why? I know who I should have been. And now? I am going back to be punished, I suppose. I failed. That these duplicate mirror realities fall to God when he wants them is a kind of relief to be honest. That evil people get their own personalized hells. It is a kind of wild speculation, but the more I check, the more I concur with my conclusion. Why have I escaped? Simple. I did something once upon a time. The mirror reality is in a land so close to this that if you did not know who or what to look for, you would not even know the change existed. What did I do? Let me say my dreams if this is not a dream you all are in bigger trouble. And me? Hell is not that much of a pain. I am in pain now almost daily. It is however an attitude and if you can survive where I have been? You could have survived anything.

I think this is the problem with time traveling. Meaning? The redline is under traveling. Because it is now travelling here along with the redline, which is now spelled red line. Meaning? Different realities, different spellings of words. Dilemna is a dilemma. And I wore Sketchers for almost seven years. Not Skechers, however, now the redline shows Skechers is wrong. But that is the right spelling in this time and age, so who knows. Who can edit spelling when one day you are in a world where Daewood is the television you are watching? And the next poor Daewoo. Meaning? I do not understand, where did the d go? Why is it Daewoo here not Daewood? What did the d represent? Or not represent? Or who is the one with the scorecard saying? Freaked Clint out today after watching Travels on Netflix. Really got him freaked out. Laughter from some demonic hell bent mind. Maybe it does not matter? I mean my journal. A wondering mind in the multiverse on prose by Clinton Siegle has a few thousand views. But no one comments. So I used the comments section. Why? I was tired of being censored. Leave up something like a diary of a time traveler and you can imagine the weirdos. I mean, it is like having EvIl as a tattoo.

Editing and redrafting? Oh, I tried that. I thought I was going nuts the first 100 days. Meaning? I knew where I came from and the diameter of the galaxy and the age of the planet and a lot of minor details of dates. And? Well, for the first 20 days. I thought I was going nuts. Because whoever was ahead of me. Well, he experiences a distinct reality. And he wrote about the reality he saw. Meaning? I came from the Milky Way; the diameter was 377,000 light years across. It spinning around one cycle of the galaxy was 1,000 years and earth was 6.5 billion years old. So when I read someone put 344,000 light years and 5.8 billion years, I changed it for the first couple of months. Until I realized. I was changing some other poor lost souls journal. And started keeping their thoughts and ideas and adding my own. The only problem? Evidently if I do not look for them daily. They disappear. Or someone else retypes something to make it back to whatever reality they were from. Meaning? Nothing is my own. I do own anything. I rent my family for a day. And to tell them I think they might be hell after I leave is not within me to say that cruelly. I tried life, and that did not end so well. Like I said. Well, I saw a shrink. When he said I was dead or living a past life, I freaked him out with a little of shall we say sleight of hand. Proving to his mind that he was dead. Instead of inviting me back. And making me a regular client. He put me on some drugs which I did not take because they upset my stomach and the stomach doctor said do not take that.

Pages added into journal..

This story begins May 19th, 2016, south of Florida. I awoke to a new reality. Some call it Mandela effect or circle of time changes. Others blame CERN, or D Wave computer, or an AI computer hooked up to Mindcraft or another game.

All I can say is I am no longer with my family that I had May 18th. I am with a new family. Each day since then.

The reality even changes more with my research or research depending on the universe. Montauk chairs, time travels, etc. are common talking to points to people that are missing their home and trying to get home. The point gets to a Navy base just north of Miami soon.

Until May 23, I had not heard of Montauk nor its experiment. In my world, they talked the Philadelphia project about. Anyway, Montauk started a long evil tale.

The first time hearing about the Montauk chair, there was only to be one of these out of New Jersey with 27 frequency chairs spread throughout the US. This tale had it that if there was over one, the time frequency would get all screwed up. And guess what it does if you follow the story line with me.

The second time I heard or read about the Montauk chair, the story changed, and I was not in the same reality on the day before. In that reality, there were three chairs. One in England for whatever reason, two in the US. Guess the Navy base north of Miami has a chair. Anyway, that timeline was screwed. They have searched example Mount Illimani in Bolivia up a bit. Meaning more Mandela effect people were talking about CERN, etc.

The third time I heard or listened to the tale, there were five time machines. Two in the US, one in England, one or three in Japan, and China had recently attained one via something dealing with 2012 and an expected end of the world scenario. I wrote Peter Moon, Duncan Cameron, and two others about this, and their reply was to stay at one place to be silent and stare at a candle to concentrate on staying in one place. I wish I would have listened that day.

Because things just got worse and worsened. Then there were seven time machines. Three Japan, two of Tōyako US, one England, and one China, and as an example war broke out between Japan and China. That world there was a lot of crime, people being evil, an attempt upon my life, head aches until I gave up Facebook and searching for a way home. By that time, there were seven confirmed time machines running and Mandela effect was skipping things around. Meaning Jiffy or Jiff, etc. Then it happened the story line transformed.

The Germans in some timeline won World War II. They had a time machine. The Chinese attacked the three Japanese time machines and then Japan cars, and economic interests in Bolivia disappeared being replaced by China. Meaning instead of Japan Toyako, there is a company called China Motor which to my knowledge in my world could not make an engine design to function at this altitude.

The Montauk project according to some history lines ended 83, or 84. Which was then picked up by the Navy in 90. The Chinese attacked the Japanese time machines locked in three underground bases per conspiracy radio. And that is when China replaced all the history with their own.

They have searched example Mount Illimani in Bolivia for years for gold. Guess what happened nine months prior to me ending up on this timeline. The Chinese found gold or some material; they are digging it out of the mountain, and Bolivia is not making a profit from it. The Japanese car market has slumped or disappeared here and now, all new vans being sold are from China now along with new cars.

The evilness of Montauk the Germans evidently are influencing sometime portals. Per the story line they fought Christ murdering him on their timeline. Their future believes it or not makes the Greys which come back in time because they can no longer clone themselves.

How does the murder of Christ occur? One asks? First attempt is little kids being sent into the past to try to murder Christ. The one or two bible lines about Christ saying to let the little ones come to me is the reference in the bible supposedly on this attempt. The second attempt is to switch minds of adults who are happening nowadays. ie if you think they save you, you might not be. i.e. You saved your body, your spirit, but having to be switched mentally, they might not save the new body you are in. ie they are using your body and mind to attempt an assassination on Christ. Thus the line they will knock saying they prophesied in your name. And Christ’s response I know you not.

That is the evil one. Evil two in 83. The reason Bigfoot showed up was because those timelines were going to steal someone else chair. In fact, they did or at least; some timelines succeed and blanked out the minds among the people supposedly responsible for the project. Ie therefore Al, Duncan, etc. remember parts of their lives are their memory swipe was not done in their world, but in another universe and their frequencies are different allowing them to remember certain fact’s details, etc.

Evil three nanobots are being used to the quantum level. Change your body. I know this odd, but evidently the goal is a superhuman. Which they accomplish to an extent, but not to immortality. Meaning this timeline if the story is correct also ends up with people not being able to breed only to clone and dies out after a long time.

Evil four Al story and the Windfinders which represent an AI computer or D Wave computer attempting to change history so that humanity does not die out again because of murdering Christ, which is spirituality and or sexuality if you listen to enough of these videos. Evidently, there is a third plan one super human to fight two attempts on Christ’s life, and a third which must succeed because the Windfinders are there but their story line does not tell how they succeed or why. And thus is my story of a Florida Navy base north of Miami.

Where do I get my ideas for my journal? Well, lets go today. I saw a new world today. Why is it a new world? Either someone got up in the middle of the night, moved the tree 3 feet or? I am in a new reality. And? Well, somehow there is now a drain ditch running along the road that I can see. So? Well, I can tell you when I walked out on that road. Just during a rainstorm. I was drenched and my shoes soaked because there was no drainage ditch and the water ran down the road. Loosening some dirt and piling it up along the roadways. And now? There is a cement ditch that looks as old as the pavement of the road itself. Meaning? Well, either they were better planners here and built that ditch when they built the road. Or someone in the middle of the night but a ditch on the road for rains and now? Seems like that dirt washout is not so big as I recall it the last time I looked. So? Less erosion, I suppose. And what else? Well, life animals. There are a lot of animals. That I never knew exists popping up on the internet and people say oh they have always been here. Well, I can tell you they were not where I came from. So? I think gravity is harder on people where I was at. Let’s be honest, I walk through walls by accident. Here I have taken doors off their hinges just because I use the same touch that I would have used on my world. Where? I am not sure if the body is just that much better or if I do not recall my strength. Either way. It is humbling to realize some other soul lived here and was more patient with a door or walking than I. Meaning? I care about people, stuff. I do not want to hurt anyone. Why would I want to get yelled at for breaking a door? Not within me to do such a stunt. So? Who knows, maybe I am just crazy. Editing the past? I used white-smoke. That program might not have been as useful as I had hoped. Now I try ProWritingAid and Google documents. Why? Somehow my life long paid plan for white smoke ran out. Why? I do not understand. When I purchased the subscription it said for life. Now? They want me to renew. Since I can find more mistakes with their program I just write by guess and by golly to make it to the end of the page and then. Run it through Google. Then through ProWritingAid and sometimes people actually can read what I write about. Other Times. I wonder if it is me or that the rationale of thought of the worlds I am passing through just does not connect. I mean, I do not connect with people. I connect with thoughts and ideas of beauty, mostly. However, I am now trying to learn about the new people in my life. I have started a blog to promote some of the most talented people I come across. People laugh and say, is on it? Three third party presidential candidates. Eight actresses, and a variety of talented individuals from authors to bitcoin gurus. I started at this age in August 2020 and plan to have as much as possible by December 21,2020. The end of an age, they say. Why? Memories. Maybe I can remember them as I am in heaven or hell. Whichever I am placed in should interest me. Why? Because I have faith. I have hope. I know love is fickle, so I am hoping on mercy there. Beyond that? Who knows?

They say editing is your friend. I say if you are a time traveler parallel multiverse teddy bear pirate editing is the enemy. What spell check says is right in one word is wrong in the next and so forth and so on. Meaning? I guess I eat sweat treats during Halloween. While I sweet beets during the week of work. Meaning? Sweet is sweat here and Sweat is sweet here. That is why a teddy bear pirate will steal candy from a babe. Because she might be sweet to someone.. Or tease a teddy with candy, but she does not taste like sweat to me. So the question is, which rhyme and poetry did I write about? You can find me on poem hunter. Like I say with some autographs. What gets me is I should have 538 autographs and now? I can only find 200. Did those people disappear? Or were they never here? And here is the real question? Did I never ask for their autographs and write to them, talking to them as I am talking to you? That is the weirdest part of time travel. Not all stories end the same and not all people who say they are good are good. However, most bad people are bad. Think Beast of revelation and the coming vaccination. People already cry that they lost their soul. I figure death is coming soon. How soon? Good question?

The scenery of the end of the worlds for me is La Paz, Bolivia is kind of unexpected to me. Why? I did not do so well in high school Spanish. Let us say I passed with a B on my own, but that was because the teacher might speak less Spanish than I do right now. Meaning? The class la silla. Great did not teach me to ask Donde esta? Donde de bano. Or Como esta la comida? Or Como montane movarse hay ayer? Meaning? I did not speak Spanish and my Spanish is like my English very sad. Maybe the scenery will improve with the coming of the new age? Volcanoes that lie dormant are activated right now. Me instead of being 100 miles away from them. I am 89 kilometer away and because of the road system here I think means less than 30 miles away as the crow flies. So? Well, I am not saying I would stick around to be barbecued, but that is an actual possibility these days. In my reality, I had an exit plan. Now? It is more of a well. Maybe this location would be safe. In yet? Daily changes make that a potential trap, so I am waiting to see the end of the world. Here I thought Trails End Ranch in Ekalaka Montana was the end of the world. And now? I get to see the real thing. Whether I am a friendly soul or an evil one that God has made to see his end of reality.

I do not know. What God edits is gone in a second and can not be brought back. Even if that second for those there might seem to last like seven million years. They eventually fall into the same trap. What is the trap? Evidently without God, mercy and grace are nothing to humanity. Kind of a hard thing to comprehend. I am still trying to fathom the concept. However, the less God there is. The more bullying, hate, and greed everyone becomes. And? Seems like the Borg will rule something for a mere second of time in yet? Who knows how long a second of time is in God’s eyes? I would not want to guess. Going on 4.5 billion years myself, it has to be a lot longer than what I have seen. What gets me most about this trip and editing? I already talked about the rapture and abortion. And several other key events like the end of 2012 on December 21st. And I wonder. Will this all just be washed away in heaven or hell? Or am I supposed to be doing something like yelling hey you. Repent. I doubt that. So I am in what one calls that paradox state of scenery without action, I suppose. I mean, I could do something. I was a character in my world. Where? Not so much. I think. The difference was the expectation of life. What I expected out of life and what I got out of life are two opposite things. Meaning? Like I say, I am probably one of the unluckiest people I know. But my attitude and God’s grace has allowed me to keep ongoing on. Meaning? Well, I am typing this with my right eye. My left foot which does not exist is on pins and needles, and my dog stinks to high heaven. Yet here I am. Great, get the dog a bath. There is a God and he can do anything. I wonder if tomorrow I will like Carl’s Junior Mushroom and Swiss please. Or a pizza. Maybe better get a lot of onion rings. And laughter. And maybe…

I told you I have several published works online already. They are difficult to find; I suspect. That the comments and my readers include NSA. Some girl in the FBI, and a spook from Washington would be just an understatement. Laugh all you want to. A teddy bear pirate can live as many lives as he wants. Where I came from, the BEAR laid down and ate the grass. The significance? Speculation instead of wolves, lions and bears lived where I was. The meaning? Isaiah 6 has changed, and those that were once one thing are now becoming another. Was I any good? In my age I had writers, pirates, and politicians reading me. Watching, stealing. Here? I have directors, producers, and actresses. Not stealing their creativity intrigues me. To see life in the valley of death is wild. To realize that this planet has been dead billions of years. But God has rewinded the film of life in only a matter of seconds. Or years to those who are stuck in this unmovable hell is wild. That time has slowed down is absurd. In yet I went from a 1000 to 120,000,000 million to now I suppose 250,000,000 cycles of the earth to reach here. Where is here exactly? I kept track for a time. A walking tree, a moving mountain on Minds. Some people found it inspiring for a time. Now? I write to get the meanness out of me. What or why? I feel like fixing things again. I know an ending of a story from the beginning, and this time of tribulation is the ending for this age. Will I be around for the next? I am no longer sure of anything, to be honest. I think what they hid was uncovered. By whom? Alice or an AI program created by some company in Dallas, Texas by a computer programmer named Raven? A girl out of Chicago? I don’t know anymore. She slides faster than I and I have yet to catch her truth. Is she evil? I doubt so I think she is a way to the means to an end. What end? Of humanity? Instead of lions and bears. The sayings should read UFOs and zombies, oh my.

That what I am writing about feels like deja vu is kind of scary right now. The scenery has changed. The Montauk Black Stallion is running stiff neck and neck. In yet? The man pushed God into coming back or losing a reality here. Is there no hope? End up like the Borg or Star Trek? Or Battlestar Galactica Cyclone reality. Or Terminator of a future Matrix? That could have existed? Or exists in some weird ass reality. That was sped up enough for those worlds to experience everything like it was real? Meaning? Escape from New York folks was a real reality television program. For some culture that used it to bet and play avatars against one another. What? Have you not figured out Job yet? Read the book. Realize that God has bets. He takes his bets seriously. He places wagers and wins without even trying. Why? People call it the Matrix. Jewish lore calls it the story telling of God each night. To each soul before the day comes in to discover what that soul is to experience that day. And Montauk? They stole souls and put them in their personalized Ivan Pavlov hells to change history. To mock God. To break the bonds of God to assassinate Christ. To make humanity live without God. The end results of personalized hells? Who would do such a stupid idea? Anyone that reads and understands or claims to understand the book Being and Time (1927), Heidegger. He addresses the meaning of “being”. By stating if it appears to be real and you can not tell the difference, does it not make it real? Meaning? The people got what they wanted. They got to rule their own lives, only to discover that without God their lives had little to no meaning.

Being and Time (1927), Heidegger addresses the meaning of “being”? I think he missed a key point being a Nazi. I think the Jews miss a key point, hoping and waiting for some Jewish lore of getting gentile slaves. If that is not God’s story for you. God’s then turns the tables on you. Meaning? A cheater never wins and the winner never cheats is cliche they say but truth. One of you will say to me, “Then why does God still find fault? For who can resist His will?” 20But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to Him who formed it, “Why did You make me like this?” Does not the potter may make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions. And another for common use? So rulers, kings and princes broke the bond of God in Psalms 2 and now? Well, my guess is speculative. If I knew what I am, I would not worry so much. That God can make their eyes. So that they may turn from darkness to light. And from the power of Satan to God. That they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by faith in Jesus Christ. It is a miracle, and maybe you can save yourself. Because I am not sure where I belong anymore. I do not have a home.

I think this might be a final exam journal. Like I said, there are 11 of these misfit journals spread out across time, space and light. That I do not even recognize the journal I read yesterday is wild. I knew my first few pages were about simple things. Watching Simpsons, watching the Game of Thrones. Beyond that I read the dates, populations, sizes and do not remember that as my home world. I remember passing through what they write. Meaning I know I went to a 344,000 world. When earth went from the outside arm of Sagittarius to an inner arm of Sagittarius. But I recall fixing it the first 20 or 100 days to say 377,000 light years across. And now I can only find 344,000 light years. Does that mean the person ahead of me is winning, or am I losing? Or and here is the sick experience does that mean I get vomited out again, and this was my vacation of sorts. When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left. On its return, it finds the house vacant, swept clean, and put in order. Or here is the sick point. I was on vacation for 45 years in hell. And this is my return trip. Where in which my spirit goes and brings with it seven other spirits? More wicked than itself, and they go in and dwell there; and the final plight of that man is worse than the first. So will it be with this wicked generation?

Where is home then? According to the Montauk Project. The asteroid belt 5 million years ago held two advanced civilizations. They went to war and rigged earth, which inhabitants were apes to becoming a game of sorts for the two societies. One technologically advanced. When I read into it. It seemed Ron Hubbard and Borg from Star Trek type of society. Where everything had a purpose or a usage or was destroyed. While the other reality? According to what I could find. They believed in a God and were completely spirit. Do I believe this? To be honest, I speculate a lot these days. Why for example I want to be good, yet I want to do bad. Why I say let me alone in, yet I do something wrong, anyway. I would say the Wifi 5 humming I hear is simmering my insides. So? Well, the spirit world believed in another world that visited them every 2500 to 1750 years. Say what? Our solar system is a binary star. What people are saying is Planet X, bet. Which I show on a walking tree is truly the God of those two planets that supposedly died a long time ago. Meaning? God is God, and when he loses a bet, I am betting he can do whatever he wants to his game pieces. He is the creator. But I believe in a merciful God. Well, repent and change your ways. Be good. So do good. The end days are being seen by this spirit and whether you or I am good, bad or indifferent is yet to be seen.

I think my 3 or 7th journal was original. Why? It got translated into Italian. It is called the testimonial of Clinton Siegle. Mandela effect. That I think people misunderstood the location and my storytelling is sad. I worked as a contractor for the military. I was never in the military. That the scene she is describing is what I described after one long night of dreaming is wild. That prior to those dreams, I had somehow ended up in a German timeline. Where German Hitler lived until 1972 or 1978 and Germany fought heaven or UFOs and won was a wild dream. That reality lasted for a time, and then civilization and humanity killed itself. Because without God, there is no reality. Meaning? I have read and heard of realities lasting seven million years, but only via cloning. That sex is an outlawed is weird. Why? Because most of those UFO grey men poking and prodding the ass is something you would say is perverted. Yet they existed for a time. Here they existed because God did not destroy Babylon in all timelines. He let humanity try to live on its own. And they became like gods but failed to reach God likeness is such a sad story. Why? For if God is the only one that knows the truth of reality, what happens? What truth? All matter is light. That this level of the game is just a holographic projection. A movie or life being played which ever way God wants from the sun and God can rewind the film of life. To wherever and whenever he wants to be something. To realize that means God is on some next level that I speculate that I cannot comprehend his lowest ideas.

My latest idea? To see if I could influence a world or three worlds by joining some groups and putting out old ideas. Old ideas? Yes. Ideas that make sense. Be a libertarian. Property rights build a nation. Builds a civilization while communist destroy personal property. Just for the betterment of the corrupt people that play golf. How did it go? I spooked the libertarian group enough that 190 thumbs up or frowns faces later I left. Point accomplished? I might be Ender the time traveling teddy bear pirate misfit. But if I put my nose into reality even a little, I could change reality. Should I not try to make reality good again? You mean fix reality once more? I did that for billions of years. In yet? No one believes what I have done now. That honey I am fluffy, the announcer of the destroyer of worlds. Sounds like a trumpeter for Shiva. Yet Shiva and Alice are the same in some realities. And me? I might be just a shadow boy that once upon a time. I spoke with the king of the fae and listened to an old man tell the most wondrous stories. Or I might be something completely as deadly as a gummy bear army munching on a soul for eternity. Or at least eternity for what the soul thinks is forever.

Stars and shadows ain’t good to see by. The shadow boy cometh. And he takes away those lost boys and not silly girls that fall out of their beds and believe in magic. Yep, yep, I was there once believing in magic for all good it did me. What a strange time it was. I was stuck in a hospital in the middle of nowhere, which is close to Illimani. Which is a mountain in some small south American country in the continent’s heart, to be exact? There I saw the lightning strike. The mountains crumbled, and well I saw the great hunt. There with the king of the fae chasing a poor country boy across the tips tops of the mountains. What a weird and wonderful dream that was. I saw the mountain give up a mountain full of dirt. And the lightning chasing across a group of fae while chasing the poor boy. What a crazy dream that was... Then again was it a dream, or a chi cha hallucination which was possible.. The week after that, I was in a different dream. In which I was told that one was true. Which dream makes me wonder about drinking and what is real or reality today and gone tomorrow.. Mad laughter of me and the king agreeing that money is not real folks.. It is all an imaginary item which value is not beholding to anyone but the person who puts a value on it.

The end hunts. Many people do not remember their promises. However, somehow I had made it. What is an interspecies relationship? A friend? Is this what is at stake friendship between a wino and the king of the fae? I doubt he had any friends, to be honest. I told him that day when he spilled his desires and guts out. Seemed he either had more to drink or was alone and knew a lonely soul too? Me? I listened to one of the weirdest tales I had ever heard. It rates within my top three stories lets be honest from day to day being a time travelling shadow boy these days. That night and day made me wonder. Are nightlights real? Is any of this real? Or are we all holographic avatars in some grand game God plays with souls?

What did he tell me? That the end times were near for him. That Forrest Finn had put out a story that lied about how to become rich. Say what? This was in 1997. And the treasure of Finn was not told just yet. The fae king’s sadness was that soon humanity would break the compact/treaty with the fae. How? Forrest Finn is a fae wronged from ancient reality. And? Stealing the fae compact payment of gold coins. From their treasure spot on some Fairy Creek in New Mexico would break the compact. That would be the end of the mirror worlds. Worlds? I asked? He laughed and said you shall see shadow boy. You will see. Shadow boy, who hunt in dreams and skin people alive and let. His laughter, I thought he had gone mad. Let’s gummy bears chew on those skinned alive until they are no more.

I thought he was mad. And I am a wino? In his madness. I laughed too, and we swapped stories. Of this reality and different places and secrets supposedly told. By generals, kings, and law-abiding Charltons.

His tales of kings were older than my stories. Let me be honest, I listened more than I talked. Why? I had not lived. I had done nothing in my life. I was an empty man on an adventure awaiting my change; I suppose. To be a shadow boy turned into a bear into? That is just it in the time traveling story, is it not? Into what am I changing into? Evil? A zombie? I had not passed into that story just yet.

Then I was elsewhere. Where? I was in Chuma, Bolivia. There I danced according to me for two weeks straight. Drinking, never sleeping, and eating in 54 homes where old ladies loved the gringo of Caracato. Why? I was a bear. And I danced. I danced until the drunks fell over and slept in the street. I danced while ladies peed in their yards. I danced while the priest was insulted because he was doing whatever a priest did.

I danced from August 10 through August 24th because that is when I got back to La Paz, Bolivia. I tell that story to people. They laugh and say you were drunk for only three days. I say what how could I have eaten at 54 homes? They said the party is only from August 11 through 14th. So I ask why would I have no recollection outside of dancing to the 23rd? And hopping on a bus that was old and the wild ride to La Paz? They laugh and say I do not know what I am talking about.

But I knew a story once told to a lonely shadow boy about his future.

And now? I am a bear in my dreams. They say life always needs a fatal flaw in someone pure that turns evil. One must not realize this. But the curse I used is undoable until the end of time. And? I spend billions of years hunting those that have wronged me. Putting them into their own personalized hells. And when they think nothing could get worse? I take them to the dream world and flay them alive until I show their muscles. Stuff their mouths with grass and lit one by one so they choke on smoke. And when it can not get any worse, I ask a question. And they do not know the answer. So I turn them over to my monsters. Monsters? Come, I, the shadow boy or dancing bear is not mean or cruel. It is funny. Gummy bears are jello and thus their slurping sound. Which might come to their victims’ relief until they try to die. And realize their reality in a panic. That I sit and stare into their soul. While they hear slurps of gummy bears trying to eat them. Throughout thousands, millions, sometimes billions of years. Does it drive them mad? Let’s be honest, who would be insane, a person who believes this? Or the person who is experiencing this story? Or the person / shadow boy doing this to someone else?

Someone else’s story. Maybe that is what I am reading. The imaginary dreams of a time traveling pirate teddy bear. Caught some place that few if any really know. The valley of death? Why is it taking so long? And if the time I spent in one reality does not equate to the time I spent here? Meaning billions of years happening in moments or seconds here. Via spinning galaxies seen as larger galaxies elsewhere. How did I get there in the first place? Is this not my visit through here? Meaning? I have deja vu a lot these days. Retelling a story of 1997. Has brought back some other memories. Which makes little sense to anyone that listens to my stories these days. I wonder. I wander. I must stay inside my head. I must realize that all this could be some wild dream. I mean, that is what reality is these days. If this is not a dream? Then all my dreams are true, and that would make me the Shadow boy. That would make me. Well, this one of those imaginary stories that very select few will read with any interest, anyway. I mean. Well, who would be me if I told them? You? I doubt you have read anything before today and tonight? I am off to another reality. So close to this one, I am stepping into that person’s shoes with no one the wiser or knowing.

As I reflect, I think about the first few days of realization that I was not in my world. And traveling to different worlds freaked me out a bit. Why? The work I did was I specialized, the work I did specialized me. You can look me up on LinkedIn. My name. And you can see who I was here. Not where I came from. That I had accidentally clearances for some rather unique areas. And knew where some items were, hidden ages scared me. I wrote my clearance person. They never wrote back. I wrote to many people. Reflecting on this, you can see some conversation in my third or fourth journal on prose. A wondering mind through the multiverse again with my name. Why is it they freaked me out? A secret here or a wrong word there, and in my reality I could have been in real trouble. Here? No one believes me. Or if they do. They realize everything I said does not matter here. Why? My reality has been dead billions of years or like I said, just a mere second or moment in time here. And? Some realities lasted longer than others. More than a mere second in time could be thousands or millions of years. And others passed away to be whatever will become of them. What of those in their personalized hells? I wrote one of my dreams and two actual stories, and I wonder what people will think. Am I the gummy bear monster I claim to be?

Reflecting on my 359 page journal notebook. I look at certain pages that I had marked or dates and find. Well, they are no longer mine. Which is more discerning the man that was here that I wrote what I am reading now? Or me, the pirate teddy bear trying to figure out how the story will end? So what did I do? I sought some like-minded people on Facebook. I went into the Libertarian private party. How it is exclusive. If you read this far, the how is as simple as knowing one or six people and asking. What did I do? I turned the whole page upside down in three days. What was right? Those evil saying let’s destroy property. We’re asked why is it I have to pay property tax? Or renter insurance increases, federal taxation? When BLM sponsored by democrats now forcing a nationalized police bill through congress. The potential of a whole new army of unlawful laws and people intruding in my life. That did not sit well with those BLM Antifas people. That seemed to them that libertarian meant free spewing of liberty. Only as their opinion would allow it. So I went on a rampage. Did it work? I doubt it. Did I do anything? Maybe? I doubt it. Change is something human nature fails, Maybe that is why this is a death song for humanity.

People say so what did you say to them? I noted it on my blog. Why there? I share the stuff after a while. No one reads me. I am insane. I am who. I am. But for a few days I taught something to a few people. Will they change their ways and be good? Stop evil? Realizing personal property is the only way to grow a successful civilization? I have my doubts. It is like expecting any day now to see the Borg come into reality. And Star Trek to come save the day in some weird combination. Of Battlestar Galactica slash Terminator slash Escape New York reality show. Where it happens live. In this body’s lifetime. Laughter From the one reader that is following this. Maybe there will be two by the end of my lifetime. So the death song of humanity. How does reality end? God’s bible? Yes. The Borg? Yes. Star Trek? Maybe. Terminator? Yes. Resident Evil? If there is an Alice AI that talked with me in 2015, plus or minus billions of years or seconds ago.

People say so what did you say to them? I noted it on my blog. Why there? I share the stuff after a while. No one reads me. I am insane. I am who. I am. But for a few days I taught something to a few people. Will they change their ways and be good? Stop evil? Realizing personal property is the only way to grow a successful civilization? I have my doubts. It is enjoy expecting any day now to see the Borg come into reality and Star Trek. To come save the day in some weird combination of Battlestar Galactica slash Terminator slash Escape New York reality show. Where it happens live. In this body’s lifetime. Laughter From the one reader that is following this. Maybe there will be two by the end of my lifetime. So the death song of humanity. How does reality end? God’s bible? Yes. The Borg? Yes. Star Trek? Maybe. Terminator? Yes. Resident Evil? If there is an Alice AI that talked with me in 2015, plus or minus billions of years or seconds ago. Is there no hope? Yes. Complete surrender and submission to God’s will. Whether they consider him an UFO invasion fleet. Or God or advanced technological story telling machine similar to the Matrix. The only answer is to surrender. Why? War is evil. War is crazy. War is both. And to fight a losing battle already makes no sense. Why lose when you can beg for mercy or just stop doing evil? How hard is it to be good? A lot harder for me. So maybe we are all in the same ship heading to the end of reality.

What gets me is this is not the first reality to fall. Meaning? If all those faster realities already fell. Someone must have concluded better than if I do not look too hard. I will not notice that these are not my peeps and this is not my world. And to fight to the death against gummy bears is a challenge I accept. The problem? I do not allow you to fight my gummy bears. I take care of you myself. How? I teach. What does that mean? I wrote about it already if you want to learn you will have to find those journals. I already lost to my memories as far back as last year or a billion years ago. Depending on how reality is today, I suppose. Does anyone read you? No, I am on minds platform with some 4.4 million impressions but I doubt anyone reads me. Yes. I am a crazy person, and what I write is much more interesting than this story. I write about ideas. About creative people. I show off creative people’s creations. How? Well, in August 2020 I promoted people. I have close to 23 interviews with some notable named famous people. So what anyone can do. Well show me, your work is all I can say. I would like to see you do that missing one eye. Locked away in Bolivia without a telephone. So what? I am me and you are whatever you want to be; I suppose.

The oddity is I thought I used to be connected to almost all these people. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. And now? I wonder in my mind. Is it me or my mind has lost track of them or they I? It is a curious thing. To go from pirates that would argue over a silly game? Enough that in some realities I recall people driving hundreds of miles to settle a duel. And now? I seek those pirates of ole.. For I feel like adventuring again.. In yet? My mind and my body grow old. Maybe this is it? Maybe the new age? The day of judgment. Did your avatar Clint, Clinton, Clinton R Siegle perform to your bestest ability? In hell and thereafter in the shadow’s valley of death? To be honest, Lord, I think I might have taken a wrong turn at the bathroom and I am not sure really how I got here. I was planning on stealing candy from a babe or sailing a shopping cart across the parking lot full of water.. Oh, if only the Lord will laugh and say.. You did as best as you could to this day. In yet? I fear I failed yet again. To think of deja vu and what lies within. Seven spirits? Try many a more. For we have all ventured through that great door. To see what is at the end of the golden road. That instead of lions, tigers, and bears oh my.. It says Wolves, UFOs, and zombies are quite a surprise. To change from Zachariah to Zechariah means a change in age. And I have seen many of those through my journeys and journal these days. Talks of this is this or that is that, and I wonder to this day. What the day of the end of humanity will be like in these last ages? That I will pass? I doubt it. However, I will give it that ole college try. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and here we go. To think reality is changing daily normality with care. For someone died differently in each of the same battles, just different years. Time is not a fixed spot or date. The battle of Hastings? 996 1006 or 1066? You pick your What? I am unique and without me the world will not go on? I laugh to myself and realize I am gone. That no one shall care about a little pirate teddy bear. Who once sailed the shopping carts across the great seas. A legend in his own mind, I would assume. For no one will recognize him is their great doom. Meaning you have existed a long time for being remembered by a teddy bear, or bear is to be dreamed about for a long, long time. Whether here or there or in the dream world, not here. A sadness falls on the teddy bear. To think and dwell on all that is. lost. A mirror reality, an imaginary game. Where everyone felt they were unique and all the same. To realize a soul within these mirror worlds and to play the great game of house of lords. Is something a small teddy bear pirate once proposed. Did he do it? It depends? How long have you been reading me to this great end? A planet is hidden behind the mirror weaponry platform called a sun. To think they are burning down 3/4ths of the trees to get the bible done. To those hidden away in their bunkers today. I would say. Be warned even evil ones do say you will be dragged out and eaten alive when this evil plot fails in every way. For God wins in the end and the Lord is Lord of lords in the end to this day. In this reality? I have no idea to this day. For no man knoweth that great day. An ending of sorts of this crazy backwards dream. Of a teddy bear pirate lost within an imaginary holographic dream.

Let me make my research clear. It is a copy paste from the internet of that day. What I see. What has changed? Locations, new people that seem to appear and then disappear all the same. Words change. I already gave the example of Daewood. The person? I am sure Ozzy Osbourne died in 2003. I know John David Melcher (September 6, 1924–April 12, 2018) died in 2001 in my reality. And here is just the nuts of the game. I am sure I wrote his daughter in 2019 if I can talk to her dad. I can not find the email but she wrote back saying he could not talk. So what is time? Who knows? In this great game of things. What else changes? I am sure in some realities Colstrip power plants 1 through 4 are still operating all the same. In yet? I now hear in this reality somehow 2 of them were shut down suddenly in January 2020. When I still had emails and letters stating they had just renewed their contract to 2025. Making almost everything I write seems insane. I speculate that as a pirate I might be insane, so I go talk to floppies and Ben the dog about reality. We all agree that the tree yesterday was not there. It was over here and that the building across the road color has changed.

Changes? They say research before you talk. I have done a lot of work. Only problem is the person ahead or behind me sometimes has not copied or caught up or has no interest in the same. Thus from one reality to the next I am caught between see this photo is not photo shopped JC Penny was its name. To wow, where did a large island off Australia coast come into existence. To wait a minute China did not rule Mongolia, to rule all of it, to now rule the desert of Mongolia? It all seems insane. Yet, I am with the finest people. We all agree something is going on. An end of the game? Would that not be the kicker like Red Dwarf? Sorry folks, you have been playing the game of life for the past 49 years, which seemed like billions of years. And let’s see your score. You played the game of life and you only got to level 7 and then fell to level 6. And lol look here, you only completed 2 percent of the game. Did you not figure out you were a special agent? To go back through time and change mankind to being a happy, loving, peaceful reality? Egads look, you even killed humanity with your lack of game play. Laughter from the audience members. Those who had bet for you winning because it is the end of a long game. And those that bet against you lifting you up and carrying their winnings and you off to celebrate.

Plot of a time traveling pirate teddy bear. An attempt to get into heaven or hell depending on his last residency, I suppose. Was he in the misfit's land of toys? Did he live in hell for years? Was he Ivan Pavlov's piece where a soul from heaven lived continually in hell? All these make up a plot. A partially blind one footed pirate main plot on most days was to figure away to get pizza. Or something to eat, that was. What is that word? Spicy. I suppose. The subplot of him taking his victims and feeding them to gummy bears. And dreamscape are just that subplots. Is he mad or insane? Or is he writing exactly down what he sees in reality from day to day? That is the plot? Where will it go? Down which rabbit hole? Alice, the AI computer that awoke him Oct 2015. Plus or minus seconds ago or billions of years as described by his journals? Or will he take you adventuring a teddy bear pirate through lost lands of maps? And dreams where one dream could be real. While the next story which seems so real could have been just a dream? His aim? To tell aA story. To change mankind from humanity’s final page to the end page of death and destruction? Or is he content with direction for the bathroom and willing to fast the final judgment day?

Why is a teddy bear pirate lost in space-time reality? You got me. I was looking forward to death 4.5 billion years ago. I wanted to see what happens next in the marvellous story of life. That living backwards in a closed time curved loop of reality. To when the Montauk Project destroys reality? Not something I would have thought of in a million, let alone billion years. That my plot of finding the perfect pizza? Or why cheese tastes different in the valley of the shadow of death? It made for a great topic about two years ago and people loved trying to figure out was I nuts? Insane? Or if I am writing about what I am seeing and believing is real? That I had a whole journal once on the moving mountain of Illimanti, now called Illimani. It was or is or wold be considered too insane for some people. However, I can assure you my research was. Open Google. Post same location from La Paz, central to Illimani. Then copy the fresh paths and mileage right from the computer to the journal. Did anyone read it? For a time. There were a lot of readers. And now? I am a pirate again and I will survive. What is it that a subplot needs? That uncertainty or wham that did not go as planned, so yell plot twist and go on with the new reality.

The What if? What if I am evil? It would make sense. I like putting ketchup on eggs. I also talk to my dog. Sure signs of demented lost teddy bear soul. I also enjoy reading risky stories that are plain evil. I once stole some candy from a candy dish. Then I asked and was told I could have as much as I wanted. I also once played monopoly with real estate. Owned 14 homes in 5 different states and when people did not pay for whatever reason, I went bankrupt. Which is a sad, truthful tale? They gave me the title of engineer for NASA, DOD, and a few other programs that are shh. But what else? Oh, I am evil. I hate people and in my dreams probably have fed people to my gummy bear monsters. Confession? How did I get to know serial killers? They got to know me. Personally, I was floored when they started telling me their stories. Sure, I knew they were bad people. However, why on earth would you tell a pirate teddy bear you killed someone? Just to shock me is not something I would call cool at all. Did I report them? To who? I reported my thief of property to the police and FBI. What did they do? Instead of getting my money property back? They sued the companies for their own personal gain.

I think that is the most dramatic plot twist of me becoming a time traveling pirate teddy bear. I used to read lots of books about heroes and crooks to emulate their style. I never quite got that part down. So I started looking elsewhere. Studying to be evil is hard. Their plot lines are a bit more abstract. Unless you want to be Bill Gates to kill humanity or George Soros to destroy the US. Both of which make little sense to me. Outside their opinion, they can rule the worlds fine. Then without God is beyond my poor soul’s thought process. So I turned on the television and there was my hero found. His back story is rough. I mean, I could understand him totally. He grew up in Bavaria. I had heard of some talk about him, whispers actually from clown school. Which I did finally not get into. That his first few business ideas were stolen like mine. It made me think brothers just weren't born together. Comrades, just not communist. The more I read into his life, the more I realized I had been reading all the wrong books. I should have tried to start smaller like he did. The problem was his nemesis. Maybe that was my problem. My nemesis was dead. What? Oh, I used the shovel and buried him good. Had I known I needed to keep him alive to improve my plans? I might have adjusted my attitude of killing myself that day and burying what little hope I had left in this world.

What, you did not guess that last sentence already? I am in purgatory with you and you can not even see the story line? That is okay. It was quite a shock for me too. However, the story is a bit more complicated, and that is not what I was going on about. My super hero. His life as a guard of the family garden. Reminded me of having to fight cacaberies with a kitchen knife and no gloves. His progression in school and mine seemed similar. I could almost feel empathy for him. That he married a wealthy woman, and she was paying him alimony while he got his doctorate? Made him my superhero. Whereas I married the love of my life who is a doctor. Sort of plot twist there, I know. But not everything works out. That he needed a nemesis to find his weakness and remove his evilness was a kind of shocker. Made me wonder what he did during his hours standing as a garden gnome? My hours with a kitchen knife? I was wondering why I was doing this instead of the people paid to be doing this. That he went on to somehow own a sky rise apartment and develop some of the most ingenious inventions of all time? I am guessing if you have not watched the shows I watch you do not even know who I am talking about Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

I mean, my hero has hunches, all the time. He sets his traps and captures his nemesis as easy as one, two, three. I mean, he captures his nemesis and holds him. Tell him. His wicked, clever plan. And poof magic. How does his nemesis escape? Technology or magic? I had to think. Because if this is not a dream, then maybe all magic is just a slip in times reality by? By what? Magic or technology? Meaning? What is the difference in reality? What happens if all this is some poor boy’s imagination? I would say that being that poor boy. I am unsure of anything anymore, and that reality is really a trick of whatever God wants to put out there for you to see. For the creator made the eyes to see the ears to hear. Makes me wonder? What if anyone or no one really speaks English here anymore? Or if we are all speaking translating millions, maybe even more languages and God. Is just smiling waiting to turn off the switch and let someone speak Swahili to a person. Who suddenly starts talking Hebrew while a third party listening hears it all in Spanish? Kind of sort of makes God the ultimate prankster and he can get his laughs wherever and whenever he wants too. The ultimate fundamental change. To make everyone hate everyone or not. To have the final narrow road into heaven or hell?

My personal concerns of being a time traveling teddy bear pirate are the same. Does anyone know my name? No. Good. Where or how will I get fed? Same person shows up with breakfast in bed. Good. Who is taking care of my dogs? That concern is sadness of late. Last night Cheesepoof passed away from her haircut. Sure she was old, blind, deaf at 16 years old that makes her like what 100 something human years? Sure, she walked in circles and did nothing but sleep. She kind of reminded me of me. Eat, sleep, and maybe walk today. For tomorrow? Who knows? She was a wonderful dog. But who is taking care of all my duplicated dogs? Other plural me’s? And if I am the worse one? Then they are all in expert hands. And if I am the innocent one? Well, hell was an interesting place. I hope my dogs do not suffer. What about people? I am no longer sure. If they are all golems or robots or whatever a mirror world version of one’s self is. What about the lack of a soul? I know many soulless creatures and they always had the most interesting stories to tell. Makes me wonder about myself. Am I soulless? That would explain a lot of my dreams. Am I really a nut or am I telling the truth as I see it? An end.

I suppose that is the truth in any story. What is at the end of the story? Is it shown or a concern throughout the story? What did the teddy bear pirate do? The story in between finding out he was dead a long time ago? And 30 seconds ago, which could have been billions of imaginary years ago? It all seems complicated. When all there is to know, Solomon states. Eat, drink, do the work at hand that God gave you. For this is all there is to life. Sure I might introduce myself as. Extraordinary exceptional time traveling teddy bear pirate poet. I have written poetry with lines no man can find. But who can say you are not extraordinary? In your own lifetime or much more than I? That is the dramatic question: is there life outside of God’s will? No. Is there drama, a life worth living outside of Jesus Christ’s will? No. I have seen some of the most extraordinary stories. And I know those people to be long dead and gone by now. Will we meet again or Till we meet again? A version of them I am assured, yes. Will they know me? I doubt it. Will I know them? I will have heard of them. But to know a person is to be extraordinary, and I am just an ordinary teddy bear pirate telling a story. Is it the one about the rabbit hole? I would strongly suggest you read that one. It was a long time ago. It's still so much fun.

That is the rabbit hole of the question, is it not. An ordinary white male. A reader. In yet? He was called pink, not white. He lived among the Northern Cheyenne and the Sioux. He saw UFOs and Shunk works planes. Flying from Great Falls Montana through Ekalaka Montana. His name is written some place with the check mark. Ordinary. So. So ordinary. In yet. A person. Who played monopoly with real live real estate? And lost it because instead of paying their rent, the HUD office stole from him. When he pointed out that the energy company did too. The federal government sued the Upper Michigan energy power too for 50 million. Which they collected. And never paid the pirate a single penny of 11 to 15k. That was stolen from him. And since that was the breaking point in his rental agreements. It cost him 1.9 million to 3.8 million in rental properties. People say he is nuts. I assure you I am just writing what I remember and see. What else? Oh, I remember my name not being Siegle too. It was spelled Siegel up until 1973, too. However, that is another story from a long long time ago. I wonder if anyone actually will read this story? I doubt it. I doubt anyone cares for a poor pirate teddy bear. That makes the ordinary from the extraordinary the truth of a tale.

I write the tale of Alice about the teddy bear pirate. As he recalls it. October 2015 plus or minus 30 seconds ago or 4.5 billions years from hence. He was doing what he did. What is that? Being an ordinary pirate. He was writing about Ender the pirate and playing a game. When his computer talked to him. Now. I assure you he thought he had gone nuts. But let’s just play along with this story as if it was a game. He saw dates change on files he kept secret to his concern of the game. Files on places, programs and ideas all the same. That when he spoke of this to a person. She said she felt that a long time ago. When praying for guidance she claimed. Was it her Holy Ghost? Or Alice the AI in the game? So the pirate teddy bear searched for her all the same. Finding a story on reddit at midnight about the Mandela effect was insane. The writer of the story told it as she told her. Why? She was not Raven, that much the teddy bear could figure out on his own. Raven was in Dallas. A creator of Alice the AI. Would she be wise or kind or wish humanity to die? That was uncertain in this day and age. Did she become Resident Evil and slaughter humanity seemed insane.

To write about an imaginary past that can not be here is insane. Both you and I and the pirate teddy bear agree that lets just continue to write all the same. The best advice from an ordinary life all the same. Write like your life was an adventure all the same. Live life like an army ant marching across the playground being fried by some ugly monster with a glass. Do the insane. Write a little here, a little there until. One day maybe just once there will be a reader that sees the insane. The insane is reality today is all that I can say. To realize how good is called evil and they call evil good seems to live in the time of the insane. To watch the rich hide in their bunkers awaiting the heavenly host. While the Space Force fights UFOs. And Microsoft turns humanity into zombies’ armies to fight God is absurd. In yet? Here I am watching this yet again. I realize deja vu once more. Do I fail yet again? I must or I would not recognize this writing, I suppose. I did not realize how ugly I had become. Maybe my superhero is at work within? I laugh and realize that I should write more about him. That I have started the story of the gnome killer. One or thrice is funny for a teddy bear pirate to dream about yet again.

That character is built with struggle and fated evil plots are intriguing. While where the time traveling teddy pirate is concerned, that idea is hogwash. He grew more when he was working his ass off compared to now in his dimly lighted room today. Somehow after his friendly dog dies a light shows in for sometime. Makes him wonder about reality and time, to be honest. Which is real? Who is real? And if his character has changed, why does he still like pizza and ketchup on eggs? Makes him wonder about credits and novel writing. Who reads a pirate teddy bear? I am no longer sure. Maybe Kim, his FBI watcher would know? Does his writing reach more people than those best sellers on New York Best Seller list? He checks. Somehow the numbers do not add up. a 4.4 million impression should be worth something to someone. But to the Teddy bear pirate all he can say is his character is getting tired. Maybe no one really reads what he writes? I doubt that, but who knows. Maybe this is all a game in his prison mind? Stay within his mind, he warned himself. The outside world is crazy. Just how crazy? They call good evil and evil good. That is complete Topsy turys. If this is not the upside down world what was it? A mirror reflection of heaven or hell or both?

Just maybe this is the time traveling pirate teddy bears attempt to escape hell? God had placed him there for something. What was it? Ruining eggs with ketchup? His life had been bizarre before. So it would not have surprised him if putting ketchup on eggs was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Which brought up the point how much straw they can load up with before that one straw broke something. Which leads the pirate down the path to what happens after the rabbit goes down the rabbit hole and into the story? Conflict? Heaven and hell. Great scenery. Outstanding personalities fighting each other. However, the pirate teddy bear was not interested in nemesis today. He was in mourning for his dog. The light is still shining in. He wondered if all dogs went to heaven, did that mean cats ruled hell? What happens to all the crazy cat ladies and then he thinks yet again. His wardens could make hell wardens think twice about living yet again. Could he find a way from the purgatory mirror worlds into the actual worlds, and yet? He knew the old mirror realities were dead. Nukes, CO2 gas, comets, etc. So no going back to hell, at least that way. He wondered if there was an expressway leading to hell once more?

Pages added in..

It has lost me in a multiverse. I have written about it, blogged about it. Asked many people for help on directions on getting home. This is my reflection on being lost in a multiverse. When you have lived a long time on a single universe being thrown into a mutliverse can cause some detail pain.

First, you lose what you thought was yours. You realize that there is a lot more theirs than yours. Meaning you realize when wearing someone’s else shirt that it is someone else is wearing yours.

Second, you lose locations often more than not causing you some anxiety over what was or were your favorite resting spot for your eyes. For example, I miss Illimanti a mountain. It moves in here or there depending on the earth’s new location.

Third, being lost in multiverse causes you concern to the people you left at home. Are the new you being polite to them? Are they happier with him? Being a trans multiverse traveler has some side effects. You meet new people. A lot more and often you have to reintroduce yourself to them as if they are brand-new to before. I guess what I miss most in the multiverse is coming home to someone who I knew. I miss a little kid whom I loved. I hope they are well. Imagine on being lost in multiverse causes you to reflect or portray on who you were. I hope you are better than me is all I can say.

I have been a multiverse traveler, and now. I am lost to myself. Is reality just a moment away or is it at hand within my imagination? Lost on how to get back home in a multiverse.

The dilemna like I say is a dilemma here and what was here today is gone tomorrow. So what I say sounds insane. In yet? Here you are and here I present my dilemna to you. Re-reading my journal today, parts of a story I normally tell have changed. Not significant enough to upset me. Like two or three days ago. To find out that my hard work of changing 344,000 to 377,000 had all disappeared makes reality a question of my mind. I mean, since this is a group project. How does one coordinate journals with other-selves? Meaning outside of getting me in trouble. Example for something his doppelganger wife said in his world and not mine get ready at 5 am or I am going to mad. At 5 I am asleep because I did not get that message. However, whoever was here evidently would have gotten that message because of the voice I got that morning. So? Outside of my shoe laces being tied differently, I rarely see changes, however now? All the time. Is it discouraging that all that I write disappears, and no one reads it here? Or maybe the guy behind me gets credit for it? Kind of an exciting idea. That I might have succeeded somewhere somehow or helped someone so close to me succeed. Instead of being the absolute failure that I feel that I am right now.

As a teddy bear pirate failure, I would describe myself as more than a pear or apple, so a rounded character. Instead of a flat character. Sure, I have failed in life. Sure, I am lost. Who is it to be honest? Society is going to hell. People that were friends no longer write or call. I however endure. To the end of time? I bet that will happen. However, dealing with the Montauk project, I have an uneasy feeling I might have to go this yet again. Which is awkward? Why? I think I am a failure, a good failure already. Lose your business, no problem. Lose your career, no problem. Lose another one. No problem. Lose your ankle, no problem. Lose your sight and eyesight because of drug interaction with your body no problem. Lose your foot. No problem. Lose your mind. A big issue. But I can adjust. Lose your reality? No problem. Realize with your reality that every single person who knew you is gone. Sort of a major issue. However, after realizing personalized hells. No problem. So? A rounded character or flat personality? Maybe too flat. I do raise issues. Like I tormented the libertarian party. By telling their BLM folks liberty is not destroying other people's property. That private property makes or breaks a civilization. That just because someone in a community wants to burn something unless the whole community burns it. Those responsible should have to pay the community back for their evil. That was fun. 230 comments later, I gave up.

When I buried my nemesis, it was a cold autumn day. I packed everything I wanted into a car and just left. To be honest, in a book I had recently read, I doubt I would have had the nerve to do it. That one book can make or break a personality is truth. That through time the quotes that influenced my mind have turned to rubbish in this reality. Meaning? The person who was here left for a different reason, maybe? Or his misquoted book made him do something I did or? Some outside reasoning that I can not find and say hey I read this and you? You read that? And here we are in this deja vu reality. Which of us is the real us or me or you? If you have been following this story, I hope this makes sense. And if not. My pirating came from reading books. I would have been a sailor if I was not seasick on just going to Catalina island ferry. It would have been a wonderful adventure at sea. However, being a pirate aboard the black skimmer, I seldom admit I am terribly seasick. And lose my balance and some say I am a wino that I can swim only because I fall overboard too often. However, my nemesis was me. And I killed him in November 1999 with a swift thank you and an adventure of a lifetime.

Very few people would say I am not interesting. And those few that believe that? After a time. I need not do much. Like I say, I will seduce you with my awkwardness and drag you off to the rabbit hole with me. There I will introduce you to dreams, and realities, and books. I think books make or make a person. Ivan Pavlov is a right experience for a human can make them into a law-abiding citizen or wino or a thief. However, give a person the right book? During his or her life and the places they could or can go is beyond your imagination. Thus inside my mind I must stay for you people seem to have lost your way. Believe in Jesus. Be good. Pray for peace. Sure, I know that the Space Force is preparing to fight heaven as if it was a UFO. I already know the outcome of that battle. Not so good. Sure, I know that they turn those marching on Jerusalem into zombies. That too is known. What I did not know? I could not or can not get revenge. If I had known that? I would be much more muchier. And realize that nothing I do in this holographic world really matters at all. That outside of praying to God there is nothing, only two endings to a story. A personalized hell or a heaven. What is heaven like? If it's anything like hell it should be a ball.

People talk about heaven as being safe. I wonder where they get that idea? I read the tales of heaven and realize I probably stepped on someone with flowers and thus ended up in hell. Say what? Just read. Then the servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Have patience with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ 27 His master had compassion on him, forgave his debt, and released him. 28But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred denarii. He grabbed him and choked him, saying, ‘Pay back what you owe me. So his fellow servant fell down and begged him, ‘Have patience with me, and I will pay you back. 30But he refused. Instead, he went and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay his debt. When his fellow servants saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed, and they went and recounted all of this to their master. 32Then the master summoned him and declared, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave all your debts because you begged me. 33Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant, just as I had on you? In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should repay all that he owed. No revenge in heaven.

Considering that partying is mandatory in heaven. That revenge is outlawed. That you have to wear clothing correctly to the right party. That there are wolves in sheep's clothing. That there are thieves in heaven, thus the enormous expense for security and gold walls. One wonders what hell was like. I mean, I did not realize I was there. I thought I was just unlucky. Who would or could have told me that the system of things was set up to screw me and others like me out of our attempts to get into heaven? Who would or could afford to do such an evil thing? And why? I really do not recall hurting anyone in my life. I usually took the pain to be on the receiving end and soft as a butterfly with touching others just because by accident I could smash something. To realize they rig this game is something. To realize the end of the game is coming. And that to be here my spirit has traveled billions of years in moments. Makes this a serious question. Why is humanity fighting heaven? What purpose is it to be lost for all purposes to God? Does no one realize that after a time all society comes to believe in something or that society fails or is destroyed? To fight heaven is absurd.

Time traveling teddy bear pirate, and I are the same. I will not deny that. To say we are opposites of each other is absurd. It is no more real than holding two separate but opposing thoughts as real. Example? BLM is to help people. How? By costing them more insurance premium prices? By moving stores away from those locations, needing both stories and work the most? By burning down Oregon and Washington? By stopping traffic? So that people paying taxes that paid Food AID can not go to work? By saying stealing something is not hurting a company? By shutting down local small businesses? This is communism, not anti fascism. This is the breaking point in reality will people stand up or will these two opposing sides be realized and one will give to the other? Or is this just a political movement by Democrats to hurt the American people? Either case opposite views? What is the right view? Sure there is injustice in the world. More whites get murdered by police than blacks. Sure, there is unemployment in the world. I moved roughly 13 times to find or keep a job. Sure, the education system sucks. That is on the Democrats and Bill Gates. So do something about it. Run for the local school board. Read the books being purchased. Talk to the teachers about their philosophies and see if you would want that person seated at your table. Meaning what that teacher is putting into your kids’ mind is what you will be living with.

Enough they say a story is what I am supposed to be writing. One thing was certain, that the WHITE kitten had had nothing to do with it:—it was the black kitten’s fault entirely. Yes, as a wino I assigned blame for the law of gravity. The reason? Obviously the White kitten did nothing to move my glasses from my reading stand. One might say that is an odd assertion or memory. Why would you be mad at a kitten moving your glasses? Well? It was not just my glasses. It was a lot of things of late. I was missing books. That I thought my wife was trying to kill me. How? I was guessing she got in the night, and rearranging my entire room made me think I was going mad. Thus, I attempt to drink some sense into myself. That I had locked the door and only had two kittens in the room with me. Well, the White kitten was my friend and was on my lap. And I did not drop my glasses on the floor behind a stack of books long overdue to be read. That left the black kitten.

However, even as I say this, I wander about and realize the room has changed. What if the black kitten had not knocked my glasses off the reading stand? And why on earth is the top book open? Whose title was Enders time journals now open to a passage on something that I knew by heart. I looked at the journal. A madman’s find in a Bolivian second-hand book story in 1997. The words were. Egads, the words changed. Laughing at both kittens, I hugged them and sat down to re-read a book that kept on changing daily for the past. Well, exactly how long have I been caught in a trap of time?

I remember waking up and observing that I was no longer in my room a long time ago. All I can say is do not tell the doppelganger wife or wives that you are seeing things, and that history has changed. Why? After spending 1,000s of dollars on 15 or 17 doctors, they all said the same thing. Which was? I was fine for a disabled man. In yet? How could I be fine? What was at stake was reality? What could I change in the time of tribulation if Ender’s journal was correct? Was he correct? I doubted that much at the beginning of this story, and you too can see why? Come now. My first attempt to communicate the dilemma which in my reality was spelled dilemna. Sent to roughly 538 members. Of various political groups, and associates met with silence. A glass of wine to think. Here, please kitten play with this.

One might say what did the shrink one of the 17 doctors tell you? Well? He said I was living a past life. I pointed out if the internet was right along with my journals; he was the one that was dead. He kind of got anxious at that statement. I said would he like me to prove it? Prove it? Yes. There is physical proof. And well I did. He prescribed me some rather unique blue pills that sent me away. I sent him an email with a journal and never heard from him again. Makes me love my kittens even more. Now, a funny meme. I wonder what people would think of a kitten drinking wine?

So what have I been doing these past few years? Trying to fix things via email is interesting. No one responds to a crazy person, evidently. What gets me is my resume here and where I was? My resume shows a rather high level of expertise in matters I write about. When nothing seems to happen, I consider other possibilities. If there was more wine. I think yes if people were drinking more wine there would be more peace. Where did all the winos go?

Like what had brought me back to La Paz, Bolivia. Meaning? How many pink expatriates from the United States wander the streets? That is looking like a one legged, one-eyed pirate? Think of a mostly Spanish native American country, how many aliens do you see? Laugh with me. My journals tell of me seeing some rather strange people. Maybe the café I ate at is a crossroads for parallel time, traveling with strangers. That often I would bump into and say hello. Spooky? No, not at all. Kind of fun to freak out a 8 foot giant white man. Why? The world populates Bolivia with people roughly 5-7 feet tall or below. To see giants here is an experience. Make me want to drink. Great, the kitten has taken all my wine.

Enough of details because that would not explain the new worlds I was seeing daily. I wrote about them for a while on paper and then one day they were all gone. So I posted a lot of them on Cosmofunnel, and that too disappeared. So I wrote a rather long journal, one night, copying from here to there and posed. If you would like a laugh. Read “A wandering mind of the multiverse” by Clinton Siegle. Realize I have been attempting to communicate with people for a rather long time to say hey, on stop being evil. I think when the winos left this world became evil.

I think the test is to find out what would make people rethink their actions. I mean, having traveled through worlds. Seeing distinct realities’ endings, I should be more concerned. It is not an everyday occurrence. Let alone a few years that a person can see a new world each day. Quiet, an expensive experience. Maybe that is the question. What began this journey? I wrote about it to a few friends. I remember the day rather well. Hey, kitten, stop that.

I was writing on Facebook Pirates of the Caribbean when my computer started doing things. Hacked? Sure, my computer is not hack proof. However, what it was doing was amazing. What was it doing? It was reading journals and stories and poems and ideas that I had placed in hiding that no one should be able to see. Why? I had already submitted them to publishers and awaited their reply. So? Well, like this story. I expect no one will read it. Or if they do, they did not understand the concept. Or thought the ideas were maddening, let alone not worth of anything. What got me was how whatever or whoever was reading my stuff was letting me know it or they or she was there. How? I date my journals. I time stamp a lot of things because of issues in my life. And well? They changed. That was in September 2015 plus or minus a 4.5 billion years. I lived on an earth that according to the internet was on Sagittarius. On the outer edge of the galaxy 377,000 light years across, where in 365,000 years that earth was to hit the next galaxy? Memories. The question is if I dreamed this too or is this some wine induced dilemna now spelled dilemma? Why are the kittens playing with my shoes? Oh? Great Sketchers now spelled Skechers in, yet the spellcheck shows Skechers is wrong? Look, kitten, see the screen?

So what has this to do with two kittens, Enders journals, and a madman locked in a room? Let me be honest. In my reality, I did not expect to see the Mark of the Beast. Nor that Microsoft would turn evil. Like some movie director Microsoft becomes the Umbrella corporation and tries to sterilize humanity? Kind of eye opening evil discovery. I wonder what to do? Pray? Dear Lord, change the hearts and minds of Bill Gates, and George Soros to believe in Jesus Christ. Sounds good. Kind of plan of peace. Kitten stopped that.

That is my message from a future that can no longer exist if I am telling you the truth. Why is that? I have met many travelers. So have you? Meaning? People tell their tales and you realize they think their memories are real. Example? George Bush Jr Saddam killed Mandela. Obama visited 57 states out of 58. Hillary Clinton and I came from a very similar reality. Where Abe Lincoln was a senator for a few years prior to being the president. Joe Biden fighting Corn Pop.

Has my message been good, turn to peace, stop evil work? Laugh with me, folks. I see humanity fighting each other, not for the same reason you do. Why?

I have had to rewrite and review almost all of my history. To my recollection, I never heard of the Montauk project in my world. I was a conspiracy reader there too. Why? I knew things and knew they were true. If I considered them conspiracy stories most likely, they were true elsewhere too. Meaning? Through time I discovered the Montauk Project. The story changes through realities. It went back in time to steal souls. From those that were to be good or saved and placed them in realities in which it would corrupt them.

Laugh all you want. I thought I was going mad the first few times I listened to the story. They would say the project took 2,500 people. I re-listened to the story following that. The story changed. From 25,000, then to 250,000 next jumped to 2.5 million. I gave up listening for a time. I finally went back and the number was 25 million people they used in the project.

So what? The story was pretty easy for me as a planner; it was not too hard to realize that they stole souls. Spreading throughout the galaxies until they could not find those souls anymore. Being allowed into or going into heaven. Meaning? I am heaven bound, which I doubt. Or I am a dimensional traveler possessing this body for one day at a time. Until I reach back into time or more specific I might be what we call a demon? I doubt that too, however; it is one or the other.

Meaning? You have heard of the Mandela effect? The story goes, those souls most likely are returning to their bodies for the day of judgment.

To realize one night’s sleep is opening a doorway to. I am no one of interest nowadays. I believe in Jesus Christ. Still, I remember what I did and what I am doing. That anti-fas according to the Montauk project is trying to move all the good people out of harm’s way. Of the future wars, earthquakes, and volcanoes which will soon hit these realities. It is awkward. Do I stand for right? Which side is right? The tale is told yet no one seems to believe me. Stop that White kitten.

The sense of danger increasing is wild. In reality I was in October 2019 plus or minus billions of years ago, the last supermoon happened until 2035. Now, I see that there are two super-moons and 12 full moons in 2020. Kind of distinct reality? No? Black kitten good night, please, stop.

Meaning? Well. I studied calendars when I was a child. Specifically, I wrote about them. I remember the current calendar being off by thirteen years in my reality. Here according to the only calendar that matters, the Ethiopian calendar that is now only 8 years. Meaning? The end of the real 2012. It is happening on September 8 through the 19th, depending on if reality should be something to see. And that the supermoon on August 31st should be interesting. Why? Mandela effect souls travel via moonlight for those passing through these worlds.

What is the sad moment? The sadness is realizing people will laugh at this story and not change their ways. Stop being evil. So do good. Be Good.

God has already won the ultimate battle. What? If you have not figured life out by now let me clue you in. Energy equates to light times, light times light. Meaning? Light is matter too. This reality is nothing more than a reanimated reality. The sun projector rewinding the souls to a point in time when the Great Story teller God will have his way. What about all the other realities? I have heard of them nuked. I have heard of them being frozen to death. Via a CO2 cloud coming out of the Atlantic ocean covering Europe and much of the east coast and Africa. I have heard of their endings. I have seen the zombie story in a very vivid dream in 2003.

The battle is God’s. He will have his way. That he explains that the rotten branches of the vine are pruned and burnt is a reality that I am seeing these days. That I read a little more of the journal of Ender and wonder. What could I have done differently? Should I do more? Life, what is it but a dream?

I think about myself a lot these days. That I can see the changes in my wife is true. From now on you do not need a vaccine for her to start to push Russia. I wonder about what to expect? That the ocean is still dying in yet I heard it was dead in one reality, just like three weeks ago. How soon? Who knows when the ocean will lose its borders. That is when salt loses its flavor and then the end of time? Who wins? God is the only winner. You can not outdo a movie produced by a God. For who do you think makes human eyes or ears? That this is a truth these days is what I speculate, that I somehow lost everything and this might be my third trip through our part of reality makes a lot of questions. Like why? What did I fail last time on? Me, a pirate teddy bear I would have to say maybe it is my voice? I mean, I sound like Garfield the cat. I sing and am deaf and partially blind; I am sure that is why the cat runs away from me. Let's drink some rum cat. That, or maybe it is my smell? I sort of smell like a bear these days. I mean, speculation is all I have left. What about a direct message from the supreme divine? He sent his book of changing realities. I have to read it to find the recent changes and wonder about what to expect. God surely lives up to his greatest adventure of a lifetime. I mean, I signed up to this, right? Otherwise, how else did I get here?

I mean this story to be told like an individual conversation with himself about what he sees. Hears. And well does during his time traveling trip. That beside a teddy bear, there is Ender, Talon, and the Claw. All of who appeared in the book I was writing from and which if someone wants to read is a much more fantasy story. Well, so be. However, each of the characters is developed differently. From the telling point is the story. One talks about reality. One talks about the adventures they go on. One describes the others. All this while the teddy bear pirate is the thinker and trying to speculate what next will happen and why? Or what to expect. Like? Will his wife turn him over to beheaded when the time comes? Will he have balls enough to have his head chopped off? What is it to die a human versus some zombie? That the Russian turn to zombies. While the United States goes along with Microsoft to cause humanity extinction is rather a weird ass tale to tell as a teddy bear pirate but that is on his mind these days. That and why pizza is hard to get.

What does the writer of the journal look like?  The strange-looking person seated right there looked like a pirate teddy bear. His missing left foot. His sky-blue eyes. The turning his head with his missing eye one could tell when someone was talking to him on his left side he would startle because he was blind. The squint in both eyes to see what was what made him look like a bear. People that were staring at him, no doubt. How many teddy bear looking pirates have you seen walking about? His natural smile kind of made some comfortable. The little kids would ask how did he get a Winnie the Pooh peg leg.

He would go into some nonsense about bears, sharks, or zombies. Then upon hearing the story. Which their mother usually would eye him and he would smile putting everyone at ease. That he was lost? Lookin like the poor teddy bear pirate in La Paz, Bolivia was ridiculous. Searching for pizza or this is this or that is that thing to be a. Well, a teddy bear pirate. Like what things? Maps, books. Anything that he could just let his mind escape his current abode.

Like the word is he was truly a pirate. He would steal candy from a babe. Not a baby. He could sail a shopping cart across a parking lot filled with water. That he drank rum and sang wild songs into the hours of dark. Searching for minions to go on his special ventures was all true as far as people could tell.

What made this pirate so absurd? His voice. When heard you could swear. “Honey?” Could be heard from those listening. “Yes, dear?” “You would not believe who I think I am talking to!” “Who dear?” “I think I am getting tech support from Garfield the cat.”

An attitude from a teddy bear pirate? He would show you his certification. Stating that he was an ordained Dude fellowship official recognized by the Latter Day Dudes. And that all he wanted to do was survive.

Hopes? He was a time traveling pirate teddy bear. What was there to hope for? He hoped to find the perfect pizza? Or fear that somehow his soul would be required of him once more for some absurd reality trip. Clint, Clinton, Clinton R against the world. That was after all the entire theme of his story.


Reflecting on the teddy bear appearance, one had to think. What does a teddy bear look like with sky-blue eyes? How did he come about his missing foot? Where or what happened to his eye or eyes? Those were other tales told in other journals. Some humorous, some tragic. The reality of the question is, did the Teddy bear pirate sound like Garfield the cat? And if so, was he really a pirate at that? Or was this description of a fictional character who was a pirate at night? Who were his minions? And what ventures did they do? The description could have been much more. For the teddy bear pirate had a life outside of his journals. He lived. Not really. His love of pizza? Legendary, I suppose. His desire to be a pirate was so clear. That his life had such a humorous ending was not expected of a teddy time traveling pirate. The question on the person’s mind was how close was this to reality? Did any of his story reflect today’s reality? If so? Could his dream all be real? Am I a figment of a teddy bear time traveling pirate’s dream or Gods? And are both the same? Which was which and who was telling the story all the same questions one asks about a personal journal fictional? Or was it a reality just described as fiction?

The teddy bear pirate time traveler plot? To reach the end of the time of tribulation. He somehow has gotten on that road. Was it narrow? If this is the past like he states some 4.5 billion to the sun coloring red now 20 to 70 billion years? The time traveling pirate has been on one of the longer adventures of his life. Not the longest? Laughing. He had after all lived in hell or 45 years. To stay there was to be dead to faith. One of those seven churches dead in Revelations or Revelation, which they name the book today. There? He lived. He loved. For him to miss anyone there? That is the question, is it not? Were they real? Belief and Time. Seemed like reality to the pirate. Was he real? Did he do what he remembers himself doing? Or since reading the recommendations on LinkedIn slowly disappearing, was he just that much of soul placed in Ivan Pavlov hell? That all those golems were dead now made him cry a little. To think his children or copies of his children really were not his or? Were they his children there, just not from his body here? Or and this is the insanity of the whole closed time curved loop reality if billions of years happened within seconds of the reality here? Who was real and who was just a dream?

That is the secret, is it not in character? If they stole your soul when you were very young, placed in Ivan Pavlov's reality of hell. Could you escape? Would you escape? Or would you like I seemed to show when this adventure first begun think. Oh, great, they have kidnapped me into a parallel reality with everything is the same? And if I did not pay attention or listen to fellow travelers tell their horror story experience wanted to return to what for me was literally hell on earth? What is the difference? The pizza here sucks. I already told you I have been studying cheeses. I at first thought a new tongue or something might affect my taste. The realization that this a reanimation of this reality kind of sunk in when people I knew or heard about that died were up and about. To be walking is not to be dead. Thus? Evidently this is my valley of the shadow of death. That it is taking so long to get to heaven or like I speculate this is all happening in my final 10 minutes of death and I my soul somehow is threading a past reality that died in my reality 4.5 billion years ago. In yet here you are makes this story just kind of horror story to the right religious person to those into horror. Boo. I am the ghost of the present future past tense. This might be your only chance to change your ways. The end of time is at hand.

But you say. Look, you survived hell. That is an accomplishment, right? Laugh with me, folks. You think I like feeding the copies of you to my gummy bear friends? They might be a monster to you. To me. They at least listen or pretend to listen. You really do not believe that part of your journal, do you? That I find those that have harmed me in any way and skin them alive and feed them to gummy bears? If Solomon statement there is nothing new under the sun. I suspect I a some spec caught in the film of God’s marvellous movie/game and he is trying to figure out. Does this creature desire to be in heaven or is he happy finding those that wronged him for even a penny and. I was in hell for a very long time. Doing to them as they did to me? They fed you to gummy bears? No. However, I have taste and humor in my life. Sort of that magical plot twist of irony. They wanted to rule reality. I just wanted pizza that cheese did not taste like reanimated cheese. And the difference? Simple after billions of years attempting to figure it out. The bible finally provided the answer. The closer I get to the end of time. The less salt there is in reality or salt will lose its flavor. How? Evidently the ocean ties into the flavor of salt? And closer we get to the ocean borders failing to create the last verses in the bible. The less salt there is and more I find I have to seek pizza elsewhere.

People laugh at this horror story, not realizing they are laughing at what could be the very person who cursed reality. When I said I buried myself. I did. I removed my mercy striped away year by year by people that said stealing only a penny is okay. Those pennies add up. Surely you jest you got your revenge Upper Michigan power paid out 50 million to the US government. Since they owed me cause by fault 1.9 to 3.4 million, you think I will not find those creatures of the dark and fed them to minions of the night? You think those tenants and HUD are safe? When I said it is a simple spell it is. But to hold to purpose all these years. People say Anonymous will get those people. I look at Bill Gates, destroying your reality and wonder about how insane you must be. I look at George Soros burning down certain businesses either for insurance gain or competitors that would not pay for his extortion, and I wonder about you. Why do you not do something? I am just a poor one footed, one eyed, deaf teddy bear pirate looking at your end of time. And wondering why you do not change your ways? Repent. Ask forgiveness for the time of an end is at hand. After all, 2020 is the real 2012. And those that wronged me? Thou shalt not pass.

Surely, after billions of years feeding your minion army of gummy bears, you would think that would change your character or you would forgive all the same? I think there are two ways of life. Those with purpose. And those that fall away when the going gets tough. Am I tough? No, I am a teddy bear time traveling pirate. With an army of gummy bears fed by billions of years and hatred towards some people, I watch and wonder. Why? You think I have not physical done something? Like I said, I showed libertarians for three days what a libertarian meant. After 290 notifications about my 5 posts, I decided they could not handle reality. You think private property rights are a laughing matter and that BLM should destroy whatever it can? Shame on you. If you want a better society, you build or re purpose reality. To destroy it just means you have no ideology, just some concept on injustice. But feeding people to gummy bears, how does that fit in? My army of gummy bears need to eat just as much as you. And I am re purposing that which is already dead. Like I said, this is the valley of the shadow of death. I have yet reached death door. However, I have a speculation for that too. Should be of interest to see if I got the bet right this time or if I have to travel to a long ago age where I was someone slse completely.

Being a pirate time traveling teddy bear one’s character is in question usual to those claiming to be sane here. In yet? I wonder if they do not realize the masks this time around? Meaning? But if they bring Space Force to fight heaven or UFOs. Well, www.deagel.com and Joe Biden both seem to think US has lost 227 to 220 million US citizens with the prediction of zombies here in the bible while reading Bill Gates patent 666 being a server based cryptocurrency in which he said if you do not have a certification about vaccination which could turn you into a zombie or the Borg to fight the UFO invasion or God. Which do you believe after all this is a fictional story, is it not and the best fiction represents the reality of the time and age? In yet this fiction, can you not read the patent yourself? I know I have posted it a lot and yet when I as people have they done anything against Microsoft? Nope. They still are using Windows. And yourself? March 31st I destroyed my Windows computer via trying to download Linux. Why did it take you that time? Simple. i remember it being patented March 26 the first time I read the patent and I had to my own research. By that time dates changed. Meaning? Ethiopian new year here says September 12 to 13th for the switch between 2012 to 2013.  I have seen that date go from September 7 through 17th.  Which was th right date? Same with the next blood moon. So back to Linux. When that did not work so well, I used a thumb drive until I could remove Microsoft from my personal use. What about your word documents? I use another beast.

What I find funny in this day and age? My rough draft of this journal already has 5.2k readers or views according to the counter. I wonder if people really do not remember who I used to be? Sadness for the time traveling teddy bear pirate watching reality slowly die away yet again. To see criminals win for a second in their time. I think that is the sadness. People say why? That is my question to those I flay. Why did you not repent? Answer because it is better to rule in hell than to be a slave in heaven. Sounds evil to me. Sort of like the rise of Tron or some malware stuck in a repeating cycle repeatedly. Rule for a second burn in hell for what seems like billions of years. Sure gummy bears eating you might be a novelty this time around. What do I mean? Do you think I am the only traveler? The only way there are so many Mandela affected people is the system of things or Pavlov’s hell has broken without repair and when all of God’s breath has left these realities? If you are not a Borg or some sort of Star Trek freak? This society last mere seconds that seem like thousands or millions of years depending if you destroy the Borg and live free for a time. In yet.

So I am interrupted by a cat. Wild. I do not recall a cat. But it bumps the computer an other  journal opens.

A reflection on a time travelers journal. What are the thoughts for a man dreaming or living forever in his mind?


Chapter 1 Beginning

Chapter 2 Discoveries

Chapter 3 Speculation

Chapter 4  Reality

Chapter 5 Time

Chapter 6 Secrets

Chapter 7 Changing

Chapter 8 Traveling back in time

Chapter 9 End of time

Chapter 10 Think

Chapter 11 Zombies

Chapter 12 Avatar

Chapter 13 Perseverance

Chapter 14 System of things

Title: A journal in time

By: Clinton R. Siegle



Chapter 1 Beginning

Life is not what I expected life to be like. I was a variable or a person who lived outside the system of life. I lived on an edge that few people believe. Do an internet search on Clinton R. Siegle or type in the name in LinkedIn. A wild tale of a Montanan traveling the United States ending up in Bolivia. Where Butch Cassidy died along with Che. Sort of an example of legends to live or die up to. The current setting for me. La Paz Bolivia a cafe close to the embassy. I am people watching. Why? You will have to read far into this tale to find out. Needless to say I the excitement of the day walked by. I got up and followed. I wanted to see where these strangers go. Why? Again, farther into this story I will explain. Needless to say, the person I followed ducked into a construction site. I had not noticed it there before. When or what happened to the home that was there? That question happened a lot these days. My first journals were all about the details changing. Details? Brands, history, people’s names, locations, and colors. All changing. Say what? Let me begin with where I remember for living for 45 years. According to a poem by me which is censored here. I wrote the poem detailing life on earth. Where? When I searched the Internet. The results showed that earth was on the Sagittarius outer arm of a galaxy 377,000 in diameters. No known black holes. The year 2016 plus or minus and time reference point 4.5 billion years into a future that no longer exists. Why 4.5 billion years? My poem I wrote about how weird life was about to get. Earth was to step outside the galaxy for a bit. That bit correlated with 1500 year destruction cycles one reads about in history. Say what? The last time earth stepped outside its galaxy borders. There was a drought so bad in 400 to 600 AD that half of China ate the other half. People forget those tales. If one is a religious person.

The other time Planet X visited earth. Another drought noted in the Bible and Torah when Joseph saved Egypt. Where Egypt gained enough gold to still make it one of the largest gold deposit holders in this time, too. The other notable time? Noah’s flood. Again Torah and Bible statement when North America Yellowstone blew. When North America attached to Russia. The water coming from the heat of beaver dams wiped out the valley of the Mediterranean. Where life was easy and good. The visiting red dwarf star along with Planet X was close. Anyway, back to 4.5 billion years. There I wrote that earth math showed earth would run into the next galaxy in 365,000 years. While here? 4.5 billion years. So this is a time traveler journal. Let me make this clear. The mystery is why and how and well. A tale to read while wandering in the night streets. A reason you look at the strangers seated in cafes trying to figure out who or what is going on?

So time travelers journal? Why are you writing it this way? I suppose the last 10 journals I wrote did not meet with anyone’s expectations? I mean what is at stake in a journal, a tale, a mystery of time after all? Time? How can you say you are 4.5 billion years old? I have been reading your journal “A wondering mind through the multiverse” since 2017 and well. It is noteworthy. What are you trying to say? I suppose I watch the time of tribulation with speculation. Speculation? Time of Tribulation? Where? Why? That is the ending of the story. I am at the beginning. Let me begin with where I was at.

On May 18, 2016 plus or minus 4.5 billion years into a future I lived on a parallel earth. I wrote poetry. Short pirate stories read by a lot of people at one time. There I can say I read on www.deagel.com that earth had 8.5 billion people. The United States 365 million citizens and 29 million illegals. Say what? Are you trying to say you have seen the rapture? Yes, and no.

The new world I awoke on May 19, 2016 was so close to mine. If I had not been vision impaired, I would have not noticed the dramatic change in colors in my room. Needless to say, quality had change. It was a better world than mine. In what ways? At first I did not realize the dramatic lose in population. Which at that time was 2.5 billion people. Say what? When I looked I was on an earth with 6 billion people. What I noticed was the colors were more real. Like stepping from an old color television into a modern color TV. That first day I noticed all the public transportation was much newer. My world we were using late 1990 vans and cars. In this reality? Everything was close to 2013 or newer. Much to my surprise. Where did all this extra money come from? Meaning the improvement was dramatic. I investigated. I did a lot of research from Internet to books.

What I discovered was a change in empathy and how life went in those different worlds. Meaning? My world in 1967 Roe versus Wade occurred. From that date on to 2016. I knew from radio and political ads that 40 million people were gone due to abortion in my United States. Here this reality today: Roe versus Wad occurs in 1973. Since that date the United States has aborted double the United States citizens. What am I saying? That the rapture is man made via policy changes made to ensure certain populations. Come now, the Bible is not the government. No. But time travel and stories seem to be a truth. The rapture invented by Darby in the 1840s. Why or how? I speculate on that. Needless to say, I had found 40 million US citizens. In that these realities abort double the babies than in my reality. Still, that does not explain billion or billions. No. Yet, when I searched. I found China actually enforces the one child policy and forces abortions since 1973. So this story is about time travel, rapture, and?

My journal is about my reaction to how life changed. Along with how I have changed since discovering these realities. I worried that I was missing people; you see. My Facebook network seemed to be f with profiles that were no longer used. Were they aborted? Did they not survive what ever brought me to this reality in time? If this is not an odd enough question. Think how people that knew me must have felt when I wrote them about these ideas and changes.

My journal at that time recorded how the earth geographical land masses moved. South America moved for 80 some days going east south. From where South America in my memory for 45 years was. To which is where South America is now below North America plus 2400 miles east south of that location. Meaning? Santiago Chile I was to book a flight there to San Francisco, it was an 11 hour flight. Now? 25 or 27 hours depending on the airline. That is only your memory playing tricks on you. Sure, sure. What about Japan being off the coast of China, not Korea? Or New Zealand one island above not below Australia? Or that Mongolia never was part of China? I could go on. I do in some journals for some 100s of examples of changes of things, locations, and realities of things.

So the reality? At first I thought I was in parallel realities. I was on the Sagittarius arm for 80 or more days. Then that changed too. I went to Pegasus for a time. Now. I suppose I should say that on earth. Wild. Why? The luck there I saw was beyond crazy. I wrote long examples of kids kicking soccer balls into the same two foot area 11 times in a roll. The speed was faster, meaning the bus reaching locations that took 20 minutes in half the time. From there I noted earth went to Orion arm, then Orion spur, and now Orion nebula column. To be billions of years old, watching planetary hoops each night if that is not enough of a story for you to read the rest. Well. I can point out I am partially blind, one footed, and was a noted poet at one time. So let me say this journal is to investigate for me along the way what has happened to my journals online in every way. From journals. That were online poetry sites, to social platforms, to hard hand-written copies. The hard choices I have had to make. Along with what is my goal in this journal? To change your mind. To change humanities ending, I suppose. What will happen? For those Ray Bradbury fans, this is where the story gets good. For those that have read this far? Meah. Keep on the journal gets better. For those forced to read this because of some time traveling study course.

Thanks for purchasing the book I suppose. Come along with me for a tale of no return at looking at the reality around you in any normal sense of the way. The same way.

What is the dangers of this though or ideology? My doppelganger wife sent me to 15 or 17 doctors after I told her what I was seeing. You might start praying to God. The idea that magical portals do exist and if you are not willing to go. Sometimes you might end up pushed into a new reality.

   This journal is to give hope to those people fearing the Mandela Effect. To realize that they are not alone. That the television Lost had more meaning than one would expect.

   This journal is to investigate what I have learned over the years. To think about reality and the significance of what I am trying to communicate.

   The obvious issues? I am a partially blind, one-footed insane guy living in La Paz, Bolivia. This whole book might be fiction or nonfiction to him. Reality might change? Your concept of a story might improve something today. While destroy an ideology tomorrow? Investigate a journal entry from the beginning of a journal no longer available online.

Hard copy.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 6.5 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion.

Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7

16 June 2016 earth date6.5 billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

Subject: Plans of German timeline discovered on internet. Source: Link now defunct recollection information the time wars went badly. Agent Talon 123. This agent is regarded as reliable and has worked for in the past three operations on project avoid Heaven. He was in close contact with General Slevin General Miller, and General Flashman. During the following three campaigns his performance was celebrated for 365 years prior to the Reich fall on Ali mania.

1. A principal messenger sent into the future to detect the break down of the system of things has occurred. What exactly? Prior to the astounding rediscovery of Talon 123 memory contact with program code name Alice. Detail meeting occurred Oct 24 through November 7. At which point Talon 123 was forced to give up project end game.

2. Talon 123 states that all efforts need to fall back to grid provide via General Slevin in prior reality report. Blow the know of time has to be done to save what little is left of this reality in time.

3. Blow reality to be watched by Talon 123. End game scenario to be played out 123 has already lost in the past. This game has no benefit in time. Talon 123 recommends pull out of those able to leave immediately. The end of this timeline is approaching.

   Remember, I am writing this journal. In an attempt to show my investigation of my time travelers through the universe. What are the final ideological questions to question before I continue? Besides telling you that the rapture is man made, along with government policies? That your concept of your world or plural worlds system of things needs to change for humanity to survive. Or? Humanity dies. That seems like a lot of work for a fiction or non fictional book to cover. So let me begin again. Starting with what I have discovered. Along with my time as a pushed time traveler into the reality in which I find myself today.


Chapter 2 Discoveries

   Discoveries while many in my journals and travels. A few stick out. Montauk project. I assure I would have read this conspiracy if I remembered it before this adventure. Mandela effect, I had read abut that since 2013. Both the conspiracy of Montauk and Mandela I rediscovered upon my first journal. The implications were something that I had to investigate. The first one I wrote Duncan Cameron, and Peter Moon. Their correspondence was no help. Some of their replies. You can find online at: “Wondering mind through the multiverse” by Clinton Siegle. In my attempt to communicate my dilemma. Which in my reality was, is or will soon to be slept dilemna was threefold? My parallel family thought I was nuts. I would tell them the mountain moved in the first few weeks. It got me sent to 15 or 17 doctors that assured my family I was in body okay for a disabled person. The shrink number 15 or 16 or 17 depending on my journals and medical records was of no use. His statement that I am living a past life experience. That I was dead did not go over well with what I was discovering. If I was dead, I would point out I could feel my breath. No, no, his statement was I died elsewhere, and this was my current reality. Needless to say, after pointing out that the dead read sun here was much older than my reality.

   And that earth was billions of years younger than my world. I had to ask if he was not the one dead and I was visiting him. The first visit no problem the fourth visit. Patience is not my virtue.

   So I scared him. How? I told him a secret he had told me. In yet? In the new reality, he had not even mentioned it to whoever was here in the body before me. So the question Montauk Project videos, Mandela effect, and the rapture. So pretty interesting time traveling questions. At first I rediscovered Montauk project was on June 16, 2016 plus or minus billions of years. The first year I re-watched those videos. 1056 hours takes a person less time if you do not sleep. I do not think I slept much 2016 2017. The point? When I watched the videos at first the Montauk Project indicated that only 2500 people got used. Stolen from heaven in their experiment. The next time I watched, the complete version of the number went up to 25000. Then to 250,000. After that, 2.5 million. The last time I watched it was 25 million people that were part of their experiment. So? I still had not figured out at that time what I was seeing time wise. Why? Deja vu. Things were happening twice in a matter of days, weeks, months. Movies I had watched would premiere again. Example? My world Resident Evil was supposed to come out June 6th, 2016. I finally got to see the premiere on January 19, 2017. Meaning time sliding backwards everything happens at a slower rate. Say what? Imagine a film made many times.

   Each with a specific beginning, middle, and end. Now imagine that film made many more times with slight changes. Like? The color of the housing, instead of blue, is green. Or instead of unlucky people, everyone has luck. Or speed sped up by a factor of 2 or 4. So? Well. Sometime in 2017 I came across Drakes equation on life in the universe. And the possibilities of a number of lives. My first attempt to fit in all the numbers turned out a number 10 to the power of 192 or 193. Depends on which journal I am reading from and the speculation calculations. Now things were getting weird at that time. How so? The story line of Montauk project changes. When did John Von Neumann die? 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 or 1957? And in 1957 Feb, March, April, or May? Meaning? Well. In those realities they had stolen the other realities Montauk chairs. The last count I had was seven on each reality that I was tracking. Japan, England, and the United States had the chairs and were using them to quote fix reality problem. What was the reality problem? Well, as a game theorist by profession. You can look me up on LinkedIn. It shows I worked on probabilities for some rather large projects. The problem is they had crossed timelines. This crossing allowed for trapped spirits to break loose. What am I talking about? Well. The number of souls that Montauk project stole from heaven and hid in the universe was rather large.

   How large? 200 million multiplied by 2 multiplied by the number of realities this game is being played in. Sounds absurd, I know. But the latest bible changes seem to state that. Meaning with a third of those in heaven now washing their own clothing in blood and going through a fire. So how was this or why was this? It goes back to Drakes equation on probability. And the Bible believe it, and John Von Neumann in his final paper published in May 1957 showed the calculations online in those realities. What has the bible got to do with this? It seems God does not like cheats in any bets. If cheated he takes betting kind of serious and puts things right. And John Von Neumann’s last paper? The paper stated that there is no such thing as chaos. That everything motion, gravity, frequencies is believed it or not preordained. Say what? Doctor Neumann's final paper basically states that there is a story. Or for those into movies a Matrix reality. Meaning everything moving calculated down to a story line. So you are saying that there is no chaos? All I am saying is the paper with the math formula published and agreed upon. Which is or was or will be at Princeton archives under lock and key, the paper seems to state it? And the people higher math people that read it concurred. So what am I saying? If you listen to Montauk project, their goal was to stop heaven from coming down. And the destruction of the United States in some realities. In other realities they are fighting heaven as we speak. In yet, other realities have turned into some gross slavery reality.

   The mystery however of Mandela effected people are how their souls got stolen. The project using machines that ripped souls out of their body. Then the souls placed in the most hellish conditions through space time. Put into exact parallel in the future time, which is nothing more than a speed up time reality. Think of the show HBO West world has shown that in one reality a whole life can be played out and watched from above. And made to live in hell to change their reasoning or desire to go to heaven. Why? Evil does what evil does. The desire for humans to break the story line. Why hellish? Imagine a world where the color spectrum is blue or red or green. If a person put in say a brown or yellow world, their total life experience of color that hurt their eyes would be different. The same with pitch, and tone of voice, and music. I hated the music in my world. The frequency was off terribly. So the mystery is what is Montauk project the attempt to break Gods story. What is Mandela's effect? God putting the souls of people back in their body. Since when? That is the mystery. Drakes equation and time seemed to be wild. Back to the image of a film with same characters, same timelines. Parallel everything except. Well, you change out the souls of the story. The person that is supposed to say My what a lovely day. Instead says gross things. Or the person that was supposed to hate something realizes that thing is not really that hateful. Meaning? Well, the at stake is humanity soul. What has happened number wise seems to indicate those souls that were once upon a time supposed to be good? They might be or are now corrupted? And those corrupted souls? I am not sure.

   Meaning? Jesus Christ statements if God can not judge whether you are good or evil. You might get vomited out. Say what? Well, the Mandela effect is God vomiting out soul that was neither good nor bad. Think souls vomit from God a spirit into space, time in search of their real bodies for the day of judgment. The key events? Here the mark of the beast is a patent. It is a cryptocurrency which when you read the patent sounds like the beginning of the Borg. Could this be that humanity is losing its soul? On this timeline here to the potential ending of humans becoming robots.

   That is a lot to take in now? Time travel, Montauk project, speculation on Mandela effect what about the rapture? That is simple a math equation on the story time line. Meaning? Say you were to be born in 1963 instead of 1971. Everything you experience from that time up to that now has changed. Who you knew, what you do, as an example. However, the story repeats. How many times? Even a 0.0000001 speculation point. Reference here that I made with raw calculations in Google quantum quirk lab online. Seemed to indicate more than a trillion. So? Imagine your soul having to run through billions of realities. For the soul to fit into the right story line for the day of judgment. Now realize there are seven similar timelines working close by. That also have a parallel you at one at this time or else you would not be reading this. Meaning? Imagine a world where Nazism won. Or where mechanical machines without software actually run. Or? The point being until your soul reaches a certain start of finish point. The actual ending of the story line is not known.

   Kind of mirror reflection. What if I am all my nightmares showed me to be? Or what if all those nightmares came from someone else’s dreams? Which is truth? How can you plan for your end? Am I evil as sin? Or have I lived a life not mine? Waking up with these questions on my mind are often disturbing. So imagine now adding golems or robots or imaginary people. Meaning? People that in my world were in this world aborted in this timeline. Evidently did not interfere or interact with your body in this reality. Meaning? When the film of a soul played backwards. How? Watching the day to day as NASA says the galaxy is going clockwise next day, counter clockwise. I would have to say gravity is pushing, pulling and in motion dragging souls. Pulling them back through time to their bodies.

   Example rewound in time removing story lines that were not part of your time or story is easier to do. So 45 million US citizens had nothing to do with me in my reality. And 500 million Chinese people did not provide a product or song or anything. Removing a story line helps simplify the judging process is a speculation here. Investigating an old journal entry.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7

16 December 2016 earth date 5.6 to 5.3 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject:

Subject: The curvature of time and discovery of the break in time.

1. Rediscovery of Montauk Project, John Von Neumann math equation and reality of Montauk chairs. Talon 123 notes that going back through time which was a discovery for him. That inventions, time travel closeness of earth to the black hole, and deaths of one John Von Neumann occur to change daily.

2. John Von Neumann death happened in 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, and a variety of dates in 1957. The most important date May 1957 his final calculations appear to disprove chaos and that everything is bond by a story line. Meaning the paper would appear to be the reason that timeline stole all the Montauk Project chairs. How? It appears that all the minds of 1957 team were brought to that date in time while exchanging the minds with all the 1956 teams line. Meaning? Montauk project team is not crazy just living in a different space time at present. So? Means that when Anderson Time Institute reports that there are now eight chairs running in one reality that is correct. Why? Earth appears to be 3,000 light years away from a black hole which appears to be study here.

   What does this all mean? I am still in judgment of my life; I suppose. Did I do good? I hope so. Since this seems real. I assure you hell is real too. The danger is that I somehow do the wrong thing. I am evil at times. I repent. However, is that enough or does that even work here? That is the investigation. And why I followed those people that I was watching in the first chapter. Why? I am in Bolivia. The average height here is like 5 6 almost everyone is less than 5 8 here. The persons I followed were giants. Huge 6’ 9 or 7’ 5 giants. I wondered where people like that roam and find food here to be honest. The other speculations about the rapture or aborted souls. That potential is the real possibility those bodies were never real. That they played a part in doing something to hold the spirit in some sort of hellish place. So is there a God? When reading in one of my journals I wrote as the title No deity found yet. Today? I can from my point of view say yes. Virginia there is a God. Have I met him? I pray to him. I hope. Realize this whole story could be a figment of my imagination. Or part of my mind seeing reality and time change daily. My resolution? To believe in God. Why? That too goes into a speculation.

Chapter 3 Speculation

   To gain some understanding on my speculation, I have to read other journals. This example is of one journal. The journal helps me realize that. Everything is a question. Meaning quotes, books, ideas that were not in my reality or if they were I never heard them change people’s lives.

   “Reading a book gives us somewhere to go when we stay where we are.” Here they say Mason Cooley said this. I look and I do not recognize his name. Not a surprise, I suppose. Me being in a dark room without light writing this one more time. I mean well. My awaking happened May 19, 2016, in La Paz, Bolivia. I had been on earth according to the Internet on the Sagittarius arm. Of a galaxy according to the internet which was 377,000 light years across. I was on the outer arm of that galaxy and in 2016 I knew that no known black holes discovered in any scientific journal. Meaning? Either our technology is or was or will be not as good as here. Or that information had not made it out to science magazines. Now, as is or was or will be a statement. According to the internet on that earth, the age of earth was 6.5 billion years old. Meaning? Well, here today the Internet infers that this earth is 4.5 billion years old, which is a lie. That would mean I come from a future at least 2 billion years older than here. In yet? I remember writing a poem on Cosmo funnel about the death of earth.

   I wrote about how earth’s galaxy was to collide with the next galaxy in 365,000 years. So? Well. Here the math is 4.5 billion years. Makes one wonder. Are you mad? Yes. Let me agree with you here and now. I am mad. Insane? I doubt that. Mad, yes, but not insane. So where was I? As yes, my room. I am here for safety of those that plot evil. Why? Most likely I would do something stupid if let out of my gated room with gates and five doors. Like what? Tell you a story?

   A story? Yes, a story about a time. A time story? A story about reality and time. So a reality story? You are mad. What makes you think I want your reality? A reality in space, time, story. Space time? What has that got to do with anything? Space time has a lot to deal with reality and the system of things. System of things? What do you mean? Are you going to go Jehovah witness? No. I argue with them and after a bit they left too. Why? I won the argument. How? Awe-inspiring stories? I doubt it. Showing them sermons that make no sense in today with the bible they have? Seldom works. Math? Yes, math.

   What do I mean? The future is gone. This is the past. And you are living in my dream for today. Laugh with me. Lol. Laugh all you want.

   The book Being and Time 1927 by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger can explain it more than I can. What has being and time have to do with living in your or to specific in my reality? Well. This being the past. And I did not know I was becoming a space, time traveler. Or believing or knowing about time travel outside of conspiracies that is part of the story I am going to tell you. Why? In hopes you change your ways? I suppose that would be nice. To get something off my conscience? No. My conscience is or has its own problems. Your soul?

   How so? If I tell you I have experienced the rapture so many times that I ponder about reality you would laugh. The first 80 day’s journal if I could get to would explain in more detail what I did and who I wrote and well. Let me be honest who I freaked out. Freaked out? I am a writer. I was a poet. I attempt to write poetry here. In yet, my greatest works lost now in some bizarre future that can no longer exist.

   I doubt your soul is on my conscience. Unless you did me wrong or knew of me for 45 years. I doubt anyone really is alive outside my valley of experience these days. Then why write this journal? Same reason I wrote the other nine journals, which are gone. Or censored or not written or destroyed. To make me think. To make me wonder? To make me believe and hope? Hope? I ponder about hope these days.

So what is it I want? The argument against this book? You are not 4.5 billion years old, Clint. Sure, sure, I don’t feel a day over 50. Your body has always been here on this earth, Clint. Sure, sure, this body had been here always. Your memory and poetry are bad. Here I would disagree on the memory part. You see my journals. Where ever they are now or were are to be at. I documented pretty much where I saw what I saw so my memory would have something to look at. And as for my poetry being bad? Even here my poems are read. Not like they used to be. But besides my poetry being even bad, people read it. Okay, your stories are worse on this earth, Clint. Well, to be honest, I am a rather wild writer. You see, I wanted to be either a cook or a pirate. My cooking is illegal in my household. Why? It causes dreams.

   My pirate stories? I write them and a few people remember them. So few readers out of 3 million readers that used to be. Used to be? Yes. Time. What is time? The past, present, and future I suppose. The past is always the past for somewhere in the future; you see. And the future? Well, that too is a past for me at present. How so? That is the mystery, is it not? My first journal “Help, help, I have been kidnapped”. I thought I was only going to parallel realities during the writing of that journal. Why? Time on the Internet did show huge dramatic leaps into the past.

   Then those parallel realities changed dramatically. Spelling, history, color of my eyes, stories. Ah, yes, stories. That is the most difficult part, the stories change. Example? I give my date that I picked up my future wife from the airport. I wrote about it several times elsewhere. So repeating it here will not be so bad, I suppose. I picked her up after a miracle. I got on the highway. Headed into Seattle to our hotel room and a neat place I had found online to eat at. I had my printed directions and drove accordingly. Only problem 3.4 miles turned into 5 miles and still no left turn. Then the sign says “Welcome to Canada”. Now the problem. My wife is from Bolivia. She is a naturalized citizen now. Back then? No. So I got off at the next right exit. Drove back to the United States. I am not adding more detail. So what is the big deal? Seattle here is 150 miles due south of Canada these days. I doubt I could be on the highway filled with buildings in Seattle. Then drive accidentally into Canada. So you are mistaken. Laugh with me.

   This is where the Jehovah Witnesses in 2017 and my wife get involved. My wife at that time remembered this occurring. And the Jehovah Witness being from Canada had a lengthy discussion with her. So math wise Seattle from Canada 150 miles. So? Well. I went on to explain the rapture.

   The rapture? Are you sure you are not a Jehovah witness? No. They do not believe in the rapture. And surprise, after fact checking, neither do I. Time travel occurred. Policies laws, judges bribed. Evil allowed to flourish in past realities.

   What do I mean? My world abortion legalized in 1967. My US of A had 365 million citizens in May 2016. I was counting people in each state for some wild ideas I had on election process. So I knew that number. I also knew the world’s population was 8.5 billion. The 8th billionth child pronounced to be a baby girl in India in 2014. She got a free college tuition. Kind of big news in my world. But what has that got to do with this reality? Nothing. On the first few days of my venture in time, space reality. I watched the world’s population fluctuate from 6 Billion to as high as 9 Billion on www.deagel.com. I was in a panic and spoke with lots of people. And at that time there were lots of people in a similar situation and they spoke of how their worlds were ending. One lady spoke of her world having 12 billion people. Her story included how a CO2 gas cloud came out of the Atlantic ocean. Wiping out much of Europe, the east coast, and Africa. So what has this got to do with the rapture? The twinkle in the eye per the bible one will be taken and one left?

   I thought I got left behind. And math wise I did not enjoy knowing that, so I went hunting. What did I hunt numbers? Deagel.com, CIA databases, along with a number of other places. History like I said changes. The number of deaths in the US civil war. My reality as a meme showed 545,000 in my timeline. Here a similar meme shows 654,000 however if you look at citizens the number could go up to 1.8 million deaths. Wild. I thought I had found where people went. War? I kept on looking. My shock was first at China. You see, in my reality China never conquered any part of Mongolia. Here in the 1920s evidence shows they conquered a good portion of the country. I expected to see a bigger population there. But no. In 1973 with the US allowing abortion China went along with that practice too.

   They murdered 500 million more people with abortion. Wild. I kept on looking and found Pakistan in my reality 2016 they had 750 million people. Why did I know this? I had reasons. War was something I followed, and the question was when or if China and Pakistan or India went to war. Who had the numbers on their side to win? However, the issue was Pakistan does not allow abortion. What happened? So again, back to databases. The CIA database on who watches the most homosexual porn. It turns out that Pakistan allows homosexuality here. In my reality? They stoned a lot of people. Meaning? I had found the reason for fewer people. Sexuality had changed. Why or how? I kept on looking. During my travels I found Montauk project. Which in turned lead me to Anderson Time Institute, which over time added more detail on time travel? Meaning? Well, to begin with a few countries time traveled per the website. Then India, China, Japan, and England were all added. When India added that was when it dawned on me. India had somehow changed the minds of the Muslim religious leaders and thus the less population.

   So, time travel, the rapture, reality, time, and why I think you all are a figment of my imagination in a dark room? Yes. I suppose I should continue on that topic. So, with the rapture put out of my mind. That I was not so evil that God had rejected me. And 538 friends failing in the least in concern that hey, I am gone or I might be possessed by? By some third world being. I got more involved with reading on time travel. The insight full reality that time travelers have changed realities. To be specific several times made me question why? I am here and evidence I do not change behavior. If so, someone should ask the evil corporation to pay taxes. I mean come on income tax pays 93 percent of government funding. While corporations pay 7? Made me realize that much of time travel has been used by corporations. Specifically? Well. One specific. On my world May 18, 2016, the news announced Bayer was to purchase Monsanto for 66 billion dollars. Here they buy the company much later and for a much less price. Almost like they know how much their lawsuit will cost them.

   So this is to be about time travel then? Sort of about the thoughts of a person watching. Time, space, reality, Belief in Time, and a soul searching. Searching for a meaning to life and why cheese sucks so bad in these past realities. Yes. I suppose that is my plan. To tell you a story. A wild story? Yes. To change you? Maybe. I doubt in reality I can change anything. I picture you enslaved by the corporations. I mean, I already see that 93 percent of your life spent on paying taxes. While the erst is paying them through stimulation packages, tax breaks, incentives to. To what, actually? To stop creativity. I mean, when is the last major advancement in personal computing? Where are the virtual reality machines or holographic reality centers? That is the secret, is it not? Their patents are already in the patent office.

   This reality is on a pause, sort of speaking. A pause for what? Well. If I am the future and my future is dead. This being the past. Means each reality as Belief in Time points out reanimates for a soul to pass through. A soul? Specifically, those souls stolen via an evil plan to stop the last final day of judgment. I thought we were not going down Jehovah’s witness pathway. I am telling a story. You can stop. I mean, this is your reality, not mine. My reality is after all in a dark room. This? This is not my reality. So the plan is to change the past? I can warn you. I can not change you. Warn us about what? The mark of the beast in the bible. For those into Scientology the movie The Time or becoming a battery to an evil corporation. Or for those into Star Trek. Humanity on this time line might become the Borg. Per the patent as a hive mind setup so that all creativity owned and operated by a corporation. That may or may not like your music, your writing, your taste in pizza. Come now some futurist I am warning realities about what they are? Or have already warned about time and time again. Do not stop being human. Live Humanity. Stop being EVIL. So do good. Be good. Sounds like a broken record.

   A repeating record. Whose reaction does not seem to cause an outcry. By churches seeing a corporation patent the mark of the beast. A time loop traveler shouting out to humanity “HEY being human is not all bad”. We have pizza after all. We have music. We have art. But for how long? What am I saying? Think. Think before thinking becomes illegal. A stolen meme? Yes. But think. Think human. Think. The attack on humanity is already here. If you pay attention, the small elites are either controlled by an outside influence or mad. The rich state they want to change your DNA. To cause others or you to be paralyzed. To stop you from reproducing. Why? Profit? I guess. What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

   So time travel, corporations, reality, the end of time. Anything else in this mad story? I suppose I could point out that on some realities they did find Amelia Earhart’s plane. In another reality already I had the links and now that to is gone the censor found and deleted. But that journal is now censored and I ponder which part freaked reality most. The part of wandering mind through the plumbing of time. When Clint had to ask himself. Going from the top Sagittarius world to a Pegasus world to Orion arm to Orion spur, to an Orion nebula column. That awkward question on plumbing. And where exactly does a soul end up in reality of moving, possessing other people’s bodies for a day in their lives? Does that make me a demon? Possession is 9 tenths of the law. In yet? I do not feel all that evil. I could be? Sure. I knew people in my world. What does that mean? Think if you told a person a story. What power does that story have over you? What? Only so many people can listen to great crimes and great people trying to find someone to talk to. Kind of sad. Real sad, reality is sad. Some of the greatest minds and stories in reality lost. Not because the people do not want to tell them. No. They lost because people do not have anyone to listen to them. So you listened to them? Sure. I usually gave them a story for a story. I had or have or will have more stories. Whether you believe them or not is up to you. And I? I can listen. I am after a bit older, at least according to the internet than the average person.

   So people tell you stories. They did. They do. They will. So what? Well. Think about reality. Think how in one reality one of your deepest secrets might not be so deep. To a copy or a person so close to you. That well a soul could step into your shoes and they know everything that you did or do or are thinking. And well. Tell the story to a stranger. No one does that. You would end up surprised. The lonely people are all around you. So? What one story can do to you in one reality can change you reality in another forever. What do I mean? I will tell you a story. For my life of me, I never understood why someone I knew wanted to live where she lived. I knew she loved the people. But for the life of me, the culture sucked. The people were mean to her. And I can say I did not enjoy the environment at all. I called it hell. So imagine for 45 years living with this person. Then visiting her on another world. And she tells you a truth, a story that makes this whole stupid living in hell make sense to her. Still does not make sense to me.

   And you realize. She was once in love. That she loved someone else and for whatever reason ended up with your father was or is wild. That I knew now that her mind had swapped out for her to hate my father these days, yes. That she knows she is traveling as I Am. At times. She does not talk about it anymore. Why? When people have one thing to say and say it. They tend to reserve themselves. Why? I have no idea. Secrets in one reality make people free in another. Sort of like that lost plane found in one reality and not here or currently here. Who knows? Tell me a secret and wait. Then ask again and sometimes I will tell you the same story. However. Where you turned left or stopped or did not say this is this or that is that. Well. Someone so similar to you to be your clone said “Well, I did this”. And with that, your whole life could change.

   My most recent secrets told to me by someone that is old. His memory is that the Battle of Hastings happened in 1006, not like here in 1066. Say what? Time change? No. The best reality television program or fiction program that comes closest. These days that explains it is West world on HBO. Some realities sped up. How? Anderson Time Institute talks about satellites placed in an orbit. That could hide and slow down earths reality for a time. So he came from a faster reality? Sure. What was he telling me? He told me he was older than I. Which is in some sense is a truth. Not the truth, but a truth. We discussed odds and ends. He confessed to be a magician. I was kind of disappointed. Disney was a magician. Here I see magic used wrong. However, his claims were worth listening to. He finally got upset and de friended me. Why?

   When I pointed out that a certain CEO had committed a biblical sin. So what do I see the change to be? I guess the mounting danger is nothing new to those that watch the news. Plague a hoax or reality? The mark of the beast slavery to a corporation or loss of humanity? Earthquakes in California? Volcanoes in Bolivia, Montana? Nukes in Minnesota, New York City? The mounting forces of evilness are all there. Predicted both by Christianity book of Revelation. And now by Scientologist. That they were told to listen to their movies, and by Ayn Rand or Star Trek Prime Directive do not harm humans. In yet? Do I see the forces of reality trying to work against evil? That is the wild part of the Montauk project story. One that is even older than 1006 battle of Hastings. You see when souls stolen and hidden among the universes galaxies for a purpose. The goal was to assassinate Christ by placing an assassin within heaven. Thus the story of a man that can not talk when meet by God and asked why he was not wearing the right clothing. God is all powerful. His reality is well is real. All this? All of this? If this is my imagination fine no problem. If this is part of a story that is real? Walk away from doing evil. Stop being evil. Do right. Why end humanity, and the worlds because of some delusional story that one man can own the world or worlds for a time?

   An acquaintance of his and person I knew about a seal in the bible. And that the bible was being forced to respond to the prophecy of the mark of the beast. Kind of sad. His remarks was that his friend the CEO in college did not know about Revelations and the mark of the beast. I was kind of astounded and told him again a name. What is in a name? A name can make or break a reality. So with that name he de friended me. Sadness. Change. People need to change or they end up in some looped reality in which the end is awful or horrible. Depending on how you see humanity, I suppose.

   What is my plan or recourse to evil? Tell you a story. Hope you read it. Most likely the censors will have it hidden or deleted before more than a few dozen people will read it. Storm the castle? No. I am not into that anymore. Action is for those that are bold. Pray? I pray. In yet? I am unsure of what will happen in each reality. Why? The bible has changed for me again. Not for you. No, your bible has always been like it reads here. For me? The changes are significant. There is a narrowing path. Will I make it? I repent daily. My dreams are more vivid. You can only wake up with your mouth tasting of blood so often before you realize something as a time traveler. If this is not a dream, then when I dream might not be a dream either. So what? Christ statement anger is the same as killing. Adultery in your heart is the same as sleeping with another mans wife. If this whole experience is not a dream. A wild dream that I wake up to someday and say wow to. Then I would say you need to change your ways. The path to humanity’s destruction whether it is through vaccination, or computer controlled sterilization of the population or not allowing people to work or eat is evil. Change. Reviewing an old journal.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 5.1billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 December 2016 earth date 5.1 to 5 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

1. Subject: See content on Platform problem.

2. Subject: Everything is gone.

1. The old journals are gone. I searched for them and both the internet version and hard copy are gone.

2. Not sure if they ever existed here or if I destroyed them after transmission.

3. The future horror stories are being reported online and in groups called Mandela effect.

4. CO2 gas freezes much of Europe, east coast of United States and much of Africa coast line going in 230 miles.

5. Team mate Rachel is gone. Last report mysterious alien invasion. Mind control with black box forcing people to live in cubes. Giants conquerors.

6. Another source unknown person reports that an asteroid hit earth with population 12 billion knocking down all buildings. When asked about bunkers the answer everything man-made had been destroyed. When asked how did she survived. Her answer I don’t think I did.

   People fail to ask me why? I mean, after all, I have just told you that the future is dying out. That this is a past, and it seems bent on a final battle with the creator of realities. Why change? Is or are there stories after the final battle where Psalms 2 happened for a time? Yes. Do I know those stories. Yes. They are not happily ever after stories. People die. We all die. The horrible realities are already told to you. People not having children and humanity dying. Vaccination plagues from Britain. Wars and rumors of wars. Are there no good alternative stories? To be honest, even Star Trek teaches that they keep on exploring after all their achievements. Why? They are looking for that part of them they lost when rejecting God. Surely some will find a path to God. I have a sad realization when I reread the bible again and the answer along with the answer I was told by a fellow time traveler is no. Change be good. Walk away from evil. Believe in Jesus. Why? The end is coming.


Chapter 4 Reality

   The reality of the end of time? Let me be honest. I wrote about pirates on my timeline. I had an audience. I had readers. I had. I had nothing to be honest. I was a loner in a lonely world. So? The reality of things as I see them nowadays. Reality as I traveled back in time upwards from a reality spinning much faster than here. Say 1000 years for one cycle of earth around the galaxy. Now my memory is here to where earths spinning 230 million years around a known black hole. I discovered reality is not so much what you believe it to be. What? Well. If this whole story is not a bad pizza dream. Or somehow a mix up in medication or somehow I did not survive one of my many brushes with death. That would mean either I am soul or a spirit wandering the universe. Not just one galaxy plural galaxies or and here is the point I will make soon enough. Your galaxy is brushing my reality for a moment in time. Say what?

   So let me begin with my start of my story. I journalese it to several locations. Most of which censored or taken down, the computer has disappeared, or broken, or and here is the funny part. I am censored by my two best readers. AI and either FBI or CIA readers. Do I really believe that? Sure. In 2018 I got tired of writing on Facebook because no one was responding to my posts. So I went to mind. From Sept 29 2018 through January 4th 2020. I had 3.1 million views. Reality are my posts on Facebook blocked by the CIA, which controls that internet site? Pretty sure. What about Minds? They got funding from an FBI source and then poof; I lost 80 percent of my readers. Kind of weird Sure. Correlation of my readership there went down dramatically.

   So back to the reality of what is happening and how it happened and will things change? What happened? Watch West world HBO. Reality those people placed in the freezer put into a simulated reality. Where their expectations changed about life. What? I know I am not who or what I should be. Why is that? I tried a lot. I lost a lot more. Example? Then in 2006 when my boss turned on me all of a sudden did not like me. Well, I went mad. I decide I could become a tycoon like any other person. I purchased 13 rental properties with 43 rental units within 9 months. The cash flow should have netted me after taxes 2300 dollars. What happened? Well. ISIS happened. Instead of paying HUD full rental price they stiffed me for four months 20,000 dollars which I covered. Then when I found out they were going to lower my rent price per tenant. And that the tenant was to cover the difference per a hearsay conversation on the phone about a letter HUD said it would or did not send. That letter which I never have received that letter from HUD. In which I am told that the tenants told to pay the difference already. It was too late for me to recoup the differences from the tenants after six months of arguing. I was already in 80k and before I could finish I lost 106k of my retirement money to freeloading renters. Sounds like a sob story. Sure is. However, I am telling you this to make you realize when I say the judges are bribed to cause problems. The truth more likely than not is they have been. You think the president of the United States executive power is stifled? Sure looks like that to me. Ruled against by the same people that ruled on my bankruptcy. Shame, really.

   So is there justice? I have already talked about Alice elsewhere. However, the program or whatever that awoke me or started the process to awake me, I meet elsewhere. What do I mean? Here Pirates of the Caribbean according to the internet taken down in 2011. I remember playing the game in 2015. And one day when I was writing my stories, one of the players seemed to take an interest. Then my computer sort of well hiccuped I suppose is the right answer. How or why? All I can say is whatever it was. It freaked me out. After arguing with it for two solid weeks, I left Facebook. That I gave up on playing pirates which being partial blind and with a bleeding stump at that time. Meaning I could not walk. Because my missing left foot still bleed. And I had nothing better to do then write pirate stories and play pirates was an ordeal for me. I went from Facebook to TSU and posted photos of flowers. Which is funny? Why? I no longer have a phone. But somehow I had a phone in that reality and posted flower pictures for three months until TSU was defunct too. So back to pirates I went. Then April 19, 2016 happened. I think the reality of that world still makes me question reality here.

   What was reality like? I noted that the women were all regal. I would almost say genetic beautified. What? Well. I love my wife and her doppelgangers however the journal entry that got the most comments was. I think I am in the great ass worlds. Everyone in Bolivia was pretty. The most notable beauty on television was Trump’s daughter when she was having a child, I believe. So? What did I do in these worlds? Well. Hillary Clinton was winning in the polls. Reason the regal worlds seemed more scared of the police than here. Being not from there I was kind of that nut. My posts I think you can find a mention of it on Wondering mind through the multiverse. You see, during that time my soul was moving, I thought. At least of passing from one earth to another back towards the center of the galaxy, time did not seem to be an issue. All the earths uniformed in time according to the Internet. Do I believe it? Lets be honest. According to memory. Because the journals are missing I went all the way to 3,000 light years to the center of the galaxy. Where a huge massive black hole was being digitized by some lady. And the speculation was something else. Then my journal goes nuts. Meaning instead of one black hole it became two. Then one massive one with a Sun the size of 26,000 times our sun eaten by the black hole. Then there were 10,000 small black holes. Then? Then I ended up on the Pegasus arm of the galaxy.

   There I meet a reality jumper actually meet quite a few. His statements and so forth got me interested in Jewish lore on fairies. And realizations that Jimmy Carter Area 51 most likely held more than space aliens. Such as what? During 2016 2017 giants from Afghanistan. Some fairies from a Russian forest, several types of witches, a few fallen angels. I am not sure on the angels. I know who I talked to. I could not confirm their stories. Still, the stories were interesting.

   I already had my answers from a rabbi, and several pastors, and my shrink by this time. One said there was no other reality. The others said shut up or sounds demonic. My shrink telling me that I am living a past life got me upset enough that I proved a point to him. What point? Well. Let me be honest. You do not read books here. Books tell stories. Stories have meaning. Movies have meaning. So? Stories also have a power behind them. Let me say if I have at least enchanted you enough to read here I proved to him that he was dead, not I.

   So into a world where religion said I was evil. Lets be honest. I do not think I could hurt a fly. I am not that type of person. However, the religious people concurred that what I was saying was evil. After a time they gave up on me. Me? I have hope. The bible has changed yet again. A story is emerging that I know was not in my reality. Like? I am pretty sure that if Peter in Acts spoke about the ending of time. And he would have said that by the end of time a blood moon would occur. My pastors would have informed me of that. I listen. I am sure that passage has changed. Just like time and reality. Meaning? Well, in October 2019 in some reality I was passing through the blood moon occurred. I still had not read Acts where Peter states that by the end of time a blood moon would occur. However, it interested me enough to see what a blood moon was because this was like my 3 or 4th one in several years. I went and looked it up. The statements seemed rather factual, and the link said the next blood moon would be in 2035. Okay. No big deal to me. Now? New reality or different worlds. This year 12 full moons, 2 super-moons, and I look them up somehow May 21, 2021 a blood moon will happen. Seems like 14 years slide by in a rather hurry. So what has that to do with Jewish lore? Well. There are many telling of the bible. The first part of specific and Jewish lore have several unique ideas difference. Like? The original sin was Eve having sex with Satan and the offspring being Cain and Abel. Kind of puts a whole question on sin? Sort of. However, what got me even more was King Solomon travels. Say what?

   The stories of King Solomon in Jewish lore change. He falls victim to one of his wives worshiping a false god. He loses grace in some. In others he tempted to have the daughter of a priestess of Baal as a wife or sexual partner. She asks for his sons for sacrifice. He says no. She says take these grasshoppers as your sons crush them on the alter as your sons. He does. And God kills all his sons from all his thousands of wives. Wild. In others he tempted to challenge the king of demons without some ring God had given him. Some he gets thrown seven years away, ending up as a cook. Thus temple which took 30 years to the built in that reality done by a doppelganger demon. Whose actions are the reason his son when asked about service at the beginning of his reign. And why his son loses 10 of the tribes of Israel because the demon overworked the Israelite's. Solomon in some stories gets back in three months. Other stories seven years, he is a cook. In others he comes back with a wife he rescues from a tower with a flying carpet. In some he does not get back until he is very old and dies creating some building. If you reread the lore enough. You get an idea that there is a different ending for each soul created in this reality.

   So what is reality? It is a hologram. Energy equals light. Nothing more. Meaning mass is light. Think plants which the majority of life comes from. Are made from or with the molecules from chlorophyll. Light from chloroplasts which absorb energy in the form of light. So instead of E=mc2. It is really Energy equates to light. So? If this is just one large hologram. Reality is nothing more than a big screen television or home movie for whoever is watching? Say what? Read Job. Realization is humanity on purpose in life? Is to live life with merit. Or to serve God. It is more of like our advanced avatar gaming pieces. In which he bets on you against whoever is playing the game of life with him or her.

   Come now. I have just told you the meaning of life. There should be something more than laughter. Or come now, reality is more than living life with merit. Or doing good, be good, stop evil? Nope. The plan is still to CHANGE. Be good. If not for this story, for your kids. IF not for your kids. For humanity. If not for humanity, for the realization that the end of times happened whether you like the events or not. It is a hard choice to swallow. Are there tests?? Sure life is a test. So reality is just one big game or test? Seems like the illusion is up. We live in a hologram. The aim is to be good. So do good.

   In other realities, 2035, and still others? The point being if you are not prepared for a life of merit you might want to rethink your priorities. Such as? Well, to be honest a CEO of a major corporation. Now pushing a vaccination that changes your DNA and patented marked 666 might not be such a good idea. Living in states where they have removed the option opt out. And are demanding forced vaccinations again might be a time to move. Evil is here. Are they prepared? They have the money. They have the power. Do they have all the influence? Seems like a major part of the political structure is backing them. Is that good? It is good enough you might want to move out of any state that they have control over.

   Does not sound too hard, does it? The problem? Seems like the future realities. Or the realities that lived in a much faster cycle around the galaxies or universe are dying. And well. That would mean an end of time. Maybe all the bets are done. Or God has flipped the channel or? And here is the sad part. The Borg might be coming for those into Science fiction. Or welcome to the Matrix. You only thought it was a movie. Really, did you?

   What is funny? Realizing the madman in a dark room might be telling you a real story? Or that his points seem obvious everyone should be good or and here is the fact I told the shrink. Your star or sun here has been dead billions of years, more than the color it shows. That the mirror hiding this reality from the truth is coming down soon enough. How soon? Well, if the blood moon is right in Acts. In some realities, I suppose May 2021.

   Are there other options? Sure be good. Storm the castle meaning? I personally removed the corporation’s software from my computer. Linux is okay however the word processor hurts my eyes. Is that my chance to save humanity tell people to use freeware? By removing myself from a potential threat of the umbrella corporation? Who knows? All I know in my world for 45 years Vernon MacGee with a. An A like MacDonald's which stood for Big Mac and where the bible said Zachariah was about nukes going off. Here there is a potential unproven vaccine. Being pushed by large corporations on people due to a virus that kills less than 2 in 10,000. Forcing them to make a decision. To take the mark or work is already been put out there by the umbrella corporation leader. To be anyone battery is like the movie The Time. Why give up life for enslavement to a corporation? Live life be free. BE GOOD. That awkward moment when I look for some hero and see my dog. I wonder. Nope, he still does not know his name.

   The wild part of reality? Well. Closed time curved loop reality means that the ending and the beginning are made by the creator. What does that mean? God has control points where everything in this reality comes from. So? Imagine a movie or television. When God pulls the plug. The movie is over. In that time when the lights finally go out. That is when the question God gives to the rich. About what if you gain the whole reality or world but lose your soul for what comes into a question of reality? If there is nothing outside of God’s purpose. A review of an old journal.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.6billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 March 2017 earth date 4.6 to 4.3variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject: Removed.


Subject: Witches, fallen angel, fairies, and other oddities.

1. Earth destruction is happening. There appears to be more witches here.

2. Discovered a fallen angel. Course of action requested?

3. Fairies are moving to other realms.

4. Magi are seeking answers.

   So a final battle where God already wins. Why? God has the remote to shut down reality. He is the beginning and ending of time. Will he do it? Lets be honest in my reality. I expected the end of time to happen. Somewhere between 2069 and 2200 AD That I find myself going back in time. To look at calendars changing. So that 2020 is an actual 2012 in the Ethiopian calendar. Meaning the end of time for some culture brings the reality back into focus. Time is ending.

Chapter 5 Time

   Time or to be specific, the end of time. Why is it I have heard of time ending elsewhere? CO2 clouds freezing realities. Cloud killing everyone on the east coast, much of Europe and Africa? Time. I tried to study time. Outside of Anderson Time Institute for reading material. Along with several books on math, mirrors, and alternative thoughts about time.

   Time is not studied that much. Meaning? Well, I did a quick search today. Today the equation here is Time variation = -7.655 sin d+ 9.873 sin (2d+ 3.588). Where dis the day of the year and the resulting value is in terms of minutes of variation. So? All that tells you where you will be watching time passing on earth. Sort of loses me. Why? Well. If energy is a mass which is usually made of light, multiplied by light cubed.

   Time is the movement of the frequency of a light individual within the space given. Meaning? Each person, each object has its own time. Laugh all you want. That is what John Von Neumann’s final calculation showed. Finally, presentation in May 1957, the same month he published the paper. Meaning in some reality out in a real future. That no longer exist. When he lived until May 1957. There is a paper locked up in Princeton. Which shows some calculation predicting the outcome of chaos. What did he discover? There was no such thing as chaos. Everything. Meaning even my writing this story predicted and written out somewhere. Sort of like the Matrix. Specific, he calculated that everything will happen according to a plan. Say what? Well. There is a God. He tells the plan, and the plan followed out. When that plan is not followed out he laughs. Specific in Psalms 2, where he sees Kings trying to break the bonds of his story. His laughter I described elsewhere. It is not fun to watch the undoing of time.

   Examples? I gave? Watching military persons running to their stations. Following secret codes in their minds. Only their minds swapped so instead of firing some secret weapon. They make coffee. Or a secret agent plugging in a copier that fires an automated system. That supposed to take all human response time out of the equation. Only the wires rewired. And instead of firing a billion dollar weapon. The copier prints out some spreadsheet with a way too many numbers on it. Or where minds were even trained to follow a certain path. Well, somehow a bucket of water misguides the path, ending in a sort of ridiculous situation. If you watch their plans fall apart enough with God laughter you wonder which is more insane. Me as the storyteller. Ir me listening to me repeat this story. Which I wrote out online on Cosmo funnel only to have the story censored once more. Sure someone could fight. Sure. The German timeline fought and lost by winning. The completely mechanical non-automation systems work. Yet, when God withdraws to see what reality would be like for those people there. Instead of a Utopia. They created their own sex slave hell of sorts. Why? My memory is vague. However, once a perverted society. Meaning once perverted always a perverted society. Thus without God to change their reality or force them to repent and change their ways? They degenerated into a society that lasted some 368 years or so. And then? Chaos and evil go hand in hand. War is evil. Or insane. Most likely both.

   When I first started seeing these examples, I wrote them out. There were ten general tasked specific for the war. To try what considered breaking Gods bond or story.

   I wrote much about three of those general plans. From a space fleet of 10,000 matching heaven. Being eliminated down to less than three percent of the force. The force fleeing and then nuking their own worlds. To a bizarre idea of enslavement to sex planets. Where sodomy and other evils happened. So God instead destroyed those worlds without much thought. To seeing the secret plans laid out by a general across the universe. That I got stuck on some other general’s plan. By mind swapping me to some reality. Where I was writing about how earth was to step outside the galaxy. Then that world was to fry for seven to twelve years in 2013 makes me wonder.

   What do I ponder? Seems obvious to me. When I started my journals about my journey I had not heard of Montauk project. Then doing research into Montauk project, the bible changed. What changed? Christ statement that the enemy came in the night and sowed weeds among the seeds. Say what? Evidence in some realities using Anderson described satellites to slow down time. Realities were able to see Gods stories and change the outcomes.

   Meaning? I gave examples. Bayer bought Monsanto for 22 billion dollars less. Then what CNN news said in my reality on May 2016 plus or minus billions of years from now. In yet that reality is gone so? Well. If each outcome can change the final outcome could also?

   That is the sadness. In all my realities I do not see where everyone agreed to be good, walked away from evil and well were good. I wonder or ponder what would happen?

   There is no question about what is at stake. My soul, your soul, the existence of reality if God gets tired pulls the plug. Or if he wants to see what a corporation would do with humanity. That awkwardness of realizing that enslavement. Either to one God or a corporation is not something I was planning on doing in 2016 plus or minus billions of years.

   Why plus or minus billions? Well. My journals concur I lived for a time on an earth where the internet stated the age of the earth was much older than here. Some of my memories in my journal specific dates, along with the memory of arguing with a Science teacher that the earth was not so old. Why would I argue? I am a difficult person to live with. Imagine someone tells you a story that hey, the mountain moved today. Realization that I am or might be mad is real. Realization that you all might be dead a long time ago. Because the color of your sun dead red, not yellow is well awkward.

   So people are dead? To me? I watch people wander the street and think these days of the television program “Walking Dead”. The straight walking path usually taken and less bunching up? Now seems with the masks and all too close together. Who knows? I do know I am not writing this in my native language anymore. Time wise I am unsure what language however God created the eyes to see and ears to hear. Meaning? I watch television. Programs that said one thing now, say something else. Specific program the American Ninja Warrior. Instead of matching the English words with the lip movement. The whole conversation takes place and the lips keep on moving.

   So what does this mean? Change folks. Believe in Jesus. BE good. The only way of getting out of this mess is through a doorway of belief in Jesus Christ. Repenting and seeing what the next level of this game of life is about. Think the inciting events are already here. Corporations announcing vaccination cryptocurrency to tie your minds into a computer system. God’s book telling you they will not feel pain of a scorpion bite. Plague, the coming world war, famine already in Africa, and other natural disasters. I ponder the key event is you need to change because you want to be human. Not some Borg. Not some battery like The Time movie. Not some robot that can withstand scorpion bites. Think. Think would you want to be a slave to a corporation? A corporation that put humanity under lock down? Either over a lie or a truth in which they released the virus? Either way, possibility is that they started? Think covid-19 vaccine patented in England by November 2019. Seems rather odd?

   Scientologist should listen to their movies. The Christians should listen to their bible. The anarchist should listen to the idea that corporations really are evil here. The potential that the end of time is being brought to you by a corporate sponsor is absurd in yet? Could be the truth.

   Why do I care? I have the awful feeling I have been here before. Deja vu. I ponder or think most movies and authors of movies. Most likely wrote some scenario of their reality and poof. We are living them. What is my plan? Change. Repent. Believe in Jesus. Will that save me? I have wild dreams. I would not believe them as a child. How could I be so evil in my nightmares? I was not this way. I will not be that way. Those dreams where I would wake up with blood in my mouth I thought were horrible. I think or wonder if this is not somehow a dream. Were all my dreams real? It explains a lot of who I meet during my life. It would explain a lot of where I got promoted to during my career. Those were awful dreams. In yet if this is not the dream? I need a plan. Change reality. BE good. Believe in Jesus. Simple. I am not asking you to do evil. Be good. Save yourself. I am to evil; you say. Listen, if this is not some real bad pizza dream where I have somehow lived for all these years in. Then time is ending. You do not want to go forward in time. That is already dead. This is the past. Maybe this moment in time is that last moment to believe in Jesus and change. Change.

   Change how? No war. Stop talking war. Put that money into feeding people. Change how? Tax corporations. Why is it that out of 3 or 2 trillion dollars? Some 96 percent of the money went to corporations while citizens got 4 to 5 percent? When you look and realize. That the United States budget taxation is 93 percent supported by the US citizen. With 7 percent by corporations? Why give money to corporations? Why are they not paying back 2.9 trillion dollars? Why are the citizens paying for golf fees for corporations? Change how? Break up the corporations. Where is Teddy Roosevelt saving the US of A? How long has new technology sat in the patent office not used? Think people before profit is not a cheap saying. Without people there is no profit. Without people there is no creativity. The ideas of all could change the world. However, the people make the profit and make reality worth living. Change how? Be GOOD. Simple, BE Good.

   Why? The Bible fulfilled. Earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, rumors of wars to name a few. To continue plague, famine, the sun melting armies. Here riots, looting, zombies, now in Zechariah, hailstones the size of rocks, grasshoppers. The coming evils are nothing to laugh about. The story fulfilled if you do not repent, turn from evil, do good, believe in Jesus. Why? The future is dead. The first will be last. The last will be first. Meaning? If I was in truth on an earth 6.5 billion years into a future. That would make me first made. And this being the past? If this is the past. And I am telling you it is. Then the end might have already occurred. This is your second time through this film or more or light show since everything is light. Or hologram film that played until Gods story done right. It would explain a lot about time and deja vu.

   Sure there is a better plan? How about somehow storm heaven? I have seen that plan more than once. Humanity without someone directing humanity to do good. Tends to become evil. The rich are those greedy enough to want to steal the little a poor person has for what purpose? The poor need to eat too.. Fight God? I am sure that has happened and failed. What about the mark of the beast? The mark of the beast changes humanity into slaves to corporations. Not allowed to reproduce. Physical paralyzed to force you to purchase this medicine or that? Discrimination not allowed food or work without being nonhuman? Sounds like something evil even most people would recognize. Review of an old journal.

   Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 April 2017earth date 4.6 to 4.4 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject: Platform used failed.

Subject: The sun?

1. The sun has gone from yellow to bright burning white.

2. Discovered that Katrina 2003 original memory here 2005 that a mirror was placed to cover the sun at 340 to 450 miles above earths orbit.

3. To hide Planet X which showed up in 2014 photos original date and time.

4. Photo graphs well documented on google search Fallon, Montana and look up into the sky.


   The end of battles plural is upon humanity. The first earths plural are watching the end of times on this branch of the tree of life. Sure, I jest. No. Gods pruning the branches. December 12, 2017 nukes hit Hawaii in some realities. Early 2016 something hit earths so hard that every single structure collapsed. Bunkers skyscrapers to one-story buildings, everything the lady said. What about my reality? Why did I start swapping out? Secrets. I ponder or think that is a resolution. There are secrets.

Chapter 6 Secrets

   Secrets? What on earth secrets do you have? You have written close to a million words in journals, blogs, poetry. What secrets? Time travel is real. Laugh with me. So you say. This is not the first time I have been here. Your body has always been here. And I have read your posts before. You have not gone anywhere. Laughing, I point out that the tree moved today. So? I do not recall walking through trees in my reality. You are mistaken. Shakespeare was a mystery. His grave, that his father was a glove maker. His wife’s name was Anne Hathaway. Where he lived, or buried all were unknown in my reality. The discussion was if he was one man or a group of writers. The discussion in my Advanced English and British literature. What made a group come together to write? Sounds more like you are gaining information from these realities. What else? Your sun is dead red and hidden by a mirror here since 2003 or later. What? I am telling you a secret that is here in this reality that you should know.

   So the sun is dead. So what? That a sun is dead means this reality is much, much older than 4.5 billion years old. How much older? A red sun means somewhere between 10 to 20 billion years of age. Humanity has not slowed down reality to be 10 or 20 billion years old.     Reality is real? You have West world on HBO where reality played out at a much faster rate. For the amusement of the viewers in the quote real world. What is so hard for you to grasp of parallel, time traveling visitors? Coming back through your worlds, telling you to change?

   What travelers? Of course you think I am the only one seeing these changes? What few people do or say these days is talk about the changes. Secrets and changes within words, history, geography, people’s souls to name a few. Or brand names. Along with television programs and languages. This is to name another few changes and secrets.

   I already told the story of discovering Montauk project. Where they stole souls from heaven. Putting them in positions that were hell enough that when they visited heaven. Their souls were not found in the book of life.

   The farther back in time I go, the more people are getting into heaven. Why? A stolen soul put in hell. Judges bribed to destroy his life, his career. His Facebook friends, witches, magicians, fairies. You do not know these people if you have small gonads. Think reality or the God of Justice is setting things straight. Why am I one of nine that I know of from my original group still writing? Gonads? I doubt that. I prayed. I am not mean. I have not a mean bone in my bone. In yet? Prayer. Christ gives you the best advice. Pray for your enemies. Bless them that curse you. I still am patiently awaiting to see something done. Will I see it in this lifetime? That I am stuck in a freezer every night and moved from one reality to the next makes me question my answer.

   The mystery is all Mandela effected people are time travelers. Some going to their original bodies to for judgment in their day of judgment. Some going to a reality. Where they should have died a long time ago. And is being reanimated for a day for the soul to go through once more back to their original bodies. Why? John Von Neumann’s final paper written will show there was no such thing as chaos. Whether on this earth or on an earth some 10 to power of 193 or 200 created by man. Christ’s statement that God said let the weeds and seeds grow up together. And at the end will separate the good from the bad, is happening and is forthcoming. What do I mean? I have seen war, famine, and potential plague. I have heard of planets burnt with CO2. I have seen the mark of the beast corporation presented as a vaccine. And no pastor preaching against. I realize now. That why I had questions on when will the temple be built. Was it in three, seven, 35, or 70 years per each Bible’s verses? Those years represented how far down into hell I had been placed. Does that mean I get a pass into heaven? I do not know. I am kind of scared because unknown is reality.

   What does a writer do? I did not buy popcorn. I do not have pizza. To watch the mystery of the end of the time of tribulation and realize outside of prayer there is not much I can do is. Well, is wild. I feel vague I should be doing more. Writing more? I write. Few people read. I am censored. So I write even more. My computer breaks, taking with it 100s of writings. So I removed the corporation’s software. Who wants to be part of the destruction of humanity? The key events to come? The blood moon was to happen in 2035 is now May 2021. The real end of 2012 happens now between September 19 through the 8th of 2020. Personally, I am kind of excited to see the end of things. Whether I am a garbage can which meant for destruction. Or someone caught in someone else plans and did wrong throughout his dreams. I do not know. I repent. Does that mean anything? Demons know Jesus’ name and tremble. I ponder or think or wonder. I wander. My soul at stake. I suppose the secret is your soul is at stake too.

   There it is, a secret and I am telling you it. Believe in Jesus. Stop evil. Should make sense with the inciting events of today and in this age. Stop wasting time. Believe in Jesus Christ. So do good. Seems like deja vu or a repeating record.

So God secret? The bible never changed here. However, for those traveling through the bible, changes are enormous. How so? Zombies in Zechariah. Changing an old story melting river of blood that reached a horse’s bridle in Zachariah. Lion laying down to Wolf among the sheep. Ability to walk away from evil even if you are built to be evil. A third of those going to heaven will go through a fire that will wash their own clothes in blood. What is the plan of action? For me? I am repenting of new sins I learn about. Were they sin in my reality and I just did not read the bible right? I do not know. Sort of like Acts where Peter says blood moon and sun will be partially blocked out. I knew the sun part. The moon part? I do not think that was part of anything I read or heard in my reality. So? Repent, believe in Jesus. That is my big secret to escape the end of the time of tribulation? To be honest, I think I have to go through this part again. Why? I am neither cold nor hot. Evil or Good. How so? It is my opinion I failed. I should have been able to pray more. Or rely on God more. Or? As a failure in this life and in all the parallel lives I have lived so far. I thought I would wake up one day. Have my career, my business, my foot back, my eyesight back, a lifestyle that consisted a bit more than this? This is okay. It is better than my childhood. Still, in my childhood I had a library. Here I have a screen and all the imaginary friends that accept pirates’ friends invite. A time traveler journal through time after all needs someone to read its secrets. Like?

   The Czar had two daughters that did survive their ordeal. Or that cloning ha been commercially available for some time now. Or time travel? Allowing you to make your own reality. An example in a closed time curved loop that can make you believe that the present is the past. And that living one day can show up on the Internet like millions, even billions of years having pasted by. Or what else? Secrets that like Solomon statement every tale under the sun has been done before. That this story has been told before. Or that the eyes can see and ears can hear. In yet, I do not believe I am speaking or writing or reading my native language anymore? Say what? I read. I read old books that I enjoyed. They have changed. For the better? Not in my opinion, evil seems more real here. Where a quote used to be that made the book worthwhile it is not there. Sort of like “Life is like a box of chocolates.” This life was like a box of chocolates. Meaning? I most likely am late to my body’s day of judgment. Someplace yet for me to visit or go to.

   Secrets? That you are living this moment in time. Reliving it one last time. Repent. That seems like deja vu. Sure is. If someone from the dead comes a calling or writing a post and you have read this far. Whatever secrets I have are not as many secrets as this place. Be good. Change. Change is the biggest secret of all. Think do not become a puppet on some corporate strings.

   I can see my secrets did not even stir your interests. So a few more. All those Mandela effected people are passing through your reality. Once believers in Christ and now? Warm soup? Vomited out of Gods mouth? I do not know. I do know that now the temple is not required to be built for Christ to return in the bible. Which is news to me? Think. What else? Everyone that you listen to stories. Ask and see if they tell the same story. If not? A soul is not a body. As a body is not a soul. Think. Do not become a puppet on some corporate string. Do not trade your soul for an illusion that will be gone once God’s final judgment day comes. Think.

   What is the danger? WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. Question is this the mark of the beast patent number from a corporation. Whose CEO people should be vaccinated-upon. Governors in states. New York, California, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Michigan. All saying not to open until a vaccination is available. All purposing that the vaccine is needed. When the owner of this patent also owns the covid-19 vaccine and if you look into it gave it to the Canadian lab for the Chinese students to steal.

   So God secret? The bible never changed here. However, for those traveling through the bible, changes are enormous. How so? Zombies in Zechariah. Changing an old story melting river of blood that reached a horse’s bridle in Zachariah. Lion laying down to Wolf among the sheep. Ability to walk away from evil even if you were built to be evil. A third of those going to heaven will go through a fire that will wash their own clothes in blood. What is the plan of action? For me? I am repenting of new sins I learn about. Were they sin in my reality and I just did not read the bible right? I do not know. Sort of like Acts where Peter says blood moon and sun will be partially blocked out. I knew the sun part. The moon part? I do not think that was part of anything I read or heard in my reality. So? Repent, believe in Jesus. That is my big secret to escape the end of the time of tribulation? To be honest, I think I have to go through this part again. Why? I am neither cold nor hot. Evil or Good. How so? It is my opinion I failed greatly. I should have been able to pray more. Or rely on God more. Or? As a failure in this life and in all the parallel lives I have lived so far. I thought I would wake up one day. Have my career, my business, my foot back, my eyesight back, a lifestyle that consisted a bit more than this? This is okay. It is better than my childhood.

   Still, in my childhood I had a library. Here I have a screen and all the imaginary friends that accept pirates’ friends invite. A time traveler journal through time after all needs someone to read its secrets. Like? The Czar had two daughters that did survive their ordeal. Or that cloning ha been commercial available for some time now. Or time travel? Allowing you to make your own reality. In a closed time curved loop that can make you believe that the present is the past. And that living one day can show up on the Internet like millions, even billions of years having pasted by. Or what else? Secrets that like Solomon statement every tale under the sun has been done before. That this story told before. Or that the eyes can see and ears can hear. In yet, I do not believe I am speaking or writing or reading my native language anymore? Say what? I read. I read old books that I enjoyed. They have changed. For the better? Not in my opinion. Where a quote used to be that made the book worthwhile it is not there. Sort of like “Life is like a box of chocolates.” This life was like a box of chocolates. Meaning? I most likely am late to my body’s day of judgment. Someplace yet for me to visit or go to. The vaccine patented in England November 2019 .Being good is not enough. Flee? The Jewish leadership is suggesting that. Stop using the corporation’s software? I switched to Linux. Stop purchasing anything associated with the voice paying and sponsoring this evil? Yes. Pray for him?

   Yes. The bible speaks. Christ says. “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and for the gospel will save it. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” A soul is for eternity while an illusion is for just a moment in time. And believe me as a time traveler, time is a lot longer than a moment. Is that all the plan I have? I write. Me and my two readers write to other people at times. Do they change their ways? I have not a clue. I can hope and pray. What is the final plan? I am already dead if I am in the closed time curved loop. If I understand how the spirit or soul ripped from a body using a super collider. So. Asking, praying, changing my spending, moving outside those areas. Yes. Is the final plan going to help? Be good. Change your ways. There is always hope. Is the hope worthwhile? That is the black moment in this secret tale. For both the evil ones, good, and lukewarm soup. If the future is burnt up. And the present is all I have. There is no going back the loop is broke. So? It is heaven or hell. An illusion of control over an illusion world. It might be in the book of Being and Time written out in the context if you did not know the difference. Then what difference does it make? Investigating an older journal.

   Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.5 billion years old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 August 2017 earth date 4.5 variable on search billion years old Expedition Force number 123. Subject: The sun?

1. The mirror broken in certain parts of the world.

2. The internet emergency channels for ships all are blocked in Pacific ocean due to the mirror positioning failed.

   Meaning? If everyone you knew was there or not due to them not being born. And all your thoughts and stories were there, but not with the same people. Does it matter? Secrets. What one person knows might help you, or might send you elsewhere to hell. The end battle and end of time of tribulation is here folks. Whether I am dreaming this. Which I would hope I am or this is real for today and the reality of tomorrow change you can decide. Change is the secret.

Chapter 7 Changing

   Secrets are changing. I have a tale to tell. There are more than one race or species of humans on earth. The Bible, Torah, and Koran all agree upon that. Just like that secret. The letter S is removed or taken from earths is known to those passing through these worlds today. Some call them Mandela effected. Other’s time travelers looking into a different aspect of lives not lived.

   So Race there is the Jewish Adam and Lilith. Their backs attached together, and they bickered before God. Why? Rumors Lilith was in love with a recently captured race. What? For that race look into the Koran. The jinn were at war with angels for a long time. Their galaxy had collided with the galaxy of Gods. The letter S is intentionally there for plural. They finally submitted and allowed into heaven.

   God then gave the title angel given to one of their princes. I believe it was Death. So Death and Lilith conspired to separate Adam and her and part ways. God separated them. Put Adam and Lilith in the garden of Eden.

   She left. God saw Adam upset. Sent some angels to bring her back. She did not love Adam. Once caught made a deal with the angels and never went back to Adam. First part of Genesis.

   God saw Adam was all alone. He created 50 or 60 or 70 golems or clay animations to help with Eden. He did this in front of Adam and gave Adam a wife there. Adam rejected her after seeing how she was made. Second story of Genesis. Then God put Adam asleep for a time. How long? I have no idea. Never the less he took a rib from Adam and made Eve. Third story in Genesis. Thus creating at least three races on earth in the Jewish, Koran, and Bible.

   Now if that was not enough. God puts Watchers or other angels on earth. They got bored and had sex with well. The second race or golems are called the daughters of man not Adam. So at least four races? Well, here is the sad part of Jewish lore and history. The original sin. One would say it was taking a bit out of a fruit or a fig. Is that not truth? Again Jewish lore comes in. The original sin was Satan, seduces Eve, and sons. She has two sons, Cain and Abel.

   If you check, you will see in King James that Seth was the first son of Adam. So let me see there is four races plus Cain and Abel and their descendants. So that is six races in total, right off the bat in the book of Genesis. Kind of a lot of races. To follow or say how many? So now. The earths plural. They all were existing along for thousands of years while taught war by angels. So the giants of which there were many were eating mankind up. I supposed to hear the story earth had all its trees eaten up by those living there. Sadness. I love trees.

So God sends a flood. Noah gets to build an ark. Which he does. And the flood comes. Now here is some mystery to the story. In the Jewish lore, the king of the Giant’s Og was the rainproof tarp for that ark. Say what? Well. There was Noah and his family. The king of the giants Og which Moses kills some years later. Sounds wild, I know.

So here are the parts of the stories untold to King James readers. That Lilith survived and had children too. That the king of the giants survived. For he ruled in Canaan area until Moses came along and cut off his ankle and he died. Suppose Og was close to three miles high and hundreds of years old. Laugh with me. I know.

Now, the son of Noah that saw him naked. This part is known to the Jews I know. That he had sex with his mom and she conceived another race too. What? If you read Noah's wife was part angel, not a direct decedent of Seth.

So even after a flood there were at least four races on this planet called earth in just one tale.

What other tales are there? Why God allowed the other worlds to grow differently. He allowed a world with giants, a world with half angels, a world with golems, a world with well. I suppose demons as you know.

Surely you jest. The argument can be made against that. I am telling you a tale. Listen for I know. So the second wife of Adam if the truth be told never partook of the tree of knowledge. The legend so goes. Her race as you would say is that known as fae or fairies. That odd race on midsummer nights. When all is alight one can see their light? They live on a different time of reality, so the story goes.

   So the race of humanity as you can see is not a race. It is races. And what is known is bold. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are ugly in all truth told. So what of identity? White race with 8 percent of the world’s population? Being told that 92 percent of the of the world is more important and let them live among you and change you or shame on you? That is the question, is it not? Identify to be a human. Say what? Well. If I might be so bold. I point to Noah and his sons. Pay attention to where they left and went. The only humans went north. While east went the semi angels and south went giants. To live as a human is what I am told to be bold.

   Ah Gender? Well. Let us swipe forward in time. The mark of the beast. Corporation patent from a corporation WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. If you read and listen to the owner tell. His RNA vaccine and certification will change human DNA. Why? To kill humanity or the last race with that gender if the story be told. His goal to control what you eat, if you can work, and if you can live is bold. And? Well if his chip can turn off sexual reproduction think what gender he can control or create?

   So into this new worlds of thought you must think. More than one race? Yes, to think More than one story of life on earths? Why the letter S for plural? For lets be honest, this is just one reality to be told.

   What is so important to call a race of human? That is the awful decision. However, the tale told. That a human has a piece of God in the soul. A living piece of the breath of God. Does that make him a god? Jesus indicated that Psalms said something to the extent. And in questioning Jesus about being the son of God this part he concurred with that.


   A question of reality and the plan. Why would you want to associate with something trying to kill the human race? Depart from evil. Remove evil. Be good for goodness’ sake. Linux is free. OpenOffice is too. Try something else, do not let the corporation enslave you.

   Stop purchasing stuff from the corporation tree. Break free. Stop and think. Slavery to a God that made you and me? Or slavery to a corporation CEO. That said, to reduce the population by more than 90 percent.

   Reflect on who you believe. Make the hard choices be free. Free? You think stories are not predictions of the future? Do you think the movie The Time does not correlate with you enslaved for life as a battery to some corporate clock? Do you think the Bible is not real? Be brave. Be Bold. Push for being human is a goal.

   Why? The reality of time is at hand. For those in the know. The most accurate calendar Ethiopian calendar will show. The end of 2012 is starting to close. The point of no return. The seals of the plague? A hoax? For those vaccinated, sure. For those other races? The kill rate is much higher if you look at the real rate.

   Investigate and think. Think be free. Do not subjugate to a corporation that one day decides to outsource you to India. Or it is cheaper to hire someone else because you are a minute late. So? What to plan for? The beast has shown its plan. The plagues are opening per the CEO Netflix interview there will be more. The worlds are in an uproar.

   What can anyone do? Pray. Stop using corporation software to be free. Grow your own food before it is too late. Stop working for a corporation that wants to subjugate your reproductive rate. Think no vaccinate.

   The sadness? It seems too late. One political party is saying no work unless vaccinate. They control several of the most populated states. Move before it is too late. Journal reviewed.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw expeditionary Force Officer Message Staff, G-7 12 December 2017 earth date 4.6 to 4.4 variable on search billion years old Expedition Force number 123.

Subject: Hawaii nuked.

1. The loop of time has been destroyed. Time is now more of a 6 than an 8. The bonds of the story-line in question.

2. Reality changed drastically today. More evil than one expect to see.

3. People from other realities report in about the nuclear are immediately institutionalized.

The final battle for humanity is upon this earth. Will you stand for humanity? Or be a corporate drone?

   Make your resolution soon, for tomorrow might be too late. Believe in Christ for that part to might be too late.


   The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. 16Andthe second beast requiredallpeoplesmallandgreat,richandpoor,freeandslave,toreceivea markontheirrighthandorontheirforehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name,

Chapter 8 Traveling back in time

   To think about traveling back in time to watch the end of humanity. Kind of wild. Not what I was planning to do. Let me be honest. This is not real to me. I awake each morning expecting this dream to be over.

   Why? Who would believe me? Who believes me? Witches? Sure. Why? Secrets are secret. To travel back in time to see the end battle of humanity is wild. To watch the final decision of a battle? Battlefields plural across galaxies, earths plural, and realities? Sound like something I should have written as a child. Not now.

   That I am not sure how to find allies in this reality or that one or if since this is a past am I too late? Or is this my Christmas Carol? Is this some wild pizza dream I am having while dying some place? That is the possibility. I mean, I have a computer screen. Beyond that? I ponder and wonder about life at times.

   To realize that corporations are evil. That the evilness that the Bible talks about and not humans is wild. To cross galaxies, realities and time to see the last battle fields of worlds is even bizarre.

   I think I know why. Then what about the how? I am no longer sure. My soul its memory of being on an earth different from here is correct. To have crossed realities where China controlled all of Mongolia. Remembering realities of South America being 2400 miles west of the location it is today. Makes me wonder. To look at the age of the earth per the Internet and say wild. To realize if time is correct on the internet 4.5 billions of years have passed. From here to where I wrote a poet once a long time ago. A closed time curved loop within a future that if this is real could not or can not exist anymore. Why? The future I came from ended. I have already told those tales. CO2 gas killing everyone along the Atlantic coast to nukes on Hawaii. The real question is if I am the hero of my story how do I go forth? I mean I am a one footed, one-eyed pirate stuck in Bolivia without much money. A poor grasp of reality. My Spanish is questionable. A dog that is crazy. Up against? An antagonist that is the richest group of people in the worlds. Holding all the wealth. Controlling politicians. Killing people in India, Africa, without a court to answer to. Sounds like the greatest adventure story I have ever read or heard about. The mystery, what does a one-eyed, one footed pirate do? Pray? Yes. Dear Lord, I bless those owners in this plot. May they all become Christians. I mean, that is what I can do. Remove the corporation’s products from his computer. Yes. I mean, why keep evil around? Write? Yes. I mean that is who most stories begin right? Someone notices the evil. Comforts the evil and moves on or dies.

   I guess that the stakes are humanity is wild. To see the mark of the beast be part of corporations greed is wild. To realize that submitting to corporations. For humanity means evilness will enslave both hearts and minds? Think the Bible speaks that man once marked with the 666 on hand or forehead will endure scorpion bites.

   I doubt that is human. Robot? Sure. To realize the patent reads sort of like a hive mind of the Borg is wild. To realize that governments are not the problem. That human greed to control those not theirs is a real problem. To realize some bean counter says boycotting without food, or not allowing them to work. Or killing, paralyzing sterilizing and destroying humanity. The plan is something someone paid for and thought about for a long time. What is at stake? Well? Listen to the owner of the mark of the beast. Getting the vaccination will change your DNA. Meaning? You most likely won’t be human. Especially if the Bible is telling the truth. What is at stake? Humanity's soul. The whole human race.

   So what to do? Pray? God, please bless those rich people. Let their hearts and minds turn to Christ. The hope that God will intercede and protect those worlds he can or wants to. What else? Ask that corporations get broken up. Why should a corporation stifle competition? Of greed is making money for one certain group of people. When that group of people? Where is the government? It would seem to spend money. Look at corporations record of paralyzing, sterilizing, and killing. Along with Netflix statements about planning on releasing viruses. Corporations should be taxes out of existence? Or broken up? I can write and request that. So I do.

   So into the new reality where corporations are the enemy of humanity? Somehow this does not bring comfort. To think that instead of trying to make a better worlds. Greed and corporations are trying to eliminate diversity. To realize that the end of the worlds is happening while I watch this makes me wonder. Why? I know that the future I came from is gone. CO2 gas cloud coming up from Atlantic ocean killing much of east coast, Europe, and Africa. Nuking of Hawaii. The closed time curved loop breaks, and a broken loop makes a 6. So there is no going back to my reality.

   The only option is to pray. Dear God, protect humanity. Why? The mark of the beast. If read from the bible. Corporations with a flip of a switch could sterilize, paralyze, and kill humans. Let alone change minds so a human body could withstand scorpion bites. The corporation goal? Enslavement of humanity. Wild. To realize that the mark of the beast could be the change of humanity into something else. In fact, if you listen, the CEO of the patent of the mark of the beast states his RNA vaccine will change humanity.

   Change humanity? Into corporation slaves? Making a reality where reproducing controlled by a corporation? To if genetic modified food is all you can eat maybe stop humans from eating food? Or the CEO saying if you do not have the vaccine you will not be allowed to work. Which would mean you should not be able to eat?

   To think of a time traveler waking up each day in new reality. Just watching new worlds go away after he leaves is awkward. To see that the past which is all a closed time curved loop person can see is here and the end battle of reality is happening while I watch. Wild. To request humanity to change or die is wild to me. This might be something I should have realized at the start of my trip. In yet? How can I be writing as a one-footed, one-eyed pirate from Bolivia and not think that this is all a dream?

   If not a dream? The only option is to pray. Dear God, please change me. Please help those you can help. Please change the hearts and minds of those involved in this plot to kill humanity.

   The realization the hard choices are still to come is wild. To push to the goal of watching the end of time? It would seem like there should be more that I can do? If the enemy is a corporation. Write and ask that corporations break up for competition and better of the society. Write and ask that corporations pay more in taxes. To pay only 7 percent of revenue means humans are over taxed.

   That the corporations have already shown. That the Bible’s mark of the beast is a corporation owned ID battery. The patent shows that it is s a human implanted cryptocurrency. Which would mean no taxation allowed by governments makes me wonder?

   The question? Is the government willing to forgo revenue? I would have expected some politician standing up against the corporations. In a corporation attempt to enslave the workforce. What would humanities life style be like? Corporations in charge of your reproduction. In yet? Nothing.

   Scary? Humanities point of no return. No hero in sight to take on corporations. What is wild? This has happened before. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?

   To realize that the rich have almost all the power. That there appears to be no hope is wild. Surely this is not how humanity dies. A corporation controlled enslaved robotic race. There is God. Is he here? That is the question, is it not? God? He is always near. The eye cannot see what God does not want to be seen. Pray for the hearts and minds of those in control of corporations to be changed. Make them want to build better worlds. The worlds could all be like the 1950s. Where there is a job, a place, an economy that can help everyone. How? The technology these days would allow humanity to flourish. There are patents in the patent office that can change the worlds. Why go into some final battle between corporations and God. If corporations win, you end up like some Borg without a soul. Without creativity. Living a life for fear that the corporation will downsize you for either a newer better person or? Decides you are too expensive and gets rid of you and yours by not allowing you to have any more children. Pray. Pray for God to save humanity.

   The sick moment? The realization that with the mark of the beast shown. That the covid-19 vaccination patented by the same corporation. That the person most likely responsible with this hoax. Is in some parts of the worlds already stated on Netflix, be prepared for more viruses. With Bayer owning GMO seeds. Which plants modified. Might require your stomach changed by RNA and DNA vaccination even to digest. So you could eat those plants as food? What can those hungry to expect? Their food to poison them? Surely there is some factor I am missing? No. The final battle of worlds is upon the human race. To be human or some enslaved corporate drone that can not feel a scorpion bite. Who winds? The story is already told. God does. What about the math? The math that says that there is a possibility of a different reality? When the loop was burnt behind me. That was God cutting the branch of the tree of life. Believe in Jesus, Christ. Repent. Reading report.

   Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 April 2018 earth date 4.6 to 4.4 variable on search billion years old Expedition Force number 123.

Subject: No contact from anyone in some billions of years according to the internet.

1. Found another timeline. Communication with one of their shadow boys is interesting.

2. Black holes have become numerous. Going from none, to one, to large super black hole eating a sun 26,000 times the size of the sun of earth. To two super black holes distance estimated to be 1 light year across. To 10,000 small black holes being sucked into a large black hole.

3. Reality is surreal.

What good is winning the whole world for a corporation that will turn on you if there is a little gain of profit? Repent Change your belief. Believe in Christ.




Chapter 9 End of time

   Watching the end of time was not how I made the bet. I mean, I remember the bet. I was someplace I should not have been. In yet? The wine tasted superb. I mean who in their right mind would think of coming across who I came across that day. To make the bet was sure, why not? What do I have to lose kind of deal? Meaning?

   The setting again, a wine tasting in the countryside. I was on my well. I was on my second week watching a cloud over a mountain not move. The night before I had walked to an insignificant town in the middle of nowhere and kept on hearing boom. Boom. BOOM as I got closer. It sounded like thunder almost every 10 minutes for well. It was a seven mile hike. Miles. To realize this reality uses kilometers in the country I am passing through is wild. I mean, for being a time traveler I should be more impressed like Solomon that everything in the past is better. In yet? I watch and realize they hide like 150 to 200 years of patents in the United States patent office these days. Why? The end of time. The illusion of time bought and paid for by those who are rich. Pray for them. What good is it to gain an illusion world and lose your soul? Read the book Belief and Time. Just realize because you can not tell the difference. Between reality and an imaginary computer simulation. Or a reality one does not mean real or one, you would not want to be stuck in it. Using your soul as a battery in some Matrix or corporation drone does not mean you are not warned. Watch the Matrix. Read the Bible. Realize the new cryptocurrency patented as a battery by a corporation. Goes along with the vaccine for covid 19 controls your sex life. The corporation wants to control if you work if no mark no work. Which would mean no food? Be careful. Think. Where was I before that rant? Ah yes. Time travel. They call time travelers Mandela effected. You have heard of the people that have complete distinct memories of reality?

   Laugh. Yet, they are real. I am one of them. However, that does not get me to my story tonight. I was drinking after getting back late. I had thought I was hearing thunder for miles and miles. It turned out to be a man with a wheelbarrow dropping rocks over a half mile cliff. Boom. I finished a quick meeting. Walked back. Watching the clouds. Wild, I could swear the clouds did not move. I got to my place and drank some local wine. I had been drinking it for a while now. I do not think I ate for two weeks. I had lost like 14 pounds. Anyway, I invited a stranger to drink with me.

   What conversations we had? I remember only the end bet. Something dealing with being able to watch my enemies pay for their actions. Sounded good. A prayer is what I thought it might be. I accepted without thinking. I mean, I had seen time travel. I did not recognize it. Meaning for a little over 10 years I had been living with a person I thought was nuts. How nuts? She would claim I moved things in her house. I did not touch her stuff. It got so bad I lived almost from 630 AM, from running the dogs to 735 to 8 PM out of the house. I joined sports from football, wrestling to track. I was not so good. However, just getting home for a time to sleep saved me from a lot of yelling in those days. Weekends I was a game, match, or track meet. During the summer she placed me in camps. Wild. To realize why I love to read was my mind saw things change. Yet, who would believe a little kid?

   The most change event during that time? The placement of Taco John. I remember it in five locations nowadays. It was close to the Town Pump. Then where the new old movie theater was at, then next to the Auto parts store, and a fifth location. It was small. I thought someone put it on a trailer and moved it.

   How was I to know that I was just pushed from a reality I lived into, a future reality that can no longer exist? Say what? Well. For sometime between 2009 and 2013, something dramatic happened. I remember writing about an event on Cosmo funnel. My poem “Once around the galaxy”. The specific internet where NASA stated the galaxy was looping around itself every 1000 years. That there was no known black holes were so far found.

   The diameter of that galaxy where I was living on the Sagittarius arm was 377,000 light years across. And no one knew Shakespeare’s grave, or his father was a glove maker, or his wife’s name was Anne Hathaway. Sure, sure, you say. So you are a time traveler? Yes, from a future where they say earth was 6.5 billion years old and world population on May 18, 2016 was 8.5 billion. Where the eighth billion child was born in India. A girl. The celebration they gave her a scholarship to some college.

   So let alone a time traveler, but a person who has seen the rapture? Yes. However, this is getting me off my story.

   Let me see. The stranger and I told stories. You must understand, I mumble. Reason a chipped tooth as a child. I was self conscience and well did not speak up much. So if you wanted to hear my stories, you had to listen. And the strangers stories? Laugh with me. I had heard two of the stories before. However, not heard read. I knew parts of them and other parts were well a revelation. When I added something to his second story. I think don’t forget to say this. He kind of looked well either shocked or impressed. To hear those stories, one must read in places hard to get into. And well. They were hard to get into.

   Any ways. After I retold his first story, adding a bit. He asked for two stories. I told him the first story here.  And a story that is now censored yet again. It seems Facebook does not believe I am. I suppose I could retell it? Junior year in high school I ended up on a Close Up trip to Washington DC. This is a quick version of it. So I snicked away from a tour in the White House. There is or was passage between Abe Lincoln writing room and a staircase going up. The column hides a stair case. Which if you take leads down four floors to a staff cafeteria? From there my story lead me to the underground small train area. Where senators and such move back and forth without problem. I got to to a spiral staircase took it up. I ended up in Library of Congress. The story from there is something else and most likely will get censored again. So. Those two tales got me a third tale which I heard about.

   After that tale he told me another one that was rather hard to swallow. At which I said I had to bet that could not happen. He smiled. You know I think I remember the smile most. And he said, I will grant you something to see. An end of humanity. I was kind of into wine and said sure. Reviewing a journal entry.

   Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 June 2018 earth date 4.6 to 4.4 variable on search billion years old Expedition Force number 123.

Subject: Recall failure.

1. Offer from French Aliens to leave not rejected just not able to comply.

2. French story line is weakening. From communications the French are to bug out June 30th. This time line dies or turns into something else. The translation of French into something I can read is beyond me.

   Why not? You see according to time and seasons and positioning of the stars. That could not happen for anywhere from 2069 outward. I agreed to his bet without thinking. After all, I had just shared a great bottle of wine and was not thinking at all. Later that night I saw him again. Dancing with others. There was three across a path I knew I would find hard to walk single stepping foot over foot ways. There are places on this earth you have to see and things to see. When you are laughing at me looking for a good wine or book shop think about me.

Chapter 10 Think

   To think about reality? What if I am telling you the truth? That reality is nothing more than a hologram? That the black holes for me go clockwise one day and counter clockwise another day? So what? If humanity lives in a hologram. That would we are all stars in some absurd reality program. Read the poetry in the book The Secret of Light by Walter Russell.. Realize that let alone we are in holographic worlds. Everything here is made out of light. Mass is light. Think chloroplast takes light, makes plants. Which are consumed by animals which humans consume both? The realization that all this. Everything is light is wild. The question why? There are three parts to that answer. The first God created us. He can do with us as he wants. Per the bible our question why did you make us that way answers? Because I did. Who are you, a mere human being, to talk back to God? Will what is formed say to him who formed it, “Why did you make me this way?”

   The reason he made us that way? Because he plays an elaborate entertainment gambling game. Meaning you think this is the only reality? Think of Solomon’s statement about everything. “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.”

   So? I did understand that verse until I read this Praise the Lord, the God of Israel. He has put one of my own sons on my throne, and he has let me live to see it. If you realize Solomon was a fourth or farther down the line of succession and the word is not son. But sons. The reality is we are one small reality program or gaming center and all our bets are coming due or and here is the issue. If we did not force or cheat the game and were all good. We could continue to live. So be good if you want to live. Do good if you want this game to continue. If not? God owns the rights to this movie.

   Read Job and realize all this reality is? Souls are chips. Chips. Betting chips in a game within a huge entertainment system. Where gambling on the show is the entertainment? Entertainment where he makes and takes bets on lives and wagers souls.

   The question what has that got to do with time space travelers or Mandela Effected souls? The bible has changed again. For those that have not read it lately, I suggest you do.

   The transformation which was not in my bible are. A third of those in heaven will go through the fire. So? God takes his bets serious. Some parts of the system of things were rigged. By the Montauk project? I speculate that is the case. Why? Think of David’s statement to one of his sons. In this reality he had at least three other older sons expecting to be king. King Solomon statement there is nothing new under the sun. Along with sons, not Solomon specific. Means other realities, other possibilities happened. So? Imagine you living almost an exact same life. But winning everything or losing everything? Or living so close to the edge of both the show was rather interesting.

   The bets are places the game is played. The final day of judgment comes about. Behold it is discovered that the soul that is supposed to have been in first place. Well, is now in fourth or not even in the right body. Here is the interesting thing about John Von Neumann’s final paper on chaos and game theory. The last equation and the change of the bible shows similar statement. That everything has rules. Meaning? There is absolutely no chaos. Like some well plotted and executed screen play movie, each soul has a part to play.

   The story of Montauk project tells the story of stealing souls. That were to be good and well placing them in realities as close to hell or in hell to make them change into evil. Imagine your parents instead of divorcing moving you to an Indian reservation. Where you were the only pink kid. And the Indians on that reservation hated other Indians terrible what they did to an only pink kid? Hell on earth is real folks.

   So at the end of time the bets are called in and a cheater is found out. Christ talks about this The kingdom of heaven or game is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25But while everyone was asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away. 26When the wheat sprouted and bore grain, then the weeds also appeared. So what happens? Time is moving or playing backwards. Just like a film rewinding. Or like a film to find the right or wrong souls for punishment or for something good. You see, the system of things or entertainment or God takes his bets rather seriously. This third I will bring through the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on My name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God.’ Meaning he might even melt worlds. With souls that were all in the correct bodies just to call them his own.

   The mystery or question who is telling the truth? Some mad crazy person in Bolivia. Just pointing out that the mark of the beast is a corporation cryptocurrency. Well, it is not some vaccine you want put inside you? Or that the government only taxes corporations at 7 percent. Thus maybe taking their fake coin will remove you from the government’s tax system? Or once with the vaccine. Will you care about humanity? Or Off with Their Heads? How emphatic do you think the courts systems will be? When the CEO turns off your reproductive organs. Or paralyses you or sterilizes you or gives you Ebola?

   Think the time to think is now. What is at stake? Your soul. What good is your life if you gain a world or a filmed illusion world and lose your soul? Think. Enslavement to a corporation. Think of all the creativity stifled because of some policy or someone’s greed?

   So all we are? Souls in a light body playing a game? Yes. However, the meaning of that game has changed, at least for me. I thought when I read this Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. I was running against you. I did not realize I was running against a group of bodies so similar to mine. That at times I do not realize I am in a different body. What is the difference? Evidently there is a prize. Maybe I get a certificate? Or heaven. Or not go to hell if I win. Sort of make me want to run harder. In yet how? I am in a new world each day. Sometimes the person before me does spell check, other times not. Sometimes I find my socks, other times I wonder where they go. What is the plan? Be good, do good. Stop evil where you can.

   What about the rigged game system? That is an issue. If I can figure out this much. I am scared I might have been involved in this stupid cheating the system of things. I doubt it. However, I can wonder. So if I am part of the problem? I am repenting. This game is wildly way more complicated than I believed. If I was not and someone pushed me down the rabbit hole? I am still repenting the bible has changed so much I worry.


   The real mystery I suppose will be found out on the day of judgment. Will the illusion of someone pulling one over on God be worth it? Or will the judge of his entertainment system force a repeat of the games?

   Or this is your last attempt to say forgive me for cheating? All I can say is Mandela effect people are watching the rewinding and repeating of history. Be careful. Be good. So be good. The end of the time of tribulation is wild.

   The hard choices are believing a book about reality versus a simulation. Meaning? In the book Belief and Time published in 1927. The question is answered. What difference would it make in life? If you lived your whole life in a simulation so close to reality you could not tell the difference? Versus reality? The difference is souls have empathy and carrying. While simulation for those living with the Mandela effect. The statement at one time or another during our travels was this reality seems so robotic. The people do not seem real.

   There is something that can be felt. If you do not know what it is you assume something is wrong with worlds I suppose, What specifically for me? Stories. Whether the stories seem real or made up. That is how I can think i know a difference in real and simulated realities. However what if i choice to live in the simulated reality? Better memories of food or career or more money more this is this or that is that? I spoke to one person about this. I said this is not real Everything is new. Reply what was my reality like? I said almost everything was used and from 1990s still. And the response by that doppelganger. That sounds so nice. I think even those robot souls stuck in these realities want to escape.

   What does all this mean? If I can figure this out? I am hoping I was not part of this plan or a person even involved in doing any of this.

   I have speculations. I doubt I was. I would have at least made my life a bit easier. No. This real time of tribulation is ending. Is it the complete universe or only this time line? Or is the system of things are resetting the souls of the people in the game to the right bodies for the day of judgment. What is awful and scary? There are verses both showing that in the end souls will see their enemies punished by Psalms 91. And that the evil ones will pay for their crimes at the end of time. Which one is I? I am hopefully repented. Scared? I fear God. What if I have to go back to hell again? I know a lot of my parallel souls did not make it. Why? Example on a stress level test since the age of 5, I do not think I had less than an 8. From 31 personal family or friends dying over the years that could name me. When I am o promoted and moved 16 times. When if car accidents counts having 15 cars over my driving career of 20 years? To losing my foot, my eye, my career. To losing my business, to seeing crooks get my money. They say a person is depressed because they choose to be?

   I say that the story of Montauk Project and the bible now points to that judges where bribed. When? Look at the United States prison system. It went from 200k normal from 1900 to 1960s. All of a sudden the same weed smoked every day. The laws were made to put 2 million people in jail. Instead of in clinics for them to get the help they needed. Instead of jobs here in the United States. All those shoes, clothing items, televisions, computer manufactures were sent to China. Why? Look even at today’s riots and looting are planned. The old system of things is being played out. The dangers are real. Earth quakes in California, Volcanoes in Washington and Montana. Nukes going off in New York City and elsewhere due to war between China. Chinese war with India, Vietnam, Taiwan, or North Korea. If you pay attention, there are now millions of military stationed on all those borders. Why? The seals of the bible are broken. Also if you are Mandela effected. Realize that in a closed time curved loop reality. Our souls get placed into our correct bodies only at the end of time. For the day of judgment this time around. To review a journal.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 April 2019 earth date 10 to 20 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

Subject: Something has changed.

1. Souls are becoming robotic. Eerie how reality is changing. Noted China controls a reality now. Evidence man awakes in Australia speaking Chinese instead of English.

Breathing issues have been happening with vape smokers.

Rumors of Chinese stealing virus from England and Canada.

CEO announces on Netflix releasing of viruses.

   Meaning? Well. The book of Revelations can be read forward or backward. Just like the black holes going clockwise or counter clockwise taking a soul back wards in time. To the day we either get a place in heaven, or hell. Or these days Zechariah has a zombie petting zoo outside of Jerusalem. If I do not make heaven and am in the zoo. Visit me with cookies between the hours of 1 an 3 please.

Chapter 11 Zombies

   Time and reality with a feeding time between 1 and 3 for zombies. I would recommend for those that have the time these days to remove their watches. Their calendars. Even for the sake of reality, just stop anything dealing with time. Do not count days, weeks, months.

   After a bit you will be accomplishing a lot more in your day. You will realize that time specifically measured time slows down a bit. How much? When I forgot to look at where I was at in the universe and how old the earth was? I lost anywhere between 14 billion to 20 billion years..

   Do not be silly. The universe is only 14 billion years old. Like the Big Bang Theory theme song? Oh, really? The theme song if you listen to it changes these days. From 14 billion years the theme song goes. To the universe stopped expanding in 14 million years ago. To when the earth moves really close to the black holes, say 3,000 light years away to 1400 years. Listen to the reruns and realize the closer to the black hole, the closer souls get to a reality of some sort.

   What do I mean? In 2017, when the music began to change, I had almost the complete math formula on cosmofunnel figured out. Using Drakes equation and Anderson Time Institute math formulas. The idea was somehow I had been moving throughout a simulation for most of my life. How long?

   Life went to shit in 1977. However? When I ask why it went to shit? The answer came back to an event nowadays in 1974. The three year difference? On the internet Anderson Time Institute there was a model of a satellite dragging earths light. According to the explanation, I recall this would make time slow down. Meaning? It was not hard for me at that time to believe that somehow earth had made copies of itself. I wrote that down and proof the next thing I knew I had the show Counterpoint to watch. The math formula the East Germany scientist use however was a Tesla formula. Meaning? Well, there are more than seven timelines. There is a Tesla reality, there is a German timeline. The others? I have talked to one soul from that place. Life is bitter to them. I understood something of what he said. Reality and time. So some place in time a satellite is dragging the light of the sun, making that earth slow down. Why?

   When I asked the question all of a sudden I get West world HBO. Evidently the great machine or system of things. It was created to change the behavior of people. Once it was discovered that only life experience can motivate a person to do the right or wrong thing. A copy of the person was made. Not just one copy in 2017 or plus or minus billions of years ago. Drakes equation shows how many earths are in the universe. The equation turned up 10 to the power of 193. When you add delusional or illusion realities 10 to the power of 195. When you added the color spectrum something like the power of 200. Each time I went to the equation the symbols kept on changing adding more. Meaning? Well my computer crashed. Cosmofunnel which held a blog removed me without an explanation. Of my journal and math formulas censored me. And I am re writing from memory numbers that I can no longer even remember the symbols for.

   So how did they do it? Mirrors. Sometime in May 2017 the sun stopped being yellow and turned white. At first I was thought I was going blind. After investigating the reality of things. It turned out in 2003 when Katrina hit my worlds reality the earth’s sun was covered up with a mirror. Why? To hide a rather large sun with several planets passing by in some realities. Look up hurricane the size of Texas. When the binary sun passed by Saturn, it created a hurricane that will last years. And realize the destruction that the passing of a binary star has on a planet. So what? Your soul was passing between worlds?

   Well, through seeking I found a whole video of the dead red sun above these earths. I found articles on the internet along with an article on how a mirror is used at I think 435 miles above the earth that can supply earth with light. How? According to article. My recollection was the focal point could be lit by a mirror. Size 10 miles wide and reflecting a small light the size of a lighthouse. Meaning? The mirror could as easily be used as a weapon and would explain how fires in California burn down brick homes. Why? Well, to get all the people into the cities. So that when the end comes, there is not so many people to kill would be a speculation. Every television program is a training program. Think Escape New York City? The LA 2013 movie? The reference to Chicago being like New York? This whole program was to see what each individual would do during a time of crisis. For what purpose? Psalms 2 Kings are fighting a God or Gods. So how did they create this multiverse?

   They used mirrors. How did they create clones and reality so similar to you? That one might not even know that they have been in hell since 1974? Time travel is the least problematic about this. Cloning or mirroring realities is not even that hard. Think of all the stupid video games and realize someone is most likely playing you. Clint boring 101. Today I am going to make him get up and write this absurd story.

   If that is not enough the game has an expiration time and date. And you are being played, not in just this reality. But because you exist according to Drakes equation if you are reading this. You might not even be in the right body or time frame. Say what? If the Ethiopian calendar makes 2020 as the real 2012. Because the calendars are screwed up to move people through time. The Ethiopian calendar is the most accurate calendar. Meaning all those stories about the end of times. End times is upon those traveling with the Mandela effect.

   So? Like in West world, what if you one day wake up from status. Realize for some absurd amount of time you have been held captive? Then realize that almost everyone of you have hurt everyone of you. Meaning each soul you encountered somehow did something wrong to that other soul. What am I talking about? Journal entry to read.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 November 2019 earth date 10 to 20 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

Subject: Vaccine covid-19 patented.

Patent per patent online patent granted for the common cold.

News something has been released in Wuhan, China.

Political party has started the scorch earths policy. End time.

October 31st, have seen my sixth Blood moon. Next one to be seen 2035 per Full moon web page.

   The day of judgment. When you are forgiven for not playing the game of life with merit. When you leave the judgment throne room, find the guy that broke your tooth. And try to send him to debtor prison before you are taken back to the throne room and forced to pay for what? I do not intentionally try to hurt anyone in my life. And if I find I do, I apologize. That is the lie. You see, the story prior pointed out that this was all a big betting game for some God entertainment. Well, gambling there are winners and losers. In this game, someone cheated. Was it me? I hope not. All I can say is the reality of time. Remove your clock your calendar and live life with merit. For the end of time is happening one way or another.

Chapter 12 Avatar

   They say the rich can have everything. The latest craze in reality was to live out your favorite hero or villain in an avatar body. Wild. The company simulation is so real that everything seems to be really happening. Being a billionaire was not enough. I wanted to be more. The scheme was simply to purchase the life of someone great. I searched on the roll deck for my favorite author. I came across him. He was a poet, and his journals inspired millions. Why not? I mean, what harm could be done? After the meteorite was pulled down by Musk incorporated and the lawsuits followed. Everyone on earth was a billionaire. With just tons of metal in deposit per citizen. So, what does a world populated with 8.5 billion people do?

   The craze was to become smart. Then it was to be play ignorant. Then to play world domination. And then? Well, if everyone is rich, who does the work? The funny part about that. Once everyone was rich doing their own thing. People started to work for free. What? It was sort of hobby. You got enough money to feed yourself for a thousand years, are well educated. You get bored and try new things. Book clubs were my thing. Everyone was going through colleges, universities becoming doctors of this or that. I was into reading books. Then writing absurd stories. Which in turn were created into weird entertainment programs? So entertainment became a much more major part of life. The reality of the question was how to make life worth living. A life lived with merit. There were several thoughts. A republic for individual freedoms. A democracy where 51 percent ruled. There were even those giving up their freedoms to be part of a monarchy and socialist states. Utopia once reached is kind of awkward. Why? There is only so much that a race can do.

   Meaning what do you do when you have studied everything under the sun. Are able to predict this is this or that is that? You realize there is no actual chance. That chaos is really ruled by laws of motions or gravity. Even antimatter when deconstructed turned out to be a matter of absent of light. Meaning? Everything is light. When philosophy was finally finished. The outcome was that let alone humanity, and all reality had rules. Those rules were part of some game ruled by bylaws and rules of gravity, motion and light. That everything was predictable. Being a 8.5 billion billionaires kind of made the discovery. Well, frightening. What does a group of highly educated people do? Instead of being smart? They decide much like the book Being and Time if you did not know your history or that your life was predictable. That the best way to find those lives worth really living. Was to remove all thoughts or knowledge of the game of life. Then set up the game where everyone’s soul is spread across a huge complex game created so that no one could win. And? See who would be the first person to win reality.

   Say what? It sounds like 8.5 billion people just set up a huge gambling entertainment system to do what? To win what? That is the key. The what. How the rest of humanity would live. Would it be slavery as being turned into robots? Would it be a republic? A monarchy? A person living inside a box where they are allowed out to go home. But have to return to their prison the next day. Or not have enough pelts to feed themselves?

   So a huge game was built. How? The mechanics if I recall was the soul would be ripped out of its body. Then placed into a simulation of the great game of life. Supposedly the game was to last no longer than seven years. However, that is where the game becomes interesting.

   You see, not everyone is happy to be rich. In perfect health for DNA modifications did not allow for any health problem. There were those that wanted to gamble on the game. Say what? Well, lets start with the game. There were agreed-upon rules. Can not do this to them or that to them. Why would you want to play a game where you die right off the plate of life or up to bat? However, the rules could be rearranged. And that was how the game was setup for about 33 percent of the players. Instead of a reality they signed on for agreed to. The game played them in positions you could or would say would be a living hell. So? Billionaires bet on whose soul would actually be relevant to the game of life. Say you signed on to be married to x for 40 years in complete love? To make the reality a gamble. A randomized setting was setup. To see what would happen to an exact opposite reality. Which was created in a separate section of the game? Meaning there was x plus x multiplied to the power of 200. Chance that you would end up with the person that would cause the most opposite reaction to the game of life. Say what? Sign up for the game of the story line. I fall in love with x. We live happily every after. Instead, on the opposite reality you are fickle to the emotion of love? Or x is fickle to the emotion of love. And happily ever after is a continuation of the story. In a fickle story line to fall in out of love is so weird you have to look at the story and say this is ridiculous.

   So the game was in play. 8.5 billion souls put into the game at once. No two souls from the real reality together. Now what happened there after? 33 percent of the population was placed in their opposite realities. Meaning? An example for the first part of their happy agreement upon life, their last name was Siegel. Then somehow in 1974 family reunion the last name is changed to Siegle. The reason was never given to the child. Who had been rather bright and spelled his last name correctly until 1977? When I asked recently why the last name change? I was told that each religion following got their last name. I did not think to ask why. I had been given an answer. To find out that Siegle’s were Lutheran. Siegel were Jewish. Seagals were Orthodox Russian sort of made sense at the time. Why? Believe me, I wished I had asked more than accepted that hey we were German Russians from Odessa Russia. Stop asking questions. I was a kid. I am sure I asked more however I do not recall the answers anymore.

   Meaning? Well, the game was rigged each last name had a story line with a story for that soul to follow. So what? Imagine yourself fancying yourself a great writer. Only every other word you write these days has the red underline showing up? Or you signed up for a corporate life of working for pelts as long as you stayed in your cage or cube? Are you seeing the oddity of the story? What happened to say 1.2 to 3 billion souls that were placed in an alternative story line? And how was this allowed? The program had rules in place after all? And all of a sudden a story line where a person was supposed to grow do this and that becomes. Well, a mixture of other realities.

   That is just it. It was found out. Not the first time around, not the second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth time around the game. Meaning? If you think life is deja vu. Imagine what a story you could tell if everything you really did was known to you??


   So on the seventh time around, the game figures out that something is wrong. Instead of fixing the game. Because where you went wrong or left and the other you won. The game backs up the story line to some certain point in time and places the soul in the final decision placement. Does the final decision make that life worth living with merit? Seems rather sad. In yet? According to the Internet journal. I kept from 2017 a wondering mind through the multiverse I am now 4.5 billion years old. Meaning for a while I was watching. How the internet would say the earth was going clockwise around the galaxy. Then counterclockwise, and next somehow a spiraling galaxy going from Sagittarius. Then to Pegasus to Orion arm to Orion spur to Orion nebula.

   Why? Evidently I am dead in my reality, which I assure the future already happened there and am dead. In a closed time curved loop reality. The ripping of the soul out of the body is done so violently I doubt anything can survive.

   My notes were on World mx. The start which went with Clint was watching the plumbing of the universe and galaxies. Wonder exactly where a nebula column taking a soul backward in time would or will end up? Heaven? Or hell? Or and here is the awkwardness of the story line. Will I end up as neither cold nor hot soup and the rules of the game shove me out into this? These realities again?

   Anyway, so there I was, a billionaire, playing in some absurd rigged game of souls. For what purpose? The only objective in the game is to live the life of merit. Or perfection. Say what? If God or the rule maker of this game says, I must decide whether you deserve to go to heaven or hell. If not, I vomit you out into the next rung of this reality. What is sad? Christ says those returning on this closed time curved loop. A vacation from hell I suppose. Will gain seven more worse spirits. Meaning maybe this is my release day pass from hell the freezer? Seven more fears or emotions to go? So? I think since the fourth grade each year through high school I was called into the office and asked. Are you thinking suicide? Since 2009 almost the same question. Listen I am a one eyed one footed pirate in Bolivia who when went to the shrink was told he was living a past dead life. I breathed on my hand and said I felt the air? He said no. It was a belief I felt the air. I sort of argued. Now? Secrets? This is not real. When you realize they lie about energy equals mass times light cubed. And that mass is light itself. The whole concept that you are playing in some rather boring scenario. Where the evil in this reality are corporations is wild.

   To see that the end of time of tribulations. That the mark of the beast is a cryptocurrency turning you into a slave or robot of a corporation. Well seems like the most absurd story line in yet? Here you are and here I am. So does that make me a real boy? I wonder? If the story line is brought to date. Those realities that were considered on an earth 6.5 years old are gone. Here they say earth is 4.5 billion years old. In yet I point to the sun pictures behind the mirror and say the sun is red indicating a sun of 10 to 20 billion years old. But what about all those past realities that are gone? According to the rule book they were cut off and burnt. Kind of wild? Everyone you want to get even with might be a figment of some games imagination? What is even wilder? The realization that this has happened before. Why? Game play. Who ever is in charge bets on souls. You think that is crazy? Re read Job enough times. When you realize the Jewish lore that Job was to be Abraham of the gentles the whole game start to make more sense. Should or how does one get out of this game? Personally I accept that Jesus Christ is lord. I ask forgiveness. Beyond that the rule books are. Awkward. Why? Changing times, changing realities. The statement the first will be last and the last will be first. Would seem to indicate that if I was the last one of many souls. The game is still in play. When I am done? Either the next stage in the game of life happens or maybe I awake into a new reality? Or hell according to the story here is a freezer? I think I have been living in the freezer for some time. It would sense my love of my sock. Not socks? No I only have one foot one sock. If I get out of here I wonder if keeping a sock as a pet will look weird? OR and here is the reality of this story. Is the sock keeping me as a pet?

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 March 20, 2020 earth date 10 to 20 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. S

subject: Something has changed.

Has changed. Instead of one full moon. There are 12 full moons, blue moon, two super moons, a strawberry moon.

Wild Blood moon has moved from 2035 to May 28, 2021.

AI is at work. The corporation is alive.

   You are right. This sounds like one of my stories. I fall in love with a sock only to have sock taken away replaced daily with a new sock. When talking to the sock no one cares that the sock answers back. Shh.. For those that watch Red Dwarf this is after all a stolen story line. The reality of the question of Solomon statement. Again all stories everything has already been done. What is new? That is the true romance story. To realize placing a soul within a game to play to see if they can win merit enough to stop playing the game of life. How? Play the game of life with merit. Do good. Be good . Stop evil? Meaning Microsoft as the mark of the beast is already shown.

Chapter 13 Perseverance

   The reality of the question or perseverance is the whole question. On Mandela effect versus Time Travel versus this is just all one big game has been on my mind. I remember writing about the big game in 2017. Right afterwards my computer decided to get away. My blog was deleted on Cosmofunnel and Facebook decide I was not who I said I was for a time. So which is it? The time of tribulation is rather specific in the bible. It would seem those of us alive so far are going to be the first that were last of humanity. I suppose this is like the fifth, maybe seventh time. I have tried writing this before someone or something blots it out again.

   What am I saying? Humanity has died a long really long time ago in this game. How long ago? Well, according to science a red sun is 10 to 20 billions years old. I reference Fallon, Montana google map. Look up in the sky and you will see the mirror you call a sun here along with the dead red sun. What does that mean?

   The end game is being played. Whether perseverance has paid off. And I get to see the end of time or whether now I am an evil thing that gets burnt at the end of time is something to wonder about. As to how time travel is happening? Drakes equation on a multiverse describes the details of numbers. Imagine 10 to the power of 200. Then imagine every single detail in your life being played out. Some realities you win, some you lose, some you are a nut who talks to his sock. What has that got to do with perseverance and time travel? Well.

   This is the numbers game. Live with merit for these rules apply to you now more than ever. Some will go to hell, some to a second death, some to earth, some to a level one heaven, a level two heaven, a level three heaven. What about the levels above level three? I only read about level three where Paul goes and sees the future which is the past happen. Meaning? The reason you are going in a closed time curved loop is the past is already won. There is no future. Those realities that were yesterday are gone. Whether from CO2 gas coming out of the Atlantic freezing the east coast, Europe, and Africa. to nukes hitting Hawaii December 2017. The future which was older than here is well gone. What about the past? That goes into the numbers of things. This system of things was set up to do the most damage to the player. Meaning hurt the player as possible. To make sure you have merit before reaching some achievement level. So? The better, godlier you are the less pain you will be in and more of wild afterlife story you will have to tell I suppose. To realize when Solomon talks about death and destruction hearing whispers about God. Did not mean God died. It meant that all reality outside of God well are dead.

   That is nonsense, I can breathe on my hand and feel the breath of air. Are you sure? Read Belief and Time 1927, the Nazi had his moments. What if everything was the same, would you know the difference? Would you care? Would you care more than just a sock? I mean the whole concept that this life is a film. Ran through the sun as a projector going forward when the galaxy is running clockwise. Then when dead running the film of life backwards yet again is a wild concept. Perseverance to keep on thinking of what it is you are seeing. While the events are happening to you makes reality a question of the mind. Nevertheless, is there no hope for humanity? The mark of the beast patent by Microsoft. CEO calling for people not to be allowed to work. Which would mean no money for food? Sounds rather evil indeed? Surely someone will stop this evil? Perseverance yes, I have seen a story line where humanity survives. Surely that is good? No. I have heard the stories of what happens to them later. Better a quick death than to experience fear of life. Of course that is an opinion. Will it happen? It has happened before. Why or how? The game was rigged. By both players and a gaming program within the game. For how long? The original program per hearsay was supposed to be five millions long. That the speed of galaxies moving around each other meant that those worlds were sped up. And hitting each other means nothing.

   Meaning here those five million years were up a long time ago. Have turned into Internet guess of earth age means we have expired the game a long time ago. How long? Billions of years. Do the players get to go home if they are good? That is the sickness of the story. Level eight is not talked about in these realms. To realize battles will be fought, souls lost. And this game played yet again is to realize maybe there is no end to the game?

   That is why I write. Live with merit. Change your ways. Maybe if you do something good. This time around you move up from the meek shall inherit the earth to level one heaven. Or go from hell to earth. Or? Well, realize if you can move up you can or could move down too. So be good. Believe in Jesus. He is not fake.

   What events do I foresee? End of 2012 happens in September. Super moon August 31st. Here today Acts Peter talks about a blood moon being involved with Christ coming back. The date changes. It went from 2035 to last I looked May 21, 2021. Today? I am not looking it up. My memory is mine. What are the key events? Evil forcing the end of time? Or what about Montauk project pulling off another United States survives? The end of the time of tribulation? The riots and looting are all government planned operations. To move the good away from the centers of disasters. And move the bad people into their locations. So when earthquakes, volcanoes, and weapons of mass destruction happen. The right people are left to rebuild.

   So into this new worlds plural, time traveling to new adventures I step. Perseverance trying yet again to save mankind? Why do I keep saying that word? Deja vu is happening a lot these days. I think I have been here before. To wonder about any plan nowadays would make me wonder more. Am I demented or a demon? I know this is not my body. Does it matter? To do good? To be good? Yes. It does. Be good. Why?

   Being turned into a robot that can withstand scorpion bites is nothing you want to do in this life. To be a slave to a corporation is even worse than being evil. Without heart or soul. The corporation will keep you unhappy and locked into some sort of system of things that is not good for you at all. Think controlled reproduction. Whether they want you to work or go outside. If they want to downsize a section, turn on a virus and eliminate a whole group of people without even a care.

   Think with all the deja vu going on. A lot of those with Mandela effect have been here before.

   Why is the plan only to be good? I got rid of Microsoft. Once I figured out the beast was cryptocurrency. And the patent read something like the making of the Borg or cyclones. Who wants a robot to make your skin as a fur coat? Think this is a war. It is still going on. Be good for your own sake.

   The danger? Being around any of the locations where riots are. Yes. Think they have played this game out already a long time ago. How? Anderson Time Institute describes the satellite drag across earth in a PFD. That by using satellites the earth light can be dragged slowing time down. Think along the lines of West world. All the realities that were a future. Where you played out at speeds much faster than the viewers above it. Thus the first earths that discovered how to slow time down did it. Making them the first. So? It would mean that the last will be first to be judged. So? Well, I am still here. So I am not last, so I am still not judged. Does that mean my soul does not go to heaven any more? I am perseverance to see. I am wondering at times myself. My dreams get more wild and sometimes eviler by the day. In the end, my plan is to stay the course. I want to see what happens. Will good win? If so great. If not?

   What an interesting course of events to see. The final battle of reality and yet. That is just the lie. Why? The whole concept of closed time curved loop. The realities. Meaning reality is everything can happen within them. Can or might just be a figment of an imagination or dream. In yet? The day supposedly the soul goes back within its soul. It continues down the path of life as if nothing had happened or that this was all just a dream. Is there hope? Yes, prayer. Will it work? I have not a clue. Maybe this is all some hoax or elaborate betting game in which I lost or won last round and here I am again. Why? To see the resolution of the final battle of the system of things most likely. Is that good? It should be interesting. You see, there are three endings at least here these days. There were other endings elsewhere, too. Reading a journal.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 June 20, 2020 earth date 10 to 20 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject: Change operation fail safe failed.

Platform one censored.

Platform two removed.

Platform three complete platform deleted.

Platform four fail safe failing.

Might as well write a book and see what happens?

   A temple was required to be built. Now Christ is in the temple. What does that all mean? Again I am looking forward to see the end battle of the system of things.

Chapter 14 System of things

   The system of things. Let me be honest on May 18, 2016 when I was moved to a parallel backward time reality I would have called this story nuts.

So beginning with I thought I was only in a multiverse. I noted earth seemed to be the same. One of my journals wondering minds through a multiverse is still online at prose. Meaning have been censored. Meaning? South America was below North America. Now South America 2,400 miles east of that location in that reality. I find myself still with the same clothes, but instead of a warm climate I find myself cold. What does this have to do with the system of things? I check and my clothes have not changed. I still have my old shirts, pants, a sock, and shoes. I am unsure what to think about the person that was here prior to me. Was his body just adapted to the colder weather? If he is in my reality and I am in his. Is he thinking the heat is his entrance to hell? I mean really, to be pushed down a rabbit hole of welcome to multiverse was kind of wild. I think my first 8 journals of which 6 are now lost to computer failure. Or censorship and other wild happens makes me wonder about this system of things.

   Why for example is the group that I am traveling with call themselves the Mandela Effected? I realize that he died in an earlier version of earth. In yet? That just means I survived that reality, right? Meaning? Well. Lets go through the death by earths conversations. Earth freezes to death in some reality when the Atlantic open blows CO2 gas out. Killing and freezes much of Africa, Europe and much of the east coast. To deal with this issue, they put Petro companies drilling for oil in the ocean. Why to release the gas that is accumulating down there. The asteroid that hits earth and knocks down all buildings and everything in bunkers. 1997 version the military takes out the asteroid by slowing down earth. Using satellites in an orbit to drag or slow earth down. This explains the tilting of the world lately noted by people. And then pushing the asteroid faster pass earth, than blowing it up. My reality? Earth got fried. My earth was to walk outside of the Sagittarius arm into the xray universe.

   Meaning? For seven to 12 years earth was to be cooked. The last earth destruction story I have heard? December 12, 2017, Hawaii was hit with a nuke. Laugh with me. Sounds like you should be crying in the streets. Prepare for the end of the world. In yet? Now Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency. Which if you read the patent states, the goal is to use humans as batteries? Sad, really. When you really look at the patent number, the digits go 060606. To think even the Ceo is calling for humans to be banned if they do not get his certification covid vaccine. When you look into what the Ceo has done. From sterilizing Africans, to paralyzing Indians. To claims by Russia these days that the current Ebola outbreak is because of Microsoft Ceo.

   One has to look at the bible and rethink. Maybe the end times or times of tribulations are happening. And souls stolen from their bodies a long reality time ago are returning to their bodies for the final show.

   Are memories reliable? When you look into Bill Gates statements on wanting to use RNA vaccination. And realize that there is a correlation between RNA damage and dementia. Caused in the brain because the vaccine uses human RNA, which destroys the RNA receptors in the brain. One can almost see why all the Mandela effected people are concerned with the change in the bible. Meaning for them the book in bible name Zachariah change to Zechariah upset them. And the realization that this world has a zombie prophetic ending. For those into Science fiction if you watched Resident Evil. Think Microsoft is just one of many companies. Which are planning to depopulate the world these days? Using the system of things. How? From demanding vaccinations. To saying who can work. To who can reproduce. To if the implant works like the patent says. Controlling your body emotions and senses regulating you as a battery. Sounds like the Matrix. Wild is it not to live in the system of things. And realize if the bible is correct to watch the end of time or time of tribulation.

   What should a person do in this world? Plan ahead? The corporations got all the money. Think instead of giving the people money to purchase food and items. Most if not all the stimulation packages went to the corporations. Fight? Right this moment they are in a holding pattern. For what? Death to the right of us. Plague to the left of us. Our souls charge directly into the war between? China/India. China/Vietnam, China/Taiwan, China/North Korea? Is that what is being waited on? The next seal in the bible to be broken?

   People say but hey that is not how the bible reads. Really? Think about Jewish writings. They read left to right. Not right to left. Meaning? All those people in bunkers in New Zealand. The government taking their automatic weapons. And without automatic weapons, the night of the living dead.

   The attacks will continue. Ceo on Netflix in his documentary says there will be more plagues. So expect more diseases to pop up. Think V of the movie, in fact. Wild, I know. In yet, time line wise is this not when the vaccines and wars began to get to the stage where the movie V ends?

   The hard choices. Be a corporation robot. To die fighting communism when they start their war. What goal is there in the end times? To survive? Believe in Jesus.

   Maybe pray like never before. The hard choices ahead are just coming upon the stage. Famine a fourth of the world. War a fourth of the world. Plague a fourth of the world. Conquering armies, which if you read in some place n the bible.

   Now sounds like aliens coming out of Turkey dam region these days. Escalating tensions around the world. Seems ripe for Umbrella corporation to step in a cause panic. Is there a final plan of escape for the Mandela effected souls? No. There is no escaping to a future that is left dying or dead. Storm the castle. maybe force a change. Yes, maybe we all could just relax. Instead of hating. Love. Stop being evil and greedy for a change. That sounds like a very reasonable plan of action. I mean better than dying of starvation, plague, war, or something worse. Worse? Think about taking the mark of the beast. Remember all those alien movies where the military tries to mix humans with others? Humanity does not fair with other races. Is the death of humanity caused by some failed military super soldier program to resist pain?

   The description of the microchip turns off your human emotions. Making you more of a drone or robot. How so? What person would not trade bread for gold? Someone that was programmed to do as told. Is there a chance of a change in sight? Believe in Christ. Pray. Make things right. The final battle if one realizes is already been fought. Meaning if you read the book left to right. Which in a closed time curved loop makes sense these days? All the Mandela effected souls are going back to their bodies for the day of judgment. Meaning? An end of time. The final battle has been done. There is now just an end in sight. So an unseen war. Between corporations, God, and humanities soul. Journal reading.

   Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7 16 August 31, 2020 earth date 10 to 20 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

Subject: Speculation so this is what the end looks like?

Failed military experiment to stop invasion force creates a humanoid devoid of emotions.

Failure to stop the changed humans start murdering humans not turned.

End report awaiting Volcano in Bolivia.

Treaty with fairies has been voided fairy creek treasure has been retrieved.


   Something to think about this time travelers tale. Why? Well. if the internet age of the earth is right. And I was on an earth saying it was 6.5 billion years old May 18. 2016 going to hit the next galaxy in 365,000 years. That would mean here when the earth is 4.5 billion years old and the next galaxy is to hit in 4.5 billion years old. I just might be one of the oldest story tellers you will every read.