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People say are you not afraid of democrats? No, I am afraid of aliens, the undead, and multi relocatable people that vote. Think only way to get a jury summons is to be registered to vote.

HOW will TRUMP lose?

With 29.5 million illegals only 10 percent have to vote against Donald Trump.

Or exactly 2.95 million illegal need to vote in eight states to switch the electoral college.


AN example

Michigan: Clinton 2,268,839 (47.3%) – Trump 2,279,543 (47.5%) ALL Biden has to do is meet Hillary's ballot count and cheat 12,000 votes... When you realize that there is an additional 2.3 million illegals in the United States since 2016. Well 12,000 does not seem much does it?

Pennsylvania: Clinton 2,926,441 (47.9%) – Trump 2,970,733 (48.6%) ALL Biden has to do is meet Hillary's ballot count and cheat 46,000 votes. When realize that there is now an additional potential of 18 million illegals that is not a hard cheat.

Wisconsin: Clinton 1,382,536 (46.5%) – Trump 1,405,284 (47.2%) Humor Wisconsin only needs 23,000 more votes.. Wisconsin Judge just ruled 200,000 registered voters to be purged. How many? I doubt they will be. Do you?

Florida: Clinton 4,504,975 (47.8%) – Trump 4,617,886 (49%) So Biden son laundered money? Does not mean he would cheat. I mean. 115,000 people illegal in Florida? Come on. ICE does not even work there any more does it?

Arizona: Clinton 1,161,167 (45.1%) – Trump 1,252,401 (48.7%) Well 93,000 votes and Biden could capture Arizona. Cheating that many ballots is not that hard. Think the last senate race they did it and the federal election commission did nothing.

North Carolina: Clinton 2,189,316 (46.2%) – Trump 2,362,631 (49.8%) What is 182,000 ballots among Democrats?

Ohio: Clinton 2,394,164 (43.6%) – Trump 2.841,005 (51.7%) I mean there is got to be a least half million more in Ohio state by now.

Iowa: Clinton: 653,669 (41.7%) – Trump 800,983 (51.1%) 153,000 ballots among illegals should not be that hard.



With 1.8 million dead.. assumption they are registered. Now who would they vote for? Figure these people will help move electoral college one way or another.


With 7 million people voting twice assumption most seem to be voting for the illegal. Figure another five states electoral college gone.


Humor life is like.