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The news is trauma base mind control.You are not being informed. You are being manipulated. You tell me. We are not on the even on destruction. If the button is pushed there is no running away. Take a look around you.

Emotional anxiety against United States warmongers should be a real issue for the world.  Why? The United States has a history of lying to go to war. That anxiety is proven throughout history if one pays attention.  

History shows Remember the Maine. To be a lie. The ship was knowingly destroyed by its own boiler. (“Home”) Proven by investigation. The United States used this lie in killing and enslaving cultures around the world. Anxiety the realization that Teddy Resolvet a hero is actually a mass murder. Who as secretary of Navy promoted this war. That the military is still paying military survivor benefits for this war makes you realize there must be some money laundering going on. (Mataconis) How long was the Philipines slaves to the United States navy? (Sanger)

Peace, peace of Wilson election campaign for 1916. (“Wilson; campaigns for progressivism and peace, 1916-1917 : Link, Arthur Stanley : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming”) The whole campaign was shown to be a lie for his main reason to turn to war being the RMS Lusitania because the ship was a transport not carrying ammunition shown again to be a lie. (“Woodrow Wilson : Fourteen Points Speech (1918) - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in the Republic of Korea”) (Travis)Declassified in 1984 the RMS Lusitania was carrying millions of pounds of communication.  Strange a United States President winning an election claiming for peace. In yet knowingly supplying the United Kingdom with weapons of mass destruction could use the ship to declare war on Germany.  Anxiety even those who claim to be for peace lie.

The presidential policy written in 1940 to exclude Japan from oil was written specifically to push Japan into confrontation with the United States. (Hornberger)Shows a pattern of lies blaming the innocent while pretending to help. The policy written by the General states the purpose of the letter. (“FDR provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor”) War. Anxiety seems the presidents of the United States are always planning to start a war with some other country. For the benefit of the war machine? Or themselves?

Next the Gulf of Tonkin another lie. (McKennett) For what purpose do you want to kill two million Vietnamese? The memorial of this lie is 50,000 United States dead. In yet? The United States murdered two million Vietnamaese. Emotional tension flared again when realizing that the Iran Iraq war supplied by the United States used gas attacks.  With no condemnation killing millions on both sides. Then the United States sponsored allies invaded a country outside of Iran and was crushed. Anxiety that millions can be murdered for what purpose? For what? Fighting ideology? Would it not have been better to build businesses instead of war? Anxiety that the President of the United States knowingly lied to his own people to keep on murdering people.

 Afghanistan war, Iraq war? The Iraq war claim of weapons of mass destruction of which none were found.  Saddam had honored his agreement. However, the president again lied and? Two million Iraqis have died. Anxiety that a president without a formal declaration of war invaded and murdered millions on a lie of weapons of mass destruction of which there were none.

What about 9/11?The terrorist were Suadi Arabian. Not Afganistanese. The cost some 6.5 Trillion in 2018 to kill 500,000 terrorist and eleven million innocent people for what? (“US War on Terror in 76 Countries Cost $6.5 Trillion”) Average cost eight million dollars for a dead terrorist? (“Human Cost of the Post-9/11 Wars: Lethality and the Need for Transparency '') The United States would have been better to put a McDonalds on each corner in the Middle East and feed the Middle east.  They would have statically killed more with diabetes then in their warmonger 18 years in 2018.  That knowledge that the United States president for the past 22 years have murdered six million people for two buildings makes me anxiety when you realize I am not worth one building. (“Up to six million people: the unrecorded fatalities of the ‘War on Terror’ - War and Conflict”)What is worse? The amount of money spent came from me as a taxpayer.

Syria?  The whole war in Syria is a lie.  The Syrian government did not gas their own people.  The United States again went to war over a lie.  Seems even after pulling out of that war. The first thing a new President does is invade a country again. Anxiety even when the media knows the truth they back an insane president invading Syria the first day he is in office.

In 2014, the United States committing voter fraud stole the Ukraine election. (“Election fraud in 2014 Parliamentary Elections”) Funding Nazis of all political groups in Ukraine. Makes their warmongering ways shown.  The Nazis then murdered 2,000 people. (Shramovich)And? Ukraine has 28 percent of its population are native Russians. Russia helped their own people. Their own citizens. The proxy war started between Russia and the United States backed Nazis.  Emotionally anxiety here because war between thermonuclear warring states tend towards their ending of reality is all one can dream about here. Anxiety here? Simply state the truth on social media platforms and get a partial false statement from a fact checker in some country in Africa that I can not spell. Even though the truth is going to cause thermonuclear war.

In 2017, because of all these lies Russia said they will use thermonuclear weapons and pulled out of the treaty stating they would not. Russia has not lied. (“Russia and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”) Russia has warned the world what it will do. (Tucker) Anxiety is that the United States military, and political system is pushing for thermonuclear war with Russia. Their organization NASA and CIA even claim that a small thermonuclear war would be good for climate change? (“How would nuclear war affect the climate? – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet”) Anxiety seems even worse when you dig into who caused this war. The United States.

The United States claims in 2017 not to be backing Nazis. In yet? (“Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis”) All the photos show Ukraine Nazis. So? Putin remembers even if the media of the United States does not. Nazism killed 26 million Russians in World War II. So the 2021 war with Ukraine is to Nazify Ukraine. (“Home”)  So what does the warmongering United States do? They spend 92 billion dollars on war with Russia. (Hennis)Instead of fixing their schools, roads, and feeding their poor. They do not even care about their own people. Meaning suicide an issue of no funding for food took two million of their own people and instead the United States funds war. (Ehlman)Anxiety that the United States will push Russia into using thermonuclear weapons.

So?  The president then goes and promotes the idea of sending troops to Ukraine. (Monroe) Again breaking the constitution requiring congress to declare war. In yet? No one cares.  Not a word is spoken of this in the media.  Warmongers claim he does not know what he is talking about. Listen to him. Hear his voice. Does that not sound like a person planning on murdering Russians?  My emotional anxiety continues when you realize the same president even after knowing Syria did not gas their own people invaded Syria with the same claim. Anxiety of all the past history shows the leader in the White House gets war one way or another and history covers up their crimes with indifference to those murdered in their wars.

My anxiety? Thermonuclear warfare is going to kill humanity, not just the United States.  The same president's political party is waging a media war against China too. Making this anxiety even more real when you realize the amount of thermonuclear weapons positioned to hit the United States because of their warmongering ways.

Into this mystery of lies I watch and see humanity come charging into an event that could kill itself. For what purpose? Greed? Power? The idea that being a bully can win?  Anxiety is real in this issue.  What should I do? I write congress and senators.Asking them to stop funding Nazis. Only to get back replies do I not believe in democracy?  I write back and say Ukraine is not a democracy.  They do not believe my statements but I can see reality. You can see the events yourself and realize the truth. Biden already has stated his intentions to cause war with Russia. (“BIDEN Ramps Up Troops Into SYRIA On First Day As President.”)And? Like all warmongers he has already murdered Syrians for what purpose? Shame is great. War is evil. War is crazy. Anyone suggesting even the hint of thermonuclear war should be locked up as insane.

Into this reality my anxiety seems real to me. When I fax, email, and cite these facts to congress and senators their replies grow my anxiety. Why? They seem bent on murdering humanity.  Bent on killing humanity in some sort of insane war. To do what? To keep themselves in power? To stop humanity? To bring back God? To stop humanity from living?

Maybe I should try a different plan? Instead of writing about my anxiety, I share my concerns with those in power. I could influence those who live around the world? In yet? I look and can see reality. Can you not see it? Let me spill a meme.BRAZIL riots CHINA riots IRAN riots Soon riots in Australia EVENTUALLY the US if they pay attention to the voter fraud in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and elsewhere. (Korpar et al.)

Here's a handy guide to translate concepts promoted by the media. Supporting Ukraine=Money Laundering Climate Change=Money Laundering More money to public schools=Money Laundering Cryptocurrency=Money Laundering Fine Art Galleries=Money Laundering Covid Relief Funds=Money Laundering War in Afghanistan=Money Laundering Borders=Money Laundering, Pedophiles, Terrorists Too Close to call voting=Money Laundering, Democrat cheating BLM=Money Laundering DNC=Money Laundering Congress=Money Laundering, Insider.

Into this meme of thinking reality has my anxiety high. Is there a plan to get out of this alive? For humanity? I am not sure.  I look for peace makers and find few.  Rand Paul maybe. Beyond that? Look at everyone else. Even Trump bombed Syria.  Evil is warmongers. And warmongers are everywhere.

Is my anxiety creating my own reality? Is this how I die watching myself create my own reality? Or is this reality already created and could be changed with the realization WAR is EVIL. WAR is CRAZY.  Those who sponsor thermocnulear war with Russia should be arrested for attempted murder of humanity.

Can there be no hope while a president the most powerful man supposedly on earth in the white house plans to murder Russians for what?  Shame is great in this reality. I doubt my anxiety is not real. I doubt my anxiety is even talked about by those planning on murdering humanity for their greed and power.

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