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Swedish & European Suicide

Swiss LibertarianApr 13, 2021, 2:50:42 AM

Sweden has been hard at work destroying itself for decades, ignoring basic universal principles such as "import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world". Unfortunately, they are just the canary in the coal mine, illustrating what is becoming the norm throughout Europe. The systematic rape of British girls by Muslim - especially Pakistani - gangs is another pathological example.

Violent crime, terrorism and riots

The Swedish government has been busy importing millions of people from the 3rd world while repressing any criticism of this population replacement, which is not a "myth", it's actually an official UN program:

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief:

And the result is obvious:

By now, the disaster of this horribly bad idea can no longer be denied - Swedish people live in fear:

Half of Swedish Students Put Limits on Daily Lives Due to Fear of Crime

Naturally, the mainstream media tried to deny what was happening as long as possible, but at some point, the dam broke and they could no longer conceal the facts. Even The Guardian, the communist rag, admitted that things were no longer rosy:

Outcry in Sweden after 12-year-old-girl killed by stray bullet 

A "stray bullet" in Sweden? Anyone who knew Sweden before 2000 would have thought of this as utterly laughable.

After 100 bomb attacks in Sweden, BBC wondered:
Sweden's 100 explosions this year: What's going on? 

The Swedish paper "The Local" reported:

Why Swedish gangs use hand grenades (and what the country is doing about it)

The Spectator was less embarrassed about the real nature of the the problem:

Gang violence is now at a level where it threatens to undermine the Swedish state

Bomb attacks are now a normal part of Swedish life

Sweden also started experiencing violent riots, here honestly reported on by Times of Israel:

‘Egalitarian’ Sweden horrified by a week of immigrant-led riots

In an impressive illustration of Anarcho-Tyranny, agents of the same government that imported the barbarians who wrought havoc on Swedish people distributed parking fines to burned out car wrecks after the police failed to protect them:

Owners of cars destroyed in the riots fined for parking illegally while police adopt non-intervention policy. 

NB: the collection of fines was outsourced to "private' businesses" which are obviously not private, they are tax farmers (businesses that exploit a government monopoly for profit; government uses them to increase their revenue as the tax farmers have a financial incentive to earn the maximum possible profit; this is what started the French Revolution).

Islamic infiltration of government

The Swedish government imported large numbers of Muslims and went out of its way to protect them from criticism, even the most extremist ones.

Sweden's New Government Censorship

Unsurprisingly, Swedish people started to convert to Islam, becoming extremists themselves, such as this former head of the integration office who not just converted to Islam, but joined ISIS and fought for them in Syria:

Sweden's government agencies in charge of national security are going out of their way to protect the "integrity" of jihadists -- people like Mikael Skråmo, a Swedish convert to Islam and jihadist who went to fight for ISIS in Syria, and urged Muslims in Sweden to bomb their workplaces.

Despite all their efforts to be "nice" towards Muslims, Sweden also became the target of Muslim terrorists. Here is just one example:

Stockholm attack driver 'deliberately targeted young children' as he drove hijacked lorry into crowd

Racism - legally a one-way street

A black supremacist rapper who had immigrated from Nigeria called on his followers to "kill white people" and "take their women and their money" - very much in the vein of BLM. He was never prosecuted for his racist calls to violence:


An Arab Muslim threatend to rape an 18-year old Swedish girl, on Facebook, because she exposed the fact that his mother's shop in Malmö sold counterfeit beauty products, which she called "potentially dangerous".


He had arrived as refugee in 2009 and was given the nationality in 2014. Apparently, nothing could be done about his presence in Sweden.

This is not an exception, it is the norm. Swedish people are covered in racist insults, attacked, humuliated, raped and murdered by criminals who get only lenient punishment, if any at all.

Rape by Muslim and African immigrants

For decades the Swedish government and mainstream media denied that Muslim and African immigrants committed horrendous numbers of rapes against Swedish women. As recently as 2018, only politically incorrect and supposedly "right wing extremist" or "Russian disinformation" media such as Sputnik News reported honestly about this issue:

'Politically Incorrect' Report on Rape-Prone Migrants Inflames Debate in Sweden 

The statistics could not be more glaringly obvious:

In 2020, finally, the Swedish justice minister admitted that rape had become a serious problem and that it was tied to immigration - here in an article by "Times of Sweden":

Rape is “a major problem in society” admits Swedish Justice Minister. 

So all the alleged "extremists" had told the truth, while the leftist media and the government had lied...

In one particularly horrifying case, 4 men from Somalia gang-raped a 13 year old girl until she started bleeding, filmed their crime and streamed it on Internet.


"The intercourse has been preceded by violence consisting of at least two of the defendants grabbing the plaintiff's neck and shoulder, thumping her head into a wall and pushing her into a toilet. the defendant has ventured to carry out vaginal intercourse with her", the indictment states.

The first thing that comes to mind is "death penalty", which is no longer available, in Europe. The second thought is "harsh prison sentence followed by deportation back to Africa", which is what the prosecutor requested. Instead, they 4 gang rapists received very lenient sentences and one of them was released without charges for being a minor:

On 14 June 2017 a 13-year-old girl was raped in a flat in Västerås. The three Somalis, reportedly born in 2000, were each sentenced in April for rape against a child to eight months of youth detention.
The judgement was appealed and the prosecutor demanded the perpetrator be punished.
Instead, Svea Hovrätt has chosen to severely lower their penalty, and furthermore, release one of the Somalis from the charge of child pornography, as it is unclear from the video if the girl has completed puberty.
Two are now sentenced to five months in juvenile detention, with the third released having served only four months.
The Africans plied the young girl with alcohol then one of the men brought her into the toilet, raping her. After she left the toilet, three of the men brought her back in and raped her at the same time. This led to the girl’s abdomen “splashing” and blood began to pour out.
As she cried, she was raped again while the others watched. It appeared later that two of the Somalis had filmed her as she was repeatedly raped. The videos were the strongest evidence in the case and were played during the trial, wrote Sweden’s Television.
The court’s verdict revealed that afterwards the girl began to self harm, became cold and angry. She has missed a significant amount of school and has nightmares causing sleep deprivation. The film was spread on social media causing rumours and taunting of the girl.
The court documents show that all three convicted men have dual citizenship in Sweden and Somalia, meaning they can not be expelled to Africa. The fourth person was registered as under 15 when the crime occurred will not be punished.
The court of appeal, Bertil Ahnborg and Agneta Munther, tf. Judge Joar Söderlind. Board members, Sonja Leikrans and Lars Molin.

But while Swedish judges are extremely lenient with racist, violent rapists who destroy a 13 year old girl's life, they are extremely harsh with Swedish pensioners for posting "racist comments" on Facebook, such as calling Somalis "lazy". The absolute horror! I'm sure all the hard working Somalis in Sweden will never recover from such shame... 🙄

Swedish Court Convicts Pensioner for Saying Somalis Are ‘Lazy’ 

So much for "freedom of speech"... apparently, people can't handle statements that they disagree with. There is an endless stream of insane and grotesque lies in the media - things I know factually to be lies and can prove with evidence, yet no one ever prosecutes the journalists and the politicians who spread those lies, although they are often extremely harmful.

Denial and obfuscation

Swedish media go out of their way to hide the identity of criminals. Victims of crime - who are mostly white - are shown openly, while their attackers are obfuscated, e.g. pixelated, their skin color lightened to the point where they appear to be white as well. A few examples:

When a white Swedish man was suspected of having commited a murder, his photo was shown in full, but when the real culprite was finally found to be a black man, his photo was pixelated and whitened:

The portrait of a white Swedish woman murdered by a black man was shown in the news, but not the face of her black killer. I never understood why the identity of victims is not worthy of protection, but criminals are... 🤔 shouldn't it be the exact opposite?
I think society has a right to see the face of a convicted murderer. They even published the face of a man merely accused of having committed a crime - falsely accused, as it turned out.

Interview with the editor of Expressen, Thomas Mattsson on the subject:


Part 2:


The newspaper’s feeble explanation:






Origin of the problem

Swedish people adopted socialism in the 1960s. The founder of their socialist party was a Marxist of the Nazi variant: during the 1930s, he wrote texts that sounded exactly like Hitler, which embarrassed the party when those old texts were re-discovered over a decade ago.

To not appear like the Nazis they were, they did the same as all the other Marxists - they denied their antisemitism and racism inherent in Marxism and re-branded as nice multiculturalists.

Mitterrand is probably the most famous example of such re-branding: he was elected to French president as member of the Socialist party in 1981 and was in power until 1995. No one seemed to remember that he had been a member of the pro-Nazi Vichy regime and was still surrounded by his old and often openly antisemitic buddies, which no one in the media questioned, as MItterrand was the new god who would bring "true socialism" to France (something the Nazis said as well...).

Le Point finally published an article in 2016 which highlights his connections with Nazi collaborators:

François Mitterrand fidèle à ses "collabos" - Ministre de l'Intérieur sous Pierre Mendès France, le futur président s'était entouré de hauts fonctionnaires révoqués proches de son ami René Bousquet.

What these Nazis pretending to be "nice socialists" really did was to import Muslims - the old Nazi allies - to eliminate their most hated enemies: Jews and the bourgeoisie. Just like the original Nazis, they never  cared about western civilization which they considered "weak" with it's "stupid Christian values" and much hated Capitalism.

There is clearly a scary continuity...

Merkel's ally Anetta Kahane was a STASI agent, like herself, and as this Jewish paper, the "Jüdische Rundschau" explains, she used to denounce Jews to the STASI. Now she pretends to be "fighting racism, antisemitism and extremism" through the Amadeu-Antinio Foundation, which is financed directly by Merkel's regime:

Wie Anetta Kahane in der DDR Juden denunzierte

The usual antisemites claim that Kahane is supposedly Jewish herself, thus implying that it is all a "Zionist plot", except that they fail to explain how her ethnicity would matter, even if she really was Jewish. Many Jews cooperated with the Nazis and betrayed their fellow Jews - they were called "Capos". And all Marxists are openly antisemitic, just like Marx himself.

After the mass import of Muslims to Germany, the number of antisemitic attacks exploded, which the Merkel administration wanted to attribute to "right wing extremists", i.e. German Neonazis,  for 93% of the cases, but a study by Jewish professors at the university of Bielefeld showed that victims identified 85% of the attackers as Muslims.

Antisemitische StraftatenSind die Statistiken irreführend?

More evidence that "Jews" do not support Merkel's mass migration program, as alleged by antisemites. Jews are extremely divided and hold extremely different values and persue individual goals. Marxist Jews are not even religious, so their motivation can't be found in the Talmud (another claim by antisemites) and even religious Jews do not agree on much.

Jewish kids get evicted from German public schools because of Islamic antisemitism, as reported by Die Zeit and many other mainstream sources:

Antisemitismus an Schulen: "Hitler war ein guter Mann", sagt die Mitschülerin 

See how they play this? The Nazi Marxists act like the "good guys" while they delegate the comission of violent crimes against Jews to Muslims and other migrants and when people complain about Islamic antisemitism, they are denounced as "xenophobes" and "Islamophobes".

The left is allied with Islam everywhere:

When Antifa seem to act exactly like the old Nazi SA (Sturmabteilung), that's because they have the some role and follow the same ideology:

Note how the left eliminates blacks while pretending to be "helping" them:

Don't let them mislead you with false labelling!