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Aidus – Where Investors and Asset Management Companies Meet

StaynDec 23, 2018, 12:35:50 PM

The AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform brings investors and asset management companies in one place. A proprietary trading system (QTS) is already fully working. It has taken 15 years of research and development to be created. The system has been successfully verified. In order to use it, an asset management company has to enter in the AIDUS platform, and therefore use the AID coin.

Investors have two sources of profit — the appreciation of the Aidus coin and profit from their investments in funds. This makes this platform the first of its kind in the world.

The mechanics of operation may sound difficult to understand for non-finance people, so here is a chart that visually describes how the Aidus platform will work:

I like the economics behind the coin. The token supply will be expanded sequentially, considering the volume growth and development of the platform. The team have a token retirement plan, which sounds like a coin burn or shares buyback, to use more familiar terms. This retirement plan will protect the coin value in the long-term.

Track Record

The automated fund trading system (QTS) has shown remarkable results for 11 accounts since 2015. It is collecting and analysing big data and it is optimized at FOREX market. The yield rate is 103,08%, while the world top yield rate is around 15% currently. The yield rate is being updated and published weekly in the Aidus blog. Detailed pdf files are also available on the website. The Aidus mainnet is scheduled to launch in 2019.


The team is pretty big — 23 members and 10 advisors listed. All of them are verifiable in LinkedIn. Without getting in long bios, all of the team members and especially the leaders of the project have remarkable business experience. There is a good mix between business people, developers, marketing specialists and finance professionals.

The project obviously went through the assessment from VCs and partnerships were formed. VC backing is always a good sign for a start-up. The team is consistently posting news about new investment contracts being signed.

The company is under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, which is crypto-friendly and home of many blockchain start-ups.

The team has a social contribution plan also. Altruistic behaviour is a rare bird in the greed driven ICO ecosystem. More props to the team.

Social Media Presence

Facebook — 21 800 followers. This is a huge following for a project at this stage. Well above the average ICO followings. The Twitter profile has 10 800 followers. The Telegram group has 28 000 followers. A sub-reddit is not created, but the Aidus profile has almost 1000 karma points. The team is also supporting a blog at Medium. In all the social media sites, the communication is frequent and development updates are timely. The work of this group of professionals is remarkably transparent and opened. They are replying and answering question in a friendly manner in the Telegram chat, also. The sentiment and spirits in both Telegram and Bitcointalk threads is positive, with no FUD. A quick google search doesn’t show any read flags. The website ranks well. I think Aidus goes under the radar in ICO/STO rating websites, but I doubt that such marketing is aimed, not it would be healthy.

All in all, the social media presence is very strong.

Website Review

This project has one of the most neat and easy to navigate websites. The design is professional and the branding is in line with the vision and mission. All the necessary information is presented. The language is more sophisticated, but given the fact AIDUS is building an ecosystem for investors and funds, it is understandable to be this way. This is not a mass consumer product.


What I like the most in this project is that it is in line with the ideology and values of the crypto movement. Decentralization and borderless participation are exactly the vision that Satoshi got going 10 years ago.

Generally speaking, ICO start-ups that are creating financial products and services are doing very well and given the fact AIDUS is one of the best projects I have seen, I am positive it will be a massive success and hard cap will be reached.

The IEO is running from 14th December until 31st December on Coinbene exchange.

More information:

Official Website: https://aidus.io/

Whitepaper: https://d2ao5bnwtor39o.cloudfront.net/pdf/White_Paper_PDF/AIDUS_White_Paper_eng.pdf

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