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Why socialism fails

RecoveringAStudentMar 4, 2019, 7:37:12 AM

    I think we have all heard (an 10% of those reading have said) "Real socialism hasn't been tried!" There is a thought that if we just "put in the right leaders" or "find the best managers," that socialism, and in particular a total or near-total state of equality, could in fact be brought about. Further, that such a state would be desirable and supported by people at large.

    However, if you study the human condition and talk to people who actually lived under various levels of socialism, it becomes clear that once you have the right definition of "succeed" and "fail," it is obvious that socialism must always fail, because successful socialism is a failure. If we "try again," and "try harder," we will predictably, repeatably, scientifically end in failure, with failure defined as increased abuse of humans, substantial increases in poverty and death, and on socialism's own terms, failure through an explosion in inequality.

-- Introduction --

"Success" under socialism

-- The Problems --

The Motivation Problem

The Decision Problem

The Greed Problem

-- The Mindset --

Understanding the Lure of Socialism

Credit is Kinda like Communism