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Regards to the "Locked in another network" Problem.

Phoebe AurumApr 8, 2019, 3:15:58 AM

So I've noticed that a lot of people are having problems with the network locking in regards to making Metamask transactions.

I don't know what has changed and from what I understand the wallets are typically set up correctly. The only problem I can see is if that maybe when users are setting up Metamask they are choosing “Provide Address” and are copy pasting the address on Metamask.

I would tell any user from here on out. Choose the option “Use Metamask” If you choose any of the other two you are setting yourself up for additional difficulty that doesn't have to exist in the transaction process. Creating your own address makes you solely responsible for the Private Key which is the only way to really use that wallet on Minds and is necessary for importing it onto any other service or platform.

If you are new to this, this might be too much pressure for you to deal with, and if you are familiar with using 3rd party wallets you might consider using your own over Metamask. Well, in that scenario you will have to use your Private Key to make transactions and you know how dangerous that can be, once again. I would advise choosing the Metamask option.

The solution to this problem is changing the address. If you have tokens on that address and you don't want to lose them in the change I would advise sending them to either a different Ethereum Wallet (Trust Wallet) or another user with an Ethereum Wallet who will send it back to you. Note that I am not referring to the wire function which wouldn't work in this instance but just going on Metamask, selecting the Minds Tokens, and then using the send function that exists within Metamask itself. There will still be an Ethereum charge but in that instance you'll know that your tokens are safe and retrievable. 

Do you have a different transaction issue? Don't worry! I have something for that as well.

Here's a glossary of Crypto terms on the off-chance you may not be familiar with. 

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