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6172 impressions per day =4,500,000 impressions /729 days


6172 impressions / views per day =4,500,000 impressions /views /729 days

In the age of censorship. I walk. I wonder in my mind about what a threat I present to those big tech corporations? I wander on the internet seeking that which is lost. Is interesting to me. That which seems to be creative and yet does not seem to be noticed outside of a group of people. To be honest I read jokes, and stories. 

Censorship is a strange reality. To say no to an idea. A concept. I think libraries should be the new schools, and we should assign teachers’ books that they can explain and show how to use. Meaning? If a child wants to learn to build a birdhouse. Then why not let them learn to build a birdhouse. How much money can a bird house builder make? Depending on the birdhouse and creativity of the child from maybe 0 to millions if they write their story or produce a movie. That censorship of online classes happens I can understand. I am after all a bit. I do not know the word. I would say insane. In yet, all I am doing is writing about what I see. Maybe a journalist? I would have made a fairly good one. Most people doing my interviews now do not realize I did interviews in the 90s for rather interesting people too. Change an election, no doubt. Laughter to the three people that might even know who I wrote about.

Censorship of creativity has always been a normal. The system of things wants a solid line with no outside the outlines. I think of the lone outliner, he or she were the ones most likely to have their souls stolen and their dreams smashed beyond repair. Those that look at the norm and say this is abnormal and things could change for the better. They say dreamers? I think if anyone says that to me. I point out that I made reality out of those dreams more often than the average person.

Surely, reality is stable and real. The more I read the Secrets of Light, the poetry speaks to me. Sure it might be odd poetry. I think that is the secret, is it not? To realize that all of this is some absurd game and that complete reality could have happened in a second, which seemed like millions of years to those playing the game. And now? An ending, I suppose. I watch that ending and realize it is man made via God’s hand. That everything has a game or purpose is an awkward to realize, I supposed.

That I am censored yet again for writing my book online class is humorous, I suppose. They have mocked me in Europe, the crazy man. And? I still talk to a poet I admire. He went swimming the other day, and I asked how was it. His reply was to talk about his brother passing away this year. I miss him too. He was Winnie the Pooh in the flesh. That I have the teachers to thank for the censorship yet again is sad. I had hoped to write another book before the teachers read my work. I am sure their outline structure is not the way they expected me to use it. However, their course helped me talk about ideas, concepts and my meaning I have put to this weird adventure. Live within the lines.

Why? I lived in hell for a long time and I have no desire to rule there what so ever. Even for a second you could have that reality and all those that do not follow the Way. I wonder in my mind. Did I do something different or read something odd or twist something wrong that I can not follow the path I see all going down? I try to say hey change. Then I realize something. This too is the past. And if this is the past, I am talking to the dead. And the dead most likely can not change. Even if I say hey you are ending is not something I would want nor now wish for on anyone. That you did however makes a question on or in my mind. I am still not sure in the end am I to be evil or good? Or vomited out once more to experience this weird reality once again?

That I can not speculate on that is absurd. In yet the more I read, the less I understand. Maybe you need a teacher? I doubt outside of one of three people I would accept their answer. And? They are dead and their words still haunt me.

My stories are written to my own crowd.   


Two years on Minds.  What a time. To think on Facebook almost everything I write or post has no one viewing it.  1 or at the most 4 people like.

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Bad poetry with unique autograph collection.


When I started interviews on August 2020.  It was and is to show people that there is still a world and that life is being lived. Along with goals and objectives and projects are getting accomplished.   I appreciate all those that have allowed me to interview them so far and in the future. https://www.minds.com/Talon123/blog/interviews-with-an-infamous-clinton-r-siegle-1140340962022912000

People laugh at my speculation and do not read the references or where I source my material usually. So here is a funny fact most of my facts come right from the CIA and Social Security department database Deagel showing 227 million https://deagel.com/country/United%20States%20of%20America

Russia missing prisons for vaccination they used prisoner Dozens of inmates still missing a month after Russian prison riot

In yet every day something like views/impressions  of 6,164 per day on Minds is something no?  Not bad for someone who enjoys writing bad poetry and short stories. The question is censorship and who is saying? Oh pooh he does not have an audience look no one reads him at all. I wonder at times. Who else has been marginalized and how else reality could have been.