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BREXIT | The UK. The EU. Who will go BIG and who will go BUST

SebastianCFeb 1, 2020, 12:30:00 AM

Brexit is now official and the UK MEP's have left the EU parliament. Even if I cannot understand the choice that the British people made:

Neither on an economic basis, as the money spent on the EU budget by the UK that they will be saving will not end up in their pockets as far greater costs asociated with leaving the EU will spring up

Nor when considering the issue of immigration. The UK has a huge number of migrants from its former colonies but are most worried about immigrants from other European countries with whom they share much more in terms of culture, history, ideals and core values.

However I do respect their right to choose.

But it would seem that some political figures in British politics and proeminent social media vlogers are not contempt with Brexit. They are constantly declaring how they wish to see the EU fall apart and even give predictions of how long it will last before it all comes down like a sack of bricks. I find this attitude rather insulting as it shows 2 things:

1. Even if we respect their option to leave the EU, they do not respect our wish to stay. They belittle those who support the EU, those whose lives have been changed for the better by the European Union, the laws, institutions, freedoms and opportunities, who by the way reprezent THE MAJORITY in virtually all (present) EU member states.

2. It demonstrates an open hostility to the EU as a whole. If you think of it, it is no different from the Iranians shouting "death to America" or if we were to express our burning desire for the UK to crumble. Which brings us to another interesting point

The Scotish prime minister wants to organize another independence referendum. I cannot help but find it a little bit comical how, amidst the talks of how more nations will follow in the steps of the UK and opt to be "independent" of the EU, the first to express their desire to break away is Scotland, gaining their actual independence from UK. The fact that the maind driving point of the campaign to leave the UK is to JOIN back the EU just adds more to the irony. If you FORCE people to choose between the EU and UK, you should be prepared to accept the consequence of their choice, and much to the dismay to the likes of Boris Jhonson, the UK might not be the first choice of the Scotish people. 

The issue with Northern Ireland is also likely to give the British severe headaches.

To sum things up

Brexit might not actually have that big an impact on the EU, rather it might act as a driving force for further reform and integration especially as one of the largest obstacles in achieving a closer union (the UK) is now out of the picture, and the current drivers of EU politics, namely France and Germany, agree that this should be the course of action.

Ironically, the UK might be the actual one to fall apart and break into tiny pieces as Scotland shows intention to break away in order to pursue their destiny with the rest of Europe.