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PirateRadioNetworkJan 5, 2016, 6:31:33 AM

Pirate Radio Minds Panel Show   http://pirate-radio-podcasts.com/interviews/

Open Source, Evolution, Ecology and Technology. We had a great first show, thanks a lot to Bill and John, for helping us kick start the new year and this project.

Talk about Minds Organic Marketing. This OR image came out before I was able to upload the interview on minds.com. For everyone to use. Thanks to  @Land_Minds @TheWildCard @GOVspiders @Anonymity .

Let the Games begin!! This to Brain Storm Ideas for Minds Panel Show.

-Open Source, Evolution, Ecology and Technology.

-Minds Organic Marketing Street Team. 

-What does the future of minds.com advertising look like?

-Complexity, Culture and Consciousness

- Lobbyvoice, Blockchain, Ethereum, Open Source Economics

-Human-Machine Super Intelligences, A.I., The Paper Bums.

When doing my Research for the Interview with Bill and John. I came across this. Bill's 

Complexity, Culture & Consciousness | A Minds.com Panel Discussion

Neil Theise, Complexity ResearcherRichard Doyle, Information ScientistErik Davis, Religious ScholarMichael Garfield, Evolutionary PhilosopherMitch Mignano, Cultural HistorianBill Ottman, Open Web ActivistOn the intersections of complexity theory, cultural studies, and the evolution of consciousness. Join us for the live chat or stay tuned for the recording!