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Adventure? Darling I can take you on an adventure of a life time. However, protection risk and money? Forgive me that I have not and know not of.. If you fall down this rabbit hole you might not come back up. Sh.. The rabbit hole never ends? Or does it?

Creation Simulator or how D wave quantum computer is allowing a person to travel across the multiverse. To begin with, my name is Clinton Siegle and yes, I am disabled and living in La Paz, Bolivia. My story starts like most days being human. Waking up and doing exactly the identical thing in the equivalent location with the same people. That is up until May 20th, 2016. I was awoken by yelling from a woman that sounded like my wife. If you do not understand the significance, it might help if I explain to you rules of my life. You do not lie or yell at me. I am me inside my mind and never will I yell at you and I expect the same.

I got to shower and was dressing when the first change struck. My socks, which are a diabetic sock confine you would buy and use for hunting socks, were straight dress socks. I asked my wife. When did I get new socks? She said never, and that these were my normal socks. I kind of shrugged off what was happening and went to look like a pair that would keep me warm. All my socks that I knew were gone. In their place were dress socks. That was the start of an interesting day. I was to accompany my mother-in-law to cancer treatment, which I had done several times before.

The difference was slight, and I did not pay much attention to my surroundings but went with her to the van location to be picked up. To my surprise, there were several vans. In my universe, there are two or three that day at the beginning of my adventure. There were nine vans awaiting us to go. I started seeing things differently, a pizza place I normally frequently was freshly painted, but not fresh paint. Meaning the colors were different.

We got to the hospital and to my surprise, where I normally sit in the dark without anyone. Surrounding me was full. And evidently this place was the maternity wing where in my universe, this was the waiting section for part of the hospital where people awaited being called upstairs. However, in that universe, there were lines. This was unexpected and only retrospect. Can I speak of this? My mind did not grasp what was happening until three days after this trip to the hospital.

My mother-in-law’s chemo was an extra hour longer, for some reason, and I went outside to where I normally sneak a cookie wafer. To my surprise, the price from Wednesday to Friday went down to 50 centavos. For those that do not know Bolivia, a BS is worth roughly 13 cents. And being disabled and on a budget, saving 7 cents was interesting. I had to ask and double check with the lady because I was a bit disturbed by the pricing difference.

When my mother-in-law was done, we got out to the street to catch a taxi to the front of the US embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. This was where I knew something was up. My mother-in-law was new to this location as well as me. We argued with the taxi drivers of four taxis. You see, on Wednesday the cost was 10 BS to our next stop, but the first three demanded 15 BS and finally my mother-in-law gave in and paid it. I asked her what she normally pays, and she said 5 BS. That is when I thought, I was crazy for a moment.

Upon arriving at the front of the embassy. Instead of the broad window that showed, we did not fear anyone or anything. The embassy windows looked like arrow ports where the embassy was a defense fort instead of the embassy of acceptance and power.

I was a bit more than a little disturbed, but went for my appointment. I had been to this therapist for six visits and in walking in, I was more than a little taken back. The furniture all the blue seats were now red. You would say who cares or so what she got new furniture. No and this is the wild part. There was a scratch on a table with the same fabric as the seats. You say so what that scratch was there before, and tears right into the fabricate just like my universe, but instead of a dark blue, the color was red. I was silent and just watched what I said and what I did. I got home that night after three appointments and went to go to my bed.

I mentioned some of the changes and my wife. Thought fumes from a new floor wax were the problem and moved me into my kid’s room while my kid moved into a different room.

That is where this story becomes even odder and such. I pay attention to small stuff due to worrying about my eyesight and where I might have left something. That night my kids Precious moments framed cartoon was three feet from a door and high as my head.

The next morning, I had lost my eyesight in my left eye, and the precious moment painting was at present at my waist height and from where the old spot would have been at 8 55 position, it now was at a 435 position. Meaning in the night someone either went into my room and rearranged everything, or I was someone else.

I did not understand it then nor for some time later, but I was moving between multiverse. That day I thought I was nuts. For the next few weeks which turned to current date, I was transferred each night around 1 AM to a new location. I have seen from my baseline world things; I can remember the following.

Sketchers the name for a shoe branding for stretching goes to Skechers. I have seen Bernie Sanders win Kentucky in the primary. I have seen the Republican Party convention move from July 7th through July 10th to July 18th through July 21st. I have seen BREXIT UK stay within the EU on a Tuesday vote EU 56 percent to leave 44 and then I have seen the UK leave at 51 percent and EU stay loss at 49 percent. I have seen the word racist used for both staying and leaving the EU.

After a while, I stopped watching news because I was a bit more upset, then I could handle at a time. I tried to talk with people, and only a Navy commander would write back, and he told me that I was on drugs, Lord, if I could be on drugs that would make this trip worthwhile.

I started to look for different answers to my problem. I found several new ideas for math. Rainbow universe, which means there was no big bang that started all this. I found Montauk project, which being a conspiracy theorist in my universe was both fresh to me. I found universes where people's names and emails were not so private, and I asked several cosmetologists and mathematicians what was going on. No one seemed to care. My navy friend stopped talking to me when I told him Nepoleon was spelled differently, which he said Napoleon was spelled always that way. That is just the start of my search.

I started to go back and ask certain things and discovered that both my daughters had experienced the same unique experience, having been somewhere and then awaking in a new place. My oldest, her time travel lasted from November through December. She told me her mom told her to just let it go. My youngest is still traveling her personality is such that only a person who knows her can see her change from a caring kid to a somewhat selfish kid to a genius at times. As for myself, my last night’s trip was to watch Wreck it Ralph. Instead of Penelope being the princesses, they call her Vanilline and guess what there is a Wreck it Ralph, part II in that universe. Wild..

All this brings me down to my search for the cause of this. In my professional career, I was a scheduler and used Monte Carlo simulations. After 54 days of travels, I came upon something that all three of the people I know used and was differently set up. Google connected their Dwave computer onto Minecraft. They had allowed someone to hack or ask a quantum computer a question which, instead of using just their world or universe; they used the word all command. That little mistake if math holds correct changed 100,000 people’s minds in the multiverse. If you have not guessed, it my body is elsewhere but my mind is trying to get back home. The question which was asked had something to deal with stories. The answer they got was good, but then they said this. Put everything back at 100 percent. For those that do not work Monte Carlo simulations, 100 percent and the word EXACT are two different concepts. Meaning there are outliners in ever simulations that you have to manual re-enter the outliner or what is known as the butterfly effect occurs. Meaning the outliner is used but placed not in the same place, time, nor location. You ask what is the difference between place and location. A place is, for example, a Pizza Hut, while a location is geographical location. Without knowing the baseline, whomever said 100 percent to a computer does not understand that in an infinite computer that there is a rounding error usually unseen after a certain number of computer simulations. Example in using MS Project 98 if an hourly wage is used with seconds, minutes, hours, and days with an estimate of three million dollars, or more you could expect costs to be off by 43 dollars due to some time being either added or subtracted depending on the usage of minutes versus hours. The same with location of a place. I tracked the mountain illuminati and New Zealand, Japan, etc and realized certain locations did not change but places where I was had. Meaning I could normally see Illuminati at my breakfast table turning my head. I can no longer see illuminati, unless I go outside and sit on a park bench. For the first few weeks, I tracked the mountain and was wildly crazy about seeing it move. Until I discovered it was my location that had moved. Today is July 14th land the changes I realized from yesterday are. The fence had 19 metal bars painted red to get to green bar and today; There are only 17 red bars to the green bar. What is the meaning of this story? There is multiverse is all I can say at present. And my research is pointing that somehow my travels and adventures are related to D wave computing and Google.

And there are many endings. Only one good ending. but many endings. The prospect of walking among the dead has grown on me. At first I just thought I was insane. I mean how many people do you know watch mountains move daily along with a tree. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/to-watch-the-walking-tree-and-the-moving-mountain-is-wild-th-1020330370164928512?fbclid=IwAR3bKGSy4IELGbPM-JOtGT1obfcAUjTQ3nrhdTYOMQdXq4SoT-iSITwDfiw So I started to journal and write what I saw when I saw it. The problematic part of when is I went from days to how old earth was. I pretty sure when I started out the internet said 6.5 billions year and next galaxy to hit in 365,000 year.. https://theprose.com/post/92852/journal-of-a-wondering-mind-through-the-multiverse?fbclid=IwAR2wfor4nE69wTpDc7vFIzJ8g47DnAiXTmdfqBQfQMon9Wnm7QVb1NNBG88

This got me sent to a shrink. Why? Insomnia. You can only not sleep and study and look up things so long until you realize it does not matter. Meaning? When you discover that the sun has been dead here for billions of years and is hidden by a mirror since 2003 or and here is the funny part Katrina happened in 2003 in my time period but here 2005 you kind of weird out and go off and look for something else. What is the use of study and knowing if people knew it here, lived, died, and now? According to something new to me Daniel 12 2 the dead shall live again.. I am living so there is hope I suppose. I worry about that I worry that I some how turned left instead of right or stepped on someone toes or something stupid. It is a big worry to me. I do not like shame and shame forever even if forever is not truly forever. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/i-worry-about-my-soul-these-days-the-end-of-2012-december-21-1185701884667650048 I guess what is currently on y mind is will I make it to the end of time and people remember I said REPENT. Believe in Jesus..


there are many porters to the afterlife. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/hello-alice-i-was-wondering-i-am-not-crazy-my-reality-is-jus-1169671340078665728


https://www.tiny.cc/deadsunfall the mirror exists.

The rabbit Hole

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there are many forms of zombies. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/so-there-were-three-types-of-zombies-rabies-zombies-that-see-1262063317916536832 and ways to die


https://anomalien.com/us-military-the-ufos-are-thousand-years-ahead-of-our-technology/ and in some realities demons, others ufos and still others US government is fighting heaven.

An ending?

just like there are many endings.