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UN Resettlement Plan in Action [Updated]

Swiss LibertarianMay 17, 2020, 5:11:59 AM

Everyone who paid attention over the last 20-30 years noticed that the European left supported mass immigration from African and Islamic countries to Europe. In the US, a similar trend started during Obama's presidency. What motivates them? What are their goals? Why do they push an agenda that is clearly harmful to the locals?

Here is a video by Steffen Kotré titled „Wir sind auf dem Weg in eine inländerfeindlichen Diktatur“. This gentleman is a representative of the AfD party in the German parlimanent and no, he is not an extremist or a “Nazi” - as you will see, further down, the association AfD & "Nazi" is absurd. The AfD is merely the only serious opposition party to Merkel's policies. Mr.Kotré is a very concerned German citizen who is baffled by what is currently happening in his country:

Steffen Kotré „Wir sind auf dem Weg in eine inländerfeindlichen Diktatur“

To summarize the content of the video for non-German-speakers:

He requested information from the german government and presents their official answer, which he received in writing. He reads from the official letter from the Merkel administration. The question was if it is true that the German government is implementing the UN plan for resettlement and this was confirmed. 10'000 citizens of Ethiopia had been flown directly to Germany. These are not asylum seekers, they are not refugees, they are not under any kind of danger:

Umsiedelungs-Programm der Bundesregierung: Flüchtlingsflug landet am Kassel Airport in Calden


Note how the title is intentionally misleading, as it mentiones the "resettlement program", but falsely refers to the migrants as "refugees".

The intent is to establish a large black population in Europe, at the expense of the locals. Just the resettlement represents a cost to the tax payers of more than 5 million Euros for this initial 10'000 resettled Africans. It's baffling that they persist with this program although the problems with African immigrants in Europe are already more than obvious.

Even in the US, only about 30-40% of the black population are socially and economically fully integrated. In the US, this can be traced in part to Democrat policies that destroyed black families. Marxists used these social issues to create BLM and they are tearing down the very fabric of the US society.

It is hard to see how making European countries more "diverse" would improve anything. We already saw that BLM has been exporting their program to Europe.

Migrants do not integrate into the labor market

So far, only about 10% of all the Africans and Muslims who immigrated to Europe as “refugees” (unlike those who immigrated legally under previous visa programs) have found gainful employment. 90% will live on social security for life - or rather for all the foreseable, rapidly expanding future generations.

The association of German entrepreneurs knows it - the majority of migrants cannot integrate the German economy:

Flüchtlinge und der Fachkräftemangel «Sind Flüchtlinge aus Kriegs- und Krisengebieten eine Chance für die Unternehmen?» 

The former head of the employment office observed it as well, but only admitted it after he retired: "Refugees are not an answer to our lack of qualified workers"
BA-Chef Weise "Flüchtlinge sind keine Antwort auf unseren Fachkräftemangel"

„Flüchtlinge als Arbeitskräfte bringen nichts“ (refugees are almost unusable as employees)

"Zwei Drittel können kaum lesen und schreiben" (2/3rd are practically illiterate)

Merkel created such horrible conditions that the most qualified German citizens are leaving the country in droves:

Und die Besten verlassen das Land (The best are leaving the country)

Kompetente wandern ab (The most competent are leaving)

Clearly, this Merkel strategy of allowing further mass immigration of Africans and Muslims makes no economic sense.

Even worse, the German government is implementing new "Rights for Africans" that will exceed the normal human rights already granted. These "rights" include, among others, a "representation on TV". And it will be illegal to criticize these resettlements. In other words, this is implemented the way dictatorships operate.

This is all done deliberately

Every time this outright population replacement migration issue is brought up, espeically by politicians or individuals who have a high degree of visibility, it is dismissed as "right wing conspiracy theory", which is ridiculous, as there's an entire section of the UN Web Site that is dedicated to the "Replacement migration":


The official goal is to 'undermine national homogeneity'.

No, I’m not making this up - this is the official statement by the UN migration chief Peter Sutherland, as reported in this BBC article from 2012 - and the BBC is not known for spreading “far right conspiracy theories”:


His words should shock anyone once their full meaning sinks in:

“Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural. He also suggested the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law.”
"It's impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated."

How in the world is this supposed to be a good option for the people of Europe?

Will less homogenic societies bring more prosperity? More peace? More social coherence?

None of the above!

Racially and ethnically mixed societies are obviously going to generate far more conflicts than homogeneous ones, as confirmed by this Danish meta-study:


Racial, ethnic and religious conflicts obviously only exist when there are different racial, ethnic and religious groups. Extreme homogeneity is not a good thing, either. Too little genetic diversity is a bad thing. So is too little intellectual diversity. But when there is clearly no love lost among large population groups and the differences turn into open conflicts, nothing is gained.

Migrants commit crimes at much higher rates

What the UK has demonstrated is that it this kind of mass immigration leads mostly to massive problems and zero benefits.

London now has about 13% black residents - they commit 48% of all homicides. 44% of the victims are also black, but 35% are white ... for just 24% white perpetrators.

Black murder victims and suspects: London v UK 

How could anyone simply pretend that the hundreds of thousands of gang rapes of British girls by Pakistani and African immigrants didn’t happen. Or that they are irrelevant:

Operation Chalice: Child sex abuse case concludes 

Very "diverse" rapicsts - actually very homogenous, just not European

The ideology that pushed the "elites" to import large numbers of non-European migrants led to the fear of looking "racist" among police and other government officials - so much so that this fear was greater than their desire to keep British children and young girls safe from psychopathic, racist rapists:

National child abuse inquiry refused to probe Rotherham and Rochdale sex-grooming scandals over fears of looking racist 


The coexistence of Muslims with non-Muslims turns out to be virtually impossible. As soon as the number of Muslims in any given area exceeds a certain percentage, it turns into a de-facto no-go zone for non-Muslims. Not just in the UK, but also in France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Germany.

Even worse - the different migrant groups are at war with each other. Just one random example of the kind of "enrichment" of "multiculturalism" mass immigration brought to Europe:

Police rush to huge brawl involving '40 males fighting with swords' 

This is happening all the time - in the UK hundreds of thousands of British children suffered such rapes for the last 35+ years, for decades while the government simply ignored these horrible crimes - intentionally!

Just for the year 2019, the UK government estimated the number of child victims at 19'000:


How in the world could anyone in a position of authority allow this to happen ... over decades?

The ideology of a Marxist "Elite"

There’s an interesting bit of information in the BBC article about Mr.Sutherland:

“Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development”

This raises the question why someone with such a background could obtain this kind of job without triggering alarms about potential conflicts of interest and rent-seeking. Goldman Sachs do not exactly have a reputation for being humanitarians. But not for the right reasons. Most people will automatically fear that whatever they do is a matter of "profits". Exactly as with the WEF, which was seen as an organization of greedy rich people.

Except that this is not the real problem. How would anyone expect to make money from economies that are devastated by social, ideological and racial conflicts? The answer is: they don't. They swim in money. They control the money supply. These ultra-rich, politically influential individuals are not motivated by money, which is just a tool to expand their political power, to them.

They are ideologically Marxists. They are totally disconnected from economic realities and just want to push some feel-good program.

Mr.Sutherland was clearly in that category, along with so many other members of the wealthy "elite", such as Soros, Gates, Bezos, the Rockefellers etc. It is interesting to observe that the entire leadership of the US communist party are trust fund babies, as documented in the book "Guilt, Blame and Politics":

This is clearly the same kind of psychological mechanism that drives the WEF and their ally, the Club of Rome.

Still, Marxism by itself does not explain this specific desire for mass immigration, especially as Marx & Engels were antisemitic, racist and German nationalists. So there has to be some other ideological source.

Educated individuals will immediately recognize the ideas promoted by Coudenhove-Kalergi, a Marxist who promoted a European Union and the mixing of European with African people.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, an "Alt-Right" conspiracy?

When you look up "Coudenhove-Kalergi" on Wikipedia you will find that it is described as an “alt-right conspiracy theory”:


To quote:

Austrian writer and neo-Nazi Gerd Honsik wrote about the subject in his book Kalergi Plan (2005).[6] Investigative newspaper Linkiesta have described the Kalergi plan as a hoax which is comparable to the anti-semitic fabrication The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[7]

Well if an actual Neonazi wrote about it and the SPLC agrees, if they say that it is like the protocols of Zion, then we must dismiss it as completely absurd, right? Well, not so fast!

Unlike the Protocols, which were indeed a total fabrication, Coudenhove-Kalergi was an actual person and his ideology has been instrumental to the very foundation of the EU. He was not Jewish, hence the accusation of antisemitism falls flat.

Let’s start with the facts about Kalergi from a source that cannot be called antisemitic - the Holocaust Encyclopedia:


In 1933, Nazi students at more than 30 German universities pillaged libraries in search of books they considered to be "un-German." Among the literary and political writings they threw into the flames were the works of Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi.

"Is it possible that on the small European peninsula, twenty-five states live coast to coast in international anarchy, without a similar state of affairs, leading to the most terrible political, economic, and cultural catastrophe? Divided Europe leads to war, oppression, misery; united Europe leads to peace and prosperity."
—Pan Europa, 1923

Count Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) was founder of the "Pan-Europe" movement. Of Dutch, Greek, Bohemian, and Japanese descent, his parents had met while his father served as Austrian ambassador to the court of Japan. Coudenhove-Kalergi studied philosophy and history in Vienna, receiving a doctorate in 1916. He published Pan Europa in 1923, marking the foundation of the Pan-European movement. This movement aimed to collect the nation states of Europe into a formal political union.

In 1926, the first Congress of the Pan-European Union met in Vienna, and the 2,000 delegates elected Coudenhove-Kalergi president of the Central Council. The Nazis attacked Coudenhove-Kalergi even before their rise to power. The Nazi "house organ," the Eher Publishing House, devoted an entire booklet to attacking him; Hitler had different plans for uniting Europe. Coudenhove-Kalergi had to flee his native Austria in 1938, seeking asylum first in France, then in the United States. All of his works published before May 1933 were thrown into the flames during the book burnings.
Coudenhove-Kalergi returned to Europe in 1947 and continued to work for a European union.

So Coudenhove-Kalergi is real and so are his writings and his work for the EU, which regularly hands out a prize in his name:

Juncker bekommt Coudenhove-Kalergi-Preis in Wien 

Recipients of this prize include Angela Merkel, Junker, Rompuy and Mock, all infamous EU politicians.

You’d think that Mrs. Merkel proudly displays this information on the official government web site, right? It is after all an official EU prize. Well, it is on the official government web site, yes, but ... only in the ARCHIVE section! As if they tried to shamefully hide it. The German government can’t possibly reinforce alt-right conspiracy theories, right?


Merkel received another prestigious prize, the Eugen-Bolz Prize, for her totally evil and illegal migration policy, which has caused havoc throughout Germany:

Merkel für Flüchtlingspolitik ausgezeichnet


What did Coudenhove-Kalergi actually promote?

Like way too many pseudo-intellectuals of his time, Coudenhove-Kalergi was a Marxist. His ideas were often bizarre. While he was considered as being highly intelligent and educated, that is not what his writings would suggest - he believed in absolutely grotesque nonsense and was not able to understand that Marxist ideas were logically incoherent and based on lies, so I would not rate his intelligence as all that high.

He had funny ideas about history, biology and economics. just like other leftists, including Marx himself, and he jumped to conclusions from his very limited knowledge and often utterly false ideas. 

As he was himself part of the European aristocracy, he observed that many members of this aristocracy were inbred. He concluded - falsely - that inbreeding was a general problem in Europe and that it was necessary to mix Europeans with Africans to create a more "healthy", "robust" population. The fact that he himself was of mixed race was probably a significant factor, as apparently he felt that he was never fully accepted and he begruged Europeans for their rejections.

He observed accurately that Jewish people were often of very high intelligence and contributed greatly to the social, economic and scientific progress of Europe. But once again, he drew entirely false conclusions from this observation - while the Nazis were envious of the Jewish success, he exalted it and called them a "master race", which is just as abhorrent as antisemitism.

Given Coudenhove-Kalergi's status in the EU, you'd assume that they would widely distribute his books, proably even make them downloadable for free from their web site... but no, on the contrary, they are extremely hard to get, which won't be all that surprising once you've seen his views:

Yes, he actually thought that one could simply create a "future eurasian-negroid race" (his words).

How utterly arrogant of him to think that he could just decide to "mix races". Clearly, he did not view the people of Europe or Africa as individuals with rights. He saw them as statistics, as population groups to be manipulated.

An individual choice to be with a partner of a different race is perfectly fine - provided they are of equal status and not motivated by ulterior motives - a 48 year old German woman searching for love in Ghana and marrying a 28 year old black man is hardly healthy behavior leading to happiness:



The idea of politically promoting such mixed-race relationships and replacement migrations is an entirely different matter. This is Eugenics, no different from what the Nazis did!

In addition to being morally repulsive, neither Kalergi nor the modern-day promoters of his ideas seem to understand the biological and genetic implications and challenges. Mixed-race children can of course turn out perfectly fine, but many face serious health, social and psychological issues:

Adverse perinatal outcomes among interracial couples in the United States. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15994621

Mixed-race children 'are being failed' in treatment of mental health problems 

It turns out that there are significant genetic differences that forced Germany to create distinct blood reserves for migrants, as European blood can apparently lead to massive health problems during medical procedures, even death, for migrants:

NRW-Forscher suchen Blutspenden für Migranten 

A mixed German-Nigerian woman is desperately looking for a genetically compatible organ donor:

This leukaemia sufferer is searching the world against the odds for a stem cell donor - BBC News 

While this US government web site says that "race does not matter" for organ donations, their own statistics and calls for more minority donors prove that they are not being entirely honest - racial differences do matter and mixed-race individuals face far greater problems:

All these health issues are probably the reason why such relationships are widely rejected from a deep-seated impulse that no amount of social conditioning seems to overcome, as this study showed:

A study from Washington University found "disgust" towards racially mixed couples

Contrary to the usual assumption, the strongest objection does not stem from white but from black people. When a black professor suggested that black women might want to marry white men, he kicked up a storm of indignation:

A black male professor kicks up a storm about black women and marriage 

Medium is packed with this kind of articles:

If ‘Black Lives Matter’, then stop race mixing! 

As a side note, if a white person had published the exact same ideas, in reverse, it would instantly have been banned.

Everyone should have heard Muhammad Ali's BBC interview in which he opposed race mixing, which shocked the interviewer to the core:

Muhammad Ali - BBC Interview

He repeatedly spoke about how he rejcted mixed-race children - while insisting that he hated no one and that he just wanted to "preserve his beautiful black race":

Muhammad Ali - Against Race Mixing

What experience shows is that mixed-race individuals do not reduce racial conflict, they increase them. Mixed-race children are forced to "choose sides" and end up being far more invested in racial conflicts, as they experience them much more. Coudenhove-Kalergi should have know, based on his own personal experiences as mixed-race individual.

He falsely assumed that it was European homogeneity and nationalism that were responsible for the 1st World War, which is utter nonsense - it was entirely based on catastrophically ignorant leadership with way too much power and collectivist ideolgies, as was the 2nd World War.

If Kalergi had been really smart, he would have found that the best method against war and for maximum prosperity was to create a lof of small countries, like Switzerland, with weak governments and direct democracy, rather than a huge political structure.

People must be entirely secure in their person and property and their mate selection is intensely private. 

Is it a Jewish conspiracy, after all?

While Coudenhove-Kalergi was not Jewish himself, the fact that he promoted Jews as "master race" obviously led to endless speculations that the entire plan was just a Jewish conspiracy. And inevitably, some Jewish individuals got involved with promoting Kalergi's ideas - all of them just as Marxist as Kalergi himself, such as the infamous Soros.

That's not surprising - pretty much every abhorrent ideology will attract pseudo-intellectuals and grifters like flies and there's no lack of Jewish intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals. They are clearly over-represented in that demographic. Which is not because they are somehow congenitally evil. but because of their high average IQ, which means that they are far more likely than any other population group to contribute real and fake intellectuals.

Among the real intellectuals, we find Ludwig von Mises, who utterly destroyed all the silly Marxist ideas about economics, or Murray Rothbard, who attacked cultural Marxism already in the 1970s.

There are obviously some Jews who might find the idea of being a "master race" appealing - there are psychopaths in any population group, but the immense majority of Jews will find the idea abhorrent. 

European Jews were forced to discover - like other Europeans - that the mass immigration from the 3rd world is undermining their own existence in Europe - once again. Jews are among the first to suffer under the arrival of millions of Muslim migrants who are openly antisemitic.

This is a bit of a problem for Merkel’s regime and all the other European countries that implement this mass immigration from Muslim and African countries. The scapegoat used by Merkel is obviously the “far-right”, a term they use to designate the far-left Neonazis. The German police register every antisemitic attack for which a perpetrator was not identified as having been committed by the "far right". In 2019, that meant 94% of all antisemitic attacks:


Except that the victims - Jewish people - disagreed! 2 Jewish professors from the university of Bielefeld did a poll among the victims of such violence and found that 81% of the attacks were actually committed by Muslims:


This NZZ article is quite explicit: “New antisemitic hatred stems from immigrants”

“Deutschlands neuer Judenhass kommt aus dem Einwanderermilieu”

The Jewish historian Michael Woffsohn also points to the Muslim minority as a serious issue for Jews in Germany and Europe:

«Wir haben eine immer grösser werdende muslimische Minderheit, die sich radikalisiert»

It got so bad that Jewish parents have to remove their children from government schools, as the schools and police are clearly unable to prevent antisemitic violence by Muslim school children. Muslim kids openly call Hitler “a good person”:

Antisemitismus an Schulen: "Hitler war ein guter Mann", sagt die Mitschülerin

The same observation applies to every European country where a strong Muslim minority exists.

It should come as no surprise that Jews, far from celebrating this wonderful migration plan, started fighting it with everything they have. In Germany, they created a Jewish section of AfD, the JAfD, the party the mainstream media tried to decry as “antisemitic”:

“Gründung der „JAfD“ : Juden in der Alternative für Deutschland”

Jews in France started revolting against the mass immigration in 2016 by mandating a poll that asked French people if they had suffered any kind of aggression from specific groups of people. This is in theory illegal, in France. The largest group of designated perpetrators were Muslims, Gypsies and Africans.


The publication Europe-Israel.org is the most popular among French-speaking Jews in Europe and Israel. It is also radically anti-mass-migrations. Clearly, a majority of Jews are against mass migrations, so they do not support the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

Self-hatred and Ignorance

Here is a video of Stefanie von Berg, a Green party politician, speaking before a regional parliament: She says explicitly that by 1935, there should no longer be a German ethnic majority in Germany and she thinks that this is a good thing:


I don't quite understand how she thinks that this future world will be "better". It won't be a better world for Europeans. Or for the migrants, as the Europe of the future will be no different from their home countries.

And clearly, it will not bring a happy end to those who promote these mass migrations. Last year, the president of a French association that supported illegal migrants was murdered by an young Afghan man:


It's fairly obvious that the underlying sentiment is self-hatred: the feeling that Europeans / white people are somehow horrible, while non-white people are somehow more nobel. This has now become the official credo of Critical Race Theory. This represents a complete inversion of reality. White people are by far the least likely to commit violent crimes.

These people, in turn, are the useful idiots for other forces who wish to destroy western civilization: Muslims who want to supplant western Judeo-Christian and classical liberal culture and China, which wants to eliminate their strongest opponents, so they can become the global Hegemon.

For now, the UN resettlement plan is being implemented and nothing seems to stop it, while in the US, the illegitimate Biden regime opened the borders wide to illegal immigrants, which includes tens of thousands of Africans and Muslims from numerous countries, not just Latin Americans.

Anyone questioning it will be banned from the big mainstream and social media platforms, as both are in the pockets of the same elite, which in turn sold out to Islamic and Chinese interests.

Just how far does this have to go? At what point will the "elites" change their minds, if ever?

Their most important tool is the ignorance of the majority while denouncing those who oppose their plans as "far right extremists" which isn't even a definable ideology.

The opponents include conservatives, classical liberals, non-Marxist Jews, former immigrants, ex-Muslims, traditionnal socialists, unionists and feminists who did not adopt "woke" culture. In the US, based on polls, more than 70% of blacks are opposed to mass immigration. A growing number of blacks openly attack BLM or Critical Race Theory. 

This is why it is so extremely important for those who want to defend western culture not let them divide us! Don't hate people based on identity politics - that's how they win!