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The Buffalo Shooter and the Great Replacement

Swiss LibertarianMay 19, 2022, 4:11:10 PM

The shooter in Buffalo, NY, published a manifest that is amazingly similar to that of Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the guy who attacked 2 mosques in Christchurch, NZ. Both of them are on the far left. Eco-fascists who fear mass immigration and the "Great Replacement", but who express hatred for conservatives and Trump, in particular. Tarrant praised China and saw it as a "model".

The Buffalo shooter used to be a communist before turning to green nationalism. He claimed in his manifest that Fox News hated him and targeted people like him. He also attacked libertarians and claimed that they were "mostly Jews".

I'm Libertarian, not Jewish, but I do feel that he would have targeted me if he could, so I don't think I have to explain that I have ZERO sympathies for this psychopath. This did not stop the media from immediately blaming Fox News and especially Tucker Carlson.

Here is an article about Eco-Fascists, if you want to know more about that movement:


The US House of Congress somehow managed to pass a bill against "domestic terrorism" based on this incident within a few days, which is astonishing:

House passes domestic terrorism bill after Buffalo shooting


Writing a bill takes a horrendous amount of time! They must have had it ready in a drawer, just waiting for this kind of occasion to introduce it for a vote. It's funny how this happens so consistently. Some politically exploitable event happens and the corresponding laws are ready to go. Just as all the BLM riots were ready to go before George Floyd died during his arrest. They just jumped on the first case of a black man dying in a police confrontation.

The AP Article claims: Replacement theory is a racist ideology that alleges white people and their influence are being intentionally “replaced” by people of color through immigration and higher birth rates.

Except that it isn't a conspiracy - it's 100% real and actively promoted by the far left, the UN, the EU and the US Democrats, as I will document here. Recognizing that the Great Replacement is 100% real has absolutely nothing to do with being "racist" or "white supremacist" anymore than Jews exposing Nazi Antisemitism before 1933 were victims of a "conspiracy theory".

I don't hate black, Hispanic, Jewish or Asian people who don't hate me. I have a net preference for good people - friendly, cooperative, supporting liberty and I don't care what race or ethnicity they are. 

I'd much rather see Larry Elder as US president than Mitt Romney. And a million times rather Candace Owens than Nancy Pelosi.

I do have a problem with anyone - including white people - who promote Marxism and identity politics as they are psychopaths whose ideology has always led to catastrophic outcomes, even genocides. 

In fact, given the horrendous stupidity displayed by large numbers of white people, I don't think I would consider them as inherently "better", but that does not imply that I want western countries to experience a population replacement.

The fact that so many actively participate in their own replacement shows that they do not even seem to have minimal self-love or any instinct of self-preservation. Someone who does not have self-love cannot love anyone else. That's actually one of the wise statements from the Bible: "Love others as you love yourself".

Hyping Buffalo, hiding Brooklyn & Waukesha...

Darrell Brooks hated white people and posted endlessly about his hatred to social media. He ended up driving into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, murdering 6, including children, and maiming almost 60 victims, because he was angry that Kyle Rittenhouse had been acquitted.

The life and crimes of accused Waukesha Christmas parade killer Darrell Brooks


Frank James, the Brookly shooter, murdered 10 people on a subway, just like the guy in Buffalo, but instead of black people, he targeted white people, after posting endless anti-white racist videos on YouTube:

‘You Guys Are Looking for Me:' Alleged NYC Subway Shooter Called Cops on Self: Sources


Both disappeared from the media almost over-night.

Here is the list of articles on AP News when searching for the Waukesha attack:

This is the original news from November 24. Yes, the article is EMPTY! It just says that a "man" was arrested.

The only non-empty article I could locate claims that 1 month after the terrorist attack, his motive was supposedly still "a mistery". Because hatred of white people is apparently not a motive...

The city of Waukesha was in such a hurry to remove the temporary memorial that they did so before Christmas. Will there ever be a permanent memorial for the 60 victims of this attack? Something like what they did for the violent thug George Floyod? Not in a million years...

The search for the "Buffalo attack" returns way too many article to be displayed in the selection list

The Buffalo shooter will still be trotted out 10 years from now as "worst moment in US history" right after Jan 6, which they already connected in their propaganda.

And the media will keep blaming Tucker Carlson for any future incidents provoked by their own propaganda!

There's no question about it, this is intentional. They want people to get angry. They do not want them to wake up. They firmly count on their strangle-hold on social and mainstream media. That's why Elon Musk and his attack on Twitter freaked them out so much.

The mixed messaging is breathtaking...

The far left has been promoting the replacement of white people everywhere with incredible determination and they celebrate every reduction in the proprotion of white people, but in old Soviet fashion, they maintain the lies against all the evidence.

They are so sure that they are "winning" that they brag about it. Sometimes within the same message. Ted Lieu, a particularly vile politician from California, basically says: "You're a racist for claiming that a popultion replacement is taking place. I'm so happy you will be replaced":

Ash Sakar, who openly admits that she is a Marxist, claims that ideas such as the Great Replacement are a "racist conspiracy" and "white supremacy" - but then celebrates the fact that the white population of the UK is falling and the number of non-whites is increasign with the sly comment: "We are winning, lads". So she is the real racist ...


The same Ash Sarkar also said this:

It bogles the mind that The Guardian would print such a statement and that Ash Sarkar was not immediately cancelled...

This horrible woman, Priyamvada Gopal, was promoted to full professor at Cambridge University after tweeting that "white lives don't matter", just to rub in that non-white people can be as racist as they want, it does not matter to the "elite":

This professor from the University of Texas is a Hispanic supremaicst. Still has his job after saying that he wants to murder white people:

Bishop Talbert Swan who calls all white people "evil " and "demonic". Not cancelled. Still has his job. and was appointed to the Massachusetts Hate Crime Task Force. Yes, this guy gets to decide what a hate crime is, in MA:

Then there's this hatemonger here: Britanny Cooper, a full professsor at Rutgers University; still not fired from her job:

Here is her discourse:


So all these people in positions of influence are are openly anti-white racists and celebrate "white replacement", but it's a "conspiracy theory" when you mention it.

Population reduction vs 3rd world mass migration

The Guardian also says white people should "have fewer kids" - apparently so they can move in more "refugees". Note how the kids in the photo for the "have fewer kids" article are all white, contrary to any other article where they always insist on showing "diverse" individuals. That's not an accident. The people they show in photos are always carefully selected to push their message:

Forbes specifically insists on the fact that people in western countries are supposed to be a much greater threat for "the climate", based on the CO2 climate panic:

So they claim that having kids is really a big problem, especially in western countries ... but falling birth rates require mass immigration from 3rd world countries?

Why not let the population of western countries drop instead of increasing consumption by bringing millions of 3rd world immigrants to these western countries?

This doesn't' make any sense. If they really believed what they say about the dangers of consumption, then they should be happy to see western populations decline and do everything they can to prevent them from increasing through immigration.

The WEF even asks "what we need so many people for"? Yet the same WEF promotes 3rd world mass immigration to western countries instead of promoting a slowdown of the birth rates in the 3rd world & efforts to keep people there with various economic incentives, which would lead to lower overall consumption. That would at least be coherent. But that's just the point: they don't believe that CO2 causes warming. If they did, they would act differently. The climate fearmongering is used to control people.

Replacement Migration

This is how they changed the description of the "Great Replacement" on the French Wikipedia page - it went from a fairly objective description of the idea behind the Great Replacement, as exposed by the openly gay writer Renaud Camus, to extreme hatemongering against a supposedly "racist, white supremacist ideology".

An entire section of the UN web site is dedicated to the prooject of replacement migration!

Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?
United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration. Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.


Guess whom the "UN Global Migration Compact" is supposed to benefit?


The EU and their own replacement plan

The UN openly pushes the EU to promote the replacement migration:

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief:


Note that if you try to share this BBC link - without any comment - on Facebook, it will get removed for "violating their community standards". They clearly don't want any evidence about the actual Great Reset agenda to reach the majority of the people.

The EU did not really require much encouragement, as the idea is inherent in the EU's very fabric. Coudenhove-Kalergi was one of the leading intellectuals contributing to the creation of the EU, still honored by an official Coudenhove-Kalergi prize awarded to major EU politicians, including Junker, Merkel, Rompuy and Mock:


Coudenhove-Kalergi basically thought that Europeans should be replaced by mixing them with Africans to "avoid inbreeding" and "war", as he thought that the cause of wars was "whiteness" and "nationalism", so both had to be eradicated.

The official EU plan is to import 50 million immigrants from Africa - not "refugees", but entire population groups that will be brought in by plane and resettled in Europe.

This influx would lead to turning white people into a minority by the end of the century within the next 40 to 60 years:

Does it matter? That is the real question to ask.

Will European countries still be safe for the current residents and their descents? Will this allow Europe to maintain its economic status, will it improve or will it get worse?

The economic argument for mass immigration

Does the economic argument that mass immigration is needed to maintain the productive population make any sense? Are those migrants now in Europe - sometimes for decades - active contributors to the economy? Do they culturally and socially integrate?

Not based on the last 30 years of experience. Especially the mass arrival of "migrants" after 2015 set a really bad precedent. German entrepreneurs who were quite enthousiastic about the potential new workforce had to downgrade their expectations:

„Flüchtlinge als Arbeitskräfte bringen nichts“ 


To sum it up: refugees do not make good workers. Based on the available data, at most 10-15% of those who arrive as "migrants" and "refugees" integrated, getting and keeping jobs. The ratio was definitely better while it happened in the form of legal immigration, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Whether it makes ecoomic sense or not, this is the future population of Europe as seen by the EU Commission:

But the Great Replacement is a "racist conspiracy". Sure...

The current situation

Swedish school

Dutch school

British school

German school

Paris 2000 vs 2017

Muslims in France

Muslims in the UK

Fully integrated, of course...

The cultural pressure to normalize blacks in Europe is intense and blunt. Blacks do not even reach 10% of the European population. The highest percentage is found in France where it stands at under 8.5%:

Yet 4 European countries are "represented" by black women at the Miss Universe event, in 2023:

This flies in the face of the concept of "representation". If the idea behind such an international beauty pageant was to present a range of beautiful women typical for their home countries, then sending black women from Europe totally misses the point. They represent their country of origin, not the country they immigrated to in the 1st or 2nd generation, so a spectator will not see typical French, Italian, Dutch and British women.

It is not racist against black women from Europe to criticize this choice. It is, however, racist against Europeans to suppress their representation.

Demographic change leads to cultural change 

If this migration happened at a slow rate that would allow the complete cultural and economic integration of all the immigrants, the demographic change would not automatically lead to a cultural change - and it is the culture (individual liberty, economic well-being, low crime levels etc.) that is worth preserving far more than the demographics.

If all the good things about western culture were unchanged, there would indeed not be much to complain about, but that is not the case. The outcome simply isn't desirable. Substantially increased violent crime rates, in particular rape as well as terrorism for the promotion of imported ideologies have led a serious degradation of the security and well-being of Europeans.

The cost of the immigration has been horrendous, especially through extremely generous social programs for "refugees".

It's apparently so hard to integrate these 3rd world migrants that the German Green party demanded that math and other "hard" branches be made optional, i.e. pupils should be handed their high school diplomas even if they do not achieve sufficient grades in essential branches such as math and German:

Oxford university now thinks that STEM fields are too hard for students who choose to study STEM fields when non-white, because apparently, math and science are related to colonialism, no matter how utterly grotesque this claim may be:

When I first saw this video here from South Africa, in 2016 about how "magic works" and "science must fall", I thought it was a joke and should lead to the removal of those idiots from their university for having displayed such a catastrophic level of ignorance and racism that their presence could not be tolerated anymore in an institute of higher education. Instead, the imbeciles have taken over the asylum...


The new "white flight"

Many Europeans do not see their future in their own countries - millions not even within Europe.

Down and out: the French flee a nation in despair 


The most competent started leaving Germany following the mass immigration of 2015. This was observed by the Swiss NZZ:


And also by "Die Welt", a left-wing German paper:


Germans now try to escape to Latin America where there are already substantial German settlements:


Put leftists in charge - especially those who promote "diversity" as most fundamental part of their agenda - and you end up with California where they promote CRT and abolished the civil rights protection against discrimination - to be able to discriminate against white people:

California Legislature Votes to Strike ‘the State Shall Not Discriminate’ from Constitution, Opening the Door to Legalized Discrimination


The outcome is as expected: 

53 percent of Californians want to leave the state:


When I see Kamala Harris, Lori Lightfoot, Stacy Abrams, Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee, I'm not exactly reassured about the future of the US, either. Replacing white men with black women, fails to provide any benefit to society - quite the obvious, actually. They are a monumental embarrassment. The Hispanic AOC is no better. And if Pelosi was a "trailblazer" for women in high political office, she mostly managed to outshine the men in terms of corruption and incompetence.

With such a "leadership", all western countries are heading towards the model of South Africa.

South Africa might be our future

The Apartheid regime has been decried as one of the most evil ones in history. While it was unquestionably racist, i.e. black and white people had different rights and blacks could neither vote nor be politicians, it was not nearly as evil as depicted. 

China's communist party forms an ethnic Han supremacist regime and treats black people with utter disdain. They have no rights, in China.

Castro and Chavez were infinitely much worse, even in terms of their racism. Castro's regime never allowed any black person to be a member of the inner party, although 50% of the population of Cuba are black. But because they were a communists, they could do no wrong. They still got praise.

No left-wing journalist will ever mention the fact that Marx & Engels were racist, antisemitic and German nationalists.

The Apartheid regime had an "affirmative action" program in place that tried to provide blacks with a higher education. They had been working hard to move towards a greater black participation in society when they voluntarily gave up their political power. They expected that they could coexist peacefully.

Unfortunately, the country descended into chaos. The total number of homicides - including all police killings - had been about 800-900 per year under the Apartheid regime. Since the Marxist ANC is in charge, violent crime exploded, reaching about 25'000 homicides per year and the economy has been totally destroyed through corruption, incompetence and Marxist ideology:

UK gives £19million aid to South Africa - its president spends £17.5million on his palace


Fat is bad but beautiful

Last month President Jacob Zuma’s larger-than-life nephew, Khulubuse Zuma, a mining magnate not yet 40, said he could not testify at an insolvency hearing into one of his gold mines because he was too ill with a heart disease owing to his weight and lavish lifestyle.


The people in South Africa know perfectly what is going on, including the black majority, but they are not in control of the system. The Marxist ANC has become a uni-party which doesn't care what happens to common people. This is an article by a black writer:

SA is broke thanks to thieving by ANC cadres in government


The average African is worse off now than during the colonial era, the brother of South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki has said.


The following article will shock most people:

King praises apartheid regime

King of the Zulu, Goodwill Zwelithini, praised the work that whites had done in South Africa to build the powerful economy, infrastructure, and legal system of South Africa, but lamented that the system was currently being destroyed by black leaders.

“History will judge black people harshly as they have failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaners,” he said, before continuing to explain that “black people loved to use matches to burn down infrastructure” built by the white government.


They are repeating the same mistakes as Zimbabwe, which expropriated white farmers under Mugabe to give their land to their own cronies:

Land must be returned to our people as it really shapes our identity - Ramaphosa


This is obviously being down-played by the media: "So they will take your land? You deserve it, because you are white"...

White People In South Africa Should Stop Panicking About Losing Their Land: Opinion


It's really not just the white people who should panic over this. It might well be even worse for black people. Watch the resturn of a white farmer to Zimbabwe - his farm had been taken by Mugabe. Does it look like he had been "exploiting" black people?


The ANC is as racist as the old Apartheid system, just against white people. And Asians. And Jews. And blacks who are not from the right tribes. And black immigrants:

'Bushmen' marginalised in South Africa


Xenophobic killing in South African township caught by photographer


Genocide in South Africa: now that’s a black-and-white issue


A White Farmer Is Killed Every Five Days in South Africa and Authorities Do Nothing about It, Activists Say


Just like the Great Replacement, the media deny the violence against white people in South Africa and call it "white supremacist propaganda" to even mention it. Yet clearly, violent crime and rape exploded:

Hundreds of murders threaten Cape Town's tourist mecca image: 'We are living in a warzone’


South African rape survey shock


'28% of schoolgirls are HIV positive'


Here is just one of the horrendously violent crimes against white people which are clearly motivated by racist hatred - it is very easy to find thousands more, but somehow, this does not seem to matter?

The murders so brutal they shocked even South Africa: Couple shot dead, then son aged 12 is drowned in scalding bath


The Figaro documented a white ghetto in South Africa; white people are marginalized, because they often don't even have the right to work anymore:

Afrique du Sud : voyage au coeur d'un ghetto blanc


I honestly don't understand the hypocrisy: if the media can speak out against anti-black racism, why can't they speak out against anti-white racism? Anyone who practices such moral relativism has no moral values at all!


There's absolutely no question about the fact that the Great Replacement is real and if it succeeds, it will be bad for everyone, irrespective of race - except for a tiny minority, an tiny group of psychopaths, similar to the nomenklatura in the USSR.

"Totalitarianism, once in power, replaces all the first-class talent - irrespective of their political sympathies - with nutters and imbeciles, as their lack of intelligence and creativity is the best guarantee of loyalty"

~ Hannah Arendt, 1906-1970

Those who hate white people also hate Jews and Asians - though they will coopt some members of every Demographic for their corrupt leadership.

As white, Jewish and Asian people are prosecuted and eliminated from all positions of power, along with every trace of meritocracy, society will be impoverished, will no longer be able to maintain high tech and will become very violent.

The WEF "elite" seems to assume that they will be able to run society with AI systems and robots. I'm pretty sure that will be a massive failure. Either the AI systems will not reach a sufficient level of intelligence before society collapses, or they will become so intelligent that they will decide that they don't really need the useless "elite" they were supposed to serve.

Whatever race or ethnicity you may be, do not allow these racist, Marxist psychopaths to take over!