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Dear Mandela effected friends.. A quick list.. Sun yellow, South America below North America, one mona lisa, one new zealand, japan off the coast of China, Abe Lincoln senator, Voting on November 8th, heart left side of chest, population 8.5 billion, no war between China and Vietnam 1979, Nepolean, Lion Isiah, no story of 500 and 50 coins, no beheading of people with the story of three talents here it is 10 talents, Jehovah is here. Believe in Jesus Christ, repent, do good, be good , live life with merit.

That one time...

new formula on probability of survival p sub s= 1/(1+e-b) in an accident experts say your probability of survival is a function of your age, your vital signs, like blood pressure and respiratory rate, and the extent of your injuries. simple fact is that the vast majority of people survive their trips to the er because there injuries are not very severe.


this formula is kicking- so the idea is to do stuff most likely not to happen where- less people trying shows a greater chance of success?

so to gain and loss- fighting chance means to accomplish something great then hide for negative to blow over-- umm.. or continue to do something more than other with the expectation of evil adding up till something big blows up.. so that explains all the movies where climax happens a negative kicks in right after something good has happened. Truth is being told over and over again now just to figure out what good climax to do – so that the negative can happen and then reality or life happens without such lottery expectations..

what the humor- in exchange of trying something new- expectation should be something old should happen.. what does this mean; if you have a heart quest only one can win.. unless you accept a family relationship of more than one.. so then only so much can be expected then. meaning everything trends to a normal.. but what is normal when you have an imagination? this means trending to fanasty brings more opportunity into ones life? or experience trends to give person a no thank you experience?

so this explains why you hear about group of people winning loteries more often than individuals. rationale i guess is that you are randomizing a group of people with numbers to win versus one person ideals of winning a lottery.. so anyone want to go in a my lottery investment fund.. no returns promised just a chance to win..

Wild. I am not sure if I am going crazy or if the time has changed. Or seasons. I remember winter in Bolivia and this.. This is not the weather I remember. Being blind for a year and half, maybe I am just more crazy than I think I am. Some things have changed so dramatically. I wonder a lot these days. I think I should not have read that book. To realize this now is a bit too late. Everything seems the same in yet. I can not put my finger on what has changed. The people? Yes, their personalities in yet. I get to go outside tomorrow can’t wait.

In the early morning walking outside for the first time since my eyes went blood red, and I saw galaxies swirling in my eyes all in blood for sometime. Leaving the doorway, I almost faint. My mountain is gone. I am not sure what to do? How can I misplace an entire mountain in my memory? I ask a simple question where is it? The reply rather floors me. My pronoun-cation of the mountain and their reply to the word is totally different.

What has happened? The mystery deepens when I realize a whole side of the mountain I live on has slated down by an additional degree or so. And either someone in one year has decided to paint every single house in the neighborhood or I am no longer where I was at.

I ask about a friend. I try to explain what I am seeing. He laughs, and that is that nothing. I insist. Some months and several realities later, I finally force the issue and have him drive me to my mountain. The google says 3 hours 15 minutes. Wild. We are driving on paved roads. How can this be? I knew the road was dirt. When did they pave it I ask? I don’t recall the answer.

Four hours into the drive I think my friend is getting nervous. Why? The mountain has moved. And google maps either is crazy or has no concept of how fast a crazy driver of Bolivia can drive. He sped up when I mention that I thought the mountain was on the left side of the road when we crossed the bridge and now it is on the right side? Right? He concurs and starts more quizzing me on a story I had about something else.

Five hours into the trip and either 80 kilometers on a paved road has no concept of distance and speed or we are lost. Can not be lost the navigator screen keeps on showing a path. In yet? We were going rather fast. He was or is a policeman so he can skip the speed limit and I am sure we should have been there in an hour.

We finally reach a small town at the supposedly base of the mountain. Only now it is on the other side of a mountain. Makes no sense. According to the store owner where I purchase some snacks we passed it and the mountain is just down the road a few kilometers. Since when did Bolivia use Kilometers this is South America and under the guidance of the United States used miles.

Freaking out my driver and I go back the way we come. Some how missing the road to the mountain. I ask to stop. We both get out and look back. There is the mountain. Wild. Where was it when we went up the road?

Well, I guess I won’t get to stand on the mountain. And the next day there is a party and I try to discuss our trip to the mountain. My friend is weird ed out dramatically. Seems I have taken his soul to another world. Meaning? He is a bit peeved because a certain location within La Paz has changed. I did not tell him everyone he knew also had different stories and a different reality. Why freak him out more than what was happening to him?

I think the key to the event was the realization. I shall not be able to get on the right path to the mountain.