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Donald Trump admits to liking punk rock

Rebel_RonnieJun 1, 2019, 3:04:06 PM

After Candace Owen's claim "Donald Trump is punk Rock" We had to ask Donald Trump at CRVT if he was ever into punk rock and how in modern times would he be considered "Punk Rock" 

Donald Trump's response was "You know, Like, I'm very punk Rock. In my younger day's I would jam some Sex Pistols and you all know how British Punk Rock was against the Queen,You know? If you look at my recent trip to Britain, you will notice how I never bowed to the queen, I also believe I am punk rock because I am anti-establishment and that's what punk is about! As a young adult I would love to jam the Dead Kennedy's because they said the "N-word" in Holiday in Cambodia and it would annoy my parents because they were bussiness people at the time and they could not stand to be associated which such nonsense, Yeah I admit I liked it because it said offensive terminology but I'm not a racist"