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ERNEST HEMINGWAY For an article he wrote featuring art by Luis Quintanilla, Hemingway pencils short notes on a magazine page, describing Quintanilla as, "My best friend in Spain."

The box of notes also had several drawings and stories. Dates ranging from 1930s to 1960. Some more interesting than others.

One about Ernest and Luis or Loe going to a bullfight. Getting drunk with the matador and then well. Seems risque from that point on.

Anyway, Loe, Ernest, some guy name Manuel Rodriguez, met after some fight in 1939?? The date was smeared. Seems that Ernest bet Loe a bottle of some wine that Rod or Manolete could get the bull within a certain time.

Anyway, seems that the bet won, more betting occurred and both wanting to have fun. Ended up in some show room with Rodriguez. They got him involved in their game. Seemed they were all enjoying whatever the stakes were.

They ended up on a street Bravo Murillo, city? Not stated Spain. Taking on some dancing girls.. The risque part, not to mention. Hemingway “knows plenty of whores and doesn’t hate them.” But they talked about reality.

Wars, bullfighting, fascism, communism, high thoughts about 1930s and the Spanish Civil War. Along with other ideas.

The letter seemed rather long.. The long of it. Seemed Lou drew a girl while this conversation went on. Rod drank. And Hemingway wrote. The whole risque part? Seemed the girls were bored and did other things risque.


After that letter dated 1940.

Dear Luis,

I was writing on a piece of paper about a  hunt I was on in 1938. Right from the Spanish Civil War and I think I left it in your notebook.

Dear Ernest,

Your hunting story?  Laughter.. I thought it was more of a kinky venture we had with those lovely dancing hall ladies.  By and by Rodriguez is making a name for himself you should come and watch him fight  the bull.

Let's make it for spring of 1940.  Should be interesting time of the year.

Attached story -

My brother, father, and I were out hunting. That was what I was thinking about in 1936 or 37. As I pursued an exotic bird called the Snipe. That it will be called a joke in later realities? That no one remembers the Snipe as being extinct is wild. However, that is how hunting is at times. To bag the one and only animal. To claim you have seen the unseeable.