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Is Minds what we think it is?

RamiMAug 31, 2018, 10:24:56 PM

My short Minds story

Roaming on Facebook, I have come on a post of a friend who got recently blocked because he expressed his right wing political thoughts many times. On his post he wrote that he says Facebook is a private company and should not be regulated. I completely agree as I am a classical liberal. One of the comments asked: "What can we do?" and someone replied that there is minds. It intrigued me, I googled Minds and found this platform. I have been on Minds for 14 days exactly today. I was immediately excited to find this free speech platform hoping it will have people like me. 

Desperation and new Hope

After few days of adjusting myself I have realized this platform is full of attention seekers/crypto seekers. This doesn't mean I haven't seen people of my interest yet I saw many people that just want likes on their photos and making money. I see people praising themselves that they left Facebook that they are all for free speech and it just reminds me of Instagram or Facebook attention seekers. People who want to be seen as unique who end up being an herd. Now that might seem as harsh but this is what I saw. 

Seriously, look at this

Yet there was hope. With the few tokens I had I boosted my posts. Most of them got no comments on them, which is what I sought. I looked for discussion. Then, yesterday, @TheRenaissanceguy (His profile) commented on one of my posts. I went on his profile and found one of the people I was looking for. A person of intellect. A person who pursues dialogue. One of his posts was about disappointment in the platform. Then it hit me. There ARE people like me. We just need to find one another.

So if you are a person who is interested in sharing, discussing and arguing over ideas you are welcome to raise your voice, leave a comment in the next post and share it. If we are actually a dozen I will open a group:


You are welcome to check my profile.