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3D Printing in a FAB Shop

Russell AlexanderJan 3, 2020, 4:51:23 PM

A quick post about a 3D printing idea for modern fab shop. Ways to use this amazing and inexpensive technology in more traditional trades.

And a quick shot at one of these blogs, just for the hell of it.

Designing the Locating Jig

Slicing the CAD Model for 3D printing.

The start of a 14 hour long print.

And done. But we can do better.

So we redesign to make the part use less materiel.

4 Hours, much better.

Kick off the print.

And here we go. The tail pipe is located in relationship to the output and I can play connect the dots between the muffler and tail pipe.

Under the sway-bar at full droop, and around the fuel tank.

Like I said, connect the dots with tubing, But this is much easier than how we used to do it, and so much more accurate.

Thanks for reading, I might do more of these if the bug strikes. Thanks for reading and I hope you've come up with some kind of idea for your own 3D printing project.

-Russell @ Nerd Rods