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wild when you think of hate crimes, liars, and shootings..

I dont know about Trump any more. I mean there was that tweeter accounting of something like 634 attacks by antifa, and liberals on his supporters and nothing happens to them.. I would seriously think people would rethink why is the federal government not prosecuting attacks on people. Meaning hate crimes are hate crimes and instigating a hate crime is a crime.. In yet I dont see the person responsible for causing this attack in jail for this or for using campaign funds to pay personal debt or anything. It is like Trump's federal law enforcement is conspiring against him and his supporters. https://neonnettle.com/news/4469-thugs-follow-maxine-waters-orders-beat-trump-supporter-drag-him-down-street?fbclid=IwAR3GUEgT2jC-fbQqFYBg8qpfvN-6cffLZeWIVjlnGu3uze7QnOcMlqTpZb8