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"Economic damage due to sea level rise" ... not so much!

Swiss LibertarianJun 6, 2021, 2:55:03 PM

Nature had the bad idea of publishing this absolute dumpster fire of a "climate" paper, which claims that it could estimate the part of the economic damage caused by Hurricane Sandy that is supposedly caused by the sea level rise ... in turn attributed to human activity.

Economic damages from Hurricane Sandy attributable to sea level rise caused by anthropogenic climate change (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-22838-1)

The first colossal problem is the assumption that there is, in fact, any detectable human influence on the climate, which is absolutely not an established fact. It's not even a hypothesis. It is a conjecture that has been heavily promoted by certain organizations and individuals that have specific political and financial goals.

The claim that CO2 causes global warming or - in the obvious absence of any serious warming - unspecific "climate change" is based nothing. The underlying idea is grotesque nonsense - CO2 does not "trap" heat. It cannot cause any "back radiation" that would heat the planet - the claim violates fundamental principles of thermodynamics: the outgoing radiation is, by necessity, cooler than the incoming radiation from the sun and cooler than the earth that emitted the reflected energy. Hence any back-radiation would have to be even cooler and hence cannot heat a warmer object.

There is not even a correlation between temperature and CO2, neither in the short, medium or long term.

Over the long term, there were periods with much higher levels of CO2 than we have today and yet, there was no positive feedback, no runaway warming and clearly no correlation the global temperature:

Over the medium term, the last 10'000 years, we are currently at the coldest period:

The US have the most detailed temperature records, especially for the time before 1950. There's no evidence any warming occurred over the last century:

The only way added CO2 can cause a tiny bit of warming warming is by increasing the atmospheric density, i.e. by increasing the pressure - the chemical properties of CO2 are completely irrelevant. Indeed, the exact same warming effect through added density can be observed for other gases such as Argon:

Laboratory experiment from Tufts University demonstrating that Argon has an almost identical warming effect as CO2, proving that warming cannot be based on radiosity (PDF)

This is probably the tiny warming the author of this study could measure:

Needless to say, natural causes change the climate all the time and by much more than 0.1C over 100 years.

There's not a shred of evidence that the rate of sea level change - rise or fall - has changed in any way over the last 150 years:

Let's take the case of Fort Denison, Australia strangely, the rate of the "natural" and "anthropogenic" sea level rise is virtually identical:

The same can be observed esl

Here the sea level at Brest, France, plotted against the rising CO2:

Pacific islands are not sinking into the ocean, on the contrary, they practically all saw their surface increase:

And from another source:

It appears that the observed sea level change in the US was almost entirely due to geological processes:

This map shows that shorelines are stable almost everywhere:

Over the long range, the sea level is actually very low:

So given that there is no meaningful sea level change, how could it impact a hurricane that made landfall in the US, much less cause specific economic damage that could be calculated based on humanity's emission of CO2?

Based on the alarmists, this should have been New York in 2015:

Reality - New York in March 2020:

This is like all their predictions - they have a 100% failure rate. Yes, 100%! Not a single climate prediction over the last 50 years ever came true. Not even close. Not even predicting the correct trend.

Al Gore, the climate alarmist lobbyist, obviously doesn't believe his own fearmongering, as he bought another luxurious $9 million mansion that's close to the ocean:


Obama doesn't believe in any sea level rise, either, as he bought a $16 million mansion that's just 3 to 10 feet above the current sea level and - supposedly - at great risk if the sea level rose as the alarmists claim:



This is the level of stupid we are dealing with today, in scientific publications - fearmongering with zero supporting evidence!


Some examples to illustrate how sea level rise has been almost unnoticeable over the last 100 years and how all the alarmist predictions were totaly false:


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