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Everything they tell you about the climate is a lie

Swiss LibertarianMar 17, 2021, 3:45:01 AM

There is not even a correlation between CO2 and temperature!

Here is extensive scientific documentation to prove the claim wrong:

  • From the 10th to the 13th century, there was the Medieval Warm Period, which was much warmer than current temperatures. Here are more than 1000 studies from all over the globa that confirm that it was indeed a GLOBAL warm period, not just a regional one:
  • It was so warm that the Mongolian steppes grew green and the herds grew immense, along with the Mongolian population, which then caused them to spread out and launch attacks on China and Europe. Genghis Khan was a result of the Medieval Warm Period. And guess what? No dangerous methane was released from Siberia, although it was clearly much warmer than now. - then came the Little Ice Age, which was an absolute disaster for all life forms, unlike all the warm periods on earth.
  • Temperatures have fortunately been rising since we started emerging from the Little Ice Age, starting about 1750. Various glaciers, e.g. in Switzerland, started retreating during the 19th century. Their retreat was totally unrelated to human activity. They were much smaller 2000 years ago than now, as explained by Prof. Schlüchter from University of Bern:
  • 1895-1940, rapidly rising temperatures, strong Arctic melting, periods of extreme heat and droughts, massive forest fires far exceeding anything the world has seen over the last 80 years.
  • 1945 - 1978: massive global cooling, endless panicky articles about the COMING ICE AGE during the 1970s
  • 1980 - 1998: strong warming
  • 1999 - present: very little warming, but lots of data manipulation by NASA as they "adjust" historic and modern data (cf. below)

Here is just some of the massive evidence of the Global COOLING panic of the 1970s:

Most of the alleged risks were exactly the same they now claim for "Global Warming".

They now even avoid the term "Global Warming" and prefer the meaningless "Climate Change", hence they implicitely admit that temperatures are hardly rising anymore, since 1998:

Tempertures did NOT rise, but in 2015, the NOAA "discovered" the "missing heat" by lowering the temperatures of the past and raising the temperatures of the present! Just in time for Obama's paticipation in the Paris conference where he would talk about the dire consequences of this "Global Warming".

Take what they did with Reykjavik: they changed a record heat spike in 1940 into a very low temperature ... then had to change it back, because the change was fraudulent. But they did this to THOUSANDS of records!

So all this climate change will be "dangerous" to the "fragile environment" of our planet and those who would suffer the most live in hot climates?

EXCEPT that our climate is:

All species are doing better, with warmer weather. Including polar bears - their population increased massively, since the 1960s when there was record Arctic ice. They went from about 8'000 to about 38'000 by now.


If life was "fragile", we would not be here. Life is incredibly adaptable and resilient and adaptation happens at an extremely high speed - for the simple reason that the environment changes all the time and extremely fast!

The Krakatoa eruption of 1883 darkened the sun with a massive layer of particles in the stratosphere, which caused about 5 years of cooling - yet there were no extinctions: life adapts!


All the alleged "risks" are in computer models that have the same validity as economic predictions by governments. Based on the modelers' own admission:


The model temperature predictions diverge by more than the ENTIRE estimated warming since 1960.

They ignore that 1940 was only 0.2C cooler than 1998, which was hotter than any year since then.

Doomsayers always existed - it is a constant throughout human civilization. Doomsayers gain money and power over other people who fall for their lies.

What do ALL doomsayers have in common? 100% of their predictions FAILED!

There have been more than 50 predictions of doom since the 1960s (Club of Rome, Dr. Ehrlich, Earth Day, global cooling, global warming, sea level rise, Arctic melting, Antarctic melting, end of snow, deadly pollution etc.) - 100% WERE COMPLETELY WRONG!

Not even in the ballpark they predicted.

Professor Richard Muller, co-founder of Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature: "Looking at the data, I can see no evidence of human influence"


Prof. Muller was already very upset in 2004 when he found that Michael Mann's hockey stick model was completely wrong. He gave him the benefit of doubt and assumed it was an honest mistake, but it was intentional fraud:


As for the ice core studies, they mostly confirmed that "We live in the coldest period of the last 10.000 years", as explained in this video by glaciologist Jørgen Peder Steffensen as he takes us back in time to the Greenland icecores and reveals the secrets from the past:


It's really interesting how many people keep claiming that ice core data supposedly shows much lower CO2 levels for the past 800'000 years, but keep forgetting that the ice core data still shows MUCH WARMER TEMPERATURES, which totally destroys the alleged temperature - CO2 correlation. Obvious conclusion: either CO2 has no influence at all on temperature or the influence is so small as to be negligible.

Here is an article summing up all the data fraud that has been used to convince people that there is severe global warming and that it is the fault of humanity: