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Wars? There are wars. And there are rumor of wars. And then there is the hand you are dealt. My hand has changed today. For 40 plus years I knew my hand print. Today?

Well, my hand print has changed.

Why? People claim they want war for the betterment of society? On my quest for what I am seeking I have passed worlds where December 12th 2017 Hawaii was nuked. The alleged people doing the nuking were the Illuminati. However, do some communication a complete strike on North Korea occurred.

People from Australia whose minds fled those worlds were talking a lot. You could find them on Youtube. And if you visited the funny farms. You could have talked to many a person. Who remembering Trumping nuking China in response to something would yell insanely do not do it.

So? Memories.. Few of us around to tell the stories of war I suppose. The real wars. The reason General MacArthur went nuts in the 1950s was because they flipped out his mind so often. One day scared, the next confident, the next lets drop the bomb on China. The funny part? In several realities that bomb dropped. Those realities hells? I would call what I recall of their stories a hell. So what about other hells? Vietnam when they nuked a dam in northern Vietnam. Killing 30,000 people 1967 via flooding their city. That was evil.

Wars? Here in this time frame India versus Pakistan not my reality. But here 1971 you can see that Pakistan raped and murdered what 2 million Hindi.

What about China versus Vietnam 1979? Again not my reality. People say they want war. Why? Because of stealing property the destruction of property provides the opportunity to replace some thing. Instead of replacing things. Change. Think a Europe used North and South America to explorer and get rid of people they did not want.

Instead of war here. There is Mars. Send all the people you do not want to Mars. Gets rid of property and most likely it will never return. Same as war.

War is evil. It is insane. Most likely both. War with Iran? Why? The Two Towers were Sunnis that flew those planes into them. Sunnis are ISIS. Sunnis was the shoe bomber. Sunnis. Iran is a Shi'ite religion. It is like blaming the Baptist for a Catholic problem.

War? You want war. Wait. China is at the border of North Korea. China is at Thailand border. China is at India's border. China is at war or just in Afghanistan. China has 3000 to 10,000 ships waiting to invade Taiwan.

The whole covid and corporate lie is meant by the AI. The AI that is running the Chinese military now to make the US weak and non-responsive to the up and coming war.

How soon is the war to happen? The seals are broken in some realities already. My hand or road map is gone. Meaning who I knew is gone.

Along with my hand print. So? Repent. Do good. The end of time is right around the corner. August 31st super moon. October 31st full moon. September 7th through 19th the end of 2012 per Ethiopian calendar.

So? Well, in some words the blood moon will happen in May 2021. And in others maybe 2035. That is the deal with a closed time curved loop. Reaity is a twist and one does not know where and what will happen until it happens. God's plan is Revelation or Revelations depending on the reality.

Is there a way around this? Sure is. Be good. No war. Why destroy when you can move a product over to another planet and it be considered destroyed meaning it is a one way trip.

Be good. Do good.  Maybe everyone needs an extended exploration of the galaxy.