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Zero Carbon Project – For One Better World

RoonyBlackJul 3, 2018, 11:36:50 AM

I am very thrilled about this project! Finally there are people who are thinking about the most important thing on this planet – the nature. It was here before us and will be here after us, so why don’t think about the nature a little bit at least, huh?

Zero Carbon Project is a project that is setting new rules in this industry. All renewable energy types are currently very expensive and not everyone can benefit from them. Zero Carbon Project is changing the way it was and is making the use of these renewable energies possible. It is providing competitive zero carbon market which is delivering price reductions while it is switching the consumers to zero carbon energy.

The Zero Carbon Project is using Energis tokens to capture the future utility value received by consumers. The energy suppliers will use them to pay the transaction fees for using the platform, while the consumer will receive Energis token as a reward for using renewable energy. Another thing that the platform is having is the possibility for the consumers to sell back the received Energis tokens to the suppliers who will again use them to pay the transaction fees.

If you type “Zero Carbon Project” in Google, you will see that it is known project actually. The first result of course is the site of the project, following couple of pages from medium.com. There are other pages that are reviewing the project which is talking about the greatness of this idea – so many involved people in one marvelous concept – I love that!

Community overview

The project is very well presented in the main social channels. The most followers (2,240) can be found on Telegram, following Twitter with 2,137 followers. The bronze medal is given to the followers in Facebook – 1,420 people. The project has even Instagram with 567 followers, LinkedIn (99 followers), YouTube channel (47 subscribers) and Reddit profile with 29 subscribers currently.


The Zero Carbon Project is not finding the warm water actually. There are several projects which are already thinking in this direction such as PowerLedger, WePower, Restart Energy, Electrify, Energimine and Grid+. The main plus of the PowerLedger for example is that the people who already possess sun power batteries and produce their own energy can sell it to their neighbors, while the main idea of the Zero Carbon Project is to allow more and more consumers to be able to use the renewable energies in general.

The WePower project is very similar to the Zero Carbon Project, but the difference here is that Zero Carbon Project is rewarding their consumers with up to 70% for consuming zero carbon energy and even nominating other consumers.

The Roadmap

The roadmap of this project is set for 2 years with 22 main goals. Currently the five pre-set goals for the first half of 2018 are already done – the software is already completed; the test smart contracts, the energis tokes contracts and the token sale smart contracts are already deployed. Until 2018 the main goal of the project is to register 1,000 household energy consumers in United Kingdom, while the pre-set goal for the first quarter in 2019 is this number to increase to 3,000 household energy consumers. After expanding the project to the whole world, the team intends to grow their base of household using renewable energy to 30,000 until the end of next year.

The Team

The whole team of this project is passionate about tackling global climate change via the use of the new technologies. All of them are specialists in the renewable energy area and know exactly what and how to do.

The Zero Carbon Project definitely is not the first project in which the CEO Derek Myers has taken part in. In 1999 Derek Myers established iVentures Capital combining the new technologies and the energy markets. Later on he raised funds to establish PowerEx which was sold after that to Amsterdam Power Exchange to enter the UK energy market.

The team consists of seven members, one of them as well is ethereum contract advisor (Bok Khoo) and there is only one addition person as finance advisor – Rob Antulov. Apparently with this experienced in the energy area team, there is no need for more advisors.

Whitepaper and site review

The Whitepaper looks very well structured. It is making impression that there are so many tables and even formulas in it. There is a big plus of this Whitepaper and it is the “one-pager” in the beginning of it – a table showing all important details in a quick summary.

The site on the other hand is very interactive made as well. The green-blue color on the top of it is giving a feeling for something calm and connected to the nature which actually is what the project is for – the nature.

ICO metrics

The total supply of the Energis tokens is set on 240 million tokens while only 150 million tokens are open for sale. The hard cap of this project is 20 million USD and the soft cap is set at 2 million USD for the public token sale only.

20 million USD is very reachable amount compared to other initial coin offerings which are ready to be funded on couple of stages – private pre-sale, public pre-sale, main sale and reserve token sale.

No specified dates were entered for each of the periods. From the home page of the site we can understand that the private pre-sale (the first stage) is currently on, where the price for one Energis (NRG) token is not entered in USD amount actually. The minimum contribution is 1 ether, where it is equal to 4,970 NRG tokens.

For the private pre-sale and the public pre-sale there are bonuses for the investors which are pretty cool – respectively 5% bonus for 5-15 ether invested up to 20% for over 50 ether invested, and 25% discount for the public pre-sale.

Zero Carbon Project – For one better world

I am very impressed when there are people thinking about the nature, that’s why I can’t wait to see the results of this great project. The renewable energy is something that can be used more often and from more people in order to prevent cataclysms with the nature and I am very happy to see that the team of the Zero Carbon Project imprinted the idea in their hearts and will make it possible.

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Website: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Zero_Carbon_Project_Whitepaper_1.1_30_Apr_2018.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/ZeroCarbonProject

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