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RebeccaStewartJul 21, 2021, 7:46:35 PM


Without fear there is no courage

without weakness there’s no strength

In the turmoil of the darkening night

you must know the breadth and length 

of the faith that sustains you

 and the hope that gives you rest.

As blackness swirls around you 

keep your oil lamp glowing bright

with His law a path to guide you 

you will walk on in the light

though the road is rough and rocky

it is not the time to rest.

There are those lost in the storm

who need your steady arm

You must search on in your love

so they will see not harm

Your life is not your own, you must

light the way for others.

The Spirit gives you power

to know and do the right

Firmly roped with others

you pull with all your might

You boldly stand united with those

you now call brothers

The vision you’ve been given

the hope of life and peace

a beautiful new city where

fears and sighing cease

is the promise that sustains you

until the mission’s end

‘Till our Lord and captain tells you

“Well-done, faithful friend.”

Rebecca Stewart 1997

When I wrote this poem the challenges we were facing as a family were daunting. My husband had lost his job, we had been forced to sell our home and acreage, and we had moved into a basement apartment with family in another country. We had 3 children and were anticipating another. My husband's life's work was being undermined, his good name was slandered, and many in our church family had betrayed or abandoned us. It was a time to regroup and rethink our purpose.
Unfortunately, the present challenges are no less daunting, but of a different nature. As we see the state trying to deny us our freedoms, and muzzle the biblical message, our mission statement is all the more important. We need to remember who we really serve, and where our love lies.

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