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How to Work With Any IP Address - Ultimate Guide

RouterPagesDec 7, 2018, 2:20:28 PM

19 is a private IP address that can be assigned to any local network device. It is possible to assign a default IP address to some router models.

19 Address can be assigned manually to any device on the local network, which is configured to use this address limit. This means that it can be given laptops, smart TVs, phones, desktop computers, tablets, chromecasts and more.

19 2,168,100.1 can also be used as the default address for the router. This means that it is a built-in IP address that the device producer uses before sending it.

Note: 19 2,168,100.1 and 19,1,1,1,1,1,100 can easily be confusing with each other. Home networks 192.168.1.x addressing (such as is used more than 192.168.100.x.

How to connect with Router 19

Screenshots of IP Address in Google Chrome's URL Bar

Administrators can enter the router at this IP address, such as they can reach like any other URL. In web browser, the following address can be opened in the navigation bar:

Opening the above address displays the administrator password and the username of the web browser router. If you need help, read how to connect your router.

Administrators can change in Some users can choose this change so that router logins are easy to remember routers' IP addresses easily by another standard or user-defined number. Otherwise, using for other IP addresses is not very beneficial.

Note: Most routers do not use the default IP address, but on 19, 19, 19 or 19 are used.

This list provides a list of the many default rules for routers and modems, their default passwords and default usernames:

Cisco Default Password List

Linksys default password list

Netgear default password list

D-Link Standard Password List

19 211,68,100.1 as a consumer IP address

Administrators can only assign to any device's router on the local network. This can be done dynamically by DHCP or manually for creating static IP addresses.

To use DHCP, it is necessary to set the router to include in the assigned address space (pool). When the router starts its DHCP scope of, thousands of addresses with numbers are provided so 19 are used, is very rare. Administrators usually have DHCP scope first address for 19, so that only 19 can be used for, but 19, 19 etc.

For manual, static IP address assignment, the router's network must be properly installed to support the mask IP address. For more information, see our subnet mask agreement.

21 2,168,100.1 is a private IPv4 network address. This means that you can not connect to a client device or router outside the home network, as possible from a public IP address. It is only related to the local area network (LAN).

Keeping this address on a separate private network address with routers or clients does not affect network performance or security.

Only one device should be assigned IP address If the router's DHCP address specifies a category, the administrator should not assign that address to itself. Otherwise, the IP address may be the result of a conflict because the router can assign the device dynamically, even if it uses it as a static address.