The only thing I know for sure, is that I don't know anything at all.
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WARRIOR ------------------------------------- Sometimes in life, we extend our hearts too early, Finding those who soon prove, to be unworthy, But we are not the fool, when we dare to love, Taking every hit, every blow, every shove, We dare to trust, knowing the risks, We dare to bust, this obstacle of bricks, We dare to strive, in the face of adversity, We dare to survive, in a world full of controversy, When we are doubted, we surpass them, When we are hated, we unmask them, I put my best foot forward, to find a worthy soul, I've been used, betrayed, deceived, and it's taken it's toll, My heart is a veteran, that has endured countless battles, I've been through emotional hell, and refuse to be shattered, My heart's been burned, stabbed, isolated, and beaten, I bear it's scars with pride, refusing to feel defeated, People work their way inside, to see what that would involve, I feel everything they do, and show strength and resolve, Perhaps that is my downfall? That I have grown too strong? I've endured so much pain, but my heart is not wrong, Not for still loving, despite all the pain, Not for still striving, when my mind's gone insane, Not for the fire inside, that burns with great passion, Not for the devotion I give, when I receive but a fraction, Most of what I am, is not apparent very quickly, I have deep layers, that cannot be known swiftly, I am a father, a son, a brother, a friend, and a furrier, I don't make it difficult, and won't put up a barrier, I am genuine, loyal, honest and open, what could be scarier? So who am I? I am a warrior. ------------------------------------- BY: Soul Sojourner (Ashton K. Osterday) Oct. 16th 2018 If you enjoyed this post, please like and share. Thanks for reading! #Poetry #Writing #Art #Darkpoetry #Poem
A New Minute ------------------------------------- Here we are again, That time when people praise a new beginning, A fresh start and new goals, As if something has changed in the course of a few minutes, A few hours, a few days, Nothing more than hopes built upon fleeting optimism, A dangerous mentality that bears the fruit of disappointment, The cheers and excitement, an excuse to rejoice, For we have all survived chaos, On another stretch of a man-made measurement, But this is not meant as a criticism, No, This is merely the observation of my surroundings, As I, Don a cape of darkness, Built upon the defeat of it, From "ages" past, Darkness that I once considered, An endless enemy, I now cannot fathom fighting again, As if, Such a foe could even be worthy of me anymore, Is it the wisdom of age? It isn't, It is the inveteracy of survival, My status as I, Bear the scars of wounds like badges, Each from their own "years," As if every year has it's own agenda, But no, I do not think this way, And nor should you, Every minute is an opportunity, To rejoice, In the survival of the chaos, Not in the optimism of the next, But in appreciation of the present, For the future is dark, The future is bright, And you will be blinded by the blessings, And comforted in the sorrows, Because nothing is plain or easy, Yet it is simple, Do not worry, Yet be mindful, Things foretold write upon the pages of reality, As if obvious in their dealings, But listen not to me, Only to your instincts, For I know nothing, Yet I teach myself knowledge, I never before learned, Through words I never knew to speak, Until I spoke them, That is my curse, That is my blessing, To bear with 42, And beyond that I bid, The good sentiment of luck, For I believe... We all shall need it. ------------------------------------- BY: Soul Sojourner (Ashton K. Osterday) Jan. 1st 2019 #Poetry #Writing #Art #Darkpoetry #Poem
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