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The Memphis riots and the African American IQ.

The Rob Townsend ChroniclesJun 15, 2019, 8:44:40 PM

Yet again, there is violence due to a riot based on the race of a supposed "victim." As usual, the group at the center of the riot are the African Americans, and as usual the riot isn't because law enforcement has killed one of their brightest and best. In all honesty, one could easily argue that the African Americans have little interest in placing the brightest and best to the forefront of their culture let alone riot for them. In the case of the latest saga of African American riot violence, the latest reprobate to die at the hands of law enforcement is a young man named Brandon Weber, a young street thug who not only lived a life of crime and debauchery but seemed to revel in it. One glance at the young man's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/brandon.webber.988 and it is clear to see that Weber was far from a model law abiding citizen and the inevitable end to his life would be either prison or lying dead on the very blighted and filthy streets that he loved so dearly.

Before the riot in Memphis reached its apex, the usual battle cry went out among the African Americans that a young black man who was a straight A student and future college graduate had been killed by the evil (white) MPD. The belief that white people in America are responsible for causing the misery the African Americans actually cause themselves is enough to fuel them to burn down their own surroundings, to rob businesses and to violently attack the men and women who wear the Memphis police department uniform. Whenever one of these riots happens – and they seemingly are happening with more frequency, I am forced to ask this question…are the African Americans who take part in these riots even actually aware of who they are burning down their neighborhoods for, better yet, do they even care? Common sense would often prevent people with even average intellect from destroying their own neighborhoods because a common criminal – one who victimizes them the most – gets gunned down by law enforcement. Having average intellect would have them realize that their community has not lost anything with the death of another one of their criminals. Weber’s latest problem with law enforcement is the result of him car jacking a man and shooting him 5 times. He and an accomplice then drove away in his automobile leaving the victim to die on the side of the road. Fortunately, the victim did not die, and Memphis law enforcement began to search for Weber and his fellow criminal. It all ended with Weber ramming a police car and being riddled with bullets as he resisted. Any intelligent group would see little to no problem with Weber’s well-deserved end, but when it comes to the African Americans, can we honestly consider most of them intelligent, specifically those who make the most noise whenever black scum like Weber bites the dust? As I stated, African Americans typically turn their worst into angels whenever they are killed by either a white police officer or a white civilian. They push this narrative even though the person had a lengthy criminal record, and it is easy to manipulate them into violence because they overwhelmingly refuse to learn the facts before they explode emotionally. 

This could be easy to ignore if it was not a reoccurring theme, but it is a reoccurring theme. It takes a lot of people with very low IQ’s to continually follow this script repeatedly. This is no longer a surprise…African Americans riot first and ask questions later if they even ask questions at all. The fact remains that the African Americans overwhelmingly have very low IQ’s on average, data backs this up. The average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; for Whites, about 100; and for Blacks about 85 in the U.S. Is it a coincidence that African Americans are the only racial group who routinely burn down their own communities whenever a criminal like Weber is killed while committing a crime or resisting arrest? These questions are rarely if ever asked openly by anyone, it especially is not being asked by black Americans who themselves find very little logic in destroying their own neighborhood just because a common criminal like Weber meets his maker. The fact remains that unless the African Americans miraculously become more intelligent, they will continue to react this way whenever one of their scum finally catches a police officer’s bullet. Facts be damned when the IQ’s of the individuals who take part in burning down their own neighborhoods is literally near mental retardation.

What do we do about them…how do we fix the unintelligent African Americans?

African Americans like to talk about “black” unity. What they never do is explain exactly what it is other than the act of moving like a herd of antelope. For most people, “unity” means a collective meeting of the minds. Unity means many people coming together to build something like a skyscraper for example. It means each knowing their individual roles in the total process. Someone to design the building, others to lay the bricks and others to ensure that it is structurally sound. Unity means a community of people coming together to build a neighborhood that is both viable and safe due to its people having a collective vision and having the utmost respect for that collective vision. Having a safe community means having a collective agreement to remove those who work against having a safe community. It means agreeing to remove people like Brandon Weber. Unity doesn’t mean burning down your own home. I discovered a long time ago that so called “black” unity isn’t actually about building…it certainly isn’t about the serenity of a safe community. Black unity is controlled and defined by the lowest IQ's of black America. So called "black" unity is a bunch of people locked in a large room with a hungry lion. It is not about individuals having the courage to come together to defeat the lion…no, that isn’t “black” unity. It is about individuals hoping the beast gets its fill so that its hunger is quenched long enough to keep it from using its fangs and razor-sharp claws on those who remain. Black unity is about numbers and individuals manipulating those numbers to benefit him or herself. It is about individuals simply trying not to become the lions next meal. So called "black" unity is inherently selfish. There in lies the problem with the low IQ African Americans. They cannot be counted on to ever build, they can only be counted on to destroy and to react emotionally as a group, because people with low IQ’s are only capable of that - reacting emotionally and destroying. At some point, us black Americans will have to make the hard decision to either separate from the millions of self-entitled low IQ African Americans or burn with them. Creatures with low IQ’s are inevitably self destructive and genocidal as a group, and we must eventually face this reality. If we choose to burn with them and to join them in their commitment  to their own genocide, we cannot say with the utmost confidence that we don’t share their very low collective IQ. It doesn’t take a genius to believe in ones own self-preservation, it only takes common sense.  

I'm Rob Townsend of the Rob Townsend Chronicles.