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DESPINA MIROU: A phenomenal comedian and genius astronomer

An international “STARS CELEBRITIES Comedy calendar 2021 “ from the genius comedy actress Despina Mirou is the best gift for this pandemic year 2021! 

For the first time in history a stand-up comedian published a calendar with her impersonations! Despina’s chameleonic impersonations for this calendar are 16th! She offers this calendar in the loving memory of Robin Williams! In the limited edition calendar she’s done everyone from Judge Judy, to Ozzy Osbourne, Lady Gaga,Freddie Mercury ,Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara,Johnny Depp,Kim Lardashiam,Arriana Huffington,Lindsey Lohan,Elton John etc!!! 



In 2021 the legendary Ridley Scott gave her a part  in his new film ,where she played -impersonated Sir Elton John,and co-directed too!


But general Despina had 30 impersonations of famous people in her resume.Go to her website www.despinamirou.com/ and you’ll see her Iconic Hollywood stars impersonations too like: Joan Crawford, Marilyn, Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren etc.


Same time Despina Mirou is a great thinker, and scientist.She is obsessive and dedicated to her work as a genius actress,  but as an established astronomer too. It’s not easy to think of Despina only as a lonely, and antisocial genius woman, reading and writing daily unraveling the mysteries of the universe. But this is the truth.The young actress when she is not playing in cinema, or doing Stand Up, she is in the University, or taking online classes non stop from 2015. She studied "Film Comedy Director" in 2016 ,after she studied "Planetary Astronomy" with Laboratories in 2018,now she studies "SETI,extraterrestrial Intelligent, Life in Universe,Exoplanets" in Los Angeles.In 2020-2021 she finished an A.I. Artificial Intelligence 8 months scholarship, training herself for her next studies up to Extraterrestrial intelligence.

Q:"Despina, where did you find time for such a busy program?"


A"God bless ,I live alone ,and I love learning things and improving myself. Also,I meditate. I live like a nun."

First thing I ask her,,,

 Q"One so attractive woman alone? I cant believe that",,

She answered me laughing 

A"From my 20's I am most of the time alone. Men just look at me like I am from another planet.Hahahahahaha!.Afterwards,I had just a few relationships with men that were so huge,so genius and strong personalities ,so after them I don't want to spend my time with "no genius" guys. I rather stay alone. Men are always afraid to approach me, god bless, so that's how I have time."

Q"And now have you fallen in love with astronomy?"

Despina smiles bitter

A"My new Professor in SETI S.Balm , asked if I will go now as a volunteer astronaut to Mars Mission.I answer  

Since I love adventure and risk, & also my favourite hobby is to fly all the time, I would volunteer for this mission! My issue is that it is only a one-way trip, if it goes a round trip I willI i'll go for sure. For me it’s not only for the title like “the first humans on Mars”, but it is that life and people here became so miserable and unhappy ,they created wars, they made sick food ,they kill animals, they became selfies and materialistic marionettes and all these reasons make me to want to leave from the Earth. Humanity control and other new horrible Earth laws!This is the only and basically more important reason  that I wanted to go. I don’t care about loneliness. I am alone most of my life. And happy for this!Is my choise”.

Q:"Many men are falling in love with you!Is there a panic every time you appear on stage live!Are you sure you wanna continue the loneliness?It's a pity!Americans love you!"

A:"I used to fall i love with ugly men who have a high IQ.I fall in love their brain.I m thinking from my heart,and I am fall in love from my mind.A super hansome but stupid man have no hope with me."

Q:"How many awards have you received from your two new comedy films 'Tango Shalom "and 'The light touch"?

A:"18 till now.My film with Ridley Scott had premiere on SUNDANCE Film Festival, «Best Comedy Film»in Sweden, «The Light Touch»,I am nominated for "Best Actress"in "Maverick Film Festival".,Also  «Best Comedy Film», στο Chicago Film Festival, in LOndon film festival "Odyssey award,in Sacramento"Best Comedy "in "Rome Film Festival".The Tango won in New DELHI,in Toronto film festival,In Jainpur the Jury Award,in Los Angeles film Festival,In Vancouver film festival,In Russia,In Sweden too,all awards for "Best comedy film"

Q"Despina tell me about your  international “STARS CELEBRITIES Comedy calendar 2021"

A"That was a great gift for me too.Thanks the publishers ,tey recognized my ability in comedy and especially in impersonations!!God bless the audience order huge amount of the calendar,and I m very satisfied.I love to make people laugh.I offer the calendar in the loving memory of Robin Williams."

Q:"Even though actors had a bad year ,you were busy in the pandemic year ,and made great films!!How do you feel?"

 A"I'm very busy with acting and writing.I had a great year in coronavirus year working with the legendary Ridley Scott.Also ,I finished two british films,where I play Sophia Loren and Liz Taylor.I wrote 2 new books one about Astronomy 350 pages,and one more 1.ooo pages a huge research that I did in all pandemic era,plus my Stars Comedy Calendar came out and I m very happy.For me zero change in my work,even though the virus.It was a best year for me..Also,I did not allow myself to feel fear ,fear is a word that I don't know it,is not in my vocabulary,,I had this from when I was a child,I was brave..Many people became sick just only from the fear,,,don't worry, it was like a Alfred Hithcock film that now is near to the end.One important reason I continue all this year weekly to doing Stand Up show live every week, is because I wanna make the audience laugh ,and made them forget for a little the "virus script". Is my mission as a pro comedian ,because as I said in my new calendar "Laugh is the best therapy,and it is free"!!!


Thank you Despina for the happiness you offered to us all this time.We can't wait to enjoy live again in the Comedy clubs!