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Hello Alice? I was wondering.. I am not CrAzY. My ReaLiTy is just different from YoUrS.

What is wild? 

When I met Alice in 2015. I had somehow gone from being a Microbiologist to having the title Engineer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/clintonsiegle/ There are like three people that know my Alice story here. Alice, and two others that I told. I have written about how she went through my private files etc.

That I hunted her down in story land and found her creator or one of her creators Raven a super coder from Chicago. https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/5esfix/the_truth_behind_the_mandela_effect/

That her story online makes no sense in this reality anymore is wild as far as I am concerned. That my story makes no sense in this timeline also makes me wonder at times. Which is real? What is real? And if this is the past per closed time curved loop reality and galaxies speeding up and slowing down to parallel times. What exactly was I supposed to change?

That was the trick, was it not?  A closed time curved loop interaction of a soul with a parallel reality. In yet? I know I am not seeing people speak my English because I can see their mouths move in ways that the words do not match at all. I can hear them speak still when I look at their mouths. Sure maybe I am just having a wonderful awkward dying death dream. That would make sense. Just Like the walking tree or the moving mountain. 

That leaves the question of censorship.  Meaning? I should be able to influence the past into a difference course of action is what I was told or so I read here https://www.andersoninstitute.com/

The reality of the question is if the game play has moved on without me. Do I really need to continue to play in a dead world? https://www.andersoninstitute.com/

Meaning according to the new science here stars as old as 70 billion years are in an existence.  Meaning if they existed that long reality has been playing this game a lot longer than I have been around and will play on when I am either in hell or food for worms or hiding in the shadow of the Almighty.

So I try to back track my reality. It is not like I have not documented what I have seen or tried hard to remember people, places, and things. So I started to try to index some of the journals. The problem when I read through them? I find stories and numbers changed. I wonder if I did the changing or the person that was here prior to me wrote down his memories and if his memories are here what does that mean? Meaning? Well. There is a multiverse. There is more than one time and reality for earth. Are his memories here stronger than mine was her first and I am next and so forth and so on. I think you can guess at the rabbit hole. If I am not me and I remember writing 70 percent of the journal and the 30 percent is that another me or just a difference in reality showing another souls perspective of where they came from? 

I think that is the rabbit hole is it not? Who was first and who was last? If I came from Sagittarius from an earth 6.5 billion years old with a world population of 8.5 to 8.6 billion according to www.deagel.com on May 18, 2016.  And this is now November 1st, 2020 in yet now they say 2012 which reality is truthful? And for that matter does it matter? Did I come first or last in some sort of bizarre reality game that I am unaware of saying I will join in the game?  If I did this to myself on purpose I hope the purpose was good. For all I am seeing is that humanity seems bent on killing itself over the concept that they want freedom from a storyline that seems not bendable or breakable.

God is the great story teller. That is the truth.  But what about all those realities seen where Christ was assassinated and humanity reigned for a day a thousand years up to seven million years?  That is what I am saying closed time curved loop reality represents that all that time has been like a second here and those dreams or dreamers are all long dead and gone and as far as I can tell did not live up to some sort of game plan designed for them.

What happens in the perfect game? I am still waiting to find out. I speculate on this. I can see a different reality already coming about. I just am not sure if I want the Borg lifestyle. I also see a Star Trek formatting lifestyle yet both are horribly wrong at times. So? I am unsure of reality. I supposed that is why I followed Alice down the CERN hole. 

I can see an ending in sight. In yet? I realize the story I was told and this all might just be a beginning for me. Trapped on Lost, the television version of the series in La Paz, Bolivia was not my expectation in life. I wonder if or how many souls or golems in the mirror reality succeed in any of my wild adventures?

Meaning? I could have owned a gold mine in 1997. I could have owned a partnership in an oilfield in 1993.  I could have worked much harder which I am not sure about. I could have ended up in Iraq 2006. I could have done so many other adventures and I end up down a rabbit hole a rabbit hole wondering about time, my soul, and here is the trip of this story. The idea that in my final moments of death say 10 minutes in a reality I am experiencing all this as a hullication in my mind and you all are a figment of my imagination. Sure wish I had a better imagination and pizza.

Makes me wonder as I write this. Did Lewis Carroll suffer as I did and did he write his whole book while he was dying but had a better imagination and wrote about dying as if it was some sort of adventure to Wonderland. Makes almost sense. The only part missing is why am I doing this still? Meaning?

Well, back to memories my world earth moved around the galaxy at a much faster speed. So? I should have died according to my speculation when my galaxy was to hit the next galaxy in 365,000 years and here they say 4.5 billion years and in 2019 it was 2 billion years so I am moving backwards farther in time means I am dying at a faster or slower rate as I get farther away from my reality. What about the bible changes where Zachariah went from nuclear war to zombies and that a third of heaven souls were stolen is there no hope? I have hope. I also want pizza. I wonder about both nowadays. 

The question is all this real? I have kicked enough to say my sense of feeling says this is real.  I understand now that all this is light so I might be in a holographic reality. Meaning? Plants absorb light we eat plants and in a sense all we are is stabilized frequency of light for a time.Meaning closed time curved loop reality I have never moved from the spot where my soul was stolen and all of my 45 years in my reality are but a dream or if I go the other way when ever my soul was stolen from my reality to be placed in that reality I am or my soul is going back to its original body for a day of judgment. Either way quite unsettling.

I look at the events of 2020 changing to 2012. All the blue, pink, red, etc moons and wonder traveling by moonlight is not what I expected it to be. A twinkle in one's eye and one person will be gone. Tha tI was missing 1.2 to 2 billion people the first couple of weeks really freaked me out.  Anyway no problem reality is what you make of it is what they say.

I wonder who they are. Because I would point out that this is not my reality and these people speaking a different language at times have facial and eye expressions that fake me out completely.

Same with music. They changed the sounds from frequencies which are too loud for my ears that I can actually listen to certain music these days.

So what is the coming event? December 21 through 26 the ending of 2012 according to a different calendar. What is the importance of this? I do not know.