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The pirate crew, along with Ender, were a kind of stun. For the next few hours, rum passed around along with the journal. The drinking done while another page of the journal read out loud or translated. Translated? Yes. The languages from English, to Spanish, to High German, to Chinese, and other languages. Often times the crew would only allow the captain to write out the pages involving Ender. Meaning? The book of a pirate’s life, or to be more specific a page from the book of life. The book contains all the stories from all the realities a soul has moved through. The dates and pages correlated with times and places yet to happen to Ender and his crew. In yet? The crew realized the importance. The importance of the book between hand writings and handwritten messages that this was their life story too.

To find one’s handwriting life written out in a journal format each to their own handwriting was. Was weird. The stories concerning each crew member left was wild. What was even more weird was the part that there were only six journal entries after a time? One of crew members could not handle the tale. After a time of reading, the whole crew wanted to know if their stories were real or not.

The seventh crew member and the entry that was missing after a time just started to wail. Not the normal wail or crying of a drunk person with rum. A wail that curls your heart. Ender the pirate had heard that wail before. A long time ago when his aunt was burying her second son. If he only had a way to catch that wailing he was sure he could have scared every last person on earth. The question was the seventh member could he live with what he had read? He was crying himself to sleep. With the help of more rum poured into his mug. In the hopes he would fall a sleep and forget whatever was causing his pain.

The five awake crew members and Ender made an oath that day. To carry out much of the journal as possible, however, to hide their journal from the worlds. Why? Some of their tales were deadly to whole realities. Some of their tales told only in whispered chants in places that evil reside. Some of their stories made little sense to them for being 1680s. And futurist talk of space ships and ports did nothing to make them leery of the future.

The journal was hidden. By whom? The tale is Ender the pirate. Not Ender and crew. How or what he did with it is a tale in of itself.

The how it was hidden. Now that was the key. For within the tale hidden was the secret of the great pearl. To unlock it there were passages to follow and places to go and people to see. The journal spoke of some events. That was where Ender went. He hid the journal of the pirates caught in a whirlpool traveling towards Americas in 1680s.