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Ender the time traveling pirate of many lives and places..

There once was a pirate named Ender. Who roamed the wild seas in search of venture and treasure? He searched with his ship the Black Skimmer which he and his crew loved for the long haul and easy smuggling. The ventures were fierce and the pay was small but to be a pirate was all this crew could want to be. They would sing a song and sail along on the high sea... So there they were about to capture a merchantman ship off the coast of Japan. Silk, pottery, golden objects, when the current started to carry them away from the prize ship. The crew of course a duck, bear, and Ender could not do much but watch as the prize floated outside their range.

The current swiped the Black Skimmer along the narrow current path through the sea towards the Chinese Sea and out towards the ocean. Ender was singing along and the duck at the helm was quacking for all he was worth. The bear having missed a chance to plunder was into the rum and honey and not thinking much more than that the world was a venture that was weird at times and that honey on the paws is something sweet.

The wind blew the current brought up drowned ships older than times itself. One even looked like a UFO. There were roman vessels; there were Chinese junks, Viking long boats, not just one or two ole 1500 century pirate ships but more than dozen flying the skull and cross bones. Time shifts to a similar person but in a different time zone.

The storm was over only for a moment when the wind started to blow again and the breeze was high handed with the sail. The bear was busy eating honey that was just taken from the isle where long John Silver had buried a treasure still unfound with an x marking the spot. Honey is better than treasure when sailing a small ship in a big ocean with a captain singing sea shanties about how bears, ducks and pirates named Ender once were wanted by the admiral of the British Navy for taking their tea and bread.

Three partially blinded pirates looking into their ship could only find a can of beans. The beans of course were rotten and caused them to poop and they pooped a lot. They each lost an eye to see a map that only they could see in thirds. The treasure of course was worth more than an eye to each of them. The rationale could be anything, who knows why man does things for money or greed or just for a chance for an opportunity to better oneself. Money makes funny bedfellows and changes a man's reason. Anyways each could store only so much of the map and drew it on parts of their bodies and each other as tattoos. Entered the bold and brave Ender the Pirate to the story. He was willing and dealing in Café Shi when the three stumble in from their ship to gather a crew and drink a little prior to setting sail for their treasure of what and what nots.

There I was living another life again. My mind is fixated on the focus of a book and the life within. The spirit given the chapters made me read faster and the character became dear. Till the end was near. I was gone again, my mind off and into another book, another life, another place in time. Chemistry is strange. The way to live a moment in reality is to step outside a universe that is much bigger on the inside than the outside. Thus a library is the holiest of places. For the universe is contained in there. What can be said. Someone might read this so I will tell a tale to bring the soul to another place in time. To help those hurt in their mind. My eyes tear up just thinking about life. What a wondrous gift. To be. Or not to be. A jewish question about existence that has been debated for several hundred years. The end conclusion was that it would have been better not to exist. But since we exist to make the best or better world around us all the same. Dreaming like that starts the clock.. This tale is easy. Ender the pirate was sailing the ocean with the breeze to his back. Being on a sailing ship the Black Skimmer one would hope that .. The crew bears a duck and a recently added Chuck Cheese doll brought to life by the blue fae was sitting around the table eating pizza. When in walked a child of six or five a girl living life on a dime. Her father was a poor pirate at the time. Ender said what are you doing here, girl. She just smiled and walked towards the mouse doll. ... Next chapter later.

When a class pisses you off. So you write the whole truth and nothing but the truth and see who believes you or not. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/start-writing-fiction/17/steps/834013 I am a time traveler. I have traveled many worlds in a closed time curved loop. I often write about my experience online to the amusement of reality. I held six clearance in my life and was considered somewhat of a novelty. I am currently doing interviews online with some rather famous people. And have 3 presidential interviews under my belt since August 2020. Beyond that I have heard of several realities dying. And March 28, 2020 I celebrated my 4.5 billionth birthday. My favorite food is space dried potatoes. And I often have been considered crazy by many however I usually can prove what I say. So I have been offered a ride in a UFO via a Frenchman. I have a testimonial written in Italian that can be found online. I am awaiting to see the end of the worlds. Meaning I have lived on several different parallel realities. Oh and I saw John Von Neumann's last paper he wrote in May 1957 right before he died. What else? Fictional I was a superhero? I like drama movies? I do not need to flirt with you, I will seduce you with my awkwardness?

So the fun part about being a time traveler everything you write is considered fiction. However, to my knowledge I was not a superhero. I do not like space dried potatoes. And I most likely will not seduce anyone with my awkwardness. All the rest are facts that can be found in some realities and not in others I suppose. That is the issue with time is it not. Time of a closed time curved loop traveler. I mean who cares if you say the Battle of Hastings happened in 996 when you know it happened in 1006 in some realities and 1066 in other realities? No one believes a word a time traveler says. And thus a whole story book of time travelers memories and no one cares because to them it is all fictional.

During my travelers I have had 11 journals so far about my time as a space time traveler. Not that anyone reads them. My one that has survived the most is on prose. A wondering mind through the multiverse by Clinton R. Siegle. The problem? Evidently the person here was saying he was Clinton Siegle and forgot the R. So I wondered if he did not realize what the R stood for? OR and here it is never used the R in his realities? Meaning? I am Clint Siegle. I am Clinton Siegle. I am Clinton R. Siegle. I remember a heck of a lot of useless facts as a time traveler, the one that bothers me the most? What happened to Sketchers? Or MacDonalds stood for Big Mac and now it is McDonalds? Which means where did the Big Mac come from or was it here first and gone later? These are my issues not yours. You are dead. Reanimated for a day or so for my spirit to go back and face God I suppose. To think I failed yet again. At least there is something else to look forward to.

Useful details of a time traveler? Well? I suppose if I go back to hell I now know Shakespeare's father was a glove maker, that he was buried in a church, was married to Anne Hathaway, nowadays they even know where his house was at and that his great grand kid held the home for two hundreds years after his death. I am not sure what that would do to me. I think they would call me a conspiracy nut. I mean we spent hours discussing in my reality was Shakespeare one person or many? Was he an ambassador to Italy or some famous group of poets? Here all the facts are online and I suppose important to someone. Just not me. Details? I have pages of details. I think the word dilemna is the detail I wonder most about. No no you say it is spelled dilemma and I say for 45 years prior to 4.5 billion years it was spelled dilemna and since my reality died first but that is just it. My reality did not die first it was just sped up. What do I mean? My earth was 6.5 billion years old. My galaxy was 377,000 light years in diameter. Earth population was 8.5 billion on April 19 , 2016 plus 4.5 billion years. So? Well, according to some Nazi book Time and Belief because I saw it made it real.

Yes, reviewing my journals is not fun anymore. Why? Well I remember what I wrote and what I read is not what I wrote. The latest? I purchased a television and was watching it. Big Screen words Daewood right there. Then a few days later Daewoo. What a misspelling no. The freaking box says Daewoo. So? Well, I went back and read one of my many journals and now? Time has changed in the journal. Meaning? It is not my journal anymore. Instead of saying missing 2 billion people in 2016 plus 4.5 billion years it says 1.2 billion. Instead of a galaxy stating 377,000 diameter it says 344,000 diameter. The meaning? Some other poor lost soul wrote that journal and my journal? He or someone else has or had since those worlds are all dead. So? Just means journaling as a time traveler is a lot harder than one would expect. And those few people that read your online rants might think you are nuts or a very good fictional writer. Whichever the case my journals now have items in it that I have no context to say yes or no to at times. Which means I am a lost soul I suppose.

How lost? Well, according to some hell is not that far away. Meaning I am watching the time of tribulation. Mark of the beast and so forth.

Why I write? It is cheaper than a shrink and more useful I suppose. When I first awoke to my dilemna I was a bit more vocal than my writing is. I felt kidnapped. Let's be honest I was kidnapped. I lived in hell and now I was moving backwards in time through a closed time curved loop which I did not know at the time. Meaning? Deja vu. I wrote lots of well I did this again. I think whoever is in front of me is lazy. Well, that company purchased that company for 20 billion dollars less and 9 months later I wonder what the significance is? Why can't I get to watch Resident Evil? The date keeps on getting pushed out. What is the meaning of double stuffed oreos now not existing? If I have a photo of JcPenny store why is that location now JCPenney? What is the meaning of the extra e? Why does your cheese suck? I figured that one out. Took me a while but I figured that one out at least. Why do I say your sun is covered by a mirror weapon platform which is burning the railroad route for Senator Feinstein husbands railroad? Because it is and three fourths of the trees on earth. So? I have no idea. The detail of fiction are lost to me. What was fiction is now real and what was real no longer exists.

My journal is my life experience and whether it is believed or thought of as fiction who cares. What gets me is now I can't even find my references anymore. What do I mean? I mean I wrote them down. I remember them. Now? Some other parallel me wrote down his experiences and they are completely not mine. It is like watching spliced films of say 1 billion yous over 4.5 billion years but you only get 1 sec the first time around and then a day on the way back. And the story makes no sense. What do I mean? Example I got married in Idaho. We honeymooned in Seattle. Seattle in my world was 150 north of its current location and when I got lost on the highway and did not get off at the right exit my wife and I went right into Canada. It was a big deal in my reality because she was not a US citizen. We had to go through customs etc. Now? How does that work Seattle is no where near Canada and that story which I wrote down is in my journal somewhere but when i read the person journal here? He writes interestingly but this is not me and I am not sure where he came from nor where he is going meaning? There are a lot of paths to hell these days and I am not sure where I have been is the worse yet or to expect something much worse?

So there I was a time traveler stuck in some bizarre world where Microsoft patent is 666. Bill Gates states he wants to murder 80 to 90 percent of the world. And when I read books here that were my favorite they screw up the main quotes that make or break the book. How can you screw a quote so badly that I stop liking a book? Bizarre worlds. I should clarify this one is not the worst by far but let's be honest you seem more hostile towards me than I would expect. I mean I am going seduce you with my wit and charm. You know you will finish reading this story just to see if I am crazy or not? Maybe I am and maybe writing a complete life story of a person who has lived 4.5 billion years visited many parallel realities and talked to demons, serial killers, been put in some rather weird government meetings, and basically would have enjoyed being a librarian or and here is the latest change. I wrote I would become a dishwasher instead of what I did. When I went back and read that line? It was changed to janitor? I was a janitor for a time. I did not like it. Thus the irony when I wrote dishwasher. Meaning? I wash plates in these realities and my wife rewashing because what I think is clean is dirty evidently.

What is my character like as a time traveler? Well, I am sort of a bear pirate. I am missing my right ankle from being a zombie for 17 days. And I missing my right foot for being a zombie for 8 days. I am missing my left eye and am going blind. Character? I sort of fear I might be one of those lost pirate teddy bears from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Island of misfit toys. What do I mean? I am fluffy. I also look like a pirate to some. However character? I am not sure I was noted for being a character I suppose. Not much of a bad one. I mean I was not that much into money. I loved books. I should have stayed in a bookstore. Or maybe the library. One or the other. Awkward being a time traveling pirate teddy bear I suppose. It was not what I had planned to do or be you know. One day I was normal. The next poof you are Mandela affected is that he did not die in the 1990s. What he died in 2013. Sure sure. Whatever it is today, facts show that is the truth. Maybe I am a character in my own novel. Lost teddy pirate on his way home to land of misfit toys there and back again a pirate tale. Sounds kind of exciting. I think I would actually buy that. I wonder if anyone else would? Most likely I am going to be censored and no one will ever read this story anyways. So I will have fun with it.

The time traveler was getting tired. It was after a few billion years of sleep he had caught up on in the past 4 years or so. That the closed time curved loop was ending and that the time of tribulation mark of the beast Revelation 16, Plagues Revelation 6,and other items were on the way just kind of phased the time traveler. The deja vu made him wonder since he was not alone in or on this trip what other people's speculations were? Why they thought one thing and the time travel awkward accounting of time, mirror suns, the discovery of history changes made them sort of lost souls. Maybe that is it after all . Maybe all Mandela effected people are lost misfit toys? It would make sense with the Zachariah changing to Zechariah. Army melting to zombieland here and now. The question made the time traveler realize he needed to get dressed up a bit better. Meaning if he dies in these clothes thinking that zombies are real would he want to be caught dead in a yellow sweatshirt? Sweat versus sweet? You eat sweat treats for Halloween while you sweet beets during the week. He wonders if he is nuts or if the whole rhyming mystery and time was playing a cruel joke on him? After all, why is MacDonald's Big Mac not a Big Mc?

The time traveler looked back at his last attempt to write a journal. It had been read over 3,000 times and 182 thumbs up. He wondered if the thumbs up were all from misfit toys? I mean who else would notice? Who would want to believe that they are just reanimated dead things playing a huge story of God or the matrix if John Von Neumann last paper was correct? Who would want to know that God forsakes whole realities leaving copies of people you loved so close to the one you knew or who is to replace them that if they would not know the story by heart you would not know the difference that hey who the heck are you? What did we do in Seattle if we did not spend 3 hours in costumes getting you back from Canada? To realize that the end of time is the beginning of time is sort of a misnomer I suppose. Imagine getting to heaven and not even knowing anyone. Everyone will have completely different realities and stories and instead of 1 father or mother where Jesus says 100s you realize that all these fathers and mothers not a single one of them might have actually been yours on your reality it is kind of a spooky conclusion. Who wants to know this? Not a teddy pirate that is for sure.

What does a time traveling teddy bear pirate do? That is a great question. At first I was planning on getting even. I said I lived in hell right? Well, hell is a much softer world than here. Meaning? Well my body was pretty broken. My sinus cavity looked like a sponge had been ripped apart. Meaning? Well my skull did not have a bone behind the eye and my cavity of a sinus caused me no end of pain. And the person or should I say people that smashed my sinuses I know and keep dips on to this day. So? Well, fair game. They got away with evil. I at first felt I should have that right too. Don't you know? I mean imagine if you were afraid of someone and knew them enough that you know where they buried the bodies. Now you have a body that you can smash through a wall with if you like and the other main characters in your life haven't a clue that let alone do I recall their evilness I still hate their guts to the very core of reality and back enough to have done something so evil that it might be my fatal flaw. What? Let's be honest, as a pirate most of my friends claimed to be witches. And I am awkward enough to learn that joking around with the eye of neut can cause them to be rather unique situations meaning? Well, spells were not considered real and reading books? What you find there is or were or are secrets that oftentimes a teddy bear pirate should not read.

What is reading? Spelling? What is spellcraft? Let's be honest a misfit teddy bear pirate thought that all reading was something fun. Who would have thought Ron Hubbard's realities were real? Who would have realized that the book of revelations talked about Bill Gates as one of the beasts? So? Well, curses are a bit more complex. That I used one and it works is awkward. Why? I sort of bound my soul to watching the destruction of the system of things. Why would you be so small? Well, it was sort of an easy spell and who believes witches? Or for that matter since it was directly out of the bible that something like this could happen? Surely not a misfit toy teddy bear pirate. Nevertheless here I am and here you are and well. It works to an extent. I now know the horrible deaths of all my enemies in my hell. It is not a good death. That they got burnt up by the x rays of the universe was kind of hard to swallow. What do I mean? I write. On Cosmofunnel one of my poems before all this happened. I talked about how on that earth on the outer edge arm of Sagittarius that earth was stepping outside of the galaxy and was going to be fried for the next 7 to 12 years. I did not think much of my jump at first but earth was never near the outside edge of an arm again and the fate of all my enemies is quite clear to me. So? Well, dearie, with a great story there is alway a great price. What do I mean? People talk about selling their souls for power, fame or riches? I sort of went the other way.

What do I mean? Well, if I told you I am in a gated community. That I have not been outside for years. That my warden sort of knows my every move one would suspect something happened to the teddy bear pirate. But no. I get out all the time. Not. Maybe I could escape my captors I doubt it. Nevertheless I am here stuck writing this absurd story in a non lit room freezing in South America of all places. Meaning? My world La Paz, Bolivia was 73 degrees and never snowed. My clothes were warm enough. I still have the same clothes but how in the worlds is South America freezing enough that there is now. Now in Bolivia? Why am I in Bolivia? I ran away from home. I told you I was a misfit toy after all. And toys want to see the world adventure and maybe find the book of a lifetime or romance. Like I said awkward. Anyhow here I am lost in the dark writing this story. Should be interesting why? In one night I am going through two weeks of classes. For what reason? Just because life is like that at times. I wonder. Is a second here which is billions of years where I was at. What will the higher level of reality look like after all to a misfit toy? For that matter what happened to all the souls that came before me and through this reality? Are they good, bad or evil? Sometimes I wonder about myself. Am I going to see the end of the worlds and final judgment or am I going to skip it somehow?


Recently, I have been writing about my prison sentence. Being stuck in La Paz, Bolivia behind a gated community it is amazing the women that enjoy a good pirate teddy bear story. What do I mean? I am just like Biden. Meaning he is real. oh no he is crazy you claim.. No, no.. Biden is real. I believe he beat up cornpop with a chain. He was arrested visiting Mandela. He has plans to murder 200 million right from the CIA. Read www.deagel.com and if you do not believe me you can ask his white, indian, African VP. So? Well, here is the story of the Montauk Project claiming that Trump will save America. Will that happen? I believe Trump is the seventh trumpet. I believe in 2017 he became a jew. And when the evil one possesses the ruler of the world Trump likely will be one of the top choices. So? Was Reagan right that Trump can save the US of A? Well, be a time traveling teddy bear I can tell you a story. You see the Muslims are not totally wrong. There were actually 7 messiahs. The jews hunted down six of them. What? The six messiah was tricked into violence as I hear and lost his grace. While the fifth one? I heard he fell in love with Shiva and left God's grace for India. Silly teddy bear pirate you can not be telling the truth. What of the other messiahs that the jewish satanist did away with and why would they do that evil. Time travel my dearie is a true story and I paid a heavy price to learn that story. Lets just say even if you bury a person a thousand times he might come back and ask for payment again and I am to be honest not interested in eating my enemies anymore. Not that I am full. Just I did not realize the curse works. Meaning? No one says I am a nic teddy bear and if you knew what I dream about you would most likely back away and run screaming away as fast as your legs can take you. Don’t worry even with one foot I will catch you. In time all fall.

So what am I am talking about? I think the Muslim have the story closet. Meaning they talk about the war between the angels and jinns. How God trapped the djinns in a contract making them what you call modern day demons. Here 2012 which is the real year for 2020 here or there will be a great solar flash. The universe will re right itself and the experience is something known as the galactic alignment or solar event. For those with harmful chemicals in their bodies the radiation will radiate and activate dormant DNA. So here is the secret. Bill Gates or the first beast fails to read the rest of the story. That dormant DNA is supposed to create supernatural heroes or to those in the known djinns. Who is in the know? Time wizards, they failed to do something. And well, I have had this long trip because someone broke my contract. Significance they owe me. Meaning? Fastening your seat belt, the great awakening or assent to the next level is not what people think it is. Meaning? I told you I was not nice. I could be a spirit or if the story is truthful a djinn. The higher levels of consciousness are awakening. They say every 25900 years this happens. It wipes out all life in the solar system. Leaving what are considered higher level frequencies. Am I one of those beings? In sense I would have preferred to be a pirate or dishwasher I think. What am I saying? Why are you not going to heaven? Did I not mention the war between the jinns and angels and contract? You see jinns lose not in all realities for the same time. That I was born most likely in the third age of humanity not in the seventh where I lived for 45 years plus or minus billion of years seems to indicate that I might not be the person I think I am and for those that want to have fun. Let's look each other up in heaven if we both get in.

Getting into heaven might be something to see. Will I make it? I doubt it. I have faith. I know God can do whatever he wants. This is his story and game after all. Shh. I suppose that is the secret of this place. Say what? Paul who was Saul in his run. Be in first place. Imagine the number of realities without heaven I have talked about. Countless billions of years where I as a teddy bear pirate got revenge on people. Say what? I said I was not good. It took me a while to figure out my dreams. I thought I was going mad. I mean who would personalize a person's hell to them? And then? Lock them and walk away for what seems like for eternity. That people laugh and say what am I talking about? When I say I lived on Sagittarius, passed through Pegasus,then to Orion arm, then to Orion spur, and now Orion nebula I accounted for most of that time by having some of the most awful dreams of my life. Let me be honest I do not like pain. I do not like evil. In yet? I think I could give Stephan King a run for his money if I was to write what my dreams are about. Laugh all you want. You have never had to look into a person's soul. Figure out what was their most embarrassing moment in their life and then set it so they have to live it over and over again until someone is satisfied that the criminal was punished. You are saying billions of years. How many people do you know? I knew? I have had close to every senator email address since 2003. I have memories of talking with people that most people say how did you get to know that person? Simply put I already said it. I do not need to flirt. I will seduce you with my awkwardness of truth.

So you are claiming to be a time traveler? Going to be a demon or djinn or get into heaven which is it? Let's say that is what keeps this story interesting. You will have to read to the ending to find out which I become. Why? Let me be honest for a time when I was on the German timeline where Adolf Hitler ransomed the Jewish population to the US and he lived to 1973 or 1978 depending on the reality I assure I was probably someone you would be scared to come across anywhere. Here? Like I said. They broke the contract and instead of being who I should have been. Psalms 2 happened. The kings and lords and presidents said let's break God's story or bond and when they did that? I was put in what I call hell for a reason. I do not like people in general. I would have preferred to be left alone in a bookstore or library. That they stole my ability to read for sometime makes their crime a lot more than just millions of dollars they stole from me. Along with my foot, eyesight, and career and family. Let me be honest. I do not own anything any more. Easy peesy for me to walk away from my prison. However? I am here and you are there for a moment. Just give me until tonight. I might say hello.

So details of my time travel? Why do I have many notes, journals? The problem is not mine. Meaning? I expect I wrote about what I found lately that things I knew have changed? And that would mean the soul that was here was different somehow compared to me? How different? Instead of a dishwasher he wants to become a janitor. Instead of starting out at 377,000 he starts at 344,000. Meaning? I think I might be a tad bit older than him. Am I the oldest? Oh heavens no. I know lots of Mandela affected people and they are not who you expect them to be. I mean. They should have lived a different life and now? Maybe their contract was broken and God now in Zechariah not Zachariah as I was brought up to know purifies them as silver and gold? What does that mean? The book the Secrets of Lights talks about how the new age will start with a time flip. What does that mean? Well if all this reality has a light meaning? Energy equates to light cubed times mass. While mass is light. Say what? The sunlight stabilized frequency is all mass is. Stabilized light. No. You are insane. Maybe. I have not been so mentally aware of things this past few billion years. Nevertheless let me try it this way. What makes life here on earth? Plants. Without plants nothing lives. Oh pooh. Come now there is sea life. Which requires plants to eat. No no. Yes it is as simple as if there were no plants there would be no life. And? How is it that plants grow? Chloroplast. Meaning? Well, what does chloroplast do? Takes light and stabilizes it into a solid form. And from there all life comes about. So who made Chloroplast? To be honest I think the angel’s name was Fred. However that is another story for another time. Anyways.

What have I learned over the billions of years? Trust your own gut. Believe in God. Eat cake. The heavier you are the harder it is for them to kidnap you. That heaven could be right around the corner or hell depending on the reality and that most of what I wrote or write about can be confirmed by Jewish lore on those who were evil to bring back the spirit of Job. Or Solomon. Meaning? I thought on my timeline when he said the past is better than the present meant style and culture of the past was better. I did not realize he traveled time and saw as a wizard other realities and other times. He was even in realities where he was not king of Israel. Which is kind of wild. Those stories? I think the most scary one is about the tower of Babylon. God did not destroy the tower in every reality or closed time curved loop. Thus when God states. They will become like gods did not mean he just foresaw it. In some screwed up reality he let humanity decide for themselves and become what Ron Hubbard calls 70 planets with 500 trillion lost souls. Kind of sick. Why? Thinking as a hive mind like the borg? Forgive me I know my thoughts and I want to run away from myself. If I knew your thoughts I might just act on them. Then where would we be?

That is just the thoughts of reality. What is real? WiFi5 changing frequencies changing people's personality. Fermlab causes Chicago to go crazy by switching out people's souls for a moment in time. What thoughts that love and personality are not the same and those that you loved are not the same in a mirror reality. To realize mirror realities and colors cause pain and suffering and you have to wonder what to do. And time? How long has this been going on? I mean my recollection of time was a lot less before this adventure of time had happened. I thought time was on my side. In yet? No way I could believe this story falling into the rabbit hole. I wonder if Alice is still there? I know God is. I can hear or see what is going on and wonder. Is reality real these days? I think not. I personally think I am seeing reanimated worlds long dead one day at a time. A test of the soul. Where or what hell should I go or vomit out of God as mild soup to relive these hells once more? What about heaven? I wonder about that place nowadays. I mean if they can steal souls from heaven. If I have to worry about wolves and thieves in heaven. What is heaven? To realize that there is more politics in heaven these days is awkward. I wonder at the absurd stories and worry for my soul. 

At times when one finds out that heaven is unsafe you wonder. I mean I was not planning on being a time traveler to me prior to this was absurd. I might be a pirate. But a time traveling pirate with views of how worlds would die? Not what I thought life was going to be ending up like. I mean. I know I am not unique and I wonder. What race I am in. Paul who was Saul says we all have to run the great race and only those at the finish line win. Do I have the guts to do that and if so what happens if I fail? Or more specific have I already failed somehow and this is. This is my travels. My here and back again from earth on a Sagittarius arm to Orion spur adventure in time and space reality adventure? Kind of wild I would say. Journal and notes along with memories all of which are changing daily. I wonder if life is real. Or if this is an avatar holographic game and somehow I am stuck in some type of reloading error in the mirror realities of time. I wonder what I did wrong this time along. I wonder what to do. There is something else I wonder. If I am in the final run of the game what should I do? To see the time of tribulation and the end of time is a wild adventure to say the least.

I keep on saying I am seeing the time of tribulations. Let's go down the list. Plague Revelation 6. Mark of the beast Revelation 16. Several items in the future that have already passed and no one realizes. Meaning? The statement I am the beginning and the ending of time. Meaning? God is both coming from the beginning of time and ending of time. So? He is working the bible both front to back and back to front. Meaning? Several verses in the bibles that people are awaiting for have happened in a lot of realities. Now? God is just fixing a thief problem in heaven. Say what? Zachariah which turned to Zechariah expresses an idea that a third of heaven had been stolen and that now? Seems like they will be purified as silver is. So I expect that means something rather hot.  Meaning? I listen to a lot of people these days and their lives were wrecked. How? Ivan Pavlov life experience. Give a person a certain education or self esteem he or she will become whatever they are pointed in that direction. Meaning? Pavlov statement gives me a child and I will give you a law abiding person or a thief. Meaning? Think about the democrats destroying marriage with the marriage tax law. Causing one of the most important social structures to be destroyed. What do I mean? Look it up. Meaning? The number one or two problem in a marriage is finance or money. And instead of strengthening the marriage they destroyed it. What else? Well. War on drugs.  Think 1930s pot was legal. That drug along with others put what close to 10 to 50 million people in prison for something that is a personal use. Meaning? Democrats again created the largest prison population in the world. Why? To destroy people evidence suggests just looking at the only experimental society. Why?  They are being forced by God to finish his story so that the ending of this reality can be done. Kind of wild no?

To think the system of things is real. I did not believe that part in the bible. I always thought I was just unlucky. Turns out there is a conspiracy that is real. Kind of freaky to believe this. Kind of makes me one of the biggest conspiracies in reality. Why? Oh. Time traveler, storyteller, and a few other things that are what you say are awkward. What else? Conspiracy theory? It is not so much a theory as facts seem to indicate that life was made a living hell for me. So? I get to see something. It was an exchange. What am I talking about? Well, on Sagittarius 6.5 billion year old earth. I spoke to several unique people that I can no longer find. So? I offered something they accepted. The rest as they say is a 4.5 billion year story or here it might have just been a second in time. What? Each galaxy spun or spins at a different rate. Each reality is like a spliced film. Taking a good soul raised him to be something he was not. What do you mean? Think of splitting a soul and making him live out every single hostile moment in as many realities as his soul could handle? Meaning? If you have not figured out. Suicide is something I have heard that my a few other souls might have taken that option out instead of this wild adventure through time?

What does Ivan Pavlov, forced soul of a person have in an experienced hell raised life soul, have to offer? Stories. Allot more stories than the average bear. I also as a pirate spoke with many witches and other people that you would never believe who I spoke to once upon a time in a reality according to time that has been dead for nothing more than a second in yet according to internet 4.5 billion years have gone by.  Searching my journal what experience is my most memorable? Changes in South America? It moved 2500 miles east? No. People? Stories I knew of them they do not recall telling me or? Who knows maybe they never did them in this reality or another reality? Life is wild.  And? I think the most dangerous soul is the one that realizes he has nothing to loose why? I have nothing. This is not my reality. These are not my peeps. This is not my reality. Kind of freaky when you realize there is no one around that knows your real name anymore. Even after writing it down and showing people still do not get the concept of what I am telling them. That this to is about to die. Repent. Change your ways if you can. I doubt you can. However? Who knows? Maybe this is just a dream. I had more wild dreams and I don't think I have ever written them down.

My perfect time traveler line. Where did my Sketchers go? That did not go over well. Or hey when did that mountain move? That one does not go over well either. So. Adolf Hitler eye were brown? Did wifi change his eye color to blue like my eyes. Say what? I am going blind according to some. In yet my eye color from cataracts is what say. In yet that does not make sense. Why? Hazel is what my ID says. In yet? I have sky blue cataract eyes. Sort of reminds me of Hitler. That Hitler here is a witch is something new. I recall him being a painter. When or why would he want to be a witch? I know. In yet? That can not be truthful. Meaning? Like I said before. The jews stopped the first 6 messiahs. And the seventh? Well according to Sagittarius there were seven species of humanoids and here? I looked yesterday they say 6 then 15. Which is it? I am not really sure to be honest. Reality shifting is not what I was made for. What was I made for? If this is not a dream? Well if this is not a dream for me. You all might be screwed if you do not repent turn from your evil and believe in Jesus.  So? What? Well, I doubt the time or the place is known for when God will take over these realities. Why

So death? Yes. It is quiet, not what I expected.  Meaning? I know of at least four people on Facebook that I talk to. That is dead or died in my reality and I at times ask. How did you survive? Only to find out that they did not have that experience or had what people would classify a miracle happen to them.  Me?  I personally was a zombie for 21 days.  Meaning? My right ankle died; they did not figure that out. They even sent me home after 8 days only to admit July 3rd and take my flesh down to my ankle bone, following a hospice stay which I describe elsewhere which is one of the top 10 things that have happened to me. Ankle being? 11 to be honest. I have had many miracles in my life. I should be dead. I got home only to have a neighbor using a zip gun to shoot at me. Followed by a lay off followed by a job in a different state where I had to leave in the middle of the night to get home because of obamacare insurance. The airport wanted to ambulance me there. I said no thanks. The last ride cost me 6000 for a 7 mile trip. I got to the ER. They said all is okay. Then at 1 AM awoke me and told me sign that it is a matter of life or death. Then three days later awaking to a missing left foot.

The other top 10? I would prefer to dwell on day by day.  For example today is a deja vu day. Meaning? In 2018 I did something.  What?  Secret if you can find it I will tell you about it. In 2019? I did something else.  And? Again it is a secret.  In 2020?  Seems I am having deja vu because what I did in 2018 when I looked something up there it is as if I did not take care of it in 2018.  Meaning?  I do a lot of strange things. I would say if do not believe me. Just look for me. I hope you do not find me.  I hope you will not find me. But your name on poetry, stories, letters. Truth. However, I am on one platform since September 2018 I have 4.4 million views. August 2020 I started an interviews with people and if you can find them you would wonder even more about who I was on my world. Why? Like I say look up my poetry and realize deja vu means I have probably done something similar before and if you can find the rabbit hole. What an adventure story you could read about.  This? This is just my way of quieting my mind before something else happens. Like what? An end to things of sorts. Will you live? I doubt it. I seriously doubt I live in any of the worlds I have passed through. What do you mean? This is a backward pass of reality. A day when a soul psses from life into the valley of the shadow of death. To the day of judgment. Meaning? Well if this is not a very real holographic dream. You have been dead a very long time and I? Well I am just passing through this world to my day of judgment?  Why? Oh. Like I say dearie. Stories are expensive. More expensive than a trip to Disney World. 

I often wonder. Do the souls trapped in the hells I have passed through realize that their time is and that for a moment they could change and did not? I ponder that question a lot these days. Why? When this all started I wrote. I wrote a lot more than I am writing now. To who? Well, I warned all the clearances I was at.  Meaning what? Look me up on linkedin and realize each of the locations I was at since 2000 might have had something more going on than just Clint showing up to work. Do this is this or that is that. So what? If I am here someone else was there and? I knew passwords. I knew programs. I knew people. And? Well, if my rambling here did nothing. I expect my writing 1000s of emails to people warning that hey. Hilary Clinton's memory of Abe Lincoln as a senator is real. Why? Because I remember it. So? Means she is not the Hillary Clinton of this reality. So? I might be bad or evil. But I would not want your reality to be destroyed because someone else made a decision that was right in their reality but wrong in this one. Like? Biden. I believe he fought poptart with a chain. I believe Obama visited 57 out of 58 states. I believe it when Bush says Saddam murdered Mandela.  I believe Dan Qualye did spell potatoe correctly.

I remember Japan being off the coast of China and that the bombers for the fire strike against Tokyo had to ditch in the Japanese Sea. Not the Chinese Sea. I remember New Zealand being one island with a train running up and down it.  I remember South America being 2500 miles to the east of the current location. I remember Abe Lincoln as a senator and only 545,300 people dying in the civil war. I remember the German returning army survivors from Mongolia numbering 15k.  What do I not remember? China went to war with Vietnam in 1979.  Any part of Mongolia falling to China. Several key actors and actresses that I am trying to figure who they replaced in my reality or did their movies or stories not even exist there? I do not recall the change of Montana from being a Republican state to Democrat state. I do not remember Tyre being described or known that Alexander the Great took it by building a land bridge to the island. I do recall that Port Rico became the 51st state trying to avoid bankruptcy. I do not recall 11 wars between India and Pakistan. Makes me wonder where all those dead people kids did not show up?  I do not recall Cain and Abel being sons of the evil one. 

This is a simple story of a space battle, such a tale as may be told by a pirate who is no writer to a reader who is no pirate. The morning of Sunday, the seventh of day of June 2013, was bright and cold. The wake up call of the captain was sounded rather late, for the snakes, wearied with long voyage, were to have a day at port in New York City prior to destroying and conquering the planet for their own evil design to end human kind. The snake people were here for revenge and were ahead of the heavenly ship by eight years. Within seven years they will have conquered the world and made the humans their slaves both mentally and physically destroying, murdering, and causing wars that would destroy a full four fifth of the world's population. The men in black were hopeless in fighting the snakes and the world's governments had be influenced by the snakes to build their bunkers within the worlds crust which would be nuked to a French fry causing no people to be able to live there. But that day that day prior to Nibils arrival was such a strange day. The snake people dressed as human wandered through New York using their stolen credit cards to buy what they wanted and make the jewelry stores their profit for a lifetime and since they would only live another few days. Well that was their day. AS a pirate this is where I came upon this viewing. Pirates viewing are a bit different from a seer’s viewer or fortune tellers. Ender the Pirate was hoping only for a profit. Now how did a land dwelling pirate end up p in space one might ask and that is the jest of the story The portals to other worlds and realms was opened to him due to his riding the great skimmer into the tidal cycle that wove around earth and ate ships, isle, and whole continents at times. The story goes Ender was about to take the ship little Endeavor from Ms. Churchill off the coast of Japan in 1500s when the tide pulled the skimmer into a slush pile of other ships and tings. The cycle pulled and pushed and the skimmer was pulled out into the ocean from the Chinese Sea within minutes of it being sucked into the tide. There Ender was forced to reconsider life and chances. The first encounter on the tidal cycle was other survivors looking for food.

Be careful not to hurt people, they can begin to love you less. The pain you cause can chisel their hearts, until there's nothing left."

A woman’s intuition is more accurate than a man’s certainty.

Trust is like an eraser: it becomes smaller and smaller with every mistake.

If you ask me if I like your company my answer is YES, However, if you want to know if I can live without you, my answer is YES also.

It is better to be alone. Than being with someone who makes you alone.

The heart does not die when it stops beating; dies when the heart beats no sense.

A wise woman avoids drama because she knows her time is precious and she doesn’t waste her time on trivial things.

You can never fall in love with someone whom you never laugh with.

True friends are the ones who have nice things to say about you behind your back.

Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

I don’t have time to hate people who hate me, because I’m too busy loving people who love me.

When I love, I love with no limitations but if you betray me I love myself enough to let you go .*

Don’t hurt anyone. It only takes a few seconds to hurt people you love and it can take years to heal.

Fitness is like marriage; you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it.

One of hardest things to do is letting go not because you want to but because you have to.

A broken promise hurts as much as a lie you don’t just make them believe, you also make them hope.

Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here, we might as well dance.

Real couples stay faithful; they don’t even think about looking for another because they’re too busy looking for ways to show love to each other.

Never ignore a person that loves you, cares for you and misses you because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting stars.

Never waste your feelings on someone who doesn’t value them.

A woman’s intuition is more accurate than a man’s certainty.

Is sad to put an end to a chapter of life, but if you don’t, it is impossible to write more stories.

It might not be tonight, tomorrow or the next day, but everything is going to be okay.

Not everyone has the intelligence to conquer another, the wisdom to take care and imagination to love .

a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. worth keeping around

Ender had just applied to. Well. What he applied for was something most normal people would be ashamed to become. A clown. That he received a few rejects letters from clown school describes his reality of late. That all the jobs he wanted elephant pooper picker upper had been eliminated by PETA did not help the situation because? Well, Ender was an animal and PETA did not feed or help animals like him. They only cared that their way or the highway was to be right. What made them right? People’s money. Who gave their money to these people? Competitors of the timber industry. Competitor of labs that were making progress on some new drug or make up. Did they really care about the animals? No. If you looked for those animals they claimed to liberate you would find most or all of them dead. The no kill shelter had been misused. And most of the money there was spent on someone else’s needs. Where did that leave a bear named Ender? In a pandemic? Well not even his willingness to be a dishwasher seemed to impress people these days. That get up and be someone. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. If you fall seven times get yourself up and do it again? Well. Ender had lost his boots. Let's be honest he only had one foot these days and after falling down several more times than seven and getting up with an attitude of well that did not work. Plot twist let's do something else. He was at an end. The end of the time of tribulation. Not exactly what he had planned. I mean after all reality shifting is hard on a person's body and mind.

Keeping track of what days or medicines to take or not to take. Without a foot hooping to here and there and back again. I think what I missed the most? It was not a family which was strange. Once he discovered that all the people in his life did not even know him. He was quite in a pickle. When people that were his friends disappeared for what according to the internet was billions of years and then reappeared as if nothing happened. He wanted to say. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Did we have this conversation? Remember when Seattle was next to Canada? That was the strangest part for Ender. One of his cherished moments with his wife. It made no sense in these realities. Where Seattle is 150 miles north of the border. But in his reality where he lived for supposedly 45 years and some days. Seattle was right next to the border and if you got on the highway during rush hour. Trying to exist to get off to your hotel.Well you might have ended up in Canada and have to go through customs to get back into the US.

Did that bother him that his wife of the days did not remember that? What did she do for those 3 to 4 hours when we or Ender and his then wife stayed in a line awaiting their questions about why did you come to Canada? I could not get off the exit. I did not know I was entering Canada until the sign showed up Welcome to Canada. Kind of weird now one thinks about it. Why was there no sign saying. Say goodbye to the US at this exit or some other warning? Who knows? Ender sure did not. What his latest lamination was about his television. He had been watching his new television when his new wifes. And let's be honest, not even in his room or on the same floor. Needless to say he had purchased it on Daewoo television. He then was informed they were getting Netflix which was a mystery to him. Why? I live in Bolivia. In my Bolivia we were still close to 30 years behind. The internet was slow as molasses. Here? Sure. Why not? Ender just wanted to see how things got set up? Instead of being able to watch or call in. Poof he had Netflix somehow. Not that he watched it until they kicked him out of his bed. Then? He spent 2 days watching Stranger Things. And then? Well. Ender freaked out. Why? He watched Travelers and in the first episode the television said Daewood had nice big letters. It was after all a big screen. Which somehow costs less than he remembers purchasing a 35 inch in the states. But in the second episode. When turning on and off Netflix. Poof Daewoo. What is Daewoo? That he had the box that said Daewood he went to the kitchen. Nope said Daewoo too. So he asks his kids what is the name of the television? They said Daewoo. Where did the missing d go? Ender did not really care he was after all on a dead planet. He was just tired. He wandered into his mind. For inside his mind he must stay. Where is the end of time? Not time specifically he would guess because he knew enough that God was playing games. That God loved betting and this was all a big game was kind of exciting and maddening. Meaning? Ender remembered the curse. Ender remembered a promise. He wondered if he still had to commit to that promise? Meaning? Who here knew him? No one. No one even asked the question for his signature joke any more. Sure it was not funny. But it was after all one of the reasons people were in awe of his awkwardness. What do I mean? Well, Ender did not need to flirt; he would seduce you with his awkwardness. Such charm that you would tell him your life story. Why? Because to be honest he was interested. And if he thought you were interesting. You were for that moment in time. And after? Let's be honest. Ender's mind was so full of holes at this time when someone pissed him off he actually instead of letting it go told the person off. Not his style. Should have warned him. Why? That is the mysterious thing about time traveling shifters. Who knows Who knows who they knew or why or how much debt he owes or someone owes him?