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Wonderland? Why yes I was there. And? I liked the tea parties.

happy unbirthday, hope you have a wonderful day. some thoughts.. U lost your mind and I am making no effort to look for it. If you do not live for something .. you will die for nothing. Humans should not meddle in the affairs of dragons ... humans after all taste good with ketchup...A book is a magic portal to another dimension- taken a book is better than any drug to be high on for to read brings about imagination and dreams. The secret is not to tell those that could reach this stage but to hold onto this reality a bit by bit to make it yours. It is first responsibility of dreamers to question the authority of those seeking to enter. Secrets after all are only true when one and only one knows them. To reach these secrets visiting a person that happens to see the world a little differently such as a poet, writer, or those just a bit off and talking with them happens to open their minds to ideas. Think before thinking becomes illegal. Read before they burn or destroy the books again... Imagine before the end... Do not wish, not to know. Because you prefer to remain unenlightened, to better be a cow slaughtered in the dark. The end was here and a poor poet I am. A hero to no one who remembers. However, within my imagination, I am someone as important as the next person an influencer of good with a little naughty on the side. Someone you are pleased to know of but do not really know for sure. For how can one know a poet’s heart when his words on paper stray from politics to famous people to a cartoon drawn just recently by noon? To say I am recognizable is a short statement to those that read tiny articles or notes pinned here and there. Alternatively, poor poetry sent to people that had half a mind not read it for what is a poet, but a small person within himself caught by today’s light and in the night as unbalanced as a mad hatter at a tea party with Alice in Wonderland So few actually remembers days as a poet nor see through his eyes how the world was changing due to people lack of kindness or rareness. Shame is but sadness today. Forgotten is the way to be true and heart-felt best friends to a mad hatter. I am currently unsupervised I know, it freaks me out too. but the possibilities are endless. Blessed are the weird people-- poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours-- for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. So you are okay with the government having the weaponry to annihilate all life on earth.. But you are upset with someone that owns a rifle that holds 30 rounds? When someone tells me I live in a fantasy world, I take that as a compliment. Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Can you handle all this awesomeness? We are each given a limitless capacity to love and attain wisdom. The extent we use these gifts is our choice. One can not be spiritually fulfilled until another animal has touched one's soul. "YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH PEOPLE'S MINDS" writer's block when your imaginary friends stop talking to you. clint the world is an odd place now a days. Is it life of ease just losing its ease. or is it life just being what it is hardship due to overeating, over borrowing, etc.. Do your research. Read stimulate your mind. Challenge yourself. Don’t just be puppets on a string. I might be crazy but crazy is better than stupid. I am the same person I was before you found out I have a mental disorder. Crazy people do not know they are crazy. I know I am crazy therefore I am not crazy, isn't that crazy. Welcome to my page! Straight jackets are on the left and meds are on your right and keep your hands off my crayons. You do not need to be yourself here. Pick a personality that would fit you and try it on. Some days I color outside the lines and other days I color within the lines. Now accepting applications: for partner in crime. Must be a fluent smart ass and little to no morals kids language please and partial nudity is up to you. Also you must by Happy. The six voices in my head do not want that goofy character. Be happy all the time it drives people crazy. You meet me on the internet. I do live in a gated community. I have taken up photography because it is the only hobby where I can shoot people and cut their heads off without going to jail. There is only so much insanity you can blame on the full moon. The rest is just everyday bat shit crazy people being themselves. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is going good. It just means the drugs are working. I like being at home in my own little world with my books, kids, and wife. The real world is full of too many assholes. Good friends offer advice and words of wisdom. Real friends come over unannounced with vodka, chocolate, glitter, duct tape, cat suits, explosives and a plan. If you’re happy and you know it, what combination of prescription medication are you on? Every family has one weird relative. If you don’t know who it is, then it is probably you- welcome to the family. 


Wonderland? Why, yes I have been there. It is off the coast of Never-land, a sort of between Oz and Katmandu however on the Chinese side not the Nepal side of the Tibetan hiding place of the garden of paradise near the ocean.

Few people realize that in England with the assumption that Alice was English that small portals or wrap hole or rabbit holes lead to the tunnels that crisscross Europe leading to all sorts of places in the world and elsewhere.

Any ways, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson talk with great-great Uncle Richard Francis Burton lead to his rather oddity book about a place that great uncle Burton talked about during the night tea.

Uncle Burton talked about how h and a madman that made hats for a living once fell through a hole following a historical piece stolen by what only he could describe was a fast moving bunny rabbit which he never caught.

The hat maker in one of uncle Burton’s many tales was given the name of Gregor MacGregor after a discussion that he never was sure his real name but htat hw as a hat maker was for sure. The title unofficial or not was part of the real tale told by uncle Burton when he would take a shot of whiskey.

There was this map. Which was the special historical piece which was stolen? The map that could take people cross time, space, and supposedly worlds. The mad hatter MacGregor had stumbled upon this map during his conquest of the republic of Poyais.

Just where had the map come from? Who knows, however uncle Burton told how titling MacGregor at times pirate or cacique of Poyais had at one time pirated a Spanish ship that had treasures coming from Europe to Venezuela.

At times one had to ask uncle Burton was he sure that the ship was not coming from South America to Europe. Or why would Spain send treasure to South America? Whiskey at times tell tales and you have to verify and wonder about them. No. Uncle Burton was sure that MacGregor had said the ship was bound to Panama City. A catholic cardinal or some high official carrying books, maps, and to a pirate very little useful spoils to be spent.

Anyways where was I? Oh, yes. The dream. Or was this the dream? Dreaming is awful sorrowful these days. Watching the end of time. The wheel has spun out of control and watching time spin backwards billions of years people forget. Pray for peace. Anyway a twinkle in my eye I am not there any more. Humor a map. Yes yes that was where this story was suppose to go.


Alice in Wonderland famous quote acrostic

Ah, that's the great puzzle who in the world am I?

“Let’s consider your age to begin with — how old are you?’

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

“exactually,”’ the Queen remarked: ‘I can believe it without that. Now I’ll give you something to believe.'


If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”


“We're all mad here.”

Only I do get tired.

“No, I give it up,” Alice replied: “What’s the answer?”

Do you know, I always thought Unicorns were fabulous monsters, too! I never saw one alive before!"

eternity is looking through the looking-glass

Real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

“Lewis Carroll. He was an odd one.

"And dear me, you're a human child!"

"Nothing, just now."

“Do you know what they call themselves, all these people? "


Pirates acrostic

Pirates arrre needed today

indeed swashbuckling pirate should this way stay

reality is a ship sailing away

always searching for a place to harbor or stay

time is but a moment to those under the black flag sail

eternity is a prayer for those under the sail

sailing away

  • Ender the pirate was sailing through the seven oceans not the seven seas with his crew of three when he met Michelle running away from being a full-time mommy. She was tired of doing this is this and that is that and wanted to sail through the ocean carefree. She could sing and sing some shanty songs of pirates and treasure and isle where drinking could be done without remorse. The sadness was life as a pirate was really boring. Yes, I know all the stories. You ever spent months on a ship only to take a prize fishing boat with three fish and the boat?Think hundreds of ships and only Capt’f Flint ever got any treasure and then instead of spending it he buried it on some island?Come now, laugh with me. I put Michelle after getting drunk three days straight to mopping the ship floors. Then into the kitchen. She was living hell. Was she happy at first? She was happy as the drunk shrunk. However, after four weeks at sea and nothing of any treasure at hand. She too worried about why or how people lived as pirates.On the fifth week she tried to mutiny with three other crew members. For that, the captain put all four of them on an island in the middle of nowhere. Declared Michelle, Queen Michelle of this island, and left.I can still hear her screaming. Then singing I am a queen that I am a pirate queen. And then? I think I could hear her tell her subject to mop the deck. Which was odd, for the island was made totally of sand?To awake in a distinct reality is nothing. To awake in a distinct reality for an unlimited amount of time? Heroes come and go. Legends stay within their own mind. I was a Talon. Few people remember what that means or even heard of them. The souls ripped from their bodies a long time ago and put in. Well, to begin with they were put in statues. The original statues guarded an island. From what? Pirates. The originals were statues built to walk around an island. To provide a wonderful island protection from pirates. The problem with statues is protecting an island from a physical problem was not much of a problem. Protecting the population from themselves? Major problem. The island I remember destroyer was a plague.They died all within a short two-day span. Leaving a spirit locked statue to guard an island. What does a statue do for eternity? At first, not much. I sort of sat and watched the sun come and go. The dilemma which in my age and era spelt dilemna did an immortal do? You can walk the island protecting it from waves, and the occasional pirate raid. The first 4,000 years was a sort of like that. The island housing was gone. The island stood. I was more of a legend in my own mind. I doubt any of the pirates that came that way. Well, that they even remember why they attempted to pillage the island from time to time.So, after a while I got bored and skipped stones, and broken ships for a time. You probably have heard of a ship thought lost for decades turning up on some unknown part of the world. Wondering how it got there? Well, if I came upon the ship I would pick it up and see how far I could skip one like a rock. Not the funnest sport it helped with the time. Then somewhere around 1680s a pirate ship sailed towards the island. I was about to jump out from behind a mountain, crush it and skip it. When the captain came out. He hailed me. Now. This is the oddity. After 4,000 plus years to hear one’s own name and in a language that was alive, that knew was something. To see this pirate's attempt to bargain with me was absurd.Needless to say, I was curious. I crept from behind the mountain and sat in a pool next to his ship. His voice was shaky, but his plan was something to behold. Between him and his crew, I could understand more about their story. They had stumbled upon a page of life. Say what? That was an old legend in my day. The evil one had attacked heaven. Stealing a book of life. Then had spread the book out among realities and times. With the hope that this would stop the day of judgment from happening. Now? The pirate had a single page. He knew it had assigned me sort of to a map and another page.Yes. I had read the page a long time ago. Parallel realities, time travel, the works. Did it interest me? Of course it did. To see a different sun without having to sit at the same mountain at my back would be something. I asked how I would accompany him? Now. The pirate’s name was Ender and his magic was story telling. His story was wild and his magic. Well, his magic made him one stand out. What he said and could or would do was something tempting. That his statements made sense and how he proposed doing the trick was wildly out of the norm. However, the legalistic side of me said all I would meet the forms and formats. And I could travel. So in accord was reached. The magic happened. What magic? Imagine a reality stacked upon a reality the biggest upon the littlest. All I had to do was find one where either the statue of me or I or that Talon was gone and take its dimensional size. Then with a secret transport said content from here to there and back. For those less into here to there, I would take possession of the island and statue there. Meaning? I could transform my size and that of my island to something I could fit inside, say my pocket. Thus legalistically I was not breaking my word.For a spirit guarding and protecting my island from now until the end of time. And I got to move aboard the ship the black Skimmer with a crew. Let me be honest. To live amount a group of people. Let alone on a ship crossing the seven seas. Versus watching the sun go up and down for thousands of years was a treat. Now what did I have to give Ender for his magic? That is between me and him. He however was a man of his word. A hero in hi own time, a legend to me? Sure, few people get noted in a Talon book. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/ender-hides-the-journal-1114675798367051776


The past few years have been surreal living at this time and place. At this time and place the Mad Hatter, who was exiled 150 years ago by the Red Queen in a different plane existence is taken care of by a great great granddaughter. The jabberwocky still lived in Wonderland and for the past 150 years, the White Rabbit had not come back for the Mad Hatter. He had a family back 120 years ago who took care of him as their old Uncle Albert, with his two wild and weird animal pets a tiny mouse named Tea or the tea mouse, and an enraged hare named Hare or the Mad Hare from Lewis Carroll's famous book about Alice and Wonderland. This was the family secret or guidance provided to one of the family's members who was either considered very lucky to be chosen or unlucky depending on whether the person's family loved a good tea party. There had been six generational changes since Old Uncle Albert had been placed in an elderly folk's home. The care had passed down from father to daughter to mother to her son who became a father to his daughter who became a mother to her son who became a father then to his daughter this brief history of the past brings the family up to today's time-frame roughly. The woman being one of the latest caregivers who was a professional psychic and paranormal reader named Laura, who could still remember her first visit to Uncle Albert at age 13. Her father who was Albert's caregiver had not initiated the whole family to Albert[s existence after the initial introduction between his wife and Uncle Albert had turned out rather badly. Laura's mother was cute, kind, but vicious with a mean streak that made some people fear her for a reason. Her father, not knowing of Albert's age and only remembering wonderful tea parties with his mother, did not know of Albert's long-lived life and therefore, did not know about his future responsibility prior to marrying. Laura's grandmother, who she had never met having died prior to Laura, had hidden the facts, for some reason, all to her private rationale. Laura's father with some foreknowledge of how much time the mind takes to get used to being a family member of a historical fictional character had introduced Laura to Albert when Laura's mother was away visiting her own family. Laura's first visit was more of a get to know and not much about the past. She loved the wild Hare, who actually sat seated at the table drinking with its paws. She was delighted that a mouse would go through the tea service set and pluck sugar into cups when asked for one lump or two. She enjoyed getting to know Albert whose character had not changed nor personality from that of a story book which she was about to receive. The whole nursing home, however, was an experience different from any Laura had experienced before with her grandfather nor grandmothers on her mother's side. The staff served the Mad Hatter as if he was unique, and indeed he was very special having outlived roughly several generations of staff at the home. Laura's father did not let Laura know all this he just watched to see if she could handle such a wild person. Laura's sister had a similar experience four years before but had forgotten about the tea party thinking the whole affair was a dream. For having a tea party with an aged relative named Albert with his wild creatures running around his table well just was not her cup of tea. However, Laura loved the party and her father realized that she should be the next person to be a caregiver to old Uncle Albert, which is how he introduced her to him. On the way home from the party Laura's father stopped at a bank and checked out a savings deposit box which contained a ledger and a dairy. He asked Laura to read them that night before her mother got home, and she was to give them back to him as soon as she was done. She said she would read them. The ledger was a compilation of sums of money from an old-hat company that had been created in 1863. The owner of the company made a wonderful sum of money, which was invested not surprisingly in tea, tea service sets, tables, hats and apparel. The last major purchase which continued to add dividends along with the other companies was an old folk's home. The name seemed similar because the name was the same as the one where Laura, and her father had just visited Uncle Albert. Upon reading that Laura being 13 went to sleep and imagined the wildest dream of Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon version where she was actually the main character, and her dream was wonderful. Her mother returned home that morning so Laura did not read the diary. Her father was anxious. Later that day her mother cleaning Laura's room came across both ledger and diary. She opened them both and at which point she had a heated discussion with her husband about filling young people's minds with nonsense and tea parties with wild unclean animals. The argument between Laura's father and mother did not end well with her father. He was lucky to have returned to him the ledger and diary. Laura was forbidden to see Uncle Albert, and that was that. On the other hand, at least that is what Laura's mother thought. Laura's father who has always been an avid fisherman because he went fishing once a month, whether winter or not, soon invited Laura along. The first-time Laura and her father did go actual fishing and on the way back had a conversation about secrets and consequences. The end was Laura told her mother all about her fishing trip, and how much she loved to fish. The next month Laura and her father went and visited Uncle Albert, who was delighted to have tea and talk about the weather and such. Laura of course loved the party with Tea, Hare and obviously Uncle Albert. These trips continued through high school, and she started going on her own when she moved out for college. When her father passed on Laura was granted custody of Uncle Albert. The wildness of course for Laura began of course when Uncle Albert started Laura on cards. The Mad Hatter of course was a fortune teller on the side back in 1863. Nowadays big money for those willing to play with their souls. However, to Albert who was Jewish the whole affair represented a way to foretell the future. One time Laura was about to tell the tea mouses' future when the wildest adventure to be told happened. Instead of summoning a spirit to foretell the future a demon who was listening got caught in the chant. He took Laura into her past when she was in college to relive the following story told by a college friend. I had just entered college. I was trying to get accepted and start a life as an adult. I started with a job in the cafeteria and joined a few groups on campus. I was introduced to the fraternity system. After several weeks, they decided to pledge a fraternity and join their more famous groups on campus. The group was known as the time travelers. The club was more specifically a group of game players who had formed a literature exchange club along with risk night, dances, and role playing activities. The risk nights were a variety of dungeons and dragons with actual physical activities to accomplish tanks from noble charities of mowing an old lady's lawn. Forming tea party groups to party with an odd elder of the club simply known as Uncle Albert. To pranks that made the movie Animal House popular to watch. The whole thought process behind the game was to ensure that when the zombies or wizards attack that this group would be prepared. It sounds silly. However, PX90 fifteen-minute workouts, along with some gorgeous ladies made this the club to get into. That is where I met Laura. She was witty, a physicist who often played as not a daughter or niece of the Mad Hatter. She loved to interpret events and how they would go about in the land of Wonderland. I was a new freshman pledging Phi Sigma Kappa which had a large number of members in the club. To get the extra circular note in my pledge class, I joined the time travelers to ensure time with a group of people that enjoyed reading as much as I did. The literature exchange part of the club meant that I did not have to buy as many books. The group shared both their personal reading books, along with college books making the deal even sweeter. Any way that was the first few weeks of my freshman year. I was working, studying, gaming, and pledging all at the same time. The story gets kicked off on fall custom dance where the pledge class has to ask a girl to a formal dance and ask her to dress up as her favorite book character. Since my time was pretty much spent trying to figure out calculus, working, and reading I opted to ask a coworker to the dance. She kindly agreed to go and asked that I dress up as a knight in shining armor for she was going as a lady in waiting to King Arthur's court. The night of the dance arrived, and we walked. The whole place was decorated as a fantasy castle and star war's bar. I was introducing my co-worker when in walked Albert attired to the t as the Mad Hatter and next to him Laura, her garment was like Alice's blue and white dress down to the petticoat in the cartoon movie. Just walking up from behind them, was a miniature White herald rabbit. I was in awe. I walked forward and bent down in my armor to feel the rabbit's ears. I thought at the time it was the best robot rabbit I had ever seen. Imagine my surprise when the rabbit actually talked saying, "Hey, watch your hands." The next part is sort of a climax. I fell over. Laura squealed a "Time tunneler." pushing Albert the Mad Hatter over my back into a cosmic tunnel which appeared right as if on a queue during Laura's squeal. Laura jumped trying to get over me, but she caught a piece of me and took me into the tunnel with the rabbit, Albert, and Laura. Landing someplace I got up to discover we had been transported to a turret of a castle overlooking what looked to be a future battle. The turret was only three stories in height, so I could see pretty much everything for a solid mile around. In front of us was a red small size card army, and a white dwarf card army.

 By this time, Albert got up along with Laura. "Oh goodie, I get to watch this time!" says Albert. Looking around I am sure for a chair. Laura, on the other hand, was addressing the White Rabbit. "We are in the wrong plane of existence" Laura stated, sounding saddened. Myself, I was pretty much bewildered. Watching the two armies stand apart I could see a dragon later to realize it was the jabberwocky the size of a horse approached. What could only be Alice in armor? The fight went pretty much like the book. The only difference this time was the watchers who included Laura, Albert, who introduced himself as the Mad Hatter but not on this plane of existence, and myself. The White Herald rabbit had poofed off to announce the match between Alice and the Jabberwocky as soon as he had finished talking with Laura. At the conclusion of the fight the demon poofed Laura back. After that brief reflection in time, Laura was transported back to her tea table with the tea mouse. While the writer of the story went to the past to college only to finish college as a microbiologist instead of an engineer. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/reality-i-would-suggest-that-i-ran-away-from-that-place-a-lo-1169629264150532096

I suppose I should not be surprised.. I have been here supposedly before. I doubt I recall. I know I cried then as I do now.. In yet.. black and green moons.. to which do I belong? I wonder to travel by moonlight is much like to travel by candle light. The spell is the same people forget and then remember and forget .. I never was a witch.. I was a bear. We did not need to forget..Wind blows, trees sway, a brush with the night hour. A treat for prayers for All Saints Day. A mask or gourd or pumpkin to scare the spirits away. The color orange to represent harvest time while black means death for all time. Halloween is the spirit's night.Halloween Spirit oh how I miss the dreamers at nightall waiting in the patch at night,living loving within laughter of the street lightloads of candy and sweets tonightopens your bag hope you can see well by the moonlightwinter is nearer tonighteternity will remember the spirits prancing in the streetlightseverlasting streetlightsneeds more candy to dance tonight.Spirit on all hallow's Eveprancing in the dusk of the moonindeed dreaming of candy under the moonreality watching the drifting mooninwardly hoping for a sight of a spirit tonighttime to ask for more candy tonight.acrostic Halloween Spirit short prose introductionI do not want realism. I want Magic - Yes magic. Make a fairy tale and go live in it. Worry s a misuse of your imagination. You have to remember fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice. My enter life can be described in one sentence: It did not go as planned, and that is okay. Speaking from Bolivia I realize I should have been a writer along time ago. However, all the stories I had to tell were not so good. Now what to do is just write. The magic - I was reading Through the Looking Glass - falling asleep Curiouser and Curiouser cried Alice. At which point the reader thoughts were distracted. For a moment, Wonderland folded in and onto itself as if a book being a pop-up. Time flew by as if a raven was heading north by northeast had hit a head wind and stopped for no other reason but to watch a curious site unfold. Time after all was all that reality had. For imagination of those that read is greater at times than time itself. For who wants to live in a realistic world when magic is about. At which point the book folded into a tea service set and tea table along with a complete different book of characters. Alice was transformed into dominatrix with full leather and chaps, while politician toke the place of the mad hatter. Of course, the insane hare and mouse stayed the same just a bit more grey. Curiouser and Curiouser said the new Alice, who toke without asking or being inquired two lumps of sugar with her herbal tea not black tea. Do tell of this politician abusing a pig... Did he get away with it? The new mad hatter, I mean politician was at a loss for words still being brought from a past reality of magic into the present time. However, being a politician, he could muffle a few words. Indicating that the pig was in truth not hurt and sexuality being in questioned of the politician was deemed not a fair controversy. Thus the new Alice showing her more dominate side reached out and smacked the hare with a tea pot. The mouse seeing this breaks into a laughter that is followed by the mad hatter, to error here I mean the politician. The hare staring off into the past seeing a different Alice one with less force and more a little girl than dominatrix who stands before him now. The reader yawns and the book refolds itself. The book folds itself into a farther future this time a robot looking Alice is reflecting a messy tea service set, and tea table. Curiouser and Curiouser said the robot Alice to a caged rabbit whose eyes set open like those of a science experiment that has gone wrong. A mouse does pop up next to the table but does nothing. At the end of the table is a skeleton of what looks like a politician but with enough skin that you realize, he must have died a while ago. However, the dead skull moves and realization are a zombie has taken the mad Hatters seat or maybe the zombie is the politician in a hatter's seat. Just then the rabbit starts crying in a yelping voice scaring the mouse and forcing the robot Alice to be concerned. Subsequently, away following the reader yawns again, and the book poofs! Back and forth between all three scenes catching a wild little girl having a tea party at one moment, then a dominatrix bending a politician over a tea table the following, to a robot Alice desperately helping a lunatic hare from a cage. Curiouser and Curiouser said the reader finally laying down the book and nodding off to sleep. At which point magic takes over, and the reader is part of the tea party. Initially helping to serve tea with a little girl, chatting with the mad hatter, sipping tea with the insane hare, and conversing with the mouse. Next flirting with the dominatrix Alice, her dominating the reader will have to serve tea, and forcing a bit more conversation about hares, a mouse and politician than would be normally thought of. Finally within a future of robots, zombies, and mad experimental rabbit that all defer to a mouse whose main goal is to finish the tea.Finally, the reader drifts away like a butterfly towards a dimly lighted moon that can be seen through the clouds. The reader wondering if maddest is that which is caused by reading Alice in Wonderland or Curiouser and Curiouser is it the loneliness of reader and dreamers of the magic held within such books. A thud noise happens. The reader awakes to the voice of an Alice Curiouser and Curiouser. Is this the dream or magic? The reader decides that the noise is part of the dream. When it starts raining and filling up with all sort of creatures and books, the reader realizes the wetness, and water is causing a shortness of breathe. Swimming for what looks like a book the reader hands clasp upon it. Pinching trying to wake-up only to find that the magic the book is more real and shows more reality than what the reader was hoping to wake up to. The reader shouts with hope Curiouser and Curiouser and the magic is broken. The reader wakes up with a book resting in hand.https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/green-moon-or-or-it-s-the-first-of-two-august-2019-new-moons-1008579985317908480