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when you have to live inside your mind.. oh the places I go..


Lost yet again. I was stuck is some jungle in Bolivia. Why? Well. I found these two germans who were trying to find a city in the jungle. I had met them at a café. They were totally lost. Why? Well, the jungle is in Santa Cruz; they were in La Paz. Some 300 miles away. In yet? Well. Maps and stories. Their story was that during the 1930s their grandfather had been on a tour. And ended up in an area surrounded by mountains. And in that valley there was a lost tribe that still worshipped the old ways. I was skeptical. But hey, I was just getting off of three months of work and thought, why not? Off we went. Now the map was old. However, one word I could understand was Chuma. So I knew where that town was. So I got us three bus tickets to a 101 mile 23 hour bus ride. Why does it take so long one might ask? Well, if you go over a certain speed limit, you might fall off the edge of the road into a valley like 1000 feet below. So a slow bus ride to a point on a map. I got us there. 25 hours later due to an issue with a lady with chickens on the bus. From there we walked three days straight towards a point. Now we passed several villages or towns. Which had a few German folks which the two associates would stop and talk along the way? We ended up at a cross road where the map pointed to what look like jars. I thought they were symbolic. Who would have thought two huge jars the size roughly could fit three of me in? Or about 650 pounds of human. Two of them, right where the map pointed out.

Well, getting to this was exciting. The three hike had been interesting. The quote path was like a tightrope on top of mountains. I could not hack it. I had to pay attention to my foot one over the other and when tempted to look down look at the back of the guy in front of me. How he did this without flinching or wobbling, I have no idea. I had several wobbly moments and when I could find a place to sit down I did. Any way getting to the jars. The second guy got out another map, which I had not seen. Now this was newer. And the translation of whatever original language was German. So he and the other guy started a long conversation. More like an argument. Me, I don’t speak German unless I am drunk. So after maybe an hour. I was not dizzy and got up and investigated the jars more. This seemed to upset the two Germans. For what every reason. To be honest, I do not recall what they were yelling. I jumped a good two feet up to see what was inside the jars. Still could not see in. So I motioned for one of the Germans to come help me. Seeing me close to the jars, they seemed to quiet down and come over. I got one to help hold me up so I could see what was inside. That was stupid. Nearly killed myself and him when I looked in and a human skull with a helmet on it was staring back at me. Freaked me out that I pushed back and me and German took a tumble. When I was getting up from there, I noticed something inside the mountain. I went over and it sort of looked like a door knob. I went to turn it and both the Germans were screaming at me. I do not like or take kindly to screaming. Well, it did not turn and when I attempted to pull my hand away a needle stuck me. A drop of blood from my finger came out and hit the mountain. Whatever it was caused the door to open up right in front of me.

I think the two Germans thought I was going to die or something. They shut up and just watched me for a while. So into the mountain we went to investigate. Now this was November 1996 and flashlights were good but for the world of me. My light did nothing but scare the heck out of me. So with flashlights on we could see maybe 5 feet into the dark. How far it went in? A long way. How do I know? I picked up a stone and threw it in there, expecting to hear it bounce. Nothing. Now I am no thrower. Meaning? Maybe I just could not throw hard enough to hit the back wall. So I picked up another one and gave it to a German and he threw it in to. Still nothing. Then boom. Sounded like one of the huge Hawaii drums going off. I jumped, I know that much. Why? There was silence and then BOOM. When you are not expecting anything let me tell you it is something. After the boom, nothing happened. It was late and to be honest I was not interested in getting even more lost than I was. So I set about making preparations to sleep.

The two Germans went back to arguing over whatever it was they were arguing about. I got a fire going and a comfortable place next to the mountain so my back was next to it. Went to sleep. Now I had not shut the door. Why? I had no idea how to. So I had placed the fire between me and doorway. I went to sleep because if two people want to fight and argue that is there business. You would think I would care. I might and then again I might tell you to your face I do not care about your dilemma and walk away. That night I wanted to sleep I did not care. In the middle of the night all of a sudden I hear muffled screams. I awoke to hands and some sort of bag going over my head. Now I had positioned myself between the mountain and fire and with all my strength I kicked at the mountain. Evidently hard enough because into the fire I went with whatever covering my head. When the covering caught fire. Now I swore a word. What word.. One I had heard some place. And immediately the covering with the fire was flung away from me. When I mean flung, it was like seeing a firework go down four or five blocks. It was wild. I look around and stare in a face that is like four sizes my head. He smiles with two sets of teeth and repeats the word. I was rather uncomfortable. However, there was six giants. Two holding the two Germans and two sort of going through their stuff, the one in front of me. And the sixth was there. Where. all I know is, he was there when we started marching. The giant just smiled and said the word again. He sort of waved his hand towards the two Germany’s with coverings over their heads and well? When you are close to 6 foot tall and have something like a 10 foot person point in a direction. You kind of just go with the flow.Which were quiet with I mean, it was not like I was going back to sleep. So the eight of us start towards the doorway and like I say, a ninth one shows up. The conversation was wild. What language? All I know is the word I spoke, and I knew who I got that from was supposed to be. Well, was supposed to Chaldeans. So into the doorway we went. Now I was scared. There was no light until I found that I had stuck by luck my little flashlight in my pants pocket. I had slept with my clothes on. I turned it on. Now that was something. Six huge giants in the middle of a cave with drop offs on each side, two Germanys in front of me. Nevertheless, I could hear them even if I could not describe what the words were they said. Evidently turning on lights in the middle of the place was a no no. I was grabbed and sort of held over the edge of. Well, I can say the flashlight fell. Kept on falling. I and never heard the crack of hitting anything just it fell out of sight. So there I am in the hands of the giant hanging over the edge. He flings me over his shoulder like I am a small teddy bear and off they go. We marched. How long? Well. Let me see. The fire I built was around 6 PM. It was still going and I figure I had enough twigs and sticks for two or three hours. So from around 9 to 10 PM until. Well, I remember the bright sunlight hitting my eyes. So it must have been something like 10 AM the next day. It was a long walk. These giants covered a lot of ground, one of their steps being like three of mine. Anyway, we get out of whatever the mountain was covering up and into a jungle. Now the jungle was wild. There were animals you could hear them from a little inside the mountain. But when we got outside, I am not sure of the silence for what 14 to 16 hours made the noise sound wild. Nevertheless, it was something. The jungle was a live. And the shock came right there at the exist or entrances to the doorway to the mountain is an old helicopter. How old? For the world of me, it looked like a Nazi symbol painted on its side. So you would have thought that I would have made a plan with that long march into the night. To be honest, outside of praying I was tossed over the edge, I was content at that time to see what was going on. So into the jungle we marched. Other than the glance at the helicopter at the entrance, it looked like I had just entered into a jungle. Now, this is the awkward part. From my view point of looking backward and bumping up and down. I could see the helicopter for maybe one or two minutes. Why is that awkward? For the world of me when I looked down I did not see a path. It looked pretty much like a living jungle. The small animals running and plants. Which was an oddity because the tree covering. I wondered how the sunlight was getting through to feed the plants. So about 10 to 16 minutes from when we left the entrance. I was dumped into a pit. How far did I slide down it? Pretty good long time. When I got to the bottom there was the two Germans trying to remove their coverings. I discovered why they had been quiet. Evidently gagged. And there was two little women here. Scared? No they seemed to delight in having company. Once I got the covering off the two Germans. One of the little ladies walked over and spoke with them. You say how in the world did she know German? I still do not know. All I can tell you is she spoke with them. From there we were ushered into a doorway. Once in she slammed the door behind us.

We went forward not much talking. Into a huge area underground.

It was lit by I have no idea. However, what got me was there was equipment. Looking at it was old 1930s. We moved in farther after investigating and suddenly a sound came. It was like marching. I was not so bright and had not taken anything from the equipment area. However the two Germans each held some sort of sticks. The marching got louder. And in the middle of a mountains a number of skeletons with flesh sort of melting marched in. Their shirts were rags of brown. Some wore hats which I later identified as SSA. The two Germans did nothing at first but watched. Me I started to run the other way. Then the skeletons attacked the two Germans. Who stood their ground. Forgive me. I am alive because I ran down a tunnel I found. I kept on running. It lead through a maze. How did I get out? I am not sure I did. Maybe I am a spirit there forever. However I do recall running through the jungle once more with the sound of marching right at my heels. The small animals tried to attack me. However, once in flight always turn right I dodged them and ran. I heard the giants surprise as I had some how gotten out beyond their pit. Right there was boxes of weapons. That is when I armed myself. I was running and not looking back. I did not go to the tunnel. I ran through the jungle. And I kept on running. I could hear the giants give chase. Running through the jungle every so often a skeleton brown shirt would appear. As long as I shot them in the head I got right away. When I shot elsewhere it was a wasted shot. As for the giants? Each time I shot they heard where I was and I had to move. One might say how could you out run giants, and zombies? I pull up my pants leg and show them my missing leg. You see I did not get out of there all in one piece. They took my left foot off after being bitten. This is just one of the three people view of the story. I have the others view also if interested.