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Wonderland? Sure I have been there. A few times.. And? I would recommend the tea parties.. not necessarily the ones in the movies..

Ender sitting on the bench realizes now that it is some place else. A blonde lady is sitting next to him. He looks at his pack and all the books are still there. He introduces himself. She replies with her name. She said, “My name is Alice.” Ender's introduction was more in line with his latest adventure. “Ender Talon, traveling explorer.” He said.

She talks a bit. And Ender realizes this lady is talking about dancing with Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Now for those in the know. This made the bench rather interesting. Ender looked around and down the path he took to the sea. The line of stones leading to and from the bench was not or gone.

Alice was talking about her time with Mr. Dodgson as if it was yesterday, but her dress was as if in the 1990s. Making this entire conversation wonderfully delightful. Ender asked, “So, how is the Queen of Hearts?” Alice just smiled as if that was a dream and looked bored for sometime not speaking. Like she was in a trance dreaming about some place or someone else.

Ender wondered. So he took out his book he purchased lately and looked through the maps, finding the one with Wonderland scribbled on top. Sure enough, there was a path now showing from the bench to a way: was it a tree or a hole under a tree?

Ender looked at Alice, she looked bored. Or her trance was taking places and making her think. Ender, thinking along reality time wise, recalled that it was 120 years since publication of by Lewis Carroll and that he passed a long time ago in the 1880s. But this Alice sure seemed to think she was dreaming about dancing with him right now.

Ender snapped his fingers. But this did nothing to Alice, so he thought for a moment. Before setting out down the path shown on the map to the tree. Being rather uncertain again of reality, he placed every few feet on a stone or stick so he could see a path back to the bench. Not wanting to get lost.

Ender reached the tree in about a half hour and 20 small stops along the way to make sure that he could see his path back to the bench. Looking around, he saw a White Rabbit hopping around exclaiming, “Oh, dear, oh dear!” And then hopping down the hole.

Not wanting to be lost forever. Ender took a more careful approach to the hole. Looking around, he found some branches that seemed cut and built a sort of long pole, which with some string that he had in his pack, he felt comfortable enough that it could hold his weight. Pushing it down the hole, he found that it never reached the bottom. This made Ender think before doing anything else. He tried to remember all the stores. First there was water, and or was there a room? Ender's memory of the complete story was a sort of jumbled at that moment.

Rethinking his plan, he saw if he could do anything else besides lose his pole that he had put down the hole. Holding on to it, he began reaching for hand holds, which did nothing it seemed. And just then he heard a lady’s voice from behind him and turning he was face to face with Alice. Who just pushed him right into the hole.

He felt but could hold on to his pack, and the pole and in time found that he could slow his descent by brushing the pole width wise against the outer edges of the tunnel or hole’s edges. This slowed him down. However, midway down, Alice passed him. She was free falling with her voice singing some sort of song. Alice singing, “It’s a very happy unbirthday to me?” 

Ender kept his slower passing of time by using his pole against the edges of the hole and sort of spreading his jacket out like a flying squirrel just to ensure he did not hit hard.

It did not matter. Why? Well, instead of a dry bottom fallen into, he met water coming in through a tiny door. In a tremendous splash he groped for anything to float, finding a table and on it was Alice eating something or was she drinking something and shrinking and she handed him something with a brush of a kiss and Ender himself shrank along with Alice and the table.

The two of them along with the table were a sort of washed into the doorway that somehow either had grown larger or their shrinking had been much more than Ender realized, and into an open ocean they all were being moved.

Ender realized that the bottle that he had drank from was bigger than himself and Alice, so they both got into it and using his water proof jacket as a top secured a sort of mode of transportation. Now, during this entire time. Alice just kept on singing, “I wish you a very happy unbirthday to me?”

This was some adventure that Ender was not counted on. Being down a rabbit hole in the middle of an ocean this time because tasting the water was salty was not his grand idea of an adventure. At least he remembered to dry off and used a cloth to dry Alice off to who just kept on singing that “I wish you a very happy unbirthday song.”

Now, Ender had not said a word during this entire part of the adventure and watching Alice. He realized they entranced her with the idea of some Mad Hatter’s unbirthday party or nuts. In either case, he was in a pickle as far as he could see.

At least his waterproof pack held all the books he had been with, three loaves of bread and Alice stuck in a bottle in the ocean. Ender laughed, thinking what an adventure.