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            Salina Gusmano as the bartender Rain in Tale of Tails.


Readers, I have Harley Wallen back to talk about Tale of Tails, and Ash and Bone. For readers a reminder introduction interview about Mr. Wallen https://endertalon.blogspot.com/2020/09/interview-with-harley-wallen-actor-and.html


Can you please tell my readers about the storyline behind Tale of Tails?


Sure thing, thanks again I’m excited to catch back up.  The official description for the show is:


Tails is not a white-collar gentlemen's club. It's a borderline-legal bar with topless dancers and a back room where anything goes for the right price. Nick, the owner, keeps Tails afloat by taking advantage of the desperate women who dance for money and the desperate men who pay for female attention. When a dead body shows up in the bathroom, Nick's control begins to unravel. Hunted by an ambitious, relentless cop, Nick's enemies begin to surround him. He must decide how many friends to sacrifice in order to save himself.


We are almost completely done with post production and have 8 Episodes coming out in 2021!


The pilot has been on the festival circuit for about a month and it’s done better than any of our prior projects with 7 wins/nominations so I have a very good feeling about it!


I have the pleasure of playing Nick, a pretty colorful guy I have to admit.  Nick is the kind of guy who always puts himself and his needs/wants ahead of the rest..  we’ve all known people like Nick, maybe not quite as shady but in that direction.


Who is involved in the Series What actresses, actors, directors?  


It’s a very diverse and urban feel type of project.  I am directing and I have a really great cast and team behind the camera.  My guest stars include Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop),  Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs),  Blanca Blanco (Betrayed), Michael Emery (Shameless), Daron Cruickshank (UFC, TMZ), Jesi Jensen (Abstruse).  The main cast rounds out with Kaiti Wallen (Agramon’s Gate), Tevis Marcum (Blood Immortal), Jerry Hayes (Moving Parts), Grover McCants (Devil’s Night), Dominique Alexander (Black Petunia) Brett Stanfield (Detroiters) and Jimmie Chiappelli (Ring of Silence).  My cinematographer is Alex Gasparetto who was also my right hand man on “A Bennett Song Holiday” and “Ash and Bone”.  Tevis Marcum was the original writer although content changed when Steve Kopera (Boyle Falls) who also edited was brought onboard then changed more when I came joined the team.  My wife Kaiti Wallen was our primary casting director as well as our nuts and bolts producer.  


Where can Tale of Tails be seen on what platform or links to purchase online please?


We have yet to sign the series since it’s not complete but are in early talks with a few outlets both foreign and domestic.  


Can you share a teaser link and photos that promote the series?


We don’t yet have a trailer but here are some stills.


A note for people interested in filming. How was both the film financed?


As all my projects it was privately financed.


What made this series special in making?


I think the story telling and collaboration made it a really unique experience not to mention the bulk of it was produced while the coronavirus was out there making things difficult, but we ran a tight ship and were able to not only finish but finish strong!  I take my hat off to everyone putting up with the restrictions and testing etc.  but I have to say everyone who came in felt that we had something special brewing and it shows.


I also think there is somewhat of a shortage of this type of genre and feel, I think this could be the next “Cobra Kai”.


Can you please my readers about Ash and Bone?



Yeah, I really feel this one wasn’t just a step up from prior projects but more like a few steps up!  Here is a short synopsis.

Cassie is a rebelling teen and with a new stepmom it escalates and her father Lucas decides to take her and his new wife Sarah out of the city for some bonding and quality time together. What they find instead is the McKinley's an urban legend more true and terrifying than their worst nightmare.


I was really inspired by horror films that inspired me just like when I made Agramon’s Gate where I wanted to pay homage to the supernatural side of horror story telling laced with heavy suspense and jump and some gore..  Ash and Bone is inspired by a different time and style of horror.  I had the early 2000’s and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, House of Wax and even some Rob Zombie inspiration.  Bret Miller write it and it was one of the best first drafts I’ve ever read!



Who is involved in the movie? What actress, actors, directors, etc?


I was directing and my cast was nothing short of sensational with Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave - Deja Vu), Angelina Danielle Cama (Eternal Code), Kaiti Wallen (A Bennett Song Holiday), Erika Hoveland (Injustice For All), Jimmy Doom (Kill The Irishman), Mason Heidger (Scapegoat) and Mel Novak (Game of Death) and I am in this playing Lucas Vanderbilt.


Where can Ash and Bone be seen on what platform or links to purchase online please?


It’s in late stages of post production but we just released our theatrical trailer through Bloody Disgusting and my best estimation is it’ll be in theaters summer 2021!


Can you share a teaser link and photos that promote the film?




 What made this movie special in making?


The amazing cast is hard to beat, I was really impressed with the performances all around and I think my Director of Photography Alex Gasparetto and his team were exceptional!


Can you provide a tale or something of that ah ha moment for both projects to make their story something interesting for my readers to say ah that would be something to see?  A teaser or selling point for each movie please.


One of the things that gets me really excited is the incredible character development with our villains “The McKinley’s”.  Jimmy Doom and Erika Hoveland took such ownership and were so daring in their approach to characters o often gave to push a little to get “there”..  I have a feeling they’ll both be touring Horror-Cons many years because how willing they were to push their characters to the edge.


Ash and Bone stills;




Clete McKinley played by Jimmy Doom





Angelina Danielle Cama as Cassie Vanderbilt 

Kaiti Wallen as Sarah Vanderbilt and Harley Wallen as Lucas Vanderbilt 





Mason Heidger as Tucker, Jamie Bernadette as Anna.





Erika Hoveland as May McKinley 

Tale of Tails stills



Yan Birch as Fransisco and Harley Wallen as Nick



Blanca Blanco as Lola



Kaiti Wallen as Alison Olsen with Head of make up Nicole Diehl



Tevis Marcum as Roadie