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Clown world or alternate reality?

QuestionmarkJun 29, 2019, 4:32:21 PM

What is going on in reality?

Clown world is not enough to explain the surreal reality we're forced to live within - the *honk honk* also loses meaning when it becomes a meme, all the opposition has to say is; "It's just a meme, bro."

This is a thing within the opposition of the twisted reality as well, they stick to the meme rather than try to speak to people, proclaiming; "they're all in their echo chamber" while asking everyone to join their own echo chamber.

How do you reach all the people claiming that "doxxing is good if it's a nazi" even though they haven't got a clue about what a nazi is...or life for that matter.

The same crowd screams their asses off if someone gets fired for not doing a good job as he was black. (they ignore "not doing his job" while recognizing the "black" part)

They also scream how there's no difference between blacks/whites and so on but still claim whites have privilige and that we need to help anyone not white as they're - by nature - suppressed...

I'm for meritocracy myself, don't care about colour or if something's dangling between your legs, the best *PERSON*, the one most suited for it should have the job. (yes, I know, it's a very misogynistic and racist thing to strive for...actually having to be the best person for the position...)

How could anyone with a brain state that "it's OK to hit a nazi" while proclaiming themselves as good while interpreting; "It's OK to be white" as racism...?

It's an act of violence against another human only due to political beliefs or a statement without any form of value whatsoever... (is it OK to be a mountaineer? - I mean it seems a bit supremacist, not everyone can climb a mountain after all)

I'd say "It's OK to hit a mountaineer" as I can't climb the mountain.

Of course I don't actually think that is OK, I actually feel I have a lot more in common with a mountaineer than I do with politicians, journalists and anyone proclaiming themselves to fight for the good side.

Me and the mountaineer has one thing in common, we see the obstacle and wonder how the hell we can reach the top/other side...