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How Critical Race Theory feeds racist violence

Swiss LibertarianNov 23, 2021, 2:58:32 AM

On June 15, 2020, Seth Smith was taking a walk in his neighborhood in Berkeley when a stranger came up behind him and fired a single shot into the back of his head. As it was a completely random assassination, no one had the slightest clue who might have done it, hence they ran a petition to demand an intense investigation:

UC Berkeley student Seth Smith.


After several weeks of investigation, detectives arrested Tony Walker for the assassination; one of his friends testified that Tony admitted to shooting the 19-year-old, and another witness said that Tony had complained: "A white kid gets killed and the damn whole world stops. Fuck that white motherfucker."

It's obvious that he harboured enormous racist hatred against white people and that was most likely fed by the constant media propaganda. They practically encourage such deeds, the way they go on and on about "white supremacy" - how even Trump was supposedly a "white supremacist" and wanted to kill black people.


Tony Walker did end up confessing to his crime:


Everyone should have been really happy that the perpetrator had been identified, most of all the victim's family.

Marxist indoctrination kicks in

Unfortuately, Seth and his mother were both indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda. Here is what his mother said: 

She had "mixed feelings" about Tony's arrest!

According to her, she and Seth were strong supporters of "Black Lives Matter," so she was saddened to discover the identity of her son's killer. She imagined that the 60-year-old defendant must have had a hard life and "harbored so much anger about what's happening in the world."

Excusing a completely random, racist assassination by claiming that the perpetrator must be "angry" about what's happening in the world is absurd and revolting.

Most people are angry about what is happening in the world, today, given all the  lies in the media, the increasing oppression, the destruction of our economies and our liberties. Yet 99.99999% of the people do not take out their anger on some random person they never even met before. It is not a normal, excusable act. It is the act of a psychopath and the main goal for society must be to prevent such individuals from causing more harm.

Seth was completely blameless, targeted only because of the color of his skin.

Had the situation been reversed, we all know that the university paper as well as the entire national and international media mainstream would have run headlines about how an evil white supremacist had murdered a black person.

One rule for all

Should the racist nature of Tony Walker's assassination of Seth Smith be exposed as a racist hate crime?

Yes, absolutely! It has to be exposed as such to finally end the lies about how only white people can be racist. And to end the demonization of white people as well as the automatic excuses for black people. To restore balance.

And then stop talking about race as if it was a major defining feature!

The principle of equality before the law should also apply to the media and the entire education system, while the justice system should stop applying variable enforcement based on race. It doesn't matter if there are already "too many black people in prison". The way to reduce the prison population is for black people to stop committing crimes that will land them in prison.

Yes, this does presume a fair court system, but based on all the available evidence, the court system actually favors black people.

Pretending that black people are always victims is just as racist as pretending that they are somehow "inherently criminal".

For the exact same reason I cannot stand it when the media block any criticism of - purely at random - George Soros as "antisemitic" - about the last thing anyone could accuse me of. To pretend that Jewish people can do no evil is obviously ridiculous, cf. again totally at random, Madoff. It's as racist as trying to accuse them of being inherently evil.

People of any racial group - Black, white, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic etc. - and of either gender are individuals and have a mind of their own. This means they have the ability to make their own rational decisions. They also have their own individual motivations and psychological issues.

Absolutely any person can decide to be honest or to lie, to behave decently or to be offensive, to be friendly or violent.

When the media hammer people with a message that calls one group "oppressor" and the other group "victim", they practically guarantee that weaker minds of the designated "victim" group will act accordingly and without any feelings of guilt, committing property and violent crimes as "compensation" or "revenge" for some past injustice.

That's how we end up with a Tony Walker shooting a random white student or a Darrell Brooks, who plowed into a crowd in Waukesha, murdering 5 people and maiming 25.

The media, the education system and the Democrat establishment should all be held accountable.

UPDATE 28 Nov 2021

Shortly after I published this article, the following news story broke:

Canadian health expert’s claims of indigenous ancestry don’t check out: reports

Yes, a white woman working for the Canadian government fasely claimed to be an "ethnic minority", more precisely to be descendent from North American Tribes, i.e. to be "Native American" or "First Nation", as they call it in Canada.

Imagine a world where everyone knows that women as well as black and other non-white people are oppressed and face life-long challenges, but where white people hide their ethnic / racial identity and pretend to belong to some other ethnicity to get into universities and to get jobs, while tens of thousands of men pretend to be women, as more women than men get college degrees and complain about men "not earning enough"...

If you don't understand that the narrative about race and gender is completely upside down, you didn't pay attentention for the last 15 years.