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Connecting Like Minds

RUSHOFWAVESAug 31, 2018, 6:45:51 PM

Curation Trail of Reminds --

Have you ever come across a post that made your day? Best thing you've seen on Minds? Are you curious who the reminders were before you, the people like you who were compelled to remind? 

This is an easy task, and will create a list of like minded channels to get to know each other.

There are a couple of things you can do with this:


Once there is a list of channels, you can open those channels in new tabs and explore.


If you are sure you would like to be on the list, add yourself so the next reminder doesn't have to. They can just add themselves if they wish. If you are like me you will allow the next person that reminds the post to make the call if they will add you to the list. To keep the list going, yes each person that reminds will have to do the copy paste task. So in reality only the best posts that really move the mind and touch the heart will endure a lengthy curation trail.

Here is an example:

Now here is the next stage

This is @rushofwaves reminding @thehour2empower original content, reminded from 

@Future78 and @maripia (PiaMinds)

Notice the curation trail starting. 

If you wanted to remind my post you would add @rushofwaves to the list.

Happy Reminding :D

And the next channel will add your @channel to the list 

And so on 

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