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Top 50 Fantastic Gift Ideas For 2018!

President Trump 2020Nov 17, 2018, 10:09:33 PM

50. Black Water -  CHECK IT OUT

Feel the power of the dark side of H2O with natural black water. Enriched with fulvic acid that creates a totally natural black color, this unusual bottled water will quench your thirst and and restore energy throughout you. BUY NOW

49. Inhalable CaffeineCHECK IT OUT

Get an instant shot of energy anytime, anywhere, by consuming an inhalable caffeine shot. You just take off the cap, place it on your lips, and gently inhale to receive a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine and B Vitamins that’ll keep you sharp and ready for anything. Fantastic to keep in your jacket pocket at all times! BUY NOW

48. The Ultimate Portable Power BankCHECK IT OUT

If you’re on-the-go there’s no better option than the Sherpa 100 AC power bank from Goal Zero. The 25,600 mAh airline approved power station features a 100wh AC power outlet, wireless charging, an OLED display, and 2.4A USB ports. BUY NOW

47. Scanmarker Digital HighlighterCHECK IT OUT

Get maximum productivity by creating projects and reports in record time with the Scanmarker digital highlighter. Just slide this handheld scanning pen across a line of printed text and watch it appear instantly on your computer screen! Amazing! BUY NOW

46. Savage Choices Party GameCHECK IT OUT

Who ever thought that ruining people’s lives could be so much fun? Savage Choices is the party game where players select a character card and attribute cards and go up against a judge in order to try and convince him to live a life as their character. Probably best to play it after Christmas Day. BUY NOW

45. Portable Off-Grid Solar Generator KitCHECK IT OUT

Make sure you’re never left without power, even if you’re miles away from civilization by plugging your devices into this portable off-grid solar generator kit. It can either be charged by solar or AC power and features everything from DC to USB ports. Awesome gift for any outdoors enthusiast! BUY NOW

44. Amazon Smart PlugCHECK IT OUT

Make your home smarter than ever with the Amazon smart plug! The smart plug allows you to voice control everyday appliances like lights, TVs, fans, or even your coffee maker – it also features a slim design that keeps the adjacent outlet free and accessible. BUY NOW

43. Casio G-Shock Skeleton Gold Watch CHECK IT OUT

To commemorate their 35th anniversary, Casio has released these eye-catching G-Shock skeleton gold watches. Featuring the same quality and durability you’ve come to expect from the brand, they boast a stunning gold design just as beautiful as it is rugged. BUY NOW

42. Bacon Grilling RackCHECK IT OUT

Turn your next barbecue into a full on bacon grilling factory with help from this specialized BBQ rack. The bacon grilling rack’s angular design shortens cooking time while cutting down on grease, and making them crispier. It’s a no brainer for bacon lovers. BUY NOW

41. Sweet Sweat Workout EnhancerCHECK IT OUT

Make those pounds shed faster than ever before by complementing your killer workouts with the Sweet Sweat workout enhancer. It is designed to improve circulation and increase sweating while encouraging thermogenic and muscle activity during your work out. BUY NOW

40. Smartphone Endoscope Tube - CHECK IT OUT

Now you can enlist the help of your smartphone to explore things like drain pipes and anal cavities using this USB endoscope tube. It features a waterproof 7mm camera capable of transmitting 640×480 visuals at 30 frames per second. BUY NOW

39. Cut Resistant GlovesCHECK IT OUT

Slice and dice without fear of accidentally chopping off your fingers using these cut resistant gloves. These specialized gloves feature an exclusive cut resistant technology that prevents damage to your precious fingers when they come in contact with the blade. BUY NOW

38. Magnetic Wristband CHECK IT OUT

No one enjoys the taste of metal in their mouth, which is why you’ll love having the magnetic wristband on your next construction job. It conveniently holds several nails that way you can keep them at hand and out of your mouth while you hammer away. BUY NOW

37. Flex Claw HammerCHECK IT OUT

Get the perfect angle necessary to pry any nail by using this flex claw hammer. This 2-in-1 tool comes with a magnetic nail starter for easy one handed use and features an adjustable flexible claw that you can set to four different positions. BUY NOW

36. 2-In-1 Laser Tape MeasureCHECK IT OUT

Ensure your next project is done right from the start by measuring everything precisely using this 2-in-1 laser tape measure. It features a simple one-handed operation and comes with both a standard 16 foot tape measure in addition to a 50 foot laser tape. BUY NOW

35. Heated Ice ScraperCHECK IT OUT

Make those bitter cold winter mornings go by a little bit smoother with the heated ice scraper. This handy appliance comes with a built-in flashlight, squeegee, and features a heated edge to help you easily melt away the snow and ice that builds on your windshield. BUY NOW

34. Light Up Gift BoxesCHECK IT OUT

Make your presents stand out above all others underneath the Christmas tree by placing them inside one of these light up gift boxes. These battery operated boxes come with built-in LEDs that illuminate the entire box in a range of vibrant colors. BUY NOW

33. Christmas Tree Ornament Shot GlassesCHECK IT OUT

Ensure you have a joyous and boozy holiday season by decorating your gorgeous tree with these Christmas tree ornament shot glasses. The tops of these festive baubles can be unscrewed so that you can fill them up with your favorite holiday spirit. BUY NOW

32. Finger Scanning Door LockCHECK IT OUT

Go keyless in your household with this finger scanning door lock. Perfect for locking down your home with nearly impossible to crack security, this clever deadbolt door lock will only open if your fingerprint has been authorized for entry. BUY NOW

31. Waterproof Socks CHECK IT OUT

Stay dry while trudging through Mother Nature’s wettest terrains by wearing these waterproof socks. Each pair features a singular 3 layer construction designed to provide a comfortable and breathable fit no matter what the conditions are like. BUY NOW

30. Portable Camping Shower BagCHECK IT OUT

The portable camping shower bag is a must have portable tool to give yourself a shower while out in the wilderness. Just fill the lightweight shower bag with some clean water and you’ve got yourself a real shower anywhere you use it. BUY NOW

29. Light Up Tent StakesCHECK IT OUT

Minimize nighttime accidents when walking around the campgrounds by setting up your shelter using these light up tent stakes. They’re made from durable aluminum and come with 18 lumen LEDs that stay lit for up to 10 hours of continuous use. BUY NOW

28. Car Seat CaddyCHECK IT OUT

Keep your belongings from falling into the black hole located between your car’s seat and center console using this car seat caddy. It’s made from high quality PU leather and is designed to fit gap sizes between .75 -1.5 inches. BUY NOW

27. Wall Mounted Turn TableCHECK IT OUT

Now you can listen to your records like never before with this wall mounted turn table. Perfect for compact rooms, this vertical record player is battery powered and has a speaker on-board so it can be used in practically any area of your home. BUY NOW

26. Organic Bath BombsCHECK IT OUT

Transform your bath into a spa-quality soak by dropping one of these organic bath bombs into your tub. Each pack includes 6 different aromatherapy bombs like “muscle relief” and “bedtime ritual”, so you can sooth yourself in a variety of ways. BUY NOW

25. Spillproof Travel MugCHECK IT OUT

Guarantee your beverage remains inside its container no matter what by storing it inside the spillproof travel mug. This 16 ounce mug employs smart grip technology to make it impervious to accidental bumps, making it ideal to take on boats, picnics, or the beach. BUY NOW

24. Express Bacon GrillCHECK IT OUT

Cooking your favorite artery clogging meat is as easy as making toast when you use this express bacon grill. It features a slim vertical design that fits easily on any counter top, it helps drain away grease, and it cooks up to 6 juicy strips in mere minutes. BUY NOW

25. Weighted Tri Spinner Top Fidget ToyCHECK IT OUT

Keep your restless hands busy throughout the day by picking up one of these weighted tri spinner top fidget toys. Available in a range of colors, each one is fitted with bearings that allow you to easily rotate and spin it on the palm of your hand or in between your fingers. BUY NOW

24. Movable Camera DollyCHECK IT OUT

Drastically elevate your photography skills by using the movable camera dolly to get the professionally looking shots you want. The dolly’s modular tripod design allows you to mount the camera on to a stable yet flexible medium to achieve the perfect shot. BUY MORE

23. App Controlled Flying And Rolling DroneCHECK IT OUT

Take your love of droning to uncharted territory by getting behind the controls of the app controlled flying and rolling drone. This compact drone can traverse both land and air with amazing stability and speed ideal for performing neat acrobatic tricks. BUY NOW

22. Instant Print Camera - CHECK IT OUT

Collect and share your captured memories the old fashioned way with the instant print camera. Providing a nostalgic touch to any photograph, this 86 mm x 108 mm film size instant camera is perfect for old school photographers looking to snap the perfect shot. BUY NOW

21. Monopoly Game Of ThronesCHECK IT OUT

Help pass the time between TV seasons by playing on this Game Of Thrones edition Monopoly game board. All aspects of the game including tokens, cards and even play money have been customized for fans of the iconic franchise. BUY NOW

20. Game Of Thrones WinesCHECK IT OUT

Give your watch party a boozy twist by popping open a few of these Game of Thrones wines. The bottles feature exquisitely designed themed labels and come in a pack that includes three limited edition bottles: cabernet, red blend, and chardonnay. BUY NOW

19. Coin-Sized Tracking DeviceCHECK IT OUT

Keeping track of your everyday possessions is easier than ever when using this coin-sized tracking device. This app-assisted device allows you to easily view its location and/or quickly ring it to locate a missing phone or wallet instantly. BUY NOW

18. Wireless Charging Pad CHECK IT OUT

Charge your smartphone or tablet like never before using this wireless charging pad. It’s compatible with a range of devices and utilizes Qi inductive charging technology which eliminates the need to attach a charging cable. BUY NOW

17. Smartphone Heads Up Display System CHECK IT OUT

Improve your driving experience by ushering your vehicle into the digital age with the smartphone heads up display system. This revolutionary accessory fits discreetly on the dashboard and works with almost any smartphone to provide real time driving information. BUY NOW

16. Smartphone Connected Video Doorbell CHECK IT OUT

See who’s knocking at your door even if you’re half way across town by using this smartphone connected video doorbell. It comes with built-in two-way communication, night vision, motion detection, and can be accessed using any smartphone or tablet. BUY NOW

15. Perfect Temperature Coffee Mug CHECK IT OUT

Ensure your beverage stays nice and warm up til the very last last drop by serving it inside this perfect temperature coffee mug. This app-assisted mug lets you remotely adjust it to your ideal temperature and sends you a notification when it’s just right. BUY NOW

14. Hot Sauce Challenge PackCHECK IT OUT

Put your taste buds and anus through the gauntlet by taking on the hot sauce challenge pack. The pack includes an assortment of small .75 ounce bottles containing 12 different kinds of sauces ranging from “mild” to “kick yo’ ass hot”. BUY NOW

13. Glow In The Dark Hair DyeCHECK IT OUT

Shine bright in the dead of night by giving yourself a makeover with this glow in the dark hair dye. This peroxide and ammonia-free vegan friendly dye comes in a range of vibrant colors that come to life under UV lighting. BUY NOW

12. Scratch And Sniff Coloring PencilsCHECK IT OUT

Make your masterpieces stand out above all others by creating them using these scratch and sniff coloring pencils. These unique pencils come in a set of twelve and feature fruity and exotic flavors like coconut, watermelon, and strawberry. BUY NOW

11. Modular Smart Lighting PanelsCHECK IT OUT

Give every room in your home its own unique color scheme and ambiance using these modular smart lighting panels. Each kit comes with 9 LED panels that you can mount – onto the wall or ceiling – in any shape you wish to create visually stimulating designs. BUY NOW

10. Carbon Fiber WalletCHECK IT OUT

Keep your cash and ID safe from the outside world by placing them in the RFID blocking carbon fiber wallet. The introduction of CF-Lex technology allows carbon fiber to be bent and reformed into this sleek and ultra durable wallet that is three times stronger than steel. BUY NOW

9. World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent CHECK IT OUT

Don’t venture into the great outdoors without the world’s toughest ultralight survival tent! This reusable windproof and waterproof shelter is made from a tear-resistant, extra-thick HeatFlex Mylar that reflects heat outward or inward – making it ideal for both hot and cold climates. BUY NOW

8. Picnic BackpackCHECK IT OUT

Throw out those bulky and cumbersome picnic baskets and get serious about your picnicking. The picnic backpack makes carrying your food, cups, eating utensils, and other various items a breeze with its seemingly endless amount of storage compartments. BUY NOW

7. Spill-Proof Gaming KeyboardCHECK IT OUT

Ensure your game is never compromised by food related accidents by upgrading to this spill-proof gaming keyboard. This dust and spill resistant heyboard features gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical key switches along with 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover. BUY NOW

6. Portal Mirrors - CHECK IT OUT

Spice up your room’s decor in true gamer fashion with these mind blowing Portal mirrors. The set of oval mirrors is fitted with a custom LED rim that shines in vibrant blue and orange to create the illusion you have fully functional portals in your home. BUY NOW

5. Crayon RocksCHECK IT OUT

Give your crayon collection an earthy vibe by switching over to the crayon rocks. These all natural soy wax crayons come in a set of sixteen vibrant colors and feature a distinct and ergonomic pebble shape designed to improve motor coordination in children. BUY NOW

4. Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy CHECK IT OUT

Get the story the Fake News media doesn't want you to hear in the #1 New York Times bestseller: a withering indictment of the Deep State plot against Trump and a firsthand account of the real presidency, based on interviews with the Trump family and top administration officials. BUY NOW

3. Minimalist Travel WalletCHECK IT OUT

Keep important documents safe and at hand while you trot the globe using this minimalist travel wallet. This genuine leather wallet is designed to securely carry everything from credit cards to boarding passes and passports while still maintaining a slim profile. BUY NOW

2. Sprout Pencils - CHECK IT OUT

Give back to Mother Nature for all the paper and writing utensils you’ve consumed over the years with the sprout pencils. These eco-friendly cedar pencils contain a capsule at the end that allows you to plant the pencil after it gets down to a stump. One of the fastest growing in popularity on our list! They make a fantastic gift for almost all ages and it never hurts to try a purchase on something as unique as this. BUY NOW

1. Guitar Learning SystemCHECK IT OUT

This system has been spreading like wild fire around the internet with parents and students trying it out alike. Learn to shred like the music gods in no time at all with the guitar learning system. This ingenious device goes over the guitar and shows you how to play the different chords with your fingers. It even includes a 60 day instructional program to help you get started. BUY NOW


Did you see something you liked? Let us know in the comments below which item was your favorite. Is there something that you think should be on the list but didn't make it? Let us know and we'll squeeze it in there! I hope you enjoyed out Top 50 Fantastic Gift Ideas For 2018. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year everyone!