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Orvium - The Future of Scientific Research

RoonyBlackAug 1, 2018, 6:39:37 PM


We live in a world in which rapid development takes place every day. Technology reaches new peaks constantly and more and more devices make our lives easier, which could not happen without the people that stand behind these developments – the scientists. As you might conclude by yourself, in order to come up with new, unique technology and ideas, one should have the right place to share one’s research and compare it with other’s work, discuss, review and evolve together. 

Now, goverments fund most of the research, then volunteer scientists review the works and then again publishers come and sell the end product to goverments. This is a vicious circle that serves no one but the publishers. These companies are said to be the most profitable in the world. Yet, this restricts the spread of knowledge making research very hard process. That’s why Orvium aims to remove that influence of the publishers by creating decentralized and trustworthy platform, that operates on blockchain technology, where publishers will have all the copyrights and won’t pay the high prices for publishing that exist today in modern society. 

Another great future goal of Orvium that I read about in the Whitepaper is that they will support research, which is admirable. But probably what impressed me the most in the project was that there is a plan that every person would be able to challenge the scientific community to solve a given problem, which is hilarious. This is called Science Patronage, and these will be created as challenges with ORV tokens on stake. 

This looks as a great way to motivate people to help each other, yet evolve mentally and solve problems. There are definitely some pretty good ideas behind that project, which might make the world of science a better place, but probably focusing on the young scientist, since the old generation is not so open when it comes to using technologies, let alone blockchain based projects. We are yet to see what the future holds.

Main Characteristics

The Roadmap’s span is 3 years. At this point token generation is the main event that takes place. Probably the most crucial moment is yet to come at the end of this year when it is expected to have a platform release. Later one, mostly updates of that platform and collaborations with institutions are planned, which sounds like a good overall schedule for the project. The roadmap is not too risky, not too imaginative, it seem possible to achieve with the right group of people involved.

What cannot go unmentioned is that Orvium’s team is huge. In the graphic below you can see a few of its members. Not to mention also all the advisors. The leader of the project is said to be Manuel Martin. In his short bio we see that he has been working for CERN, also collaborated with NASA and GSI. He has experience with data learning technologies. This is one of the most impressive biographies of a team leader I have seen. This can only make me believe that this project has gathered together a group of people that have goals and know how to reach them.

Тhe Whitepaper is 46 pages long. At first glance it looks detailed, it contains sufficient information about the Orvium platform, its token, its business model and its roadmap. As I read it closely, I really liked the way terms are explained to the general reader, so that every person interested can see and understand what is he investing in. That is something I appreciate, since transparency is rare, nowadays. The only thing I think is missing are enough graphics and pictures.

In regards to social media Orvium has around 2.5K followers in Twitter and Facebook. What I should definitely mention is that these followers seem very active, they like Orvium’s posts, share and comment. This is important since I have seen pages with many many followers, yet not even half of the likes Orvium has. Public engagement is key to successful businesses and here, I might say people seem curious so to say.

Orvium’s website is in the typical for these projects bluish tones, nothing new here. The information is classified neatly. Whatever people need can be found easily. What caught my eye was the fact that the website has a language variation option, so it can be used in 5 languages –English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This is a very optimistic feature, because it shows that the project is not restricted only to one group of users, but just the opposite. So that is something that definitely impressed me and I haven’t seen in many such project’s websites.

After a basic google search of Orvium I found out that many analysis have already been made and people generally comment and are interested in the project. Public group of the “Orvium” Project in Telegram consists of almost 7K people which is promising. It shows that people do care for that project.

The Token of “Orvium” called “ORV”. They might be used if an author has decided to make his/her research paid, so they will be paid in ORV. These tokens can also be used to contribute to different projects and works within the platform. As you see in the picture below, the distribution of the token is as per usual equal parts for the partners, a small amount for Orvium and most more of the half for sale. Nothing untypical here.


The Orvium project is not the typical money-seeking project, as you might see. The whole purpose behind the whole project, which is to give more publishing rights to the sole publishers and as a whole to the community, not to the publishing companies is unique of its kind. I cannot be more happy if that project succeeds, because that means that the world will experience even greater technological evolution than it does now, and that is insane. If we can achieve so much with restricted knowledge and private and even stolen publications, imagine what we can do with open sourced, blockchain based and opened community place, where every person would be valued and would have motivation to grow, without the fear to have his/hers work damaged or stolen. I can’t, can you?

Disclosure: This article is participating in the ICO Bounty Media Campaign for reward. Please be advised that everything written in the article is my personal opinion and it is NOT investment advice. 

Orvium's Website - https://orvium.io/

Orvium's Whitepaper - https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj

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