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the whole two political parties have gone nuts. If I look at illegal aliens coming into the country 82000 July 2019 that is double July 2018 numbers so do not tell me things are getting better there. Overdose on drugs 70000 overdoses 2017 again an increase so no one is cutting supply from mexico yet again. As for democrats they can not even tell which bathroom to go to .. and thus far no one has brought up one idea that I can say I agree with free this for that group, free money for that group what if I am not queer nor black nor in that group. That brings me up to my candidate for 2020 Vermin I believe a free pony for everyone is a wonderful political platform and you too should support it. That and his everyone gets a zombie windmill energy policy will change America and make it more peaceful. Bathrooms, drugs, illegals aside Vermin offers real solutions on how to get to work and how to make renewable energy. Think outside the box. Think for a free pony





WE NEED A TRUE VISIONARY Now.. Not someone who promises a wall that people just climb over  82,000 people that got caught..HOW many did not get caught and they just rigged the numbers to look like Mexico is complying so Trump does not tax them?  Shame is great

144,000 May

104,000 June

82000 July 2019

What is wild and not spoken about is the cost of Baltimore Milwaukee and home insurance. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/study-finds-homeowners-insurance-rates-have-surged-in-the-last-decade-042319.html HOW MANY people realize Obama cost you money on your insurance.. THINK.. Why should I have pay for democrat party to demonstrate in Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee I still do not see all those people in jail for robbing people. Wild people forget so fast evil is evil.

82000 times 8000 654000000 July 2019 Mexico cost you 654000,000 wild.. and no taxes on Mexico to pay for the transportation back shame is great.. Oh let us not tax Mexico and believe. Shame is great http://www.unz.com/anepigone/does-it-really-cost-8000-to-send/ 12 to 20 million send them all back 123 billion saved in one year and the following even more.. SHAME on Trump for removing the Mexico tariff for a lie.. LOOK I KnOW people can not do math but 656000000 that is 656 million is a lot of money.. We give Mexico 3 to 5 billion .. We pay them 23 billion dollars for illegal drugs that murdered 70000 in 2017. We send back 50 billion a year from illegals sending money home.. WHY is TRUMP not doing anything. BUilding a fence does not seem to be working according to the numbers.. https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/sw-border-migration LOOK think.. DO you not at least try to have an AMERICA back?

82000 or 82 thousand or specifically double double July 2018. Wild.. IF anyone believes Trump on illegal immigration that number should have been zero..After all Mexico promised and the numbers show they failed to delivery https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/sw-border-migration Seems that Mexico is thumbing their nose and the US and who cares.. I mean how many false flags can happen to focus on something that is not an issue. https://www.worldtruth.mx/blog/463/the-fall-of-babylon-the-great/ I mean just look at the economy I look at that statement has no basis in reality. unemployment figures lie. https://www.usdebtclock.org/ In 2000 there was 157 million employed people with 282 million population roughly 55 percent of the US employed Today 2019 there is 329 million with 157 million employed people meaning 47 percent of the US is employed. The website says there is 11.6 million unofficially unemployed however if you do the math 55 percent of US employed would mean 181 million workers in the US. Meaning there is 24 million people without jobs that at one point or another would like one. Evidently Obama common core has won.You cannot do basic math here. 55 percent versus 47 means 8 percent less employed even when 157 equates to 157. FOR those that cannot count take off your shoes. Count 55 percent would mean all your fingers and part of one toe. OR all your toes and part of one finger. 47 percent mean not all of your toes, and no fingers. or 9 fingers and 70 percent of a thumb with NO toes.. That SNOWFLAKES can not count worries me. JUST LIKE war on terrorism.. 6 trillion.. oh that is nothing..12 million to kill 1 random Sunni.. I do not know what happened anyone going to Brown University with A o C might not be someone you trust with your money. OR if you want give me your money and I will return 50 percent of the next day wola you have a profit. you can not have it back.. you did the math so far and it has disappeared like 8 percent of the workforce looking for a job.