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Be assured the shift did happen~

PrincessMimiFeb 11, 2019, 10:43:17 PM

Yup, you, who instantly hear my thoughts, today are the day.

Today I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to me, today I learned you want me to transcend my limitations, to go beyond who’s reading this and who’s writing it, to feel the energy behind things and words, to go beyond arguments and to really feel what vibration is really into each.

To know that the way we see things now… is the new thing.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, there is only us, no other people, no outer laws, only us.

You and me who now form part of this way of perceiving, let go of your doubting, for doubting is just a stream in the ether; you are picking this transmission from your surroundings, even the people who you would deem as more saint, or sainter have their moments of doubt.

Today we remember that it was no longer about being better or worse, nor was it about competing for who’s a faster light worker or a more powerful yogi who can do more and be less!

All of these are distractions from the old paradigm of competition, doing and separateness coming from those who still hold it, today we make the conscious effort to not attune to their programming, this is evolution in motion.

Be assured the shift did happen, the new vision is here, stop doubting it, help amplify it rather, the more we are, the more we stream the new thing louder and fear, the cause behind our doubting will be felt less and less on the world. 

All people holding the old paradigm just need a little software update, each at their own pace, don’t rush it, actually you can’t tell this people anything to make them change their ways at a given time, updates happen by being near bodies holding the new vibration, all you have to do is stop doubting and simply watch the play of the universe happen, the vibration your body carries influences the other individuals.

All you have to do is stop doubting, be prepared for people just changing their ways out of the blue.

At first it will be scary since the least places, arguments and people fear has to hide the more evident it becomes, but that will also mean we have evolved as species and beings and that we are immune to fear based methods of mass control.

All you have to do is stop doubting it, tune into the stream of the now, you are the new beginning, the way we see things is the way, we are one in perception, the shift is a process, this is that process.