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Find the best writers, pay them to write, and avoid typos at all costs.. the first draft of anything is sh@t

So, I had gotten home with a box of Ernest’s writings from Idaho. Made a call to my cousin about Ernest’s suitcase. And I thought it was best to start organizing his stories.

Now, this was interesting. Those in those in the suitcase seemed to show him married to a Hadley. And they were obviously thoughts of his experience in World War I. The few photos of an ambulance, a man on crutches, and. Well, poetry was about his experience in life up to that point.

The box on the other hand, seemed to indicate a variety of other women. He seemed also to let them edit some of his works. Which was interesting to see. That some of them wrote even better than he did. Or at least edited his work better than he did. Why? They crossed some of his ideas on war and life out. And the finer hand writing you could tell was female.

The question I could not decide was which was better? His ideas crossed out or the lady or ladies ideas??  The writing was similar throughout and ideas were chagned so ittle but so refined that at times I did not are. I think I spent like three days just re-reading and organizing the papers/diaries/journals/ and the box held some newspaper clippings of the Spanish Civil war along with World World II, and two more letter from Castro.

The mystery was still to me what to do with these letters, etc.  The stories involved in the suitcase?  I knew what my great uncle had wanted to do. Find the owner of the suitcase. And hehad spent some time and money looking. And I? Well, if Ernest was dead from teh CIA. I might as well read them and enjoy them.  and I did. I thik that is the nicest thing that happened after losing my leg. I had time to read. and to think. And realize that war was not what I wanted in reality. that war like the author o f the notes and stories was a crime against humanity.The dramatic question I could not decide was which was better? His ideas crossed out or the lady or ladies ideas??

Combining hte two portions of the notes, and papers I came p with a rather mall collection of short stories.  

One hundred and 2 pages of fishing stories alone. The others on war from Italy to some how he was hunting on a Russian submarine Nazis? To him fighting stories in the Spanish Civil War.  Then a fifty or more short stories on his hunting trips.

Seems rather big on hunting.  And final a few stories that I would put a risue.  That or the guy raped his fir wife or something to that affect.

Then there were several pages of gibberish. After a review - thought might be a secret letter writing letter correspondence.  Probably with one of his many lady friends.

Thus I had about seven books in total. And since Ernest was dead. What to do with them?