A Mythical Warrior-Wordsmith in search of infallible truths behind the half-truths. ____________________ "We must first learn to change ourselves, THEN we can begin to change the world." "Genuine truths cannot exist in a world where opinions are treated as fact." "When we deem words more influential than actions, we are truly lost." "Power is control over others, while strength is control over yourself." "Stoic professionalism will be a slow death for the heart of humanity." "No one wants to rock the boat, lest the fear of falling out. I say: learn to swim!" "They don't want to save us from ourselves; they want to save themselves from us!" "Excess generalizations will be the death of critical thought." "The truth hurts, but only if you choose to believe in lies." "Living is the revolutionary act of delaying death." "Sacrifice is Salvation." "The most evil of men tend to hide their misdeeds through public acts of benevolence." "The only thing that will satiate my hungering sorrow is to finally make things right." "What if our founding fathers bitched and complained as much as we do?" ____________________ A big THANK YOU to those who has generously wired me some crypto-bucks: $ @aeowen - 6 / (20) Tokens $ @delastman - 12 Tokens $ @mindslady777 - 10 Tokens $ @imawesome1260 - 10 Tokens $ @RedDragonLS - 5.67 Tokens $ @lilycreek - 5.22 Tokens $ @r3k4b - 5 Tokens $ @luculent - 4 Tokens @mindsplus - 2 Tokens $ @thelamb - 2 Tokens $ @KyleSislerJATWC - 1.337 Tokens $ @zedheds - 1 Token $ @ChachiArcola - 1 Token ____________________ If you are into #gaming in the slightest, check out a new Minds group I created, "The Gaming Dojo": ____________________
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Here is the newest Ronin Yeti Studio monthly newsletter, where I delve intro controversial news from around the world, and elaborate on projects created within the studio! This month's topics are Coronavirus - Round 2, Corona Days First Vlog Entry, and this edition's Monthly Shout-Out: The Hodge Twins. This Month's Newsletter: Subscribe Here: #roninyeti #roninyetistudio #newsletter #April #2020
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20-something days into the shutdowns, lockdowns, and hand-me-downs, I find myself adrift on a lonesome road that was once the life-vein of this great city. Will Corona stop all space and time? Will Corona make us reflect on what it is to be truly alive? Will "Corona" ever stop coming up out of the mouths of every slack-jawed parasite that surrounds me??? #coronavirus #covid19 #roninyetistudio #CoronaDays #VlogEntry1
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