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Thee end of Vulcanism happened upon the discovery that pon farr could be removed for ever if you just cut off one of your ears and sent via FedEx to your lover.

The sadness is the realization that Star Trek's Prime directive and Ayn Rand Objectivism political right ideology are the same thing.

manned space flight-a letter to your congressman to ask to keep this as an option-Orion memories of 2010..

A speculative answer is this.

There is a multiverse the dimensional number I am guessing is somewhere between 10 to power 192 or more.

The number comes from Drake equation adding multiverses and asking the wrong question receiving an answer which did not make sense until I realized what had happened.

The person using the simulator either at CERN, D Wave or Google does not know the difference between exact and 100 percent replacement values in a Monte Carlo simulation question. Example you run a simulation with everything. Note the word everything or everyone not just your universe or a grouping of universes similar to your universe. Some how MineCraft and D wave computing or CERN interacts with another universe how or why wrong question at present. The issue is the person realizes their mistake because they see something that should not be. Their response is to say put everything back at 100 percent. If you have ever ran a monte carlo simulation you realize that out liners have to be placed and positioned exactly the way they were to be running to get them back exactly in their position. Meaning exact match and 100 percent to monte carlo simulation are two different things. D wave computer at max can process 10 to power of 8 meaning whomever was the analyst person screwed up and did not put everyone back where they should be. This represents Mandela effect. Every single person realizing something different has had their mind transported to a different universe. Completely different. This also goes along with facts and history. Examples Skechers or Sketchers, who is the princess in Wreck it Ralph Penelope or Vanalope, When did Bob Crane die and how in his sleep 1977 shot to death 1977, beaten to death with a camera pod 1978 or strangled 1979. The timelines are so messed up several ideas are pooping up that were not here before. Abe Lincoln in my universe was a senator not a representative. First representative that I recall being a president is Bush senior. Example Rainbow Universe which says that there is a universe for each color and timeframe due to the wavelength change in the speed of light meaning there is time shifts. I have seen this on holidays and events recent Republican convention was suppose to happen in my timeframe July 6 throught the 10th. Here I believe it happened July 18th through 21st. Example I have seen on CNN BREXIST UK stay in the UK on Tuesday and UK exist the EU on a Thursday. I was kind of lost until I realized what I was seeing and started paying attention more to the color changes around me. Deity wise the only answer is technology versus nose magic or understanding whom is giving something for doing something. write me [email protected] I would like to hear your answers.


in my timeline a 1000 years had to happen with christ as the king prior to armaggeddon, Meaning 7 years satan rules or sort of, then cast into hell, then here he gets out and has china and Mongolia fight immediately for him. In my recollection he got out 70 years and tricked the countries again to fight the last battle. Hell

Okay, so you wanted to know what Hell is. Hell is also an effective mechanism of control developed in its present form by human beings about 2,000 years ago. You know, "Give me ten percent of your gross income or your soul will burn for all eternity in hell." The hell meme developed from Gehenna, which was the name of the Jerusalem city dump. Gehenna was constantly smoldering with spot fires which never went out and Jesus taught several parables about the worthy going to see Abraham after they died while the unworthy were thrown into Gehenna. Fundamentalist preachers, seeing the real power of the fear motive, have interpreted these parables as reports about actual conditions in the afterlife. Numerous religions have their own version of Hell, but not all were a land of punishment.

For example, in Norse mythology people who died as the result of old age or disease rather than in battle went to Helheimr the under region of Niflheim the land of ice and snow. Interestingly the Norse heaven of Asgard and all those in it are to be destroyed in Ragnarök but those in Helheimr will survive to reclaim and rebuild reality after Ragnarök. Many elements of the Norse religion were used in the formation of Star Trek's Klingon religion with Sto-vo-kor becoming the Klingon Asgard, Gre'Thor becoming Helheimr with the idea of Purgatory from Roman Catholic Christianity thrown in (acts of heroic sacrifice by a family member can redeem someone in Gre'Thor).

More modern versions of Hell have done away with the fire and brimstone of Christianity for a more personalized punishment.

For example, in Twilight Zone episode "Nice Place to Visit" and Theater Five radio story "The Land of Milk and Honey" you have a person who believes they have gone to Heaven as they have everything they ever wanted in life but quickly get bored and ask to go to The Other Place (Hell) and find out that they are already in the other place.

In Night Gallery's "Hell's Bells" a hippie goes to Hell and after spending time in a waiting room is let into a room with records as far as the eye can see but they are all of music he finds "square". He then find a farmer who quickly bores him, then a couple appears with their 8,500-strong collection of their Tijuana vacation slides. Exasperated, the hippy demands that the Devil show up and explain this. The Devil appears and explains the exact same experience can be found in Heaven but for the hippy this is Hell and then leaves the hippy to his very personal Hell.

In the Twilight Zone episode "Judgement Night" Kapitan Lieutenant Carl Lanser experiences the last hours of the ship he sank with no warning over and over again. As Gorgdi Laforge said in the "Time Squared" episode of Star Trek Next Generation, "Sounds like someone's idea of hell to me."

Steven Brust's 1984 To Reign in Hell is another version of Hell where it is a third stronghold against a wave of raw chaos (cacoastrum) formed out of political fallout regarding the cost (the lives of at least 1000 Angels) to create the second stronghold of Earth.

http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Purgatory great a noncatholic site tells me I might be here for a while.. small sins are forgiven.. oh myyy.. this will be a long parallel world visit.. That I might be screwed is a potential possibility that I had not considered until yesterday after seeing something and recognizing something.. you ask what.. maybe I will say.. mprecise doctrine

For many (one might argue, most) souls, it is a semi-permanent place of mild suffering where anyone who has not received the correct sacraments must wait until their as-yet unforgiven "venial" (small) sins are "set aside", making them fit enough to go to heaven. Official doctrine calls it a "State of Purification".

Critically, Catholic theology speculates that the souls of unbaptized but otherwise "sinless" children not only go to purgatory, but must remain there for an eternity[citation needed] but considers other possibilities. See Modern times.

Some traditions hold that all people enter purgatory briefly, as a state between death and judgement. Purgatory is generally understood as anything from a state of "eternal sleep" to being "conscious but without pain", to a mild sense of tedious displeasure. In Piers Anthony's "Incarnations" world, purgatory is a place of endless red-tape, paper pushing 9-5 ('cept 24/7) office work tedium.

In reality, pinning down what purgatory is, within the guides of Church doctrine, is about like trying to pin down what the trinity is.

Getting yourself out

To reduce the time you have to spend in Purgatory, avoid all sins of commission, learn all the sins of omission so you can avoid them too, and confess what sins you did let slip past to a priest so you will not have so many unforgiven sins when you die. Alternatively if you can't get something past the priest, there are ways to get the church to be with you on that.

[edit]Protestantism, Orthodoxy and others

Protestant doctrine generally denies the existence of Purgatory.

The Eastern Orthodox Church holds that there is an intermediate space between death and judgement, but they do not call it purgatory, and it does not hold any of the semi-permanence of Purgatory as it is understood within most Catholic doctrine, nor is it a place of "purification" or "punishment". This is one of the issues that caused the "Great Schism"

Great Schism

Christ died so that we may

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The Great Schism, also known as the Great Schism of 1054 or the East-West Schism was the schism by which the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church separated. Cultural and liturgical differences were debated as early as the 6th century; they officially split by excommunicating each other in 1054, and only ended the mutual anathema in 1965.

[edit] Official reasons for the separation

The official disagreements between the two churches were numerous and included seemingly trivial issues like baking and more critical issues of the nature of the Holy Spirit. For example, the Roman Catholic church insisted (without biblical evidence) that the Eucharist must be unleavened bread. The Eastern Orthodox Church accepted the use of leavened bread. There was also the more esoteric question of whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father or from the Father and the Son - something known as the Filioque.

Of course, like most things, "official positions" are rarely as important as power and politics.

Muslim conquests had reduced the Catholic territory, leaving only two (Constantinople and Rome) of the five sees (Alexander, Antioch and Jerusalem had fallen). Bishop of Rome, Pope Leo IX, thought he should be head of the remaining Catholic Body. The Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Cerularius thought otherwise.

As a place of sacrifice

The name Gehinnom was originally attached to a literal place outside Jerusalem. Prior to the reign of Josiah, the valley was allegedly the site of child sacrifices by fire, comparable to those unearthed at Carthage. During his reign, the temple at which these sacrifices took place was destroyed.[1]

According to Christian traditions, the location then held a continuously burning heap of rubbish, leading to the conception of hell as fiery.

[edit]As a punishment in the afterlife

In Rabbinic Judaism, the name Gehinnom is used for a purgatory-like place of atonement for sins. Souls enter it after their death, and spend upwards of a year there. Afterwards, they either ascend to olam ha-ba, the world to come, if righteous, or turn to ashes if not. The exceptions are really bad sinners, who just stay there forever.

In Christian texts, the term Gehenna is used to reference boring old Hell.


the scariest time of my life. to be turned to ash, to stay traveling between parallel worlds forever, confess sins to a priest.. however the Jewish religion does not ask any of this.. am I evil. yes. this I know. repent, ask for mercy, believe in Jesus Christ, do good, be good, be kind.. . well. Maria Pia Passadore Luck Lucky Asaro Diane Francis could this be hell and I am just not seeing it. seeing the worlds differently could I have died May 18 2016 and this is my prison for being evil. my one year is almost up May 18th.. is there any priest or person with better knowledge on where I am in this world. Meaning I recall my earth being on the outer edge of the Milky way not in the center of the milky way. Am I doomed. This is not what I wanted to think about today. Repent, do good, be good. I just want to cry. Trudy Ann Stergiopoulos when you remember getting here 12 years ago, what was your expectation. Did you believe you lived on a plate or flat earth. I knew the world was a spherical globe. Now I am wondering if the sun being white instead of yellow represents my soul being reviewed and if it is wantta am I here forever.