Turd Flinging Monkey


Going to BitChute, subscribe to me here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/turdflingingmonkey/ Minds.com wouldn't let me upload videos longer than 20 minutes so I couldn't use it to mirror my videos, despite it's admirable commitment to free speech. BitChute has no such restriction, I just uploaded a 3+ hour podcast with no problems. BitChute uses P2P torrent to house the videos so it gets around the biggest hurtle facing a rival to YouTube, which is the cost of hosting the videos directly on central servers. No way to monetize anything ... yet, but it's fine. So ... goodbye Minds.com, you had some good ideas but you lacked basic features that I required which made you unsuitable for my needs.
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If you're wondering why I stopped uploading to Minds, its because it won't let me upload my longer videos. Not talking about huge podcast either, just videos a bit longer than 20 minutes. I appreciate Minds.com's commitment to free speech, but if I can't upload my videos here, what's the point? #FixYoShit
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