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Oh Dear it looks like extremist clique behaviour continues at the BBC has as they replace #JeremyVine with #TinaDaheley how the heck can that poor woman ever know if she got the job because of the colour of her skin or the timbre of her voice ?. With the #BBC she can guess
I made my Male Shepard look like Vin Diesel personally. (or at least as close to the 'Butcher Bay' version as I could manage. I can't say I'm overly excited by the Character Models they look a bit more like a bad "Current Year" Night Club than a future, I would hope that undercuts would go out as far of fashion as the 1980's 'Big hair' has, because it's every bit as dating to a specific time period. A variety of more "Normal" options would be more interesting as a starting point at least then you have a point of comparison to the ending point. (unless they don't bother altering the character model at all as you add horrific additions to it). Something like we see at +14.14 would suit me better I feel. The Default Male is a little dull too. - But I guess it's not super important. I certainly don't want to play a game looking even more ridiculous than a Borderlands or RAGE game Character and not be in a somewhat comedic setting, that would be like the sci fit equivalent of over done Fantasy armour - it might even break my sense of immersion if the character models are all ludicrous - as you know in a "real" setting not everyone is going to be walking around looking like a Deus Ex extra or worse. In addition ; Did they save money and Motion capture a man and then use that for both male and female game models - as that isn't a typical woman's locomotion. Oh and the Nudity & titillation is kinda childish & yawn some to me. I tend to think they put that in games to get 14 year olds to buy it not 34 year olds. But other than that the Misen Scene looks like a reasonably fun place to hang out. It's nicely populated too. The density of the crowd reminds me of the Star Wars Prequels somewhat. Make you think these guys would do a more interesting job with a Star Wars game than some people I couldn't mention.
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